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JUNE 27 - JULY 10, 2008 VOLUME XXX, NUMBER 13 W W W. B A L T I M O R E G A Y L I F E . C O M






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PAGE 12 Baltimore Pride 2008 Photos.


PAGE 26 Free Comrades: Anarchism & Homosexuality in the U.S., 1895-1970, An Interview with Terrence Kissack Interview by Maddy Dwertman

241 W. Chase Street, Baltimore, MD 21201 Phone: 410.837.7748 Fax: 410.837.8889 Email:


Michael Nguyen Art Director

Mother’s Grill. By John Cullen & Marty Shayt


More than Cowhide And a Harness: An Interview with Maryland Leather SIR/Leatherboy 2008 Interview by Maddy Dwertman

A Queer Ugly Duckling. By Carlo Brando Zepeda





Best of Baltimore Pride 2008; New Laws Goes into Effect Next Week. Compiled by Maddy Dwertman

Find Your Feet… By Kelly D. McClain

Something’s in the Water at Baltimore Women’s Litfest by Jerome J. Woodchuck



Cereal: The Adventures of Pico Darling. By Espy Robinson

Gay N.H. Episcopal Bishop Enters Civil Union, Calif. Episcopal Bishop to Marry Gays; Two California Counties Rebel Against Marriage Ruling; Big Gay Groups: Do Marry, Don't Sue; Massachusetts Governor's Daughter Comes Out. By Rex Wockner with Bill Kelley



Maddy Dwertman Sales



Thousands March in Warsaw; Thousands March in Tel Aviv; Norway Legalizes Same-Sex Marriage; OAS Condemns Violations of GLBT Human Rights; Deputy Speaker of Polish Lower House Disparages Gays; Ugandan Activists Arrested at AIDS Conference; Asian GLBT Groups Form New Organization. By Rex Wockner with Bill Kelley

Brian Flottemesch President of GLCCB

On the Stage


PAGE 39 – PENCIL ME IN Calendar. By Maddy Dwertman

PAGE 41 – COMMUNITY CALENDAR PAGE 43 – DO AS I SAY Prudence Responds to Your Letters. By Miss Prudence Worthington




National Advertising Rep. Rivendell Media 212-242-6863

Transmissions: A Time to Celebrate? By Gwendolyn Ann Smith


The Voice of One: Grape Juice in a Wineglass By David Placher


CONTRIBUTORS Shayna Robinson John Cullen Marty Shayt Maddy Dwertman Gwendolyn Ann Smith Marry Elaine Rex Wockner Mario Fernandez Jerome J Woodchuck Bill Kelley Miss Prudence Marvelous Marva Worthington Rev. Irene Monroe Carlo Brando Zepeda David Placher Gay Life is a publication of the Gay and Lesbian Community Center of Baltimore. Gay Life is published every other Friday in Baltimore, Maryland, with distribution throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. Copyrighted 2008. All Rights Reserved. Gay Life is copyrighted and may not be reproduced without the expressed written consent of the publisher. Opinions expressed are those of the writers and do not necessarily reflect those of Gay Life or its publisher.

PA G E 2 •

By Marry Elaine By Rex Wockner with Bill Kelley

Speaking Out!: Bishop Robinson Says “I Do” By Rev. Irene Monroe In My Homo Opinion: The Pink House By Mario Fernandez Let’s Have a Conversation By Marvelous Marva


• G A Y L I F E •

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June 27 - July 10, 2008

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June 27 - July 10, 2008

• G A Y L I F E •

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LOCAL NEWS Best of Baltimore Pride 2008

Best Float - Club Phoenix

Best Walking Group - Metropolitan Community Church of Baltimore

Best Car/Motorcycle Group Chase Brexton Health Services

The winner of the high heel race was Chauncey He was also the winner last year. We had at least 15 or 16 entrants this year. The increase in participants probably had to do with our advertisement push and the fact that Spirit's of Mt. Vernon sponsored the race and prizes.

Something’s in the Water at Baltimore Women’s Litfest How many lesbians does it take to put on a Women’s Litfest? If I told you, you wouldn’t believe me. This past weekend Read Street Books hosted the first-ever Baltimore Women’s Litfest, featuring apparent lesbian fiction megastar Radclyffe and her crew from Bold Strokes Books—Ali Vali, Mayrland’s own KI Thompson, Rachel Spangler, JD Glass, and I. Beachem. And while this author was unfamiliar with the phenomenon that is the lesbian fiction literary genre, after a few good erotic readings, finger foods with the authors at Night of the Cookers, and even more erotic readings, the sheer force and impact of these stories has been made clear: Lesbians want their fiction and they want it now.

Though few local people were represented in the 40+ crowd attending Saturday morning’s panel readings, facilitated by our own Gay Life editor Maddy Dwertman, there were many women who had traveled far and wide to be there. They criss-cross the country, following these authors, seeking signatures, souvenirs, and eating up every new book they can get their hands on. They are serious fans. From other states and even

other countries, they came to meet the authors who had touched their lives in the way only a good dyke drama can

“It’s a great honor that you have embraced these characters,” writer Ali Vali told the small crowd that hooted and hollered at her reference to previous books and the characters within them. One of the veterans of Bold Strokes author list, Vali’s novels include Deal with the Devil and The Devil Inside. They all moved to the front of their chairs and sat at attention as she began to read from her yet to be released, Calling the Dead. At the first description of the main character’s deep blue eyes, you could feel the room swoon in unison • G A Y L I F E •

and the collective embrace begin.

But the real treat, however, the true showstopper, is Radclyffe. To see her is to not believe how throngs of women could be obsessed. She’s no Angelina Jolie. She’s, actually, not even close. And some may feel she

by Jerome J. Woodchuck may not read as well as I. Beachem, a former officer in the British military and current Bold Strokes author, whose hefty accent is a welcomed distraction from the room’s sea of camel toes and feathered bangs. But there is something about Radclyffe that the fans in the room just adore. “I’m interested in depicting the archetypes that embody all things we strive for in our heart of hearts,” she told them. “Fiction allows us to be those women, fall in love with those women, and be loved by those women,” Radclyffe finished. And all the feminists in the room cheered. The success of this year’s LitFest has attendees and authors alike scrambling to plan for Baltimore’s second annual Women’s LitFest.

New Laws Go into Effect Next Week

On July 1st two laws that extend a handful of protections to domestic partners (straight and gay) take effect in Maryland. The first law extends 11 protections to domestic partners in the areas of health care, medical decisions and other related areas. The second law adds “domestic partners” to the list of family members that a person can add and remove from a Deed to residential property without paying recordation and transfer taxes. June 27 - July 10, 2008

• PA G E 5

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NATIONAL NEWS by Rex Wockner with Bill Kelly

Gay N.H. Episcopal Bishop Enters Civil Union, Calif. Episcopal Bishop to Marry Gays The gay Episcopal bishop in New Hampshire who has almost singlehandedly caused a near schism in the worldwide Anglican Communion entered into an official civil union with his partner June 7.

June 9 that he strongly supports California's legalization of same-sex marriage and will volunteer to conduct civil weddings in San Francisco, which is expected to be hit with a tsunami of same-sex marriages.

Robinson was consecrated a bishop in 2003 and the Anglican Communion, of which the Episcopal Church is the U.S. branch, has been internally at war over the morality of homosexuality ever since.

The diocese is running ads celebrating the ruling and inviting gay couples to Episcopal churches for premarital counseling.

The Rt. Rev. Gene Robinson and Mark Andrew, who have been together for 19 years, tied the knot at St. Paul's Church in Concord, N.H. About 120 people attended the ceremony.

Many observers believe a formal split in the communion is inevitable.

Robinson suggested he wanted to get civilly united before attending this summer's Anglican Communion Lambeth Conference in England, to protect his partner and daughters. He has received death threats since becoming the communion's first openly gay and presumably noncelibate bishop.

Meanwhile, the Episcopal bishop of the San Francisco Bay Area, the Rt. Rev. Marc Handley Andrus, said

Andrus also called on the faithful to vote against the November ballot initiative to amend the state constitution to undo the Supreme Court ruling that legalized gay marriage.

"I urge you to encourage all couples, regardless of orientation, to follow the pattern of first being married in a secular service and then being blessed in The Episcopal Church," Andrus wrote in a pastoral letter. "I urge Episcopalians, clergy and lay, to volunteer as Deputy Marriage Commissioners. There are over 4,000 civil same-sex marriages planned in a short period of time in the city of San Francisco alone and the city is asking for help in meeting demand. I intend to volunteer for this at my earliest opportunity."

New Hampshire Episcopal Bishop Gene Robinson. GLAAD photo

Two California Counties Rebel Against Marriage Ruling County clerks in California's Kern and Butte counties have stopped performing all marriages so as not to have to marry gay couples.

In Kern County, where Bakersfield is located, Clerk Ann Barnett announced her decision after county lawyers told her she could not marry straight couples but refuse to marry gay couples. Officially, she said the move stemmed from a lack of staff and space to meet the anticipated demand for weddings. But in an e-mail sent to the conservative legal group Alliance Defense Fund and obtained by the Bakersfield Californian newspaper, Barnett's office wrote: "Our question is, now that the Supreme Court has refused to stay its decision, will Alliance Defense Fund defend the County Clerk if she ceases performing all marriage ceremonies.... We fully expect to be sued and our own counsel is not being of help." PA G E 6 •

In Butte County, north of Sacramento, County Clerk Candace Grubbs cited money problems in announcing her decision. The county's largest city is Chico, population 87,000.

But the president of the California Association of Clerks and Elected Officials, Contra Costa County Clerk Steve Weir, said the money excuse makes no sense.

He told the San Francisco Chronicle that counties make money from selling marriage licenses and performing weddings. Kern and Butte counties still have to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples, but counties are not required to also offer wedding ceremonies, though most do as a courtesy and because it brings in income.

June 27 - July 10, 2008

What are




• G A Y L I F E •

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Page 7

Big Gay Groups: Do Marry, Don't Sue

Leading national gay organizations have issued a strongly worded advisory all but demanding that same-sex couples who visit California to get married not file any lawsuits seeking recognition of their marriages in their home states. The document also strongly urges married same-sex couples not to sue for federal recognition of their marriages. The lengthy document was issued June 10 by Lambda Legal, the American Civil Liberties Union, the Human Rights Campaign, the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, the National Center for Lesbian Rights, Gay and Lesbian Advocates and Defenders, Equality Federation, Freedom To Marry, and the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force. "Don't go suing right away," the groups said. "Most lawsuits will likely set us all back."

"One thing couples shouldn't do is just sue the federal government or, if they are from other states, go sue their home state or their employer to recognize their marriage or open up the health plan," the advisory continued. "Pushing the federal government before we have a critical mass of states recognizing same-sex relationships or suing in states where the courts aren't ready is likely to get us bad rulings. Bad rulings will make it much more difficult for us to win marriage, and will certainly make it take much longer." The full document can be accessed on the ACLU's Web site at

Massachusetts Governor's Daughter Comes Out

Katherine Patrick, daughter of Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick, came out publicly as a lesbian June 12 in an interview with the Boston gay newspaper Bay Windows.

"We ... wanted people to know that it's not only something that we accept, but it's something that we're very proud of," Katherine, 18, said. She said she came out to her parents in July 2007, just before a picnic by the pool at their home in the Berkshires.

"It was the easiest coming out experience that anyone could possibly have," Katherine said. First lady Diane Patrick called that event "a nonevent in the sense that there wasn't any tension."

"I was just happy for her that she knew who she was and that she was comfortable with who she was," she said.

Gov. Patrick told Bay Windows, "I think when Katherine started to memorize all the episodes of The L Word, there was some hint that maybe she was sending us." Services. Groups. Events. Our calendar is now online. • G A Y L I F E •

June 27 - July 10, 2008

• PA G E 7

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Page 8

INTERNATIONAL NEWS Thousands March in Warsaw

by Rex Wockner with Bill Kelly

Several thousand people marched in Warsaw's fourth gay pride parade June 7 with the theme "Live, Love, Be." Counterprotesters from All-Polish Youth and the National Radical Camp yelled insults at the marchers but there were no physical altercations. A recent poll found that more than two-thirds of Poles wish gays wouldn't broadcast their sexuality.

In 2007, pride organizers won a European Court of Human Rights case against former Mayor Lech Kaczynski, who is now Poland's president, over his attempted ban of the 2005 parade. The court said the city breached European Convention on Human Rights provisions on discrimination, freedom of association and assembly, and access to an effective remedy.

Warsaw Pride. Wockner News/KPH photo

Thousands March in Tel Aviv

Thousands of people marched in Tel Aviv's 10th gay pride parade June 6.

The march, funded by a $75,000 grant from the city, also was a celebration of the new gay community center in Gan Meir park. A small group of counterdemonstrators carried signs that said: "Animals! You have nothing to be proud of—take your medication," local media reported.

Norway Legalizes Same-Sex Marriage

Norway's Parliament legalized same-sex marriage June 11 in an 8441 vote. Support came from the three-party ruling coalition as well as two opposition parties, the Conservatives and the Liberals. The Christian Democrats and the Progress Party opposed the move.

Norway has had a registered-partnership law that gives gay couples nearly all rights of marriage since 1993, but some new rights will come along with the word "marriage."

They include access to church weddings, adoption and state-funded artificial insemination. The legislation requires that sperm donors be identified so that children born to lesbian couples will be able to find their fathers if they want to. Gay couples will be allowed to begin marrying in about six months.

Same-sex marriage also is allowed in Belgium, California, Canada, Massachusetts, the Netherlands, South Africa and Spain. Canada and California have no residency requirement for marriage and visitors often can complete the process in a single day.

OAS Condemns Violations of GLBT Human Rights

The General Assembly of the Organization of American States unanimously adopted a resolution condemning human rights violations based on sexual orientation and gender identity June 3. Human Rights Watch praised the move and called on the 34 OAS member nations to ensure that the resolution is implemented.

"This resolution is a bold first step

PA G E 8 •

June 27 - July 10, 2008

toward ending violence and discrimination," said Scott Long, director of HRW's LGBT Rights Program. "For the resolution to have an impact, concrete changes in law and policy must follow." The OAS adopted the Brazil-sponsored "Resolution on Human Rights, Sexual Orientation, and Gender Identity" during its 38th session in Medellín, Colombia.

The nations also agreed to hold a special meeting "to discuss the application of the principles and norms" of the inter-American system to abuses based on sexual orientation and gender identity. More than 20 GLBT activists from 16 Latin American and Caribbean organizations met with OAS members during the session to advocate for the resolution.

In a separate process, OAS nations are negotiating the text of a proposed Inter-American Convention Against Racism and All Forms of Discrimination and Intolerance, which includes sexual orientation and gender identity as protected categories. The resolution that was adopted

expresses concern about violence and human rights violations based on sexual orientation and gender identity, asks a key OAS committee to address the topic before next year's session of the General Assembly in Honduras, and urges the organization's Permanent Council to report to the Honduras gathering on implementation of the resolution.

Deputy Speaker of Polish Lower House Disparages Gays

Stefan Niesiolowski, a deputy speaker of Poland's lower house of Parliament, the Sejm, disparaged gays June 5 during a televised debate on a court decision that deprived a lesbian mother of custody of her 4-year-old daughter.

"The court didn't bow down to the pressure of the aggressive homosexual community, which came to make a scene as they usually do," Niesiolowski said. "This community is so compulsive that they tried to influence a court decision. ... It's unacceptable for (the child) to have two mothers or fathers. If they (gays) want to live together, then fine, but get the hell away from children."

• G A Y L I F E •

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8:55 PM

Page 9

Niesiolowski vowed to "fight the serious pathology which is a pair of lesbians with a child."

"Not too long ago homosexuals said 'don't persecute us' and now they demand adoption and the right to raise children, and that will never be allowed," he said.

