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WOMEN’S HISTORY MONTH Baltimoreans Define Their

SHEROES Women’s Expo Highlights Women-Owned Businesses

Maryland Women’s Hall of Fame Inducts Six Honorees plus GAY MARRIAGE THE ROCKY HORROR SHOW THE ADDAMS FAMILY


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I was a feminist long before I worked for Gay Life. But despite obvious opportunities for overlap, feminist issues have taken a backseat to LGBT issues in my life. The recent Planned Parenthood–Komen Foundation showdown shook me out of my temporary passivity. As has guest commenter Thinking Dyke (p. 19). As has this month’s feature story: In honor of Women’s History Month we surveyed Baltimoreans and asked them to describe their “Sheroes,” the LBT women in their lives who they admire most. While answers included anyone from Madonna to Mom, there were seven prominent LBT Maryland women who took time to talk us (p. 16). Now we’re asking the rest of you to talk to us. Is something on your mind? Do you find yourself proud, angry, intrigued, or elated? Tell us in 500 words or less your thoughts on a topic affecting Baltimore’s LGBT communities and you could see your words in an upcoming issue. Email In the meantime, check out our NEW Gay Life Quiz (opposite page) and find out how much you know about us, Baltimore Pride, and the GLCCB. Submit your answers online to win prizes, and check for answers in the next issue. Good luck!


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The Queen of Pop, Madonna, tours again.


Marriage equality, Gender Identity Protection in Baltimore Co., Baltimore’s LGBT history project, free name change workshop



By Rachel Roth

By Kristi Metzger


TU professor studies gay marriage and factors affecting support.



In Germany They First Came for the Communists: How marriage rights compare to the rights lost due to the NDAA.

Women’s Expo supports women-owned businesses. By Rose D’Longcroi

By Thinking Dyke


Why Be Happy When You Could Be Normal? by Jeanette Winterson Review by Terri Solomon



The Queen of Pop, Madonna. Photo by Tom Munro.

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Women of the World: A global movement at the BSO.


By Rachel Roth

Grandview Penthouse offers a tasty bargain and an unbeatable view.


By John Cullen with Marty Shayt

By Rachel Roth


An all-male version of the untamed genderbending cult musical, Rocky Horror Show.

By Frank Kaye

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afterhours PAGE 22 BSCENE

Yard sale at the GLCCB. Photos by Charlie Mumford


Addams Family comes to the Hippodrome, brings Douglas Sills as Gomez. MUSIC

Maggie Beetz


Tom Goss performs on Pride Ride, and at GLCCB with Stewart Lewis. PAGE 13 FASHION

Local designer shows off his work and eco-conscious inspirations.


Women’s History Month gets Baltimoreans talking about “Sheroes.” By Marlene Adrian

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outfront COMMUNITY

MD Senate and House Approve Marriage Act The Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Community Center of Baltimore (GLCCB) is congratulating lawmakers and activists after the Maryland Senate passed the Civil Marriage Protection Acton February 23 in a 25 to 22 vote. The House of Delegates passed the marriage equality legislation in a 72 to 67 vote on February 17. This bill, introduced by Governor Martin O’Malley, allows committed gay and lesbian couples to obtain a marriage license while protecting religious freedoms by providing exemptions for clergy, churches, and religious institutions that choose to not marry gay and lesbian couples. “We knew it was only a matter of time before Maryland gained marriage equali-

ty,” said GLCCB Board President Trevor Ankeny. “We are looking forward to the day when gay and lesbian couples will be celebrating civil marriage in Maryland.” The bill now heads to Gov. Martin O’Malley who has promised to sign it into law (as of press time). “We are especially proud of groups like Equality Maryland and Marylanders for Marriage Equality who have organized volunteers, raised awareness, and worked with legislators to move this issue forward,” said GLCCB Director Gary Wolnitzek. “Not to mention the brave legislators on both sides who stood publicly on the side of fairness and equality.” When the law goes into effect, Maryland will be the eighth state to legalize same-sex marriage. ■


Baltimore County Passes Gender Identity Protection Ordinance Baltimore County Executive Kevin Kamenetz signed the gender anti-discrimination bill into law on February 28. Earlier this month, the Baltimore County Council passed the legislation, which prohibits discrimination on the basis of gender identity and expression, and sexual orientation, in the areas of housing, employment, public accommodations, and financing on February 21, according to a joint press release from Parents, Families & Friends of Lesbians & Gays (PFLAG) Baltimore County and Gender Rights Maryland (GRMD), an organization dedicated to enacting similar statewide protections—the two groups that initiated the bill. The measure passed on a 5-2 vote. “This is a great day for Baltimore County” said Mark Patro, Chapter President of PFLAG Baltimore County, about the Feb. 21 vote. “Despite pressure from opposition groups, the County Council was able to look past the rhetoric of fear and do the right thing WWW.BALTIMOREGAYLIFE.COM

by securing these critical civil rights for all residents of Baltimore County.” “Our success here in Baltimore County, and a few months ago in Howard County, is a testament to the forward thinking of our local elected officials. We would like to thank the entire Council for having the courage to pass this legislation and, in particular, Councilmember Tom Quirk for being a steadfast champion for passage of this bill. In the past 6 months we have collectively brought these protections to over one million more Marylanders. This should be a strong message to Annapolis that it is time to lead the rest of the state on this matter,” said Sharon Brackett, Board Chair for Gender Rights Maryland. “Baltimore County will now join Howard, and Montgomery County and Baltimore City as the fourth jurisdiction in Maryland supporting these rights. This is a clear sign of exciting and changing times in Maryland for advocates of civil rights,” added Brackett. ■