Ugandan Activists Arrested at AIDS Conference

Three AIDS activists were arrested in Kampala, Uganda, June 3 for disrupting the 2008 HIV/AIDS Implementers' Meeting. Onziema Patience, Valentine Kalende and Usaam Mukwaaya were seized by the Uganda Police Force for entering the conference without permission. They were carrying posters and handed out a press release.

The trio was charged with criminal trespass and released three days later. A hearing on the charges was scheduled for June 20. The activists were protesting a statement by Uganda AIDS Commission Director General David Kihumuro Apuuli. On June 2, Apuuli reportedly said, "Gays are one of the drivers of HIV in Uganda, but because of meager resources we cannot direct our programs at them at this time."

About 1,700 delegates from all over the world attended the meeting.

Asian GLBT Groups Form New Organization

GLBT groups from Bangladesh, China, India, Indonesia, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka have created a network to work jointly on issues that arise in the individual countries, The Jakarta Post reported June 9.

Representatives of the groups met June 2-6 in the Bali tourist resort area of Dusa Nua.

A spokesman for the Indonesian GLBT group Arus Pelangi (Rainbow Flag) told the Post that gay people in those nations face similar problems of discrimination, stigmatization and persecution from religious groups.

The new

coming soon! • G A Y L I F E •

June 27 - July 10, 2008

• PA G E 9

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Page 10

HEALTH Find Your Feet…

by Kelly D. McClain

While I perform a hip-opener, I notice I can stretch more on one side than the other. Why is that?

A pose that opens your hips can be challenging. Our hips tend to be extremely tight from sitting, which renders our hip joints immobile and reduces their agility. Hip-openers isolate various muscles, reducing stiffness and increasing flexibility. This pose reminds me of similar things that happen in my life. I may feel at ease with one aspect of my life, say in communicating something I know. But, when I speak about what I may not be as familiar with, my stomach becomes tight. The more I practice, the more I become comfortable and am able to feel the tightness loosen.

Try It Yourself…

Lie down on your back with your knees bent, feet on the floor. Raise your right foot and rest the ankle on your left knee. Slowly reach both hands behind your left thigh and intertwine your fingers, being careful to place your hands

below the knee. Take 3-5 full breaths, drawing the left knee closer to you with each exhale. If you choose to deepen the pose, release your hands and reach for your calves, intertwining them on top of your calves. Continue breathing for another 3-5 breaths, again drawing the left knee closer to you. The pulling motion is actually opening your right hip and you will feel a stretch in the back of your right thigh.


• Opens your hips and lubricates your hip joints; • Massages and cleanses your inner organs; and

• Frees your shoulders and helps with any stiffness in your neck.

Kelly D. McClain is a registered yoga teacher currently teaching at the GLCCB. Send your questions or requests for more information to Find Your Feet is a bi-weekly series featuring experiences in yoga.

Yoga for Immune Support at the GLCCB If you’re alive and conscious and living in modern America, the high stress and fast pace of American life are taking a toll on your immune system. The messages all around us that urge us to do more and more, faster and faster are hard to ignore, and they’ve raised the productivity bar so high that continually elevated stress levels are now considered by many to be a “normal” experience. We aren’t machines, and we weren’t designed to operate like machines. Our physical bodies, minds, and emotions, as well as our subtle and spiritual aspects, require a period of genuine rest and renewal daily if we are to experience long-term abundant health.

Yoga practice deeply relaxes and reinvigorates body, mind, and spirit. Yoga classes dedicated to Immune System Support offer a unique opportunity to counterbalance our experience of chronic stress and strengthen our immune system - no matter who we are, or however else we otherwise cope with stress. Join Certified Yoga Instructor’s Tim Hurley at the Center for an hour and a half of Yoga for Immune Support to release stress, strengthen the immune system, and improve flexibility and core physical strength, among the many other healthy benefits. This innovative series of Yoga classes will be offered again on Sundays in room 201 beginning 13 July through 24 August 2008 from 6 – 7:30 p.m. (please arrive a few minutes early). You must pre-register for these classes, and maximum enrollment is 10 individuals. The cost of the series is $45.00 all of which is donated directly to the Center. For more information call 410-837-5445.

PA G E 1 0 •

June 27 - July 10, 2008

• G A Y L I F E •

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Page 11 • G A Y L I F E •

June 27 - July 10, 2008

• PA G E 1 1

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Page 12

PA G E 1 2 •

June 27 - July 10, 2008

• G A Y L I F E •

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Page 13 • G A Y L I F E •

June 27 - July 10, 2008

• PA G E 1 3

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Page 14

PA G E 1 4 •

June 27 - July 10, 2008

• G A Y L I F E •

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Page 15 • G A Y L I F E •

June 27 - July 10, 2008

• PA G E 1 5

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Page 16

PA G E 1 6 •

June 27 - July 10, 2008

• G A Y L I F E •

gl 6 27 08


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Page 17

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR Marriage Not Made in Heaven To the Editor,

The Bible does not teach that interracial marriage is detestable but it does teach that homosexuality is. The Bible does not teach that interracial couples will not enter into the kingdom of God, but it does teach that homosexuals won’t. God is the law-giver, not Congress, gay veterans or hypocrites—such as Irene Monroe who doesn’t realize that marriage was instituted in paradise, not in a man made court of law. Leo A. Williams

Dear Rev. Monroe,

I am responding to your opinion editorial regarding Mildred Loving and GLBT marriage equality.

Prior to recent demise of Mildred Loving most GLBT marriage equality advocates—including movement lawyers—neither mentioned Loving v. Virginia nor knew anything about this case. In fact many same sex marriage (SSM) campaigners argue—either ignorantly or disingenuously—on basis that Gays are the same as Straights when it comes to frequency and longevity of relationships!

Though most in Black Civil Rights Movement supported interracial relationships (IM), Movement leaders made conscious decision not to raise issue of interracial marriage for three reasons: 1) IM was unlikely to further energize current Civil Rights activists, 2) IM was unlikely to activate new Civil Rights participants, and 3) IM issue was likely to mobilize our enemies. Thus, Gay Rights Movement leaders have brought upon the GLBT community precisely a result which Black Civil Rights Leaders sought to avoid under similar circumstances. Though I am no doubt in minority— as usual—I'm not alone with belief that this has been tragic mistake.

It is time for the Gay Rights Movement to lick its wounds, retreat from marriage equality issue, retrench from the SSM campaign, reorder Movement priorities and reappropriate funds for issues of greater interest to GLBT community. For example: general employment non-discrimination, as well as Don't Ask Don't Tell; HIV/AIDS investigation; GLBT sex education; hate

crimes prosecution; Transgender inclusion; people of color community sensitization; and marital rights incrementalism

Esq. Robert A. "Bobby" Spiegel Forever Freedom's Flying Eagle

Mr. Spiegel,

You wrote, "Prior to recent demise of Mildred Loving most GLBT marriage equality advocates – including movement lawyers—neither mentioned Loving v. Virginia nor knew anything about this case."

This claim is simply not true. SSM advocates have been citing the Loving case for years. For example, GLAA (Gay and Lesbian Activist Alliance) was citing the case in our "Agenda: 2000" policy document, which you can find in our online archive: 2000/agenda2000.shtml#partIV. As to your claim that "many SSM campaigners argue ... that Gays are the same as Straights," I don't know who those people are but what I have seen over and over again from advocates around the country is the fundamental argument that gay people are entitled to equal protection of the law, which is the basis of the Loving decision as well as the recent California decision.

The black civil rights movement was also a long-term effort marked by significant internal disagreements. That is inevitable in a diverse community facing and pursuing change. Given that diversity, there is plenty of room for people laboring in various parts of the vineyard. Many of us are committed to efforts on a wide range of issues, and we work with our counterparts at the local, state and national levels to share what we learn. That

cooperation is making a demonstrable difference. We are going to increase those efforts, not abandon them. We are learning from one another. I find this a lot more inspiring and productive than the approach you appear to prefer, which is to dismiss all of these efforts and tell us that we should retreat and retrench. You might as well tell people not to love one another.

The fight for civil marriage equality emerges from the legitimate aspirations and efforts of same-sex couples throughout the country. Groups like Lambda Legal are rightly urging couples to consult them and cooperate to minimize the chances of pressing cases that are likely to prove counterproductive; but that is a far cry from urging them to lick their wounds and give up.

We are in a long-term fight for marriage equality. That fight, and the strong desire for justice that has fueled it, has already resulted in significant capacity building throughout the country, with LGBT lobbying and campaign organizations springing up in states that did not have them before. This nationwide growth in our movement's capacity and professionalism improves the prospects for all of our issues, from repealing Don't Ask Don't Tell to adopting employment protections. Efforts are proceeding on all those fronts. The fact is that people will work on what they want to work on. • G A Y L I F E •

June 27 - July 10, 2008

• PA G E 1 7

Rick Rosendall

gl 6 27 08


8:56 PM

Page 18

OPINIONS TRANSMISSIONS A Time to Celebrate? by Gwendolyn Ann Smith

o it's June, and all over our country we're festooning our floats with rainbow flags. Parade routes are planned, dance stages are being prepared and everything is being done to ensure that a big, beautiful gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender pride day is had by all.


Yet I find myself wondering if I should attend.

It's not that I don't fit into enough categories. While I am transgender, as well as bisexual in orientation, I am also in a deeply committed lesbian relationship. The only letter in the GLBT acronym I don't quite fit in

is the "G", and I can attribute that to the fact that I'm sure some people assume I am a gay male thanks to some very old, tired assumptions about gay men being exceedingly effeminate.

Beyond this, I've been a part of the overall community for several years—from working with what was the Gay and Lesbian Community Forum on America Online back in the early and mid 1990s, to and PlanetOut, and then writing for GLBT newspapers like this one. I've long worked within—and championed the causes of—our larger community.

Take a deep breath… It’s a busy world, to say the least. Whenever we find ourselves multi-tasking - whether out of choice, necessity, or habit - our bodies, minds and emotions race in many directions at once. For many of us, this high-speed, chronically stressful engagement begins the moment we awaken until we collapse back into bed at night. We can’t sustain this level of constant busy-ness without experiencing negative consequences, and often we find ourselves feeling scattered, depleted, and breathless. It’s important to create time to slow down and re-center ourselves regularly in order to return to a place of physical, mental, emotional, and subtle balance. Hatha Yoga practice links deep, regular, soothing breathing with gentle, fluid, mindful movement to return body, mind, emotions, and spirit back to a place of balance and wellness. Join Certified Yoga Instructors Tim Hurley and Kelly O’Neal each week at the Center for Gentle Beginner Yoga and enjoy the priceless benefits of feeling balanced, centered, and deeply relaxed. Classes are held on Sundays at 3:30 p.m. and Wednesdays at 7:15 p.m. (please arrive a few minutes early) in Room 201 at the Center. Classes cost $9.00 each, and a portion of that cost is donated back to the Center.

This is also such an important year. In one of the largest states of our country, marriage between members of the same sex is now legal. This means that my own 16-year marriage to my wife is now facing less challenges from people with no business legislating who we wish to spend the rest of our lives with.

It is also an election year, both a time to celebrate the end of the second Bush era, as well as address the legislative triumphs and tragedies. It's a time to be vocal, and visible, and help to create change in this world simply by being seen by the world at large.

Besides, there might be some good acts on those stages and cool freebies at some of the booths. I know they'll be people I know all over the events. Wouldn't it be nice to catch up?

Yet I find myself feeling on the outside, not within.

Last year, we saw what is arguably the largest GLBT right organization, the Human Rights Campaign, push for a bill that did not serve all its members. In spite of a clear likelihood of the bill failing no matter how many would gain their rights as a result of it, HRC still supported the removal of transgender people from those who would be covered under the Employment NonDiscrimination Act (ENDA). While many good people did stand by those of us in the transgender community when this happened, there were many others who were more than happy to support a "separate and unequal" ENDA that afforded equality for some—but not all— GLBT Americans. Again, the beget of where transgender people fit within the larger GLBT framework flared up, with people on both sides arguing that we don't have anything in common with whomever stood opposite them. The need for employment rights for transgender people— those who are most likely to face unjust terminations in the first place—was simply prioritized at the bottom of the stack and went back to being a "little t" appended to the end of the GLBT acronym. It doesn't leave me feeling like celebrating.

For more information, check the Programs link at or call 410-837-5445.

I'm sure there are those, too, who

would feel that this discussion should not mar our pride events. That this is the time for all of us to come together, set aside our differences, and party on down. Unfortunately, I'm a little too old school, and remember that the personal is political. We’re there to not only have some fun, but also to be visible, out and proud. How can one be proud to be part of the great GLBT whole when many seem so willing to lop us off when we become inconvenient? Now is the best time to discuss it. We need to press the HRC staff at their pride booths and let them know how we feel about this issue. We need to open that dialogue at every opportunity. We who are marginalized need to take our place within the community as a whole. We need to be big and visible, and show people that, yes, transgender is more than another letter at the end of an acronym. We are an equal part of the whole. Indeed, if those who feel disenfranchised like me don't show up, don't speak out and don't continue to fight for equality both within and outside the GLBT community, no one else is going to do it. There is already a sizable number of people who are willing to stand with us for a united ENDA—and our own visibility can build more good will, and bring more to understand that when it comes to equal rights, dropping one group to save another never truly benefits either.

So maybe this isn't a pride to celebrate, per se. Perhaps this isn't about parades and parties as much as it is presenting ourselves to our community and the society at large. Letting people see for themselves just who these transgender people are, and why their rights are as valuable as anyone else's. So perhaps I will attend pride this year, if only to make my own personal statement—to show that I, too, am worthy of a place at the table. That is something I could get behind. Gwen Smith celebrates those who have joined, and all those who truly know the size of their "T". You can find her on the web at

Breathe easy. PA G E 1 8 •

June 27 - July 10, 2008

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Grape Juice in a Wineglass

by David Placher

oubtlessly, when someone is searching for a special partner-mate, the pursuer’s attention often times becomes instantly absorbed and passionately awakened by someone that possesses a unique and unordinary physical appearance. The pursuer hopes that contained within that attentiongrabbing person is an inflatable balloon filled with positive characteristics, including enthusiasm, intelligence, robustness, activeness—the very personification of life. When the pursuer develops a brave-hearted spirit and confronts the pursued, high expectations of the first conversations are most likely disheartened. Disappointment compounded upon disappointment leaves nothing more than a deflated rubber balloon. How does a pursuer detach oneself from stereotypes that may automatically classify the pursued? How does a pursuer reject the inner-notion that the pursued’s friends are a reflection of the pursued?


Everyone deems a certain type of person physically attractive. When we see a person we desire, we automatically become the pursuer. The role of a pursuer is to try to communicate with the pursued by offering, for example, a drink in order to remove barriers and provide an opportunity for dialogue. It is this first conversation that lays the foundation for the pursuer to determine whether the pursued will be a possible friend, date, one-night stand or nothing more than a one conversation bar friend. It is also this conversation that allows the pursued to determine which classification the

ATTENTION Opinions expressed are those of the writers and do not necessarily represent the opinions of the GLCCB or Gay Life. We welcome your letters and opinions.

pursuer falls into. When a pursuer discovers a pursued, he or she sometimes places invisible labels on him or her. For example, a pursued individual that visits the bar on a frequent basis should not be labeled alcoholic or promiscuous. A pursuer is not immune from these labels either. If you are a pursuer and you are looking for some form of relationship, you should approach the pursued without judgment and reserve opinion until the second of third rendezvous. First impressions can be damaging. Like a nuclear bomb that engulfs everything around it, basing first impressions of the pursued based on his or her friends can destroy any hope of a relationship. If a pursuer finds himself judging the pursued based on the company he or she keeps, the best way to handle those situations is to ignore the pursued that night and wait until a future opportunity arises. We often fail to recognize that friends are not mirror images, but rather unique characters with special personalities.

Like the thirsty party attendee that sees a wineglass filled with red liquid, nothing is more tempting for a pursuer than to pursue an attractive and beautiful individual—to pick up the wineglass: to approach the pursued. However, nothing can be more disappointing than to fulfill this quenching thirst, only to discover the liquid is not wine, but red grape juice. Nothing is more disappointing than for the pursuer to forfeit opportunities by narrowly classifying the pursued either before or during the first conversation. Impressions are continuously living inklings and thoughts that need not be everlasting and concrete. In conclusion, pursuers that engage in the pursuit should hold all reservations until ongoing communication has been established. This will allow a pursuer to determine whether the pursued can be relationship serious or something else.

classification is forever single.

David Placher is an attorney. He enjoys reading, writing, traveling, and exploring the outdoors. His relationship Submissions should include a name, address and phone number for verification and may be edited for content and length. Send submissions by e-mail to or fax to 410.837.8889 or by mail to Editor, 241 W. Chase Street, Baltimore, MD 21201. • G A Y L I F E •

June 27 - July 10, 2008

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Bishop Robinson Says “I Do” New Hampshire, finally do this with his partner of 20 years.

After the civil union procession had assembled at the back of the church, I witnessed, along with Robinson’s and Andrew’s family and friends, the solemnizing of their civil union.

he Right Reverend V. Gene Robinson is the most dangerous bishop in the worldwide Anglican Communion. But witnessing this man of quiet dignity and humble beginnings join in civil union with his partner, Mark Andrew, you must ask yourself: Why?

“Welcome to all of you who have come to support Gene and Mark in their joining together in civil union....You have stood by them and supported them in these last few years when on this very day and in this very place, five years ago, their life together changed forever, with Gene’s election as Bishop. They are grateful beyond words to you, and welcome you as you witness their commitment to one another and their legal joining in civil union,” the Justice of the Peace stated.

As the ninth bishop of the Diocese of New Hampshire in the Episcopal Church, U.S.A, Robinson is also the church’s first openly gay, noncelibate priest. And the firestorm that his openness ignited has a church on the brink of schism.

"I plan to be a good bishop, not a gay bishop. I'm so much more than my sexual orientation," Robinson told the Associated Press in August 2003

by Rev. Irene Monroe


But Robinson as I have watched him through the years is indeed dangerous. And what makes him dangerous is his openness about his life.

But sitting in St. Paul Episcopal Church in Concord, N. H. with more than 120 family and friends, I saw a man, who for years with indefatigable zeal testified before legislative committees for legal civil unions in

And, yes, just five years ago on June 7 at St. Paul’s a historic moment in the Anglican Communion happened, but so too began Robinson’s nightmare of biblical proportions.

But the Lambeth Conference, the once-a-decade gathering of archbishops and bishops united in Anglican brotherhood of the Church’s only white and only male club of heterosexual power-brokers, only sees Robinson’s sexual orientation.

PA G E 2 0 •

Mark Andrew and Reverend V. Gene Robinson (Photo: Rev. Irene Monroe) And they uphold the 1998 Lambeth Conference controversial resolution which states that homosexuality is contrary to the teaching of Scripture, a resolution that was craftily brokered by a minority of conservative clerics in the Episcopal Church, U.S.A. as their firewall to excluded Robinson.

icized for having been disingenuous and secretive about the civil union to assure an invitation to Lambeth. There is no time when our civil union will be acceptable to many in the Anglican Communion. But I will not be irresponsible to the partner and love of my life just to avoid giving offence.”

A fellow bishop queried Robinson on the appropriateness of scheduling his civil union just weeks before the Lambeth. But Robinson knew that no date in the worldwide Anglican Communion’s calendar would be appropriate and that rescheduling his civil union after Lambeth would not result in his inclusion, even in a limited capacity. Robinson told the Church of England Newspaper:

But is the Episcopal Church's impeding schism really about the theological rift that ensued after the consecration of Robinson? Or, is the brouhaha really about a church embattled with itself in how to be financially solvent and theologically relevant in today's national and global competitive religious marketplace?

Next month the Lambeth Conference will convene again, but Robinson will not be among his brethren.

“Now I am being accused of intentionally poking a finger in Lambeth's eye by scheduling the service in June. But if we'd waited until after Lambeth to announce our intentions, I'd be just as severely crit-

June 27 - July 10, 2008

The Lambeth Conference has always been a club about who’s in and who’s out.

While the U.S has, at best, approximately 2.2 million Episcopalians today, the center of Anglican gravity is neither here nor in Britain, but in Africa. There are approximately 3 million in Kenya, and 9 million in Uganda. But those two countries combined do not come close to the 20 million in Nigeria, making Peter

• G A Y L I F E •

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Page 21

Akinola, the archbishop there, one of the most influential men in the Anglican Communion. And while Lambeth could once summarily dismiss the voices of bishops from Third World countries, it can no longer do so because their numbers are overwhelmingly important to the life of the Anglican Communion. Questioned over the months about the openness of his civil union this is what Robinson stated in his new book, In the Eye of the Storm: Swept to the Center by God:

vate’ service—a solution offered by some in the Anglican Communion? But ‘private blessing’ is an oxymoron. Although our service will be by invitation only, and out of sight of the press, our understanding of marriage is that the couple makes their vows public, in the presence of the gathered community, seeking the community's prayers and assistance in being faithful to those vows. To relegate the blessing of a marriage to a private, secretive venue is to violate its very nature. When I was growing up I could never have imagined same-sex couples being

IMHO “But why not just make it a ‘pri-

The Pink House

In case you’ve missed it, we're in the middle of a presidential campaign and a historic one at that. Historic in the sense that there were actually viable AfricanAmerican and female candidates and that it seems that America is finally ready for a different kind of presidential candidate. At long last, the stranglehold of middle-aged (and given McCain's age, geriatric) White Anglo-Saxon Protestant men on the White House is in question. There's a distinct possibility that our next presby Mario Fernández ident could be African-American. Given the competitive nature of the Democratic nomination process between an African-American man and a White Anglo-Saxon woman, it begs the question: is America ready for a gay president? What would happen if the country elected an openly gay man/woman to be president?


Would the White House become the Pink House? Or would the paint colors change every year to reflect the hot new colors for that year? The Chartreuse House, the Quixotic Plum House, the Habanero Chile House, the Wild Currant House, the Spiced Cider House.... I can see it now, the news crawl on CNN saying that the Israeli and Palestinian prime ministers are meeting at the Fuchsia House to conduct the next rounds of Middle East peace talks. Would there be pink flamingos on the Pink House Lawn? And disco balls at state dinners? A gay president would certainly bring new meaning to the term Inaugural Ball. Instead of the Beach Boys performing in front of the Washington Monument for the Fourth of July, there would be the hot DJ du jour leading an Independence Day rave. Of course, there wouldn’t be any sparklers at these festivities as they would now be replaced by glow sticks. And instead of reaching for a beer in the cooler, concert-goers would be reaching for pre-mixed cocktail shakers and whipping out frozen martini glasses. No more hamburgers and hot dogs on paper plates; these would be replaced by chi-chi poo poo tapas on actual bone china. Can you imagine the presidential election process with an openly gay candidate? What kind of questions about drugs would be asked? Would formerly popular recreational drugs like marijuana become passé and • G A Y L I F E •

‘out’, never mind being married or partners in a civil union.”

Robinson is a lone voice among bishops. Both his consecration and civil union is the prism through which we witness Robinson’s openness that challenges the church’s theological underpinnings upon which homophobia and heterosexism have rested, and the ecclesiastical power to which they are clamped. When we got to the “Prayers of the People” in the service the Celebrant stated: I ask your prayers for Gene and

Mark: for their life together, that they may be filled with God’s blessing and grow in love for each other in faithfulness throughout their life together. Pray for Gene and Mark.” This petition invites us all to pray for Gene and Mark. A native of Brooklyn, Rev. Irene Monroe is a graduate of Wellesley College and Union Theological Seminary at Columbia University. She served as a pastor at an AfricanAmerican church before a Ford Fellowship took her to Harvard Divinity School for a doctorate.

replaced by poppers and other designer drugs? I can see it now…”I did not inhale”, now becomes “You bet I dropped that tab of E!” What would the presidential platform be? I’m hoping there would be increased spending for the arts, reduction in military spending, and an increase in social services like yoga classes, acupuncture for everyone, and regularly scheduled manis, pedis and facials. Universal health coverage, of course, would be a given. Botox for everyone regardless of your income level!

Traditionally, presidents have gone back to their home towns for their vacations and sometimes ran the affairs of the country from their homes. So instead of listening to a radio broadcast from the presidential ranch in Texas, there would be a presidential podcast from Fire Island, Key West, or Provincetown. If the gay president was from California, the Western Pink House would be a mid-century, glass-enclosed, post-modern vacation home in Palm Springs.

The cultural changes would be breath-taking. Bravo and LOGO, arguably the gayest TV channels around, would become the new CNN and required watching. There would be commercial tie-ins to popular shows like Project Runway. Just imagine the winner of Project Runway also getting the opportunity to design uniforms for all Pink House staff. The DesignStar winners would get the chance to redesign a room in the Pink House. And speaking of the Pink House, imagine who would be sleeping in Lincoln’s bedroom now! Elton and David! Ellen and Portia! Clay Aiken and …

The Pink House bowling alley or swimming pool might be put to alternative uses like a yoga or Pilates studio. Of course, if a lesbian was in the Pink House, the bowling alley would stay and a new bar with on-tap beer and a jukebox with Country Western music would be added. More money would be spent on developing alternative fuels and vehicles. There would be national clamor for cute, designer cars that were zero-emission and environment-friendly. They would be small, fuel-efficient, come in a plethora of designer colors, and be easy to parallel park when going downtown to the clubs and bars. Money would also be invested in indoor lighting. Soft lighting that minimized wrinkles would be used in all public places. This would take the place of fluorescent lighting as fluorescent bulbs would finally be prohibited by presidential decree. The days of harsh and unflattering lighting are over!

Can you imagine the new federal holidays that would be added? Halloween, of course, would become a national holiday as it would now be considered the Queer High Holiday. All of June would be a queer month with special emphasis on queer festivals, special programming, and federal holiday status being bestowed on June 28. As all good queers know, this date marks the beginning of the Stonewall Riots, widely recognized as the catalyst for the modern-day movement towards GLBT rights. During June, Martin Luther King’s famous “I have a dream…” speech, which resonates every day of the year, would be temporarily replaced by another famous Stonewall chant and call to action: We are the Stonewall Girls We wear our hair in curls We wear no underwear We show our pubic hair We wear our dungarees Above our nelly knees!

A gay president…dare to dream!

Happy Pride! E-mail Mario at

June 27 - July 10, 2008

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Same-Sex Marriage: Good

Business for Maryland? A group of researchers has concluded that if Maryland legalized same-sex marriage, the state would benefit to the tune of $3.2 million.

by Marvelous Marva


Make no mistake about it: The GBLT community has a strong dollar...which means we have power— the power to affect a businesses in a positive or negative way...if we stick together. We can strengthen a business... as well as weaken the ones who do not want or understand the value of our dollars...and I think it’s high time we begin to starting making and breaking businesses who take us for granted. Please, let’s stay up on who supports us and who does not. There are business owners who think of us as freaks...and that's their prerogative.

However, they should know that our money is freaky too.... So why should we spend our money with any business that would just as soon see us disappear...or catch us late at night in a back alley and beat the you know what out of us? We are very loving and caring people. We are what no one ever calls "Heterosexual Friendly"... and we are very much so…. yet have to fight for people to be "gay friendly".

We must and can force these businesses and companies to do things like: have same-sex health benefits... and for those who don't or won't offer it, let's take the high road and educate them. Trust me... all of a sudden, they'll practically start waving the gay flag in front of their businesses. Here’s an interesting study...

The researchers are affiliated with the Williams Institute on Sexual Orientation Law and Policy at UCLA School of Law, and they have done analyses on other states before concluding that legalizing gay marriage or extending domestic partner benefits to same-sex couples would bring in money and/or cost the states little. According to a press release on the study, some of what makes up that $3.2 million figure are:

Extending marriage rights to same-sex couples would reduce the State’s expenditures on means-tested public benefit programs by about $1.5 million annually.

The net impact on the State’s income tax revenue resulting from same-sex marriages would be small; the State would experience a decrease in income tax revenue of about $132,000 annually. The State would incur some revenue loss from transfer taxes as a result of same-sex marriage— approximately $1.4 million annually.

With same-sex marriage, annual expenditures on state employee benefit programs would increase between $400,000 and $1.3 million….

The researchers also postulated that if same-sex marriage were legalized, 7,800 gay couples in Maryland would wed. All those nuptials would give the wedding and tourist industries a major boost, resulting in a net gain to business of $88 million per year in the first three years, the study says.

They’ve also got an interesting chart listing the Maryland companies that offer domestic partner benefits. Highlights include DLA Piper, Johns Hopkins, and BGE.

We don't debate, or simply tolerate; we celebrate your sexuality and spirituality!

Sundays 9 AM

Traditional Celebration

10 AM Hospitality Time - Community 11 AM Praise Celebration & Family Service

Metropolitan Community Church of Baltimore - (410)NOW-MCCb Cb 401 W. Monument Street (at Eutaw)

Anyway, I’ll stay on top of business news... how it affects us and continued on page 30

PA G E 2 2 •

June 27 - July 10, 2008

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June 27 - July 10, 2008

• PA G E 2 3

gl 6 27 08


8:56 PM

Page 24

PA G E 2 4 •

June 27 - July 10, 2008

• G A Y L I F E •

gl 6 27 08


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Page 25 • G A Y L I F E •

June 27 - July 10, 2008

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Page 26

BOOKS Free Comrades: Anarchism & Homosexuality in the U.S., 1895-1970 An Interview with Terrence Kissack Interview by Maddy Dwertman y investigating public records, journals, and books, author Terence Kissack expands the scope of the history of LGBT politics in the United States. The anarchists Kissack examines, such as Emma Goldman, Benjamin Tucker, and Alexander Berkman, defended the right of individuals to pursue same-sex relations, often challenging the conservative beliefs of their fellow anarchists as well as those outside the movement who condemned LGBT people. By defending the right to enter into same-sex partnerships free from social and governmental restraints, these anarchists posed a challenge to society that even few movements pose today.


Terence Kissack is a former Executive Director of San Francisco’s GLBT Historical Society, and he currently serves on the board. His writings have appeared in Radical History Review and Journal of the History of Sexuality. Gay Life spoke with Kissack about his interests in this particular facet of U.S. history, the relationship between anarchism and homosexuality, and the direction of the modern LGBT rights movement. You mention in the acknowledgments that this book began as your dissertation. How did you originally become interested in the history of anarchism and the politics of homosexuality?

I knew that I wanted to work on LGBT history and I’ve always been interested in the intersection of radical politics and sexual freedom. It’s a volatile mash-up of ideas and personalities from which spring some really interesting results. I first looked at gay liberation and radical feminist groups of the late 60s and early 70s—the Stonewall era of queer activism. I found some great stuff, but like most historians, I wanted to push back a little further and see if anything came earlier.

I was lucky enough to be able to take a class with one of the greatest historians of anarchism, Paul Avrich. He was very encouraging and told me that I was on the right track and that I’d be surprised at how much I’d find. He was right. I learned about anarchists like Emma Goldman, Benjamin Tucker, and Alexander Berkman all of whom were active in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Just on a personal level, the history of these activists was fascinating.