QUIZ! Correctly answer for a chance to win the documentary


The GLCCB and the Hippo have worked hard to make Gay Bingo on Wednesdays a hit. Roughly how much has been raised by Gay Bingo since its inception in 2002? a. $10,000

b. $50,000

c. $150,000

Which of the following is NOT a local LGBT senior social/support group mentioned in Gay Life’s 2/17 feature story? a. OWLS (Older, Wiser Lesbians) b. The Den c. The Rainbow Chavurah d. Prime Timers

Where is the King and Queen of Pride 2012 Pageant being held? a. The Baltimore Museum of Art b. Hard Rock Café, Baltimore c. The GLCCB


outfront COMMUNITY

Become a Part of Recording and Collecting Baltimore’s LGBT History Have you been a part of Baltimore’s LGBT history? As the GLCCB celebrates 35 years, we are embarking on a history project to document and archive Baltimore’s LGBT stories. If you’d like to share your story, or can suggest someone we should interview, or want to be part of video-taping, interviewing, developing the questions, collecting historical photos or other materials please contact us. Details of meetings, discussions and interviews times will be sent to you. Contact Marlene at 702.655.2146 or ■

Video Training Session for LGBT History Project As the GLCCB celebrates 35 years, we are embarking on a history project to document and archive Baltimore’s LGBT stories. If you’d like to become a part of videotaping these stories we invite you to come to the GLCCB on Saturday, March 10 at 1 p.m. to participate in our camera training session. If you have camera and/or interview experience you also are welcome to come and learn about the project. Please contact Marlene to RSVP to attend or tell us about your interest, if you cannot join us on Sat., March 10 at 1 p.m. ■


Saturday, March 10 • 1pm • FREE GLCCB • 241 West Chase St. Contact Marlene at 702.655.2146 or

PAGE 6 • MARCH 2 – MARCH 15, 2012

Free Training for Attorneys, Paralegals & Law Students A free training session, “A Rose by Any Other Name: Understanding the Name Change Process,” will be available to attorneys, paralegals and law students. Nicole Folks, Esq. of Kelliher & Salzer will provide attorneys with the nuts and bolts necessary for name change petition drafting. As an LGBT ally, Folks has been incredibly successful in helping numerous transgender individuals get name changes through the Circuit Court in Baltimore City. Also important to any discussion of name changes or other issues with transgender clients, is the sensitivity that an attorney/paralegal brings to the table. Staff member and trainer Owen Smith of Equality Maryland will present “Trans 101 for Allies,” a program on cultural sensitivity and the transgender community. We are asking that all who receive this free training be willing to take a name change case for a Free State Legal Project client. ■


Thursday, March 8, 5:30-8pm • FREE GLCCB • 241 W. Chase St. Contact Lee Ann Hopkins, Esq. at 410.625.5428 or



Towson University Assistant Professor Amy Becker Ph.D.

Gay Marriage: Religion or Politics? BY KRISTI METZGER

Same-sex marriage could soon become a reality for Marylanders. Even though gaining marriage equality is still a longrunning battle, acceptance seems to be on the rise. I had the chance to speak with Amy Becker Ph.D., Assistant Professor at Towson University in the department of Mass Communication and Communication studies, an expert on Gay Marriage and Maryland Legislature. Dr. Becker’s research focuses on four different areas in the field of communication: public opinion and citizen participation on controversial political issues; the political effects of exposure

HIGHLIGHTS FROM BECKER’S GAY MARRIAGE STUDY Higher rates of personal contact with gay and lesbians has the largest impact on attitudes. Younger Americans (35 and under) have higher levels of deliberative engagement with the same-sex marriage debate than older voters. Older voters rely most heavily on ideological and religious value predispositions when forming opinions on same-sex marriage.

and attention to political entertainment (especially late night comedy); new media; and science communication. We discussed some of the findings of her research conducted for her article, Moral Politicking: Public Attitudes toward Gay Marriage in an Election Context, published in the International Journal of Press/Politics.


I’ve always been really interested in public opinion work with issues where people apply values and beliefs to issues. There are moral and value issues for gay marriage.


It makes sense that younger people are more in favor. I think it’s interesting that public opinion issues change so rapidly. It’s interesting to me that what I’ve seen is that personal or social contact, or having a family friend that is LGBT, changes attitudes regardless of age. If you know someone you support it. I was surprised that religion and moral beliefs still matter to young people. CONTINUED ON PAGE 22



outfront COMMUNITY

Women’s Expo Highlights Women-Owned Businesses BY ROSE D’LONGCROI

When Patsy Anderson’s son was plagued with debilitating allergens in the 1970s, she left a position in the corporate job market. But it was from a basic desire to keep her family financially afloat, that Anderson found herself gathering with neighboring stay-at-home moms to create various crafts for a community-wide fair. While developing what became a monthly community event, Anderson was constantly introduced to wildly varying business ideas that would lack the essential gestalt of effective marketing. So she went on a quest for a potential avenue to help aspiring business owners and entrepreneurs reach their consumer market. Enter the Community College of Baltimore County. While Anderson was looking for a venue, CCBC was looking for a fundraiser to expand their budget and propel their Enterprise Institute, an effort created to support the economic development of Baltimore County. With a few calls, Anderson and the CCBC reps were planning the first Women’s Expo. Now in its 11th year, Anderson has taken what started as a small group of neighbors in her basement and turned it into her second career. Anderson is also taking the 125-plus exhibitors into the world of internet radio. Three years into the Expo, she was invited to be a radio host for 1010 AM, providing the same advice and promotional efforts that the Women’s Expo provides for the two-day event and year-round on their website. Last August, she felt that radio exposure would be equally beneficial to the participants to keep momentum constant and information accessible. Currently 14 shows are run by previous and current exhibi-

Patsy Anderson tors and focus on things that empower people with disabilities, their book club, and the continuing effort to expose the exhibitors to a new customer base. With a goal of a fully self-operational station with 100 shows, Anderson hopes to include bi-lingual programming as soon as they find a dedicated force. Learn more at The Women’s Expo is built on using its community to build on its community. If you are a talented artist but lack the skills to create effective branding or want to ensure a committed customer base, swing by Women’s Expo and drop your card. Or if you’re looking to support independent women-owned businesses come by to shop, attend workshops, learn from presentations, or check out massage and yoga opportunities. Those who can’t make this weekend-long event are encouraged to attend the “Be the Change National Conference” at College Park March 17-18. ■


March 10-11 • 10am-5pm • $5 Enterprise Institute 800 S. Rolling Rd. • Catonsville 443.615.7311 • PAGE 8 • MARCH 2 – MARCH 15, 2012




Jeanette Winterson’s recent memoir returns the scenes of her semi-autobiographical novel Oranges Are Not The Only Fruit (1985), published when Winterson was 25. Like the car crash you crane your neck to see, readers will once again encounter the harrowing insanity of her adoptive mother, Mrs. Winterson, “a flamboyant depressive; a woman who kept a revolver in the duster drawer, and the bullets in a tin of Pledge.” For us as humans, telling ourselves our own story orients us in our mind and in the world. It says, I am here, in this place, and this is who I am. This truth telling (or for some, artful self-deception) does not need to be recorded for many individuals. For Winterson, whose early life is abusive and chaotic and cold, the art of writing is a necessity. “There are markings here, raised like welts. Read them. Read the hurt. Rewrite them. Rewrite the hurt. It’s why I am a writer—I don’t say ‘decided’ to be, or ‘became.’ It was not an act of will or even a conscious choice. To avoid the narrow mesh of Mrs. Winterson’s story I had to be able to tell my own,” she writes. So Winterson gives us part two of her life, with added years of experience, including applying to read English at Oxford, which she recalls as “the most impossible thing I could do,” losing her mind and then regaining it, and seeking her birth mother. She also recalls and relates the first sixteen years of her life, ruled by the madness of Mrs. Winterson, a woman who was “larger than life…like a fairy story where size is approximate and unstable.” Mrs. Winterson figured prominently in Oranges Are Not The Only Fruit, and is it intriguing for the reader to be privy to Jeanette Winterson’s telling of two stories—one fiction and one fact. She writes, “…the saddest thing for me, thinking about the cover version that is Oranges, is that I wrote a story I could live with. The other one was too painful. I could not survive it.”


And yet this is a book of survival. Books are a way up and out for Winterson, her means to persist and exist. For anyone who has ever lost him or herself in a book or fallen in love with language, Winterson’s reflections on the importance of literature and reading will ring true. In the world she grew up in, “books were few and stories were everywhere, and how you tell ‘em was everything.” This tale is not always easy to stomach, but it’s a good read on so many levels— Winterson is a detailed and likeable narrator; the descriptions of working-class Manchester, U.K. in the 1960s and early 1970s are forcefully drawn, as if with a blunt pencil in the hands of Mary Cassatt; and her search for her mother, the young girl who gave her child up at six weeks old, is intertwined with musings on love that most readers should find touching. It won’t spoil the book’s ending to share the last line of Winterson’s memoir—“I have no idea what happens next.” (It will make sense in context, I promise.) But don’t rush through Why Be Happy When You Could Be Normal? just to satisfy your insatiable curiosity. This is a book worth spending time on. ■