Berkman, for example, spent years in prison for trying to kill the manager of a steel mill who violently suppressed a strike of his workers. And Goldman gave lectures across the country where she talked about literature, sex, war and economic justice. In the context of the period, this was amazing, very forward-thinking work…. Why the anarchists? What principles led these anarchists to become interested in same-sex love?

The anarchists rejected all forms of authoritarian hierarchy, such as the state, organized religion and the workplace. Why, they asked, should fundamental decisions about life be made by bureaucrats, church leaders, and bosses? They believed that people should be able to make choices for themselves—and that included choices about who they loved. Unlike many of their contemporaries, the anarchists did not insist that the only legitimate sexual relationships were those between a man and woman in a state and church sanctioned marriage. Nor did the anarchists tie sexual expression to reproduction; they recognized that sex is both a pleasure and an important part of people’s psychology. At a time when it was illegal to circulate birth control information through the mail, for example, the anarchists were early and loud supporters of the right of women to control their own bodies. More than a few anarchists spent time in jail for their efforts to end what they saw as the injustices of the American system of laws and values that regulated sexual behavior. It was in the context of their overall critique of American sexual mores and rules—and in par-

PA G E 2 6 •

ticular their rejection of marriage and advocacy of the right of individuals to control their own bodies—that the anarchists confronted the question of homosexuality.

I should mention that most of the anarchists that I look at in my book were not what we’d call gay. This is not to say that there were not some— even if only for a period in their lives—who were attracted to people of the same sex as they were, but by and large anarchist sexual politics

June 27 - July 10, 2008

were not rooted in identity. They defended the rights of GLBT people because it made sense to them. They did not believe that judges and ministers should have the power to tell people who they can and can’t sleep with, live with or work with. How does Oscar Wilde’s 1895 trial and imprisonment, which you focus on in detail, illuminate the anarchist politics of homosexuality?

The Oscar Wilde trial of 1895 was

• G A Y L I F E •

gl 6 27 08


8:56 PM

Page 27

the first international gay sex scandal. As you may know, Wilde was a well-known playwright and essayist whose work was staged and read around the world. Unfortunately, he was caught up in a series of sensational court cases during the course of which his relationships with other men were laid bare. His plays were halted, his books were pulled from shelves and he was sent to prison for two years. When he was released, he went into exile and died shortly thereafter. Though the trial was held in England, Wilde’s trial brought the question of the ethical, social and legal status of homosexuality in the United States into sharp focus. While there had been previous scandals involving same-sex behavior— for example the Alice Ward / Freda Mitchell case of 1892—the media attention paid to Wilde was unprecedented. Wilde became a symbol of the struggle to transform society that the anarchists were pursuing. Sexual freedom, personal liberty, the freedom from coercion by the state, all came together in the figure of Wilde. By defending Wilde’s right to love whoever he wished, the anarchist sex radicals were making a larger claim about the quality of the just society.

From 1895 on, the defense of homosexuality was a persistent topic of discussion in the movement. Wilde’s trial sparked a broad and sustained discussion of gay rights among the anarchists. No other political movement of the period engaged in a similar attempt to deal with the legal, moral and social place of same-sex desire. You spend a chapter discussing Alexander Berkman’s Prison Memoirs of an Anarchist. Why was the book so important in shaping and (in retrospect) understanding the sexual politics of the anarchist movement? How was the book different than other writings about homosexuality and prison?

Few other books of the period are as nuanced or sophisticated in their approach to the question of homosexuality as Berkman’s Prison Memoirs. Published in 1912, Berkman’s text is an account of the fourteen years he spent in prison for the attempted assassination of one of the era’s most ruthless industrialists. It is very much a coming-of-age story, an account of Berkman’s struggle to retain his humanity in an inhumane environment. Among the aspects of prison life that Berkman discusses are same-sex relations— everything from mutually supportive intense friendships to prostitution and exploitation. Unlike the majority of the writing of prison reformers and ex-convicts, Berkman does not use homosexuality as a club with which to beat the prison

system. While Berkman does not hesitate to condemn the often brutal nature of prison social and sexual relations, he does not stop there. In addition to acknowledging and condemning the exploitation of “kids”, the term used to describe the passive partner of men in prison, Berkman portrays consensual, supportive relationship between members of the same sex. These relationships include those Berkman had with other prisoners—relationships which helped Berkman survive his many years in jail. It is very difficult to know if these relationships had a physical component but they were clearly intense and at the very least they were shot through with homoerotic elements.

I can’t think of another American book of the period that deals with the question of homosexuality in as sensitive and complex a way. Prison Memoirs is a key political text in the body of works that the anarchists produced on the prisons and on the ethical, social and cultural place of same-sex desire in American society. You speak of the “revival” of anarchism in the 1960s and 70s. How did these anarchists differ from those at the turn of the century?

The most interesting aspect of the revival is the way in which queer people rediscovered—or discovered—the turn-of-the-century anarchists. Gay liberationists, radical feminists and lesbian feminists (not exclusive categories by any means) were all drawn to the work of the turn of the century sex radicals. The texts of the pre-WWI anarchist sex radicals found new readers among contemporary sex radicals. For example, Jonathan Ned Katz’s groundbreaking collection of primary documents entitled Gay American History published in 1976 included excerpts from Goldman’s autobiography and selections from Berkman’s Prison Memoirs. The ideas of the anarchists were attractive to gay liberationists and lesbian feminists to the extent that they reflected the libertarian sexual politics of queer activists.

Civil Ceremony Photography and Rolls Royce Limo Service Please call Dean 410-243-3441

But the larger political goals of the anarchists are not particularly attractive to most contemporary gay and lesbian political activists. Though there were and are anarchists active in both gay liberation and lesbian feminist groups, the majority of men and women active in LGBT activism do not reject American traditions of representative democracy or capitalism. HRC [Human Rights Campaign] and NCLR [National Council of La Raza] are not calling for a stateless society. Quite the opposite, in fact. Mainstream LGBT political groups expend enormous energy fighting for integration into the state, the normative family, religious organizations continued on page 30 • G A Y L I F E •

June 27 - July 10, 2008

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Page 28

THEATER (Left to Right) Brad Oscar as Lady Enid Hillcrest and J. Fred Shiffman as Lord Edgar Hillcrest in The Mystery of Irma Vep at Arena Stage in Crystal City. (Photo: Scott Suchman)

ON THE STAGE All Shook Up Through August 24 Toby’s Dinner Theatre of Columbia 410-995-1969 Anastasia Through June 29 Vagabond Players, Baltimore 410-563-9135 Antony and Cleopatra Through July 6 The Shakespeare Theatre Company, D.C. 877-487-8849 The Arabian Nights Through June 29 Theatre Hopkins, Baltimore 410-516-7159 Art Through June 29 Everyman Theatre 410-752-2208 The Comedy of Errors Through July 13 Chesapeake Shakespeare Company 866-811-4111 Finding Fossils Through July 13 Fells Point Corner Theatre, Baltimore 410-276-7837 If You See Something Say Something July 11 – July 20 Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company, D.C.

202-393-3939 The Imaginary Invalid Through July 27 The Shakespeare Theatre Company, D.C. 877-487-8849 In the Heart of America Through June 29 Rep Stage, Howard County 410-772-4900 Julius Caesar Through July 6 The Shakespeare Theatre Company, D.C. 877-487-8849 Measure for Pleasure Through June 29 Wooly Mammoth Theatre Company, D.C. 202-312-5261 The Mousetrap Through July 6 Olney Theatre Center 301-924-3400 The Mystery of Irma Vep Through July 13 Arena Players, Crystal City, VA 410-728-6500

Red Noses Through July 20 Washington Shakespeare Company, Arlington 1-800-494-TIXS Stuff Happens Through July 20 Olney Theatre Center 301-924-3400 The Tempest Through July 13 Chesapeake Shakespeare Company 866-811-4111 This Beautiful City Through July 6 Studio Theatre, D.C. 202-332-3300 Twelfth Night Through July 13 Baltimore Shakespeare Festival 410.366.8596 West Side Story Through August 24 Toby’s Dinner Theatre of Baltimore 410-995-1969

Polish Joke Through June 29 Audrey Herman Spotlighters Theatre, Baltimore 410-752-1255 PA G E 2 8 •

Gia Mora as Angelique, Rene Auberjonois as Argan and Tony Roach as Cleante in the Shakespeare Theatre Company’s production of The Imaginary Invalid, adapted by Alan Drury and directed by Keith Baxter. (Photo: Carol Rosegg)

(Left to Right) Kathryn Falcone* & Tony Tsendeas in Baltimore Shakespeare Festival’s production of The Twelfth Night. (Photo: Raine Bode) June 27 - July 10, 2008

• G A Y L I F E •

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FICTION Cereal: The Adventures of Pico Darling by Espy Robinson

Evvi was the kind of lover you write love poems for. This is one I wrote on the occasion of our second date:

F*ckin Around with You by Pico Darling

F*ckin around with you got me confused,/ got me twisted on some other shit, got me trying to put on my pants after putting on my shoes. I can’t think/ straight, mistake my 5’s for my 2’s. F*ckin around with you got me so f*cking / confused. And when I ain’t around you, it’s bad news / cause then shit makes sense and that ain’t cool. F*ckin around with you, I can’t eat,/ I can’t speak cause I forget to remind my mouth to move, sleep to half past noon, try to cut a steak/ with a spoon, so f*cking ridiculous, f*ckin around with you.

This one was from a year ago after a serious conversation we had about the risks involved in monogamous relationships:

The Incredible Pair that Never Flinched by Pico Darling

I knew an incredible pair that never flinched. Not at threats nor embarrassing moments nor surprises. They shuffled through water and never got wet. Their clothes, along with their faces, were always wrinkle free. Then one day, one of the ones developed a stutter and the other thought it funny and, laughing so hard it hurt, doubled over in pain, not noticing the railing that guarded the bridge on which they stood, went tumbling over the edge. The one with the stutter—left alone— jumped over right after, without a second thought or even a blink. An incredible, inseparable pair they were.

This one I wrote for Evvi the day she told me she just couldn’t “do this anymore”:


by Pico Darling

Called herself kin to a cat and I have never liked cats / so / I should have known. Tongue curly and wet,

she sucked/suckled blood from my tits.

She's like an alley cat, I'd say.

Alley cat rescued from a broken home, brought to a fancy SPCA where she learned good and ate good and f*cked good and gained water weight. / And then escaped. I know her story. / I know it. I've heard it. / I've read it. Been warned about it. Made casual promises to not become a part of it / and in the next breath surrendered to it. Lovingly and wantingly. My mistake.

I have never liked cats, flashing eyes, forward and backward stretch, lean and strong and quick and everpresent, yes, ever-present and everywhere at the same time, lurking, watching, waiting.

I had written her countless more— and would continue, certainly. I never shared them with her, never gave an impromptu recital. They were my secret homage to her—a private testimony to the relentless adoration I had for her, even in our moments of conflict and animosity. And now with her sitting on my bed, in my newly rehabbed apartment, with nothing to lose, I thought I would let her in on it. Maybe then she’d want me again. Maybe then she could know the love I had for her and love me back ten-fold because of it. I wanted to get down on my knees and recite every fucking shitty line.

I decided against it. The past was the past. Besides, she had no idea of where I had just been, who I had become or was becoming, or the person I had the pleasure of calling a new lover. I thought I’d tell her just to make her jealous, but instead I remembered the gift for her in the trunk of the Jag. “I’m gonna run downstairs for a second and get something,” I told her. “Don’t go anywhere,” “I won’t,” she said.

As I left the room, I couldn’t help but think that something was different about her. There was an energy that hadn’t been there before. Her hair was around the same length, halfway between jaw and shoulder, as it was three months earlier. Bangs continued on page 30 • G A Y L I F E •

June 27 - July 10, 2008

• PA G E 2 9

gl 6 27 08


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LHAC - continued from page 22

KISSACK - continued from page 27

how we can affect businesses. Please share your thoughts on this issue....


HOT TIPS (Good old Advice... that nobody talks about anymore)

Antonio P. Baltimore, MD.

Hot Tip #1 If you’re a man sleeping with another man on the “Down Low”... and are married to a woman... It is understandable—the struggle that men and women go through— when, after suppressing who they really are for many, many years in some cases, find themselves faced with having to accept the reality of who they really are... and finding it difficult and sometimes in their own minds even impossible to come out of their closet. They choose to be on the “Down Low”... Well... here’s my "Hot Tip" to all of you: First, I hope that one day you will free yourself and be yourself... However, in the meantime please don’t be so selfish where others are concerned. Always practice safe sex... as opposed to sleeping with a man in the raw... then unknowingly to your wife... going home to and sleeping with her in the raw. That’s just not cool at all... under any circumstances.

If nothing else, be honest with yourself... and leave your wife until you figure out who you are and want to be...even if you can’t tell her why you’ve got to and must go. Leave her... and, yes, she may or will be devastated at first, because remember, she’s clueless to your secret behavior... But, she’ll thank you later...for possibly saving her life! Hot tip #2 If you’re out for only fun... Have a great time! Have a blast! We’ve all had out turn at it...

Here’s my "Hot Tip"... State your position up front. I believe that we are our brother’s keeper. It is not cool going around breaking hearts... and if you’re so bad... then hook up with someone who thinks exactly like you do... and get a run for your money. Don’t prey on the vulnerable... Heavy-weights don’t get in the ring with light-weights... You get 0 points for that. Someone like yourself will keep your ego in check! Most of it’s in your own mind anyway...

When dating, try being completely honest... Honesty is so rare these days that it’s refreshing when you meet someone who is actually not perfect and has the guts to expose it. It can happen to the best of us... We can get so caught up in who we want to be... and acting out that role...that we ourselves buy into our own illusion, screw up and forget who we really are.

1. Why do most people think that homosexuality is a choice? Antonio, I have asked that question before myself.

I find that clearly it’s a case of not being open-minded or willing to accept the fact that people are naturally born different in many, many different ways.... From the color of our eyes, the texture of our hair, the shape of our bodies, our blood types, our DNA, allergies...and the list of our natural differences can go on and on. But here’s the deal: For those people who insist that what is natural for them is who, what and how they were born...and that anything other than that is completely not natural...that’s frankly just plain ignorant and stupid.

You know some time ago I thought to myself: Why in the world would I or anybody else make the choice to be gay? The only actual choice that I did make as far as being gay is concerned... was to be who, what and how I am naturally...the way I was born. Now that, my dear, was the only choice I I believe many other gay people have made.

How silly would it be for us to pick one of the most difficult things in this world today... just because?

Now you know most of us are very intelligent people. So it probably went something like this: Hummm... Let’s see.... Why don’t I make a choice to be something that my family could be ashamed of... might cause me to be suicidal...a life-style that will at times have me shunned from others...labeled something that would have people stop and whisper about me...a way of life that I’d have to fight for the right to live...something that oddly even I could be made to feel ashamed of a lifestyle that is now illegal to marry in all states but two...something that is so different that it’s exhausting at times to always have to justify something that people treat like a disease? Hummm...let me pick something I can’t get rid of...something that would at times label me as being a freak. Ahhh, what an easy choice... Yeah, I’m thinking, why not choose to be Gay?

Sadly, Antonio, we can only hope and pray that one day these people will eventually become acceptable to not just who, what and how they are... but also gain acceptance and understanding towards all people... and our differences! Until next time...

PA G E 3 0 •


and other governing institutions of social and political life. The marriage debate is a hot topic now. Anarchists rejected marriage because it afforded the state authority over individual relationships. Do you think the turn-ofthe-century anarchists would oppose the current direction of the modern LGBT rights movement?

It is hard to know really. The legal and social structure of marriage is quite different today than it was at the time the anarchists were active. Nonetheless, as you point out, it remains a state-governed institution that impacts almost all aspects of life. I do think that the anarchists would be appalled at the hypocrisy and sanctimonious blather that the defenders of what they call traditional marriage use to attack queer people and their relationships. I mean, what is so great about traditional gender roles in marriage? And let’s not forget that about fifty percent of marriages between men and women end in divorce, sometimes for very good reasons. The anarchists would certainly defend the right of people to marry should they wish. But I think they would ask some hard questions.