WHY BE HAPPY WHEN YOU COULD BE NORMAL? by Jeanette Winterson Grove Press ISBN: 978-0-802120106 Paperback • $25 • 240p


outfront DINING OUT

Grandview Penthouse


The Grandview Penthouse opened in September of 2011 taking over the space left by the unexpected closing of the Dizz Grandview. Perched on the top floor of a 15-story seniors apartment building in Hampden, the floor-to-ceiling windows in the dining room provide an incredible unobstructed 180+ degree view of Baltimore. At night, the sea of city lights can be magical. During the day, looking out over the city and spotting landmarks that can be miles away is compelling! Complementing the “grand view,” the ceiling of the unpretentious dining room features an apropos painting of stars and planets and the one windowless wall has a large mural with an Impressionist type view of the harbor. There are 18 tables (the view is great from any table, and you’ll find binoculars on many of the tables useful for zooming in on details of the city). Regretfully, the owners haven’t yet been able to secure a liquor license, but the good news is that they encourage BYOB and they don’t hit you with an corkage fee. The large menu offers a lot of tempting basics at amazingly reasonable prices. We found 10 appetizers ($5-8), several entrée salads ($9), a dozen burgers, subs and wraps ($8 including fries), a dozen sandwiches ($5-9 including chips), plus dozen hot entrees ($8-12). Light appetite? The menu offers another 10 smaller portion “lite fare” sandwiches (most about $5). There are also daily specials. We started with some onion rings ($5) as a starter; though on the small side, they were tasty and avoided being PAGE 10 • MARCH 2 – MARCH 15, 2012

overly greasy. Marty opted for a crab cake sandwich special ($11) which came with fries. The crab cake was big, without a lot of filler and made for a very happy Marty. Our friend Tom voted for a fried chicken dinner ($9); his plate arrived full with several pieces of chicken and two sides and was another winner. John tried another special, chicken parmigiana ($12) which came on a big bed of pasta and with a fresh side salad and garlic bread (which Marty managed to grab when John was staring at the city!). The reasonable prices had us splurging on dessert and tried the homemade rice pudding and an ice cream sundae with a cherry on top ($3.50); both hit the spot (and are recommended!) Between the awesome views, our friendly waitress and the good food, we really enjoyed ourselves at Grandview Penthouse. There are very few places in Baltimore with views like this, and even fewer that offer the chance to linger and savor the view while enjoying a meal that can easily cost less than $10. Grandview Penthouse is a bargain “Thumbs Up” winner for us! ■


3838 Roland Ave. • 410.467.4040 Closed Mondays • Tues–Fri: 11am–9pm Sat: 10am–9pm • Sun: 10–3pm Brunch on weekends • BYOB Limited vegetarian options Email and find past reviews at BALTIMORE’S GAY LIFE NEWSPAPER


Gay Men’s Chorus Takes on Rocky Horror BY FRANK KAYE “Don’t dream it. Be it!” heralds the main theme of the Gay Men Chorus of Washington D.C.’s tempestuous production of Richard O’Brien’s The Rocky Horror Show. The GMCW continues to dance their way into the hearts of audience with this stunning cult classic that features an allmale cast. “This production is different on a number of levels,” explains Craig Cipollini,

movies. Audiences followed the tale of Brad and Janet who, after experiencing a flat tire, find refuge at a mysterious castle for the night. What ensues is a wild, titillating, gender-bending experience. The GMCW follows in the same vein as that original performance with a few minor changes. “I’m playing with the idea that Brad is a closeted homosexual, and this whole experience at the Frankenstein Place makes him realize that, and in the end he leaves Janet,” Cipollini explains. “Likewise, DR E A Janet will realize that she is T M ’ IT ON unhappy with Brad after her D RICHARD O’BRIEN’S experiences with Frank and THE Rocky—realizing it’s OK to experience pleasure, something she wasn’t getting from Brad. I think the idea of giving yourself over will also play into it—in other words, it’s OK to let your hair down and be yourself.” SHOW Performing in the iconic role of Dr. Frank-N-Furter, Joshua Bennett echoes how this performance will be different from the screen version that many fans have seen. “When I was cast as Dr. Frank-N-Furter, I made the VISIT GMCW.ORG OR CALL 202-293-1548 decision to research the charPROUD SPONSOR MEDIA SPONSOR PRESENTED WITH acter outside of the movie GENEROUS SUPPORT FROM CHARLIE version. For me, that meant BERARDESCO not watching YouTube clips & JEFF THURSTON or going to the film for inspiration.” Bennett continues, “I, director and choreographer. “For one, it’s of course, have seen the move in the past, not a concert. Most of the shows we do love the soundtrack and am a big fan of are concerts, whereas this is a full-scale Tim Curry. As such, it’s hard to ignore his musical with a script. This show is also a gigantic influence on the role of Dr. Frankbit racier than what we normally do. We N-Furter. You may catch some glimpses of certainly had shows with scantily dressed CONTINUED ON PAGE 22 people before, but this one pushes it a little further than most.” The original Rocky Horror Show preTHE ROCKY HORROR SHOW miered to British audiences in London on Friday, March 16-17 • 8pm June 19, 1973. The show’s writer, Richard Sunday, March 18 • 3pm (ASL interpreted) O’Brien, wanted to create a performance $20-50 which combined elements of the unintenLisner Auditorium • George Washington Univ. tional humor of B horror movies with the 730 21st St. NW • Washington, DC   over-the-top dramatics of science fiction