Most advocates of same-sex marriage point out that retirement benefits, health care, visitation rights, and parenting are all intimately tied to marriage. In order to get access to health care, make health care decisions for partner, and co-parent a child GLBT people should be allowed to marry. But why do we link health care to marital status? Maybe we should be working to ensure that we live in a society where no one lacks for health care. And are two-parent families really the norm for queer people? What about a lesbian couple whose gay male friend donated sperm for the conception of a child? Maybe we should rethink what family means so that people can fully live their life choices whether or not they fit into the normative family patterns. Ultimately, you argue that the value of resurrecting this history of anarchism and sexual politics lies not necessarily in its connections to contemporary movements, but rather in the fact that they addressed the topic of homosexuality at a time when no one else dared to do so. Why the deep silence around their contributions?

There are a number of reasons, some very practical and some more complex. The biggest reason that we as a society don’t know about the sexual politics of the anarchists has to do with how we teach history in this country. No major textbook publisher is going to include this material in their product because big markets

June 27 - July 10, 2008

such as Texas would be closed to them. Having taught history, I can tell you that if there is a brief mention of the Stonewall Riots in the textbooks that you are assigned to teach, you are way ahead of the game. And coverage of anarchism in American history is hardly any better. In general, textbook publishers gloss over radical dissent, they tend to present our history as a story of uplift and progress.

Perhaps most importantly, contemporary GLBT politics really does not have much room for radical critiques of our society. The political tradition of which the anarchists are a part is not given much airspace. The anarchists were radicals who dealt with issues of sexuality as part of their larger political goals. They rejected the major institutions of American society. With few exceptions, today’s gay and lesbian activists seek inclusion within the boundaries of American culture, not the fundamental restructuring of that culture. They may find inspiration in the spirit of freedom expressed by the anarchists, but they are not revolutionaries. Ultimately it does not matter if the anarchists were or were not the direct forbearers of the contemporary LGBT rights movement, or whether or not they would align themselves with those who support gay marriage. In order to truly understand and appreciate the lives and work of Tucker, Goldman, Lloyd, Abbott, Berkman and their comrades they need to be seen within the context of their own time. In post-Stonewall America it is hard to appreciate the originality and bravery of the anarchist sex radicals. In their day, they were nearly alone in defending the rights of people to express their erotic feelings free from the threat of arrest and social ostracism. When, for example, Oscar Wilde was thrown in prison for “crimes against nature” the anarchists rose to his defense while others cheered his fall. They refused to let his voice be silenced, and they worked to ensure that others did not share his cruel fate. In the decades that followed anarchist sex radicals lectured, wrote, and argued about the fundamental political and moral questions raised by the Wilde trial.

Almost alone among their contemporaries the anarchist sex radicals addressed the issue of homosexuality within the context of their larger political goals: no mainstream politician did so; no major independent intellectual did so; no leading American scientific figure did so; and no social critic saw the question of the social, ethical and cultural place of same-sex love as worthy of their time. The work of the anarchist sex radicals was unique and valuable. It is time that we acknowledge and honor their accomplishments. n

• G A Y L I F E •

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QPUZZLE "By the By"



1 Pull a boa behind you? 5 "I'm not in the ___!" 9 Coward's milieu 14 Cicero's queer 15 Isherwood's ___ Camera 16 Like Alexander Pope? 17 Open a crack 18 She played gay in _Silkwood_ 19 Like bounteous breasts 20 Dogcatcher's counterpart in old films? 23 Little Miss Evil writer Raphael 24 Rough stuff underground 25 Part of a Tommy lyric 27 Abbr. of old in Tatu's land 30 One-armed bandit's opening 33 Like Whitman's leaves 36 Chain with fruit syrups 38 Bear's den 40 About to blow 41 Spike Lee flick about Melville's Dick? 44 "Please" to Marcella Hazan 45 Drag queen ___ Phace 46 160 rods 47 Talk by Jane Spahr 49 With Malice Toward ___: A Life of Abraham Lincoln 51 Madonna's pair 52 Little bikers in a Gay Pride march 54 Come together 56 Continent of the ANC 58 Op-ed columnist Post as a feminist advocate? 64 Frida's husband 66 "___ Need Is the Girl" (song from Gypsy) 67 "You're the Top" songwriter Porter 68 Maria's "do" equivalent 69 Aspen vehicle 70 Enjoy on the floor, in days of yore 71 It helps you get to 72 Gay cable network 73 Spills one's seed

1 "Nuts!" 2 Indian head 3 Gaza Stripper, e.g. 4 Queen Christina star 5 Williams of Brokeback Mountain 6 Island of Diamond Head Beach 7 Hint to the future 8 Comes quickly 9 Meat that you hold in your hand 10 Lid for Barrie 11 Delicious fruit stewed to a pulp 12 Oz visitor Dorothy 13 How far up it goes (abbr.) 21 '69 and others 22 Head lines? 26 She played with Sherman on The Jeffersons 27 Boobs 28 Dinah of a golf classic 29 Mike Brady portrayer 31 Scout's promise to be "morally straight" 32 Tennessee tight end, e.g. 34 Howard, who cross-dressed for Miss America 35 Ass-kissers' responses 37 Rain forest native with a small package? 39 Tow job 42 Roddy McDowall's Batman villain 43 Where to ogle boxers 48 Keanu in The Matrix 50 Long, slippery one 53 Overhand stroke, for Amelie Mauresmo 55 Beats or pleasures 56 Gay video directory name 57 One who may want a bone 59 Woods of Legally Blonde 60 Glenn Burke, formerly 61 Chastity is one 62 Pleasure orally 63 Weapon suppliers in Robin Hood: Men in Tights 65 When doubled, slang for the rectal opening • G A Y L I F E •

June 27 - July 10, 2008

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DINING OUT Mother’s Grill by John Cullen and Marty Shayt other’s Grill has become one of our favorite places on Federal Hill because it consistently offers good, reasonably priced food, lots of options and friendly service. Located in the Cross St Market area of Federal Hill (the existing market was built in 1951, but there’s been a market on the site since the 1840’s), it’s a convenient alternative to the pricier Inner Harbor chain restaurants. We usually go to Mother’s for a wide range of sandwiches, soups and salads, but they also offer regular entrees (as well as brunch on weekends)!


Enter the door, and you’ll find yourself in a large, long bar—just keep to the right and you’ll find the hostess and the entrance to the restaurant. You’ll find an intimate, quieter space with dark-pressed tin ceilings, exposed brick walls, old artsy posters, 18 or so tables covered in white paper (and perfect for doodling or practicing your drawing!) and a peek into what’s going on in the kitchen.

Soups are homemade and excellent. Marty is a big fan of the “Maryland Crab Soup” ($3.99 cup), which is full of crab meat and spicy veggies. John gets excited about “Black Bean Chili” ($3.99 cup) with ground beef and topped with cheddar cheese and diced onions (and confesses to using his finger to lick up every last drop)! If you’re hungry, you can get the larger “bowl” for just $1 more.

PA G E 3 2 •

Sandwiches are mostly in the $8-11 range and come with lettuce, chips and pickles. You can add fries ($1), onion rings ($2), or avocado ($2). (Marty is in lust over the onion rings! John thinks the fries are better than average and easily worth a buck). There are a couple dozen sandwiches to pick from, and picking one isn’t easy because there are a lot that sound good! If you’re feeling brave, try the “Big Buh’s Monster Burger” ($10) with 1 lb of beef! (or save your arteries and get the 8 oz version for $8). Marty was tempted by “Fire on the Moutain” ($9), a chicken breast with avocado, mozzarella and pesto, but opted for “Phat Phrank’s Chicken Cheesesteak” ($9). This chicken version of a Philly cheese steak oozing with onions, peppers and cheese on a club roll proved to be just his thing. We were surprised to

June 27 - July 10, 2008

find an unexpected number of interesting vegetarian options. The “Jerry Garcia’s Veggie Burger” ($8) is a homemade “burger” with veggies, black beans, and oats, and our vegetarian friend found it way yummier than a “Boca Burger”. John tried the “Art Donovan Veggie Melt” ($9) with sautéed veggies and spinach under melted cheese on focaccia bread, and he ended up not missing his daily meat! The “Veggie Stack” with grilled squash, zucchini, tomatoes, eggplant, portabella mushroom and red peppers on focaccia even provides a vegan sandwich option. There are a half dozen entrée-sized salads ($8-15). John has tried and enjoyed the “Wild Mushroom Salad” ($9) with sautéed mushrooms on a bed of spinach topped with red peppers, walnuts, feta cheese and tomatoes finished off with balsamic vinaigrette.

There are a lot of interesting entrees (mostly $11-18) which we have never tried for no good reason. (Maybe our mothers always served us soup & sandwiches, and being at “Mother’s” influenced our decision <Smile>?) We’ve also been way too good and avoided desserts, but we’ve been sorely tempted by the homemade “Pop Pop’s Homemade Ice Cream” ($4 for two big scoops) after seeing people at another table looking mighty happy eating it. We love a bargain and “Mother’s” has some bargain nights that are worth remembering: On Mondays, there’s a whole rack of ribs w/Cole Slaw for $11; on Tuesday’s, 1/2 priced burgers (including the veggie, turkey and even the “monster” burgers); and on Thursday, there’s a listing of $10 entrees to pick from. BASICS: Mother’s Grille (Federal Hill), 1113 S. Charles St., 410-244-8686, (Open 11:30 a.m.-11p.m. Mon-Thur; until 1 a.m. on Sat-Sun) Light fare and full entrees; vegetarian options. Beware of Ravens and Oriole games when it can be very crowded and finding parking in Federal Hill requires a miracle. Take a walk and explore the nearby Cross St Market with lots of interesting places & people to check out. Feedback? Know a place we should try? Email us at

• G A Y L I F E •

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June 27 - July 10, 2008

• PA G E 3 3

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n April 12, a panel of judges at the Baltimore Eagle sashed Kevin Lowery and Derrick Rojas as Maryland Leather SIR and Leatherboy 2008. With their sights on raising record funds during their title year and winning the MidAltantic LeatherSIR Leatherboy competition rapidly approaching on July 4 and July 5 in Philadelphia, both Kevin and Derrick strive to keep their work fun and enjoy the responsibility that comes along with winning. They took time out of their busy schedule to speak with Gay Life about why they chose to compete in this year’s competition, what they look forward to this year and what the leather community means to them.


Why did each of you choose to run for the title of Maryland LeatherSIR and Leatherboy?

Derick: I actually started with the Drummer Contest, which was the predecessor to LeatherSIR/Leatherboy.

I was 19 in New York City and I saw this magazine that had this two really hot guys tied up. It turned out to be a Drummer Magazine and I read some articles in it. Then, I competed for Ms. Baltimore Eagle in 1999. I wanted to do something representative of boys because I’m atypical of the stereotype of boys. I’m not a 5’ blondhaired, blue-eyed little boy. I’m a 6’ 1” boy. I wanted people to realize that just because I’m 6‘ 1”, it doesn’t mean that I can’t be a boy; and because I’m a boy of color, it doesn’t mean I can’t be a boy.

In Drummer there is the credo is that man cannot keep pace with his companions perhaps because he hears the beat of a different drummer and he steps to the music that hears no matter how measured and far away. That’s what our community is about—doing things the way that is right for you. We respect our traditions and our protocols, but you have to do what works for you. So, now I did LeatherSIR/Leatherboy, and it is a continuation of the same spirit and tradition.

Kevin: My journey was a little different, but somewhat similar. SIR and boy are very much a mentality. They don’t have anything to do with the physical. Obviously, I’m shorter than Derrick, but my mentality is that of the Sir. I like being dominant. I like being the aggressor. And Derrick likes being the boy and being the one that’s submissive. Derick: We are two sides of the coin and you can’t have one without the other. Just as in a sir/boy relationship, we complement each other in the title relationship. It’s much easier to do things when you have someone to work with. Kevin: For me, my journey was longer. I came out in 1989, and I was always, again, very fascinated by Drummer Magazine. Although I didn’t PA G E 3 4 •


HARNESS: An Interview with Maryland Leather SIR/Leatherboy 2008 compete back then, Drummer really had a big influence with me…. That sort of led me to want do something, but having a child who is now going on 19, I had to put a lot of my life at the bar on hold. But, now that he doesn’t need as much since he’s in college, I was at a loss of where I need to be. At that point, Billy [former Maryland Leatherboy] came into my life. It’s been a whirlwind ever since and I’ve majorly enjoyed it. So my journey was recent…but, at the same time, it wasn’t recent. June 27 - July 10, 2008

What do you during your title year? What are you most looking forward to?

Derick: We continue in the tradition of the leather community. We do our own fundraisers and, if someone else is doing a fundraiser, we’ll help out. As far as travel, we pay for it ourselves. So sometimes we’ll do fundraisers for our travel fund. Kevin: I was very lucky to have Bill constantly pushing me and asking: “Why are you doing this? What is your ‘why’?” And, “Do you realize what

• G A Y L I F E •

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Page 35

goes on in your title year? From the minute you’re sashed, there are all kinds of things to do—raising money for charity, being there and handing checks out, being actively involved with charity. It’s a big task. “

Derick: and I have set goals for ourselves and we are planning to beat out the record for the most money raised in a title year. Johns Hopkins Pediatric AIDS is one of our charities as a nod to Billy, who currently holds the record for funds raised. The other is Hearts & Ears, an LGBT mental health organization that provides important services to a segment of the gay community. We also feel tightly knit with the Lambda Legal Service Defense Fund, which helps out with legal support for people that have been ousted out of the military because they are gay. If we can affect some kind of change, or at least support these agencies, we feel we have done our job.

We’ve already started raising some of the funds with our weekly grill out at the Eagle and have larger events planned for later in the year after Mid-Atlantic regional competition. We also started doing bar nights here [at the Eagle] and the proceeds go to charity.

Derick: We also have our website, so we’re easy to contact and find if people want us to help out or sell raffle tickets or show up at events for publicity…. The internet has become a major networking tool…

The Eagle is our home bar and they’ve been great. The Eagle is such a friendly place, so if people have questions, they feel like they can come here and come up to us and talk. It sounds like there’s definitely a lot of work and responsibility involved in holding the title.

Kevin: I don’t want to make the title sound like a lot of work. Even though it’s work, it’s fun. We enjoy working together. One of our other jobs is to try to make sure that when we have the 2009 contest, we’ll be able to mentor some sir/boys that want to compete because they see in us that it’s a worthwhile thing to do for our community.

Derick: When people see us do something and feel comfortable enough to come ask us a question and see what we’re doing, that makes people think: “Hey, I can do that too.”… I love my community. I love who I am. It took me a long time to accept it. That’s part of why I do this contest. I feel like maybe I can

help someone else. That they might see me, and be like, “Hey, I’m not the only one that feels that way.”

Kevin: Even though there are still a lot of factions and infighting, we realize that we need each other. By us just doing what we’re doing gives a sign to our community and other communities that if everyone just put themselves out there… we could dissolve a lot of the factions that we have.

Derick: We go to all types of different events. Sunami [Miss Gay Central Maryland 2008], for example, came and performed at our contest. It’s a divide and conquer mentality that we need to overcome. First, we’re all gay. Then, we’re all gay…but we’re leather and they are drag queens and they are lesbians.

Kevin: Our contest had 7 judges and they came from all factions of society—title-holders and non title-holders, straight people and gay people….

Derrick: It’s fairly easy to say that we need to be united, but the reality of it is more difficult. This year, our contest was the first to allow transgender FTM’s to compete. A lot of people had an issue with that. But how dare any one say that a certain faction of the community can’t compete? If we say we’re supporting the entire community, we need to support the entire community. If you’re already a member of an ostracized group of society, how can you ostracize someone else? The competition was held at the Hippo prior to this year, correct?

Kevin: Yes, the competition came back here to the Eagle this year. It originated here. The drummer contest was always held here. After drummer, they moved it to the Hippo. But, this is the epicenter of the leather community so it made sense to move it back. This year, we had a wonderful competition. It was a diamond in the rough, but it was still a diamond. Sunami was hysterical. Shawnna came in wearing a cow costume with utters right where her penis should be. She sang to every TV theme song there ever was and that set the tone for the entire show. Billy was alternate MC with Shawnna and they had a hoot together.

Some of the other things that we have in the works, will be just as entertaining. Will future events during your title year also be held at the Eagle?

continued on page 40 • G A Y L I F E •

June 27 - July 10, 2008

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Anne Arundle Country Fairgrounds 1450 General’s Highway (Route 178) Crownsville, MD

Saturday, July 19, 2008 11 AM to 8 PM

Tim Hartley, Stormy Vain, Ana Lockett, South Anne Arundel County Dance Conservatory, Capital Country Dance Club, Steven Gellman, Fusion, Tom Goss, Diane Daly, Antony Compton, Sister Funk, Nina Amaya and The Belly Dance Delight $5 suggested admission donation Children 12 and under, free with parent, (410) 353-5534 for information.

PA G E 3 6 •

June 27 - July 10, 2008

• G A Y L I F E •

gl 6 27 08


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Page 37 • G A Y L I F E •

June 27 - July 10, 2008

• PA G E 3 7

gl 6 27 08


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PA G E 3 8 •

June 27 - July 10, 2008

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PENCIL ME IN Friday, June 27

Positive Influence Benefit

porting Sussex County AIDS Council and CAMP Rehoboth. For additional information and other Love events to hit up during the weekend, visit or call 302-227-5620.

Come out to the Deer Park Lodge for a memorable night of entertainment and education. Help Positive Influence to raise funds and awareness about HIV/AIDS throughout Western Maryland. For tickets and additional information, call 304-367-2073 or visit

Sunday, July 6

Laugh Out Loud

Tuesday, July 8

Saturday, June 28

One in Ten’s Laugh Out Loud returns to George Washington University’s Betts Theatre (800 21st St., NW, Washington, DC) for another edition of cuttingedge, live LGBT comedy. Don’t miss this one night of stand up starring Elvira Kurt, Vidur Kapur, Trevor Boris and Jackie Monahan. The event will be taped live and air as a special on LOGO in fall 2008. For tickets or additional information about the two big shows at 7 p.m. and 10 p.m., visit

Saturday, July 5 Red Hot & Love ‘08

Still don’t have plans for 4th of July Weekend? Take a trip to the beach and hit up one of the hottest summer benefits in Rehoboth. Drink and dance the night away from 8 p.m. til 2 a.m. at the Rehoboth Beach Convention Center (229 Rehoboth Ave.) while sup-

CEREAL - continued from page 29

hung firmly to the brow. Her voice was still sweetly pitched. And her hazel eyes stared similarly. The ridge of her nose still fixed itself a bit crooked. I still couldn’t pinpoint the difference by the time I got to the trunk of the Jag and grabbed the small wrapped package. The thought nagged me as I climbed the stairs back to the apartment. I wanted to be sure of whatever it was I was thinking before I encountered her again, but I couldn’t be.

“Evvi, where are you?” I called out when I saw that she was not in the same place I had left her. “I’m in the bathroom, Pico.”

I slid the package under the door to her and sat myself down outside it. I pulled at my leg hair to await a response. I had no idea what it was either. Suddenly, “Pico, it’s so great that you’re published! Honey, I had no idea you were a poet!” “What?!?!”

“Do you make a lot of money when you’re a part of Asha’s book club?” “Do I what?”

“You know, do you automatically

Ladies Tea @ Club Hippo Put on your bathing suits, flip flops and sunglasses for Club Hippo’s (1 W. Eager St., Baltimore, MD) first annual ladies beach party with DJ Rosie spinning all your favorite hits. The party kicks off at 7 p.m., with free admission until 8 p.m. Drink specials all night. For additional information, call 410-576-0018.

Gay Jeopardy with PFLAG Columbia Come show off your knowledge of LGBT history at culture at PFLAG’s monthly meeting at Owen Brown Interfaith Center (7246 Cradlerock Way, Columbia, MD). In recognition of June’s LGBT Pride celebrations, PGLAG presents an entertaining and informative rendition of its 4th annual Gay Jeopardy. Everyone in attendance will have the opportunity to participate and compete. A grand prize will be presented to the winner of the Final Jeopardy round. The meeting starts at 7:30 p.m. and is confidential, free and open to everyone. For additional information, contact Colette Roberts at 410-290-8292 or

sell a million or something? This is really great, Pico! Congratulations!”

She pulled upon the door in a flash and lunged at me, wrapping her hands around my shoulders for a big hug. “To me?” she asked as she pulled away. “You dedicate your first book to me?” “I did?”

“You did.” “I did.”

“I have news for you too.” She made a curious face, arching her eyebrows and opening her eyes wider as she turned to look at me sideways, to see if I was ready for the news she was ready to broadcast.

She stepped back and pulled up her shirt showing off a decidedly rounded belly that poked out just above the top of her jeans. She stroked the side of it with her left hand. “I’m pregnant.” I’m in shock.

“It’s yours,” she said.

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June 27 - July 10, 2008

• PA G E 3 9

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LEATHER SIR/LEATHER BOY - continued from page 35


A Queer Ugly Duckling lation, of loneliness, fear and self destruction finally drove me to attempt suicide. For forty-two days psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers and nurses worked on convincing me that committing suicide was the dumbest thing to do.

by Carlo Brando Zepeda

outinely in this section of the newspaper the goal is to document the events happening in one of our Mount Vernon establishments—to highlight a spot that previously has not been given much attention or is a new entity of our community. For this issue, I decided to put myself in the “Spot” and speak clearly, loudly and with an honest voice, give attention to an issue many of us have endured and lived with. Some have attempted and some successfully carried out.


According to the National Institute of Mental Health, suicide is the eleventh leading cause of death in the United States, and according to a study conducted by researchers from the University of California in San Francisco, twelve percent of urban gay and bisexual men have attempted suicide in their lifetime—a rate three times higher than the overall rate for American adult males. One thing is certain: No one knows for sure how many gay people commit suicide. The Archives of Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine report that gay teens are more than three times as likely to attempt suicide as other youths. Suicide carries an ugly stigma; social homophobia and other social issues drive young gay people to think and attempt suicide. My personal story is not one to be celebrated with pride and cheer—life is to be celebrated and honored each day, each month and each year. If you know someone who is having suicidal thoughts, don’t leave the person alone, get professional assistance and/or call 911. I was twenty-six when the medics took me to the mental hospital. The quick ambulance ride from the downtown Los Angeles Hilton to the Alvarado Mental Hospital lasted eleven minutes. The hell I was living made me do it. Years of fighting demons in my head, of complete iso-

“Why did you think suicide was the answer?” the good doctor probed. The collection of thoughts and reasons why were too many to mention, but one stood out; “I’m gay and very afraid and scared.” In three quick seconds everything changed, now, at last, one individual knew who I really was.

For twenty six years I had carried the weight of the world on my shoulders. “Gay? How do you know you’re gay?” the psychiatrist kept asking.

“Well, since the sixth grade, I knew that girls were not for me,” I quietly admitted. It took forever to finally confess to someone that I was no longer the ugly duckling hiding in the dark, or the shy, brown boy silently asking the saints to make him a real man. It was very heartbreaking and discomforting growing up amongst the members of my family—my cousins, uncles, and aunts considered me the unattractive member of our clan. My mother’s older sister still calls me, “el feo,” “the ugly one.” It wasn’t a self-esteem booster then. Today, I ignore it. Still breaks my heart. My personal war began when I was seven years old. I grew up wanting to be a full-fledged man, but there were no answers for how and what I felt inside. Growing up in El Salvador during the 1980’s civil war was a tragic event for any child my age. I was ten when the violent mess began. Running from bullets, seeing dead bodies on the side of the road, and hearing bombs explode in the distance made me stop thinking about my own war. My generation, the one that grew up during the war, lost a precious childhood and gained an immense amount of mental sickness, historical pain—the kind that does not go away. The kind of pain that quietly kills your dreams and hopes.

Kevin: There are a lot of misperceptions by both the straight community and the LGBT community about what we are. The first time I came to the Eagle in the early 90s was on a dare because I had a preconception of what the Eagle was: It’s a dungeon with a lot of licit, weird fetish sex going on. I came here, and it is basically a neighborhood bar for the leather community to hang out. Then it became the bar where I always closed the pub crawl out. It was the greatest place to stop, because I always felt at home. It’s important for us to do a lot of our fundraising here. We will do most of our fundraising in the general area of the bar.

You each talked about how you came interested in the leather community. Why did you decide to make a title run at this particular time?

Kevin: Part of what propelled us to compete was the death of Rich Richardson. Derrick had a very intimate friendship with him. I only met him a couple of times, but everyone had a very high admiration for him. At Rich’s funeral, that was the first time that I really honestly met Derrick. During that period of mourning and after, our friendship really blossomed.

Derick: Rich was a bit of a hermit and hard to know, but I knew him for a long time. A lot of people that didn’t know me well, but knew that I hurt because he was gone, came and consoled me…. Hard times bring out the best in people.

I have wanted to compete for this contest for a long time. My friend, however, asked me to put it together and I thought, it’s much more important for me to help put the contest together than it is for me to compete. Little by little, things just fell into place and at the last minute, I had the opportunity to do it. Things happen for a reason, so here I am. There are a lot of misperceptions about the leather community. Do you also focus on education during your title year?

Derick: Education and talking to

The type of suffering that makes you feel crazy and do crazy things.

PA G E 4 0 •

continued on page 42

June 27 - July 10, 2008

people and being visible is very important. I made a lot of mistakes when I was a kid. Or, I didn’t’ know anyone that felt the way I felt… or how I could watch a movie and see someone getting whipped, get turned on it and not think I was a little weird. It also caused me to put myself in bad situations…as you’re trying to look for this thing that you feel and want, but you don’t know where to find it and you don’t know who you can trust. … If I help one person not put themselves in such a position, or help one person from committing teen suicide, that’s a great thing.

I didn’t come out only as gay, but coming out again asgay. Coming out again as a submissive is especially tough in society where you’re taught “you’re a man”. And me, as a person of color, I’ve had the conversation over and over again about the collar that I wear. They’ve said: “How dare you wear that, you’re disgracing those that have gone before you.” And my response is that they went before us and struggled and fought and died so that we could be happy. And, if what makes me happy is wearing the collar, it would be more of a dishonor not to wear it.

Kevin: Yes. You’re also saying, “to thine ownself be true.” We do come out again as leather people. I’m a late bloomer. My journey took longer, but I’ve learned that you have to take the journey at some point or you’re fooling yourself. In order to be as confident and successful as you can be, you have to explore those areas of you that are fulfilling you…not because they make someone else happy, but because you want to be happy. Derick: To be Maryland Leather Boy 2008 is an incredible honor. Win or lose, I already won this and that is an amazing honor. Whether or not we win Mid-Atlantic, we’re still going to do a lot in Maryland. As long as we put out 110%, we’ll have no regrets. If we win, I hope that all of the other contestants will be supportive of us. If someone else wins, we’ll be 110% supportive of them. Are you ready for MidAtlantic?

Kevin: But look out!

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Friday June 27

Sunday June 29

Live @ Read St. Books 229 W. Read St. Baltimore, MD readstreetbooks 8 p.m.

GLCCB, Room 201 241 W. Chase St. Baltimore, MD 21201 6:30 p.m.

Ella’s Umbrella

Saturday June 28 Arts & Crafts

Hearts & Ears 10 W. Biddle St. Baltimore, MD 21201 410-528-0444 4:30-6 p.m.

GIG: Tran*quility GLCCB, Room 201 241 W. Chase St. Baltimore, MD 21201 6 p.m.

GIG: Baltimore TransMasculine Alliance GLCCB, Room 201 241 W. Chase St. Baltimore, MD 21201 8 p.m.

Krista Block Live @ Read St. Books 229 W. Read St. Baltimore, MD readstreetbooks 8 p.m.

Movie & Game Night Hearts & Ears 10 W. Biddle St. Baltimore, MD 21201 410-528-0444 6:30-8:30 p.m.

New Image (Narcotics Anonymous) LGBT Community Hall 40 W. Church St. Hagerstown, MD 21740 6-7:30 p.m.

Sufficient As I aM (SAIM) Youth & Young Adults 24 & Under GLCCB, Room 201 241 W. Chase St. Baltimore, MD 21201 12:30 p.m.

Alcoholics Anonymous

Beginners Yoga with Tim Hurley, RYT GLCCB, Room 201 241 W. Chase St. Baltimore, MD 21201 $9/person 3:30 p.m.

Narcotics Anonymous Sunday Men’s Rap GLCCB, Room 201 241 W. Chase St. Baltimore, MD 21201 11:30 a.m.

Sailaway Pride Night Weather Rail Bar Loews Hotel 126 West St. Annapolis, MD 5-9 p.m.

Social Activity (Varies) Hearts & Ears 10 W. Biddle St. Baltimore, MD 21201 410-528-0444 1-6 p.m.

Monday June 30

Alcoholics Anonymous GLCCB, Room 201 241 W. Chase St. Baltimore, MD 21201 8:30 p.m.

Tuesday July 1

Alcoholics Anonymous LGBT Community Hall 40 W. Church St. Hagerstown, MD 21740 6:30 - 7:30 p.m.

Dual Recovery Anonymous Hearts & Ears 10 W. Biddle St. Baltimore, MD 21201 410-528-0444 6:30-7:30 p.m.

Chesapeake Squares

Club Square Dance Waxter Center 1000 Cathedral St. Baltimore, MD 21201 8-10 p.m.

Consumer Planned Activity Hearts & Ears 10 W. Biddle St. Baltimore, MD 21201 410-528-0444 4-6:30 p.m. & 7:308:30 p.m.

Positive Influence LGBT Community Hall 40 W. Church St. Hagerstown, MD 21740 6:30-7:30 p.m.

Wednesday July 2

Beginners’ Yoga with Kelly D. McClain, CYT GLCCB, Room 201 241 W. Chase St. Baltimore, MD 21201 $9/person 7:15 p.m.

Pride Gay Bingo (to benefit GLCCB & Aids Action) Club Hippo 1 W. Eager St. Baltimore, MD 21201 410-547-0069 8:30 p.m.

Power Inside Women’s Rap Power Inside Office 325 E. 25th St., 1st floor Baltimore, MD 21218 3-4:30 p.m.

Rapscallion Radical Art Collective 40 W. Church St. Hagerstown, MD 21740 7 p.m.

‘Tini Lounge Happy Hour GG’s Restaurant & Martini Bar 41 N. Potomac St. Hagerstown, MD 21740 4:30-10:00 p.m.

Thursday July 3

Alcoholics Anonymous GLCCB, Room 201 241 W. Chase St. Baltimore, MD 21201 8:30 p.m. JUMP (Just Us

Making Progress) Confidential HIV Support Group The Portal 2419 Greenmount Ave., Suite 1 Baltimore, MD 21218 410-235-5241 7-8:30 p.m.

Support Group for Individuals with Mental Health Issues Hearts & Ears 10 W. Biddle St. Baltimore, MD 21201 410-528-0444 6:30-7:30 p.m.