202.293.1548 •



outfront THEATER

Gay Actor Stars as Gomez Addams in Upcoming Show at Hippodrome The national tour of the new musical, The Addams Family, makes its Baltimore premiere March 6 at the Hippodrome Theatre. The family’s patriarch, Gomez Addams, is played by Douglas Sills, who has received Tony and Drama Desk nominations and the Los Angeles Ovation Award for his performance as The Scarlet Pimpernel on Broadway. Sills recently starred in the new rock musical White Noise. He has also appeared on screen in the films Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo, Funny About Love and has made multiple television appearances including

CSI, The Closer, Numb3rs, Will & Grace, Any Day Now, Party Of Five, Sabrina, and Murphy Brown. This performance, based on the bizarre and beloved family created by cartoonist Charles Addams, features an original story: Wednesday Addams, the ultimate princess of darkness, has a ‘normal’ boyfriend. Watch how this shocking development turns the Addams house upside down. The Addams Family immediately became one of Broadway’s biggest hits, regularly grossing over $1 million a week since its start in March 2010. The show has been described by the Chicago Tribune’s Chris Jones as a “classic, full-tilt, fast paced, oldfashioned musical comedy!” ■


Sara Gettelfinger and Douglas Sills Photo by Jeremy Daniel

March 6-18 • 8pm • $30-80 Hippodrome Theatre France-Merrick Performing Arts Center 12 N. Eutaw St. • 410.547.SEAT


Gay Singer-Songwriters Perform at GLCCB, on Caribbean Cruise Tom Goss and Stewart Lewis are performing together at the GLCCB on March 18. The two have been at the forefront of the LGBT songwriter scene for almost a decade. They continue to create original, imaginative, and accessible songs that have landed on HBO, ABC, FOX, and MTV, as well as in the ears of thousands of listeners worldwide. Goss fans will also find the singer on the LGBT Pride Ride, a Caribbean Cruise taking off from Baltimore September 23. This group cruise celebrates the LGBT community, including families, couples and singles. Goss and his husband will join others on this seven-night cruise, exploring the Eastern Caribbean islands of Grand Turk, Turks and Caicos; Freeport and Half Moon Cay, the Bahamas. The LGBT Pride Ride will also welcome well-known gay author, John Simpson, most often recognized for his “Condor One” series. PAGE 12 • MARCH 2 – MARCH 15, 2012

Tom Goss

Headquartered in Edgewater, Md., Cruise With A Group specializes in cruises for social groups, alumni associations, convention alternatives, organizations, and families. ■


GLCCB • 241 W. Chase St. Sunday, March 18 • 7pm • $12 • LGBT PRIDE RIDE 443.420.SAIL • BALTIMORE’S GAY LIFE NEWSPAPER


Morgan University Provides Setting for Local Fashion Shoot Local designer Carlous Palmer’s Web Exotiqe Collection was based on basic principles of minimalism. His goal was to create designs with a futuristic yet wearable appeal. He also used only eco-conscious materials, those which are directly from and/ or easy on the environment such as Beachwood pulp textiles and squid ink. In a quest for motivation, Palmer hit the mall and studied the people he saw. He also asked a few women he considers to be some of the best dressed in Baltimore for their opinions. “My design aesthetic derives from the use of simple geometric shapes that work cohesively to create interesting fashion,” explained Palmer. “My immediate choice of architectural inspiration was the Earl S. Richardson Library at Morgan University; the staircase is a fashion gem which not many of us notice.” His choice of setting is appropriate for reasons other than aesthetics; Palmer is especially interested in communicating the importance of education. “In spite of my accomplishments, I remain connected to all of my academic connections, and I am currently in school at BCCC finishing my degree,” he said. Palmer’s designs will be available this month in Katwalk, a Baltimore boutique. ■

KATWALK BOUTIQUE 1709 Aliceanna St.

WEB EXOTIQE COLLECTION Designer Carlous Palmer

Photos By Mark Moyer • Stylist Alicia Pugh • Makeup Artist Heather Cotter • Jewelry Shana Kroiz


Madonna Performs Two Shows at Verizon Center Straight off of her Super Bowl halftime performance, Madonna announced she’s embarking on her next world tour. Madonna added a second show at the Verizon Center on September 24 after the September 23 show sold out. Tickets for the second show are on sale now. Her tour, beginning this May in Israel, will include 22 countries in the Middle East and Europe before landing in North America (Philadelphia, Pa.) on August 28 (tickets to this show are also still available). WWW.BALTIMOREGAYLIFE.COM

Her new album, MDNA, will be released on March 26. A digital or physical copy of the album will be available to United States’ residents who purchase tickets online. ■

MADONNA 2012 WORLD TOUR September 23 & 24 • 8pm • $71 – $1,104 Verizon Center • 601 F St. NW • Washington, DC 1.800.745.3000 • • VOLUME 34, NUMBER 4 • PAGE 13

headlinenews NATIONAL






A DOMA Ruled Unconstitutional After s slew of state legislators voted in favor of legalizing same sex marriage, a judge has declared the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) unconstitutional. The Los Angeles Times reports that on Feb. 22, U.S. District Court Judge, Jeffrey S. White of San Francisco ordered the federal government to ignore the statute and provide health benefits to the wife of a lesbian federal court employee. Prior to White’s ruling, DOMA prohibited the extension of federal benefits to same-sex spouses. In his 43-page ruling, White wrote that “tradition alone” doesn’t justify legislation that targets a vulnerable social group. Karen Golinski, an attorney for the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, sued after her wife, Amy Cunninghis, was repeatedly denied coverage in a health benefits program offered to spouses of employees. White wrote that “DOMA, as applied to Ms. Golinski, violates her right to equal protection of the law … without substantial justification or rational basis.” This ruling is the first of its kind since the Obama administration announced last year that it will no longer defend a law considered to be discriminatory and reflective of a long history of denying equal rights to gays and lesbians.

B NJ Gov. to Veto Marriage Equality Bill Both branches of the New Jersey State Legislature passed a bill legalizing same-sex marriage, but the state is unlikely to become the eighth state in the country to approve it. Republican Gov. Chris Christie has vowed to veto the bill, and while Democrats control both houses of the legislature, it is unlikely that they will have the two-thirds majority needed to override the governor’s veto. According to The Star-Ledger, in 2006, New Jersey’s high court ruled that same-sex couples must be guaranteed the same rights as heterosexual married couples but left it up to the legislature to write the law. The legislature approved a civil unions law for same-sex couples later that year. The Star-Ledger reports that a new lawsuit challenging New Jersey’s civil union law, is pending.

Supports Benefits for C DOJ LGBT Veterans’ Spouses The Department of Justice will no longer defend a federal statute that denies spousal benefits to veterans in legal same-sex marriages. On Feb. 20, Attorney General Eric Holder announced in a letter to Congress that Title 38 of the United States Code—which defines “spouse” as a person of the opposite sex and therefore precludes the Depart-

PAGE 14 • MARCH 2 – MARCH 15, 2012

ment of Veterans Affairs from recognizing the legal marriages of same-sex couples— “contains no rationale for providing veterans’ benefits to opposite-sex couples of veterans but not to legally married same-sex spouses of veterans.” Earlier this month, the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) and co-counsel Wilmer Hale filed a lawsuit on behalf of Tracey Cooper-Harris, an Army veteran who served in both the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, and her wife Maggie Cooper-Harris, challenging the legality of Title 38. “We are pleased the Department of Justice has recognized that there is no justification for this statute, which treats gay and lesbian veterans and their families as second-class citizens,” said Christine P. Sun, deputy legal director for the SPLC in a press release. “This is welcome news for veterans who simply want equal treatment under the law.”

Says Gays, Lesbians D Santorum with Kids are Families After an interview with Michigan’s WKAR’s Off the Record, Santorum was asked by reporter Kyle Melinn if gay or lesbian couples with children constitute a family. Santorum replied “Yes, of course it’s a family.” When pressed further about his opinions on federal support for LGBT familial rights, he declined to answer, saying “I think I’ve answered that question probably more than any other candidate. The preoccupation with these questions with me can be a little trying after a while.” To see the exchange, visit:

E Gay Man Elected to Oklahoma Senate Oklahoma has its first openly gay state senator. NewsOk reports that in a special election on Feb. 21, Democrat Al McAffrey soundly defeated his Republican opponent by 66 percent of the vote. McAffrey, who will now represent District 46, served in the Oklahoma House of Representatives in 2006 until 2010. According to The Dallas Voice, during his time in office, he was a leader on legislation supporting senior citizens, education issues, access to affordable health care. According to his website, the father of three has also been a “tireless advocate and supporter” of HIV/AIDS awareness. After the victory, McAffrey sent a message to supporters via his official Facebook page. “Tonight, the people of Senate District 46 have put their faith in me to represent them in our state legislature,” he wrote. “I do not take their faith in me lightly or for granted. I am committed to fighting for the values that define our district: fairness, equality and moving Oklahoma forward.”