Women of Color Group GLCCB 241 W. Chase St. Baltimore, MD 21201 7:30 p.m.

Friday July 4

GED Study Group Spiral Dance Womyn’s Center 2505 E. Oliver St. Baltimore, MD 21213 9-11 a.m.

Jam Session Spiral Dance Womyn’s Center 2505 E. Oliver St. Baltimore, MD 21213 7-9 p.m.

Saturday July 5

Arts & Crafts Hearts & Ears 10 W. Biddle St. Baltimore, MD 21201 410-528-0444 4:30-6 p.m. • G A Y L I F E •

Movie & Game Night Hearts & Ears 10 W. Biddle St. Baltimore, MD 21201 410-528-0444 6:30-8:30 p.m.

New Image (Narcotics Anonymous) LGBT Community Hall 40 W. Church St. Hagerstown, MD 21740 6-7:30 p.m.

Sonya Heller Live @ Read St. Books 229 W. Read St. Baltimore, MD readstreetbooks 8 p.m.

Sufficient As I aM (SAIM) Youth & Young Adults 24 & Under GLCCB, Room 201 241 W. Chase St. Baltimore, MD 21201 12:30 p.m.

Sunday July 6

Alcoholics Anonymous GLCCB, Room 201 241 W. Chase St. Baltimore, MD 21201 6:30 p.m.

Narcotics Anonymous Sunday Men’s Rap GLCCB, Room 201 241 W. Chase St. Baltimore, MD 21201 11:30 a.m.

Sailaway Pride Night Weather Rail Bar Loews Hotel 126 West St. Annapolis, MD 5-9 p.m.

Tuesday July 8

Alcoholics Anonymous LGBT Community Hall 40 W. Church St. Hagerstown, MD 21740 6:30-7:30 p.m.

Club Square Dance Waxter Center 1000 Cathedral St. Baltimore, MD 21201 8-10 p.m.

Consumer Planned Activity Hearts & Ears 10 W. Biddle St. Baltimore, MD 21201 410-528-0444 4-6:30 p.m. & 7:30-8:30 p.m.

GLCCB, Room 201 241 W. Chase St. Baltimore, MD 21201 8:30 p.m.

June 27 - July 10, 2008

Thursday July 10

Alcoholics Anonymous GLCCB, Room 201 241 W. Chase St. Baltimore, MD 21201 8:30 p.m.

Confidential HIV Support Group The Portal 2419 Greenmount Ave., Suite 1 Baltimore, MD 21218 410-235-5241 7-8:30 p.m.

Owen Brown Interfaith Center 7246 Cradlerock Way Columbia, MD 7:30-9 p.m.

Support Group for Individuals with Mental

Positive Influence LGBT Community Hall 40 W. Church St. Hagerstown, MD 21740 6:30-7:30 p.m.

Rainbow Youth Alliance

Wednesday July 9

GG’s Restaurant & Martini Bar 41 N. Potomac St. Hagerstown, MD 21740 4:30-10:00 p.m.

JUMP (Just Us Making Progress)

PFLAG Columbia/Howard County

Beginners’ Yoga with Kelly D. McClain, CYT

Alcoholics Anonymous

‘Tini Lounge Happy Hour

Chesapeake Squares

Hearts & Ears 10 W. Biddle St. Baltimore, MD 21201 410-528-0444 1-6 p.m.

Monday July 7

Club Hippo 1 W. Eager St. Baltimore, MD 21201 410-547-0069 8:30 p.m.

Hearts & Ears 10 W. Biddle St. Baltimore, MD 21201 410-528-0444 6:30-7:30 p.m.

Social Activity (Varies)

Spiral Dance Womyn’s Center 2505 E. Oliver St. Baltimore, MD 21213 1 p.m.

Gay Bingo (to benefit GLCCB & Aids Action)

Dual Recovery Anonymous

Owen Brown Interfaith Center 7246 Cradlerock Way Columbia, MD 7:30 p.m.

Sunday Afternoon at the Movie

241 W. Chase St. Baltimore, MD 21201 $9/person 7:15 p.m.

Health Issues Hearts & Ears 10 W. Biddle Street Baltimore, MD 21201 410-528-0444 6:30-7:30 p.m.

Women of Color Group GLCCB 241 W. Chase St. Baltimore, MD 21201 7:30 p.m.

Confidential HIV/STI Testing & Counseling

GLCCB, Room 201

HERO Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday 9 a.m.-1 p.m., 2-4 p.m. Thursday 9 a.m.-1 p.m. 1734 Maryland Avenue Baltimore, MD 21201 410-685-1180 • PA G E 4 1

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HOMOSTROLOGY by Marry Elaine

CANCER (June 21 - July 22)

Blow your candles real hard. The people who love you are obsessed with you. Wish for little things and big things too. The way you garden: there’s room for nothing but joy in there. Let people moisten and feed you back. You move at a steady clip of wonderful. Never hesitate in your glamour.

LEO (July 23 - August 22)

Take out your Bluetooth for a second and listen to things being said to you. Stop asking people to pirouette and enjoy your own graceful stride. Nobody wants to be on a pedestal. Show some respect.

VIRGO (August 23 - September 22)

Now is the time to revel. In aches, in throbs, in hot chocolate, in the singular pleasure of knowing that only you can know what it is to call nipples as pretty as these your own. Now is the time for pride. For letting it out. For letting it in. A woman’s heart is an ocean of secrets. You’re a party and a schoolnight. You’re a party on a schoolnight.

(September 23 - October 22) Say you’re about to flip out before you start flipping out. Try to sense your thirst and meet that need before you’re screaming you’re parched. Your ass is unforgettable: past lovers are thinking of you every other day. Keep journaling.


SPOTS - continued from page 40

The kind that stays with you to the end.

I knew I was different from most boys at an early age. In my culture homosexuality is a taboo. In fact, for many folks, it is a sin, and often rips families apart. Homosexuality in El Salvador or Latin America to be more exact is considered a great crime. A shameful uniqueness to live with. A dirty and ugly thing for which you can be killed. And many have been robbed from living a perfectly normal life. “Boys grow up to be soldiers, or engineers,” my grandfather used to tell me.

“Tienes que tener ser un macho y no como una niña,” [You have to be a manly man/macho and not like girls] my grandfather repeated at least once a week.

“A man who plays with dolls or doesn’t play soccer is not a man,” my favorite teacher, Don Francisco, used to tell all the boys in my sixth grade class. The demeaning language was


(October 23 - November 21) If you don’t inhale, you have nothing to exhale. If you don’t learn from someone, you can never know intimacy. Focus on what you take in; what you put out can only expand. Your eye make up is astounding. Sometimes a slow blink is all it takes.


(November 22 - December 20) Mourn the ones you’ve lost. Mourn the loves you’ve lost, what you’ve left behind, those you can never touch again, those ways you can never touch again. There’s never time for grief or celebration— you have to make it. Its time. Feel pain. Honor your pasts. Hold your vision dear: have faith that you didn’t need to take the steps you took in order to feel yourself walking now. Let go of the cake and enjoy the frosting.


(December 21 - January 19) Remember yourself as a child. Remember getting third based.

AQUARIUS (January 20 - February 18)

Use metaphors to express yourself. It will help you really get at how you feel. Sometimes there is no nuance in direct. It’s hot. Seduce.

(March 20 - April 19) Allow double-breasted vests to take over your life. Let something take over your life. Don’t worry about seeming lecherous; everyone loves to be doted on.


TAURUS (April 20 - May 20)

Someone’s not been holding up their end of the bargain not because they don’t love you but because they are afraid of how much they do. Bear with them only if you want. Keep moving.

GEMINI (May 21 - June 20)

Dance a lot more than usual. Stave off impulses of jealousy. Your passive aggression wants to get the best of you, but it can’t because your heart is beating too hard in other directions. Delve into the depths of your lung capacity. Act from the gut. Office Depot sells huge paper clips. Get some. Many many opportunities are coming for you. Marry Elaine is very psychic and a huge fag. You can email her at

PISCES (February 19 - March 19)

Smash all of the ideas you have of yourself. Put

everywhere. Being different in a small town felt like a tragedy. A miserable and lonely tragedy.

Standing on the twenty fourth floor, my mind was exploding. I thought it was the last straw. The strong wind can fly me away, I thought. At the mental institution, the doctors began to consider that it was ultimately necessary for me to come out of the closet.

“If you come out of the closet to your family, you only have to do it once. It will be your first attempt at finding yourself,” Dr. Lange faithfully explained. In my head, there were a million and one reasons that had been stored from the traumatic childhood I had experienced.

Picture this: My sweet mother left me and my younger sister with her parents when she moved to the north. The exposures to the brutalities of war were extremely shocking and not for a young kid to witness.

PA G E 4 2 •

them back together in a prettier fashion. Immerse your face in water as much as possible. Let it fill your ears and block them. Touch your hair underwater.

The constant taunting and bullying from other kids was unavoidable. The hours spent working along side my grandfather in the fields were torture. These and many other things, which I prefer to conceal, the doctors did not know when making their diagnosis. Four days before the release date from the barren, pathetic and solemn mental ward, my immediate family arrived. Armed with my honest feelings, transparent thoughts and deeply personal testimony, I came out.

My queer possibilities painted a new panorama —a world that is still to come, that is off in the distance; yet, nonetheless, is here and right now. To say that it’s still on its way and already here is not a contradiction, it’s a wicked reality. In less than twenty minutes, all of the fears collected since the sixth grade fell away. All the emotional, sexual and spiritual abuse that had destroyed my soul temporarily eased. My coming out experience burned the cross I had

June 27 - July 10, 2008

carried for a long and steep road.

When my words no longer exposed my pain and suffering, my mother spoke some of the greatest words a human being can speak: “Te quiero más que nunca,” [I love you more than ever] and with those words I felt welcomed home again. I came home at last.

My coming out story does not deserve a parade. My coming out speaks directly of myself—my drives, my passion, my beauty, my mistakes and my power. It speaks directly and acutely of my reality, my disorganized politics, my past and my future. The future that will arrive without painful feelings and uninvited troubles. The monstrous images of war still creep in my head once and sometimes more, but yet I go on. With their imperfections, dysfunctions and struggles, my family keeps plowing on. Still loving me. The story does not end with me coming out of the closet or a couple of suicide attempts. It begins with me. n

• G A Y L I F E •

gl 6 27 08


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Page 43

ten thank you note the following day to insure future invitations. Happy Fisting, Kitten

DO AS I SAY Prudence Responds to

Your Letters

by Prudence Worthington Mrs. Worthington, I thought it was about time I asked for your sardonic advice on an issue I’ve struggled with for a while now. An old friend, and by that I mean old and longtime, has always been a chickenhawk. This seemed fine in our 40’s, but we are decades past that and to continue to parade a new boy around every party in town is getting embarrassing. He only keeps them around for a few months and the turnover is so frequent I just can’t keep up with their names anymore. I think some of them are after his money, but they give up when they discover what a tight wad he is. I am repeatedly expected to make nice with them. I’ve reached a point where I don’t even want to get to know them because I know they will be gone soon. What would you do if Traxie was acting like this? Tired of the Turnover

My Dearest TOTT, How delightful to receive correspondence from one closer to my own generation. Your note allows me to point out to the young Festives that there is life past 30 and relationships will have their pitfalls throughout our tenure in this mortal sphere. Your query arrives as the Hamptons are beset with a fresh crop of trophy brides for the summer season. It appears that men of all persuasions continually aspire to youthful companionship. I personally feel your pain, for one is expected to learn the names of each tycoon’s latest silicone-enhanced acquisition who breaches the threshold of the yacht club. The dilemma which you recount brings to mind that versatile fabric Spandex—one of the many things one must completely abandon past the age of 40. Society has accepted that octogenarian men may take a fresh bride, but most keep them long enough to learn their names. This, however, is not the case with your friend, who I divine is phobic of lasting romance. One could turn a blind eye if the current conquests were not paraded or expected to be warmly received. The repeated activity strains friendships and illuminates him as a fool. If you are not impressed with his harem, one must assume others view it skeptically as well. Were Traxie adopting this habit I would simply assign Rosita the task of curing the bad behavior. I believe the resulting broken limbs would prove effective, but I do realize you may not have such a talented domestic at hand. You may then apply the age old method of actually suggesting that

your friend keep his indiscretions discrete, but be forewarned that this brand of honesty is frequently met with arctic response. No, I believe the less painful path to resolution involves the simple act of recycling the very paper upon which our correspondence is composed; merely clip this article and forward it to your friend. No signature is required. Sardonic enough for you, lamb?

My dear Mrs. Worthington, A close friend of mine has offered an invitation to a fisting party at his charming seaside abode. What rules of etiquette apply to this soiree? I don't want to appear to be an uncultured fool while in the dungeon. Should I bring a hostess gift like a casserole or a bundt cake? Please advise. I trust your opinion on all important matters such as this. Sincerely, Your Puppet

Dear Misguided Marionette, May I call you Mary? But of course I can. Mary, dear, thank your lucky stars you sought my counsel. While I applaud your desire to present a hostess gift, one must never bring food to a party without prior commiseration with the hostess. To arrive with an unexpected dish insults the hostess who has gone to great lengths to prepare an appropriate repast for his or her soiree. It’s rather like saying, “Your food is inadequate so I brought my own.” A tasteful box of chocolates is, of course, an exception. Perhaps you should take your cue from the hostess’s invitation and supply something that will be of need during the evening’s activities. A box of latex gloves or some Crisco might be considered thoughtful under the circumstances. Now as to the proper etiquette whilst frolicking in the dungeon; one should, again, take the lead from your hostess. I cannot divine from your note whether this will be straight forward fisting, S& M, or bondage and humiliation, so just go with the flow, so to speak. One should address matters of hygiene before arriving at the soiree and always remember to play safe and clean. Trim your fingernails and take any other steps to prevent damaging any recipient’s posterior. Do bear in mind that this is risky activity and is not for the faint of heart. Let us not forget that cleanliness throughout goes far toward the prevention of contracting pesky diseases. And finally, do be sure to send a thoughtful, hand-writ- • G A Y L I F E •

Dear Mrs. Worthington, Recently a rift occurred in a long-time friendship as a result of renting from said friend. A squabble over the security deposit came as an enormous slap in my face following his new tenant’s demands that I am supposed to pay for. Trust me when I say he got far more out of the relationship than I. His actions came as a great surprise to me, but our mutual friends all interpreted this as natural behavior due to his egocentric and miserly ways. They were actually astonished that I did not see this coming! I still think it goes above and beyond mere greed to dispose of a long friendship so callously over some stranger’s high maintenance demands. Over pride weekend he went out of his way to invite many of my closest circle up for drinks. During cocktails, he told some that he still considered me a good friend and had had me over for drinks recently, which is obviously a huge lie. Does he really think people believe him or that this wouldn’t get back to me? Maybe this is some bizarre PR campaign to try to make him look good following this major betrayal. After seventy odd years on this planet I would think he would be a little smarter. What would you do in my situation? Signed, Losing my faith in friendship

My Dear Lost Lamb, You have already taken prescribed step number one: You chose to write to me. I must however, chastise your naiveté, for if your coterie were already aware of his glaring shortcomings, you must have been so too. My kitten, how blindly you mixed business with friendship by accepting tenancy in his building. He most likely viewed this contractual agreement as some form of magnanimous favor and now receives no currency from you. In short, you no longer have value to him. I will berate you no more and must assume that you exited your lease with a good conscience, for why would you seek my counsel otherwise? I will, therefore, address the business at hand.