Association Anti-Homophobia Plan A Football is Welcome but Vague

“This is incredible news for Sweden. It means that anyone will be able to have their true identity recognized without having to be sterilized,” said Ulrika Westerlund, President of the Swedish Federation for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Rights. “It’s crucial that the new law comes into place as soon as possible.” The announcement comes after several years of mobilization in Sweden and a massive international outcry coordinated by in January. “Swedish activists have worked for years to lay the foundation for this victory and I am so proud that AllOut. org could build the international momentum that finally pushed Prime Minister Reinfeldt and party leaders to end this cruel practice,” says Andre Banks, executive director of the organization. “It’s a victory for Sweden, but it is also decisive for Europe. members across the continent will continue to push online and in Parliament until each of these appalling laws are thrown out with the trash.” is a global alliance of over 850,000 LGBT people and their allies.

The Football Association (FA) — the governing body of football in England — is committed to tackling homophobia and widening LGBT representation in the sport. In a statement on, the organization has adopted a new strategy: Opening Doors and Joining In, which is promoting the inclusion in football of LGBT people. The FA has pledged to: • Promote a positive, inclusive image and reputation for the game, its participants and supporters. • Work with LGBT community and football stakeholders to identify boundaries to LGBT participation and work collaboratively and collectively to address them. • Preserve player and participant welfare. • Support professional clubs and our County FA network in developing good practice around LGBT inclusion and engagement. • Amend the Laws of the Game to outlaw homophobic, biophobic, and transphobic language and behavior • Encourage and support current and future generations of participants from all communities to join the football family, whether as players, match officials, supporters, coaches, or administrators/volunteers. Not all are entirely convinced that the pledge is enough. Human rights campaigner Peter Tatchell—who has campaigned against football homophobia for the last two decades, and is also a member of the Football Association’s anti-homophobia working party—calls the effort “commendable,” but says lacks specific, concrete proposals. “To set the agenda and reach the fans, the Football Association should be pressing clubs to include anti-homophobia messages on tickets, in match programs and on stadium screens at half-time,” he said in a press release. “This would ensure the FA’s new initiative gets high-profile visibility and impacts public consciousness.” He is also concerned that the FA and individual clubs still have no plans in place to support a player who comes out as gay or bisexual.

Islamic States Blast Gays for “Abnormal Sexual Behaviour” The United Nation’s Islamic block sparked outrage after telling the UN’s top rights body that its 56 member states would ignore a scheduled UN rights panel on anti-gay violence, saying they were “disturbed” at the “attempted focus on certain persons” on the grounds of their “abnormal sexual behavior,” which “have nothing to do with fundamental human rights.” The Islamic announcement has been obtained by the Geneva-based human rights group UN Watch and posted on its website, The announcement is provoking angry reactions from human rights activists. “Human rights are universal and there is no religious exemption for barbaric violence against innocent human beings anywhere,” said Hillel Neuer, UN Watch director. Neuer also called on Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to condemn the “scandalous assault on the right of gays not to be put to death in countries like Iran, Mauritania, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, and Yemen.”

President’s Backers Call B Venezuelan Opposition Leader a “Gay Jew” The Daily Mail is reporting that allies of Venezuelan President, Hugo Chavez, have started a smear campaign against the country’s new opposition leader — by questioning his sexuality and mocking his Jewish roots. Henrique Capriles, decisively won the Democratic Unity primary election Feb. 12, and will face off against Chavez on Oct. 7. The most vicious attacks reportedly have come from state media commentator Mario Silva, who often targets Chavez’s foes on his late night TV show, The Razorblade. According to the Daily Mail, while Silva was on-air, he read a purported police document reporting Capriles was caught in a car having sex with another man in 2000. In another incident, a cartoon, that was retweeted by a senior Chavez aide, showed Capriles in pink shorts with a Swastika on his arm, squaring up to a much larger, muscular Chavez. Capriles’ grandparents are Holocaust survivors. In response to the attacks, Daily Mail reports that the 39-year-old state governor said he “wasn’t elected to fight with anyone but to solve problems.” He went on to say that “the only confrontation I want is against violence, unemployment, corruption, and other problems in Venezuela.”


Sweden Poised to End Forced Sterilization of Transgendered People




On Feb. 18, the Conservative Christian Democrats—members of the governing coalition in Sweden and the primary obstacle to ending the policy of forced sterilizations—publicly declared the reversal of their position. “It’s time to abolish the requirement for sterilization at sex change,” leaders of the Christian Democrats wrote in an opinion piece published today in the Swedish press. At present, the law forces transgender persons to undergo sterilization before legally changing their gender, rendering a person permanently infertile. WWW.BALTIMOREGAYLIFE.COM




arch is Women’s History Month, a time to reflect upon and honor women. Do you have role models

and “sheroes” in the LGBTQ community? Sheroes are the She Heroes in your life, in


the state, in our nation, and in the world.