Should you contest the withholding of a security deposit, the state of Maryland has rather clear-cut laws to protect you. Simply goggle tenant law on the interweb and you will quickly learn that there is an established protocol which must be followed, to the letter, or the landlord must forfeit all of your deposit with interest. If you find your former “friend” has not complied, you may be entitled to three times the original deposit, so go sign up for small claims court to reclaim any disputed funds and experience America’s judicial system first hand. Look at it as an informative field trip with a cash prize at the end. I concur with your instincts that some reputation reclamation scheme is afoot, but am more confounded by your friend’s acceptance of his invitation. Does one need a cocktail that badly that one would knowingly enter the lion’s den? What happened to loyalty for the love of God? Worry not, my pet, for karma will ultimately provide due punishment with no encouragement from you. Were I to trod in your Pradas, I would expedite the legal proceedings and move on with my life. Your former friend will suffer more for the loss of your friendship.

June 27 - July 10, 2008

Good luck my pet,


• PA G E 4 3

gl 6 27 08


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Page 44

QUOTE UNQUOTE "I love upsetting groups, especially groups that are self-righteous. Anything fundamental is bad. If you say, 'Well, I'm a fundamentalist (blank),' whatever it is, be careful. I love messing with the Christians. I love messing with the Scientologists. I love messing with anything that is politically correct. The reason that I gravitate toward the gay community is that ... they are unified and mobilized and they are writing laws and getting laws passed. But, at the same time ... more so than any other group, they have such a great sense of humor about themselves. When you are part of an oppressed minority, you have to laugh."

—Comedian Kathy Griffin to the Baltimore paper Gay Life, May 30.

"I'm 66. If they had let me get married 10 years ago, I would have been 20 pounds lighter and I wouldn't have needed airbrushing."

—Veteran lesbian activist Robin Tyler as she married Diane Olson, granddaughter of former California Gov. Culbert Levy Olson, June 16 in Beverly Hills, to the Los Angeles Times. Tyler and Olson, 54, have been together 15 years.

"Congratulations to all of us: May equality live long and prosper."

—George Takei, who played Sulu on the original Star Trek, as he and partner Brad Altman picked up a marriage license June 17 in West Hollywood.

"That won't happen. ... The proposed amendment itself is blatantly unfair. I think people will not vote for it because it is so blatantly unfair. I do not think Californians will support using our constitution to treat people differently."

—Shannon Minter, lead lawyer for the gay side in the California same-sex marriage case, on the Nov. 4 ballot initiative to amend the state constitution to overturn the state Supreme Court's ruling legalizing same-sex marriage, to Palm Springs' Desert Sun newspaper, June 6. The weddings began June 16.

"I think once we have lesbian and gay couples being married in California, (people are) going to realize that lesbian and gay couples want what they want. They want to fall in love and marry the person of their choosing. The whole effort on this is based on scaring people. Once they see, you can't use fear anymore."

"(We're) going to wait until it's legal everywhere, because otherwise, I said to Kelli, we'll be going around touring the country on the marriage tour every state by state. Once it gets to be at the federal level, once every state recognizes the marriages of every other state, I think that'll be the time we would do it."

—Rosie O'Donnell on getting married, to the Associated Press, June 5.

—Geoff Kors, executive director of Equality California, on the Nov. 4 ballot initiative to amend the state constitution to overturn the state Supreme Court's ruling legalizing same-sex marriage, to Palm Springs' Desert Sun newspaper, June 6. The weddings began June 16.

"The tipping point has finally been reached, and there's no going back. Gay marriage as an issue, as a hot button, as a nasty right-wing political weapon will soon vanish into the dustbin of history. ... While the brutal Bush regime tried to clamp down and convince everyone that clinging to homophobia and Biblical literalism was actually a nice way to live, all it did was create a nasty little speed bump."

—San Francisco Chronicle columnist Mark Morford, June 11.

PA G E 4 4 •


"The idea that they don't have the resources is absurd. It's ridiculous -- raise your fees to cover your costs and get volunteers. (They should) be more honest and say we can't stand the idea of gay people getting married so we're going to break the law."

—San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom offering to go to California's Kern and Butte counties to help conduct same-sex marriages, to the San Francisco Business Times, June 12. The clerks of the two counties stopped performing all marriages—gay and straight—just before the California Supreme Court decision legalizing same-sex marriage took effect June 16. By law, county clerks have to issue marriage licenses, but they do not have to offer marriage ceremonies. At least 45 of California's other 56 counties will continue offering ceremonies. Kern County's largest city is Bakersfield and Butte's is Chico.

"I had a gay kid say to me the other day: 'Men and women on death row can marry people on the outside. They're allowed to get married. And gays want the same rights as people on death row.' I thought that was pretty good thinking. ... It's just an interesting thing that gays don't have the same rights as people on death row."

—Newspaper columnist Liz Smith in an article published by The Women on the Web,, May 28.

"A gay woman named Ellen DeGeneres has the most popular talk show in America. She even outstrips Oprah Winfrey. Doesn't this say something? I think people are really kind of conflicted. Sometimes they're sneaky and fuzzy when it comes to homosexuality. They go crazy over one demonstration of it, and then they'll ignore another."

—Newspaper columnist Liz Smith in an article published by The Women on the Web,, May 28.

"I think (when) 15 years go by on any personnel policy, it's appropriate to take another look at it—see how it's working, ask the hard questions, hear from the military. Start with a Pentagon study. ... The policy was the right policy for the right time, and times change. It's appropriate to take another look."

—Former U.S. Sen. Sam Nunn speaking in Atlanta June 3 about the military's Don't Ask, Don't Tell policy that bans gays from serving openly. Nunn was one of the lawmakers most responsible for the passage of the 1993 law.

"I'm totally off the States now. The reaction to 9/11 and then George Bush— really, they've got very blobby as a nation. Now they (the Americans) are whiny victims whose language is entirely taken from two TV shows— Friends and Sex and The City—and there's nothing sexy about them anymore. And that kind of semi-blindness about the rest of

June 27 - July 10, 2008

the world, which was attractive when America was exciting, is really unattractive now."

—Gay actor Rupert Everett to Britain's Radio Times, June issue.

"My brother's gay—we're both gay—and it was a source of great, uh, pain for my mother. Not that she didn't love us and was devoted to us, but it was awkward for her with her Southern family. She was just happy not to read it in the paper."

—Lily Tomlin to the Oregon gay newspaper Just Out, May 30.

"In '75 they offered me the cover of Time to come out— because they needed a gay story, not because they wanted me to come out or because they were going to do anything particularly correct about gay life. (But) I didn't want to be known as a gay comedian; I wanted to be known as a human comedian. I don't think gay people's experience as humans is so different from any other humans'. I was never secretive, but I never held a press conference."

—Lily Tomlin to the Oregon gay newspaper Just Out, May 30.

"My audience has always been minorities that didn't fit within their own minorities—the original audiences for Pink Flamingos were hippie gay people that other gay people didn't like, and mean hippies that couldn't wait for punk to happen, even though they didn't know it was going to."

—Gay filmmaker John Waters to Seattle Gay News, May 30.

"Listen, Anderson Cooper reports on hard news in places like Karachi. And in Pakistan, they'll kill you if they find out you're gay. So I'm not going to be the one who asks Anderson Cooper if he's gay, OK?"

—Comedian Kathy Griffin to the Dallas Voice, June 6.

"No one in a bar is cruising these days! (And I don't just mean they're not cruising ME.) The reason for this hideous turn of events is quite simple: They already got laid 80 times that day thanks to Internet hookups! ... Manhunt has completely destroyed the sexual frisson in once-alluring nightspots!"

—Village Voice columnist Michael Musto on his blog, June 13.

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June 27 - July 10, 2008

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June 27 - July 10, 2008

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Vendors Wanted

DEVELOPMENT ASSOCIATE Nonprofit GLBT organization in Baltimore City has an immediate opening for a F/T Development Associate. Exciting opportunity for the right individual who is capable of managing all aspects of the organization’s fundraising events, annual giving program, external relationships and overall support. Event experience a must, as is a proven track record of raising funds for charitable causes through grants and donor solicitations. Proficiency with Microsoft Office products necessary. Desktop publishing and/or graphic design experience preferred. Some evening and weekend work related to special events expected. Send letter, resume, and salary requirements by fax to 410-837-4114; or by e-mail to; or by mail to Director, GLCCB, 241 W. Chase St., Baltimore, MD 21201.

FLEA MARKET and CRAFTS FAIR VENDORS & VOLUNTEER ENTERTAINERS WANTED The York Courts of Guilford Annual Flea Market & Crafts Fair Sat. July 12th, 9am to 3pm (rain date - July 13th). 3900 Blk York Rd, just north of 39th St. Over 30 vendors expected. Minimal fee for vendors. Entertainment expected and refreshments sold. Proceeds to benefit court improvement projects. For info: 410-235-3860 or

For Sale ANTIQUE FURNITURE FOR SALE Various pieces of furniture in good condition, including corner cabinet, farm table, chest of drawers, small desks. Pieces available for pick-up in Baltimore. Call 954-655-7498.



ACCOMMODATIONS Baltimore Tremonts 222 St. Paul St. Baltimore, MD 21202 410-561-8886

ACCOUNTING Heiffner & Associates 6706 German Hill Rd. Dundalk, MD 21222 410-285-3920

AUTOMOTIVE Meineke Car Care Center 7604 Harford Rd. Parkville, MD 21234 410-665-0710 Tate Mini of Annapolis 25 Old Mill Bottom Rd. N. Annapolis, MD 21409 410-349-2131 BARS / NIGHTCLUBS Baltimore Eagle 2022 N. Charles St. Baltimore, MD 21201 410-685-3219 Club Hippo 1 W. Eager St. Baltimore, MD 21201 410-576-0018 Club Phoenix 1 W. Biddle St. Baltimore, MD 21201 410-837-3906


New Wave Singers PO Box 2012 Baltimore, MD 21203 410-558-4692

CHURCHES Catholic Archdiocese of Baltimore 320 Cathedral St. Baltimore, MD 20201 410-547-5486 First & St. Stephen’s United Church 6915 York Rd. Baltimore, MD 21212 410-377-5224

St. John’s of Baltimore 2640 St. Paul St. Baltimore, MD 21218 410-366-7733

COMPUTER / TECHNOLOGY CONSULTING Computer Handyman of Maryland 443-827-0433 CONSTRUCTION Laurence Construction David Meltzer 6999 Reiserstown Rd., Suite 1 Baltimore, MD 21215 410-764-7100 NLT Construction 9216 Liberty Rd. Randallstown, MD 21133 410-922-6475

First Unitarian Church 1 W. Hamilton St. Baltimore, MD 21201 410-685-2330

COUNSELING / THERAPY Patti Desert, LCSW-C Singular Pathways 208 E. Melrose Ave. Baltimore, MD 21212 410-435-3755

Metropolitan Community Church of Baltimore 401 W. Monument St. Baltimore, MD 21201 410-669-6222

Laura June, Ph.D. Belvedere Towers, Suite 105A 1190 W. Northern Pkwy. Baltimore, MD 21210 410-235-7899

Memorial Episcopal Church 1407 Bolton St. Baltimore, MD 21201 410-669-0220

Jeff Klug, LCSW The Rotunda, Suite 108 711 W. 40th St. Baltimore, MD 21211 410-241-4215

St. Bernadette Parish 801 Stevenson Rd. Severn, MD 21144 410-969-2785

Samuel J. Kelly, LCSW-C Ellen Schwartz Patterson, LCSW-C The Shell Building, Suite 108

House or Apartment for Rent

ROOMMATE WANTED Nicely furnished apt. Cable, quiet area. Lots of Parking. Non-smoker. Looking for quiet person. Antiques, stained glass. $390 plus 1/2 utilities. Call Rick 410-737-0755. NORTHWEST BALTIMORE PEACE & QUIET Very quiet, LARGE 2 Br unit w/ full size living room, dining room, eat-in-kit & newly renovated. $700/mo. William, 443-744-1891,

GREAT MASSAGE Swedish or sensual, by attractive guy with awesome hands. Incall/Outcall, reasonable rates, 15 years experience. Craig 410-336-8956 or

HOUSE FOR RENT Beverly Hills/Lauraville Text: 3 bedroom restored porchfront cottage, hardwood floors, fenced back yard, lovely older neighbor. Would prefer a 2-3 year commitment. $1200/mo. Susan @ 443-600-1158,



BRAD'S SPECIAL TOUCH A hot full body/full satisfaction massage in your home, hotel, or my NEW waterfront studio. Guys

200 E. Joppa Rd. Towson, MD 21286 410-583-8846 Robin Richardson, LCSW-C The Rotunda, Suite 412 711 W. 40th St. Baltimore, MD 21211 410-261-3323 Women’s Growth Center 5209 York Rd. Baltimore, MD 21212 410-532-2476

FINANCIAL SERVICES Yoshiko Hayakawa First Financial Group 401 Washington Ave., 6th floor Baltimore, MD 21204 410-828-5400 x4178 FITNESS Mt. Vernon Fitness 1016 N. Charles St. Baltimore, MD 21201

FRAMING Fast Frame of Bel Air 1431 Rock Spring Rd. Bel Air, MD 21014 410-836-0017

HEALTH / DENTAL Chase Brexton Health Services 1001 Cathedral St. Baltimore, MD 21201 410-837-2050 Dr. Samuel Westrick 3100 St. Paul St., Suite 5 Baltimore, MD 21218 410-243-5544 • G A Y L I F E •

or couples. Visa/MC. 443-695-0141, or

HEALTH INSURANCE Trey Ellison III Alliance for Affordable Services Baltimore, MD 443-468-6171

JEWELERS Craig Coyne Jewelers 8113 Main St. Ellicott City, MD 21043 410-243-5544

LEGAL SERVICES Law offices of Constandin Alivizatos 111 S. Calvert St. Baltimore, MD 21202 410-385-5397 Lynda Dee, Attorney at Law 201 N. Charles St. Baltimore, MD 21201 410-332-1170 National Adoption and Surrogacy Center Hilary Neiman, Esq. 30 Courthouse Square, Suite 106 Rockville, MD 20850 301-340-7228 Mark Scurti Hodes, Pessin & Katz, PA 410-938-8718 Zavos Law Group Washington, DC Baltimore, MD 443-570-6205

June 27 - July 10, 2008

LOCKSMITHS Robert’s Key Service 217 W. Read St. Baltimore, MD 21201 410-728-7484

MORTGAGE SERVICES Marva J. Laws American Financial Resources Bel Air, MD 410-734-6688 1-888-553-5513 Richard Pazornik SunTrust Mortgage 410-561-4139 azornik NONPROFIT ORGANIZATIONS Hearts and Ears 10 W. Biddle St. Baltimore, MD 21201 410-528-0444 PHARMACIES Mount Vernon Pharmacy 900 Cathedral St. Baltimore, MD 21201 410-539-8030 Park Avenue Pharmacy 1535 Park Ave. Baltimore, MD 21217 410-225-0800

Real Estate Nancy Corporon RE/MAX Advantage Realty 8815 Centre Park Dr. Columbia, MD 21045 410-740-1200 • PA G E 4 7


Stephen Johnson Long & Foster Real Estate 10805 Hickory Ridge Rd. Columbia, MD 21044 410-715-7891 David Ostrowski & Pat Stokeley Long & Foster Real Estate 410-931-6300

RESTAURANTS / CATERING Café Boheme 401 E. Pratt St. Baltimore, MD 21202 410-347-9898 Sascha’s 527 N. Charles St. Baltimore, MD 21201 410-539-8880 Spice Company 4 W. University Pkwy. Baltimore, MD 21218 410-235-8200

THEATRES Hippodrome Theatre France-Merrick Performing Arts Center 12 N. Eutaw St. Baltimore, MD 21202 410-547-SEAT Toby’s Dinner Theatre of Baltimore 5625 O’Donnell St. Baltimore, MD 21224 410-995-1969 Toby’s Dinner Theatre of Columbia 5900 Symphony Woods Rd. Columbia, MD 21044 410-995-1969

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