2nd-term Maryland Delegate 43 African American Lesbian


PAGE 16 • MARCH 2 – MARCH 15, 2012

“It is still kind of strange to hear the ‘shero’ word applied to me. I try to just be myself, work hard and try never to deny who I am. I think this encourages others to be encouraged to be who they are. I have not consciously patterned my life after any one person. I respect my parents who raised six kids and instilled in me a sense of responsibility and always encouraged everything we wanted to do, encouraged us to be involved, intellectually curious and to develop our own personal accomplishments. It may sound corny, but I want to make the world a better place and be seen as a person who values other people. I just want to make things better, do no harm, if I cannot improve the situation. Because I am African American, a lesbian, and a woman, I have a different take on the world, but I am always all three. The rights of one group are not preferred over another. I cannot see the world through the lens of one group, need a multiple lens, nothing is clear cut. If all communities and progressives could always work together, we would be the majority and could change the world. I look forward for all working together. The more we LGBT can also identify with other issues than LGBT, the sooner this will be possible. For example, I want to be married, but I should also be interested in other issues, such as, health care for children, and comparable wages.”

We conducted a telephone and email survey of members of our Baltimore community to tally information on what characteristics were considered necessary to be a shero, who are the commonly named sheroes by our community, and what words of wisdom can our sheroes give us. Here are the results: CHARACTERISTICS OF SHEROES Kind, confident, sincere, has integrity, fair, cou-


Old Catholic Priest Creating Change 2012 Co-Chair Baltimore Black Pride Vice Chair Afro Latina Lesbian

“I believe people see me working for a better community....really trying to help people. That has been my passion for most of my life, and it translates in my vocation and my secular work. My goal in life is to be a peacemaker, working for peace within and in community. I have been called to this work by Spirit. Spirit took a little Black Panamanian girl from Queens and told her to spread the Good News: that the love of the Holy Spirit is for all living beings and that Spirit resides inside all that lives! I am very clear that it is by the grace and mercy of the Holy Spirit that I am what I am. I give thanks to that Spirit and to the spirits of my parents, god parents, and grandparents, all my ancestors of the light who pray for me daily and guide me in this work for peace!”

rageous, intelligent, values others, strong-willed, respectful of all people, dependable, “walks the walk,” dedicated, passionate, committed to people, pursues field of study or career, and makes a change in society. MAIN NATURE OF A SHERO An independent thinker no matter what the norm or power, true to herself, and stands up to advocate for truth, equality, and the rights of others.

JENNA FISCHETTI Founder GLCCB Group Facilitator Caucasian Transgender Woman “I have been a facilitator of the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Community Center of Baltimore and Central Maryland’s (GLCCB) Gender Identity Group since 2006. It is a peer-led group for gender nonconforming persons. I have been sober for six years. In both areas of my life, it was necessary for me to seek integrity. For me, the moment I integrate the inner and the outer, I produce integrity. The processes for sobriety and for gender authenticity require that I take the actions (outer) so that I may live the truth (inner). Moreover, I am humbled when I am approached by peers and those outside the select recovery or transgender communities who use words like “courageous,” “inspiring,” “brave.” I suspect I never gave those words a second thought before. It is because the words they use describe actions I took based on my faith in God, in my Creator. Simply put, it was because of a Power far greater than I. The men and women in my life who were overtaken by societal expectations of their gender, forced to deny their own truth, helped me by allowing me to be of service to them. It is most assuredly in giving that I have received. If anyone ever believes I’m a shero, it is because they see the actions of countless others helping me along the Way.  Our bodies, our minds, our gender are the diversities we utilize to touch and help each other. My experiences help you, and your experiences help me. The end game is to awaken the Spirit in all of us to practice love and tolerance of others.”


COMMONLY IDENTIFIED SHEROES Mother, grandmother, aunt, teacher, nun, lawyer, activist, writer, mentor, friend and both nationally and internationally known women. Some respondents named many sheroes, whereas several individuals had no role models, either because they felt they were beyond the age of need or that all potential role models were imperfect and, therefore, not worthy of being selected.


Youth of the Rainbow Co-Founder African American Lesbian “It is my goal to always conduct myself according to the way I was reared. In our family we believe that it takes a village to raise a child, and, just because many of my loved ones have moved on from this life, I have and will never forget the many lessons that make me so much of who I am. I did not pattern myself after one person. However, I have many family members, as well my love for history, and I believe that from my history there are many great examples to use in order to help guide me when making many decisions in my life. Many people paid a very high price in order for me to have the freedoms that I enjoy and I owe them the respect of living better.  If we are not helpers of one another then why are we here? My relationship with God as well as my family being around, so many of them give me reason to continue to strive to change the world, for the better. I want my children to be able to choose to be whatever they want without having to answer ‘why’ to everyone they meet.  I want to see Youth of the Rainbow grow to be an organization whose goal is to assist our LGBTQ teens in social interactions without the negative.  Together we can make the unexpected, unrealistic, and meaningful differences.” 


Another common thread in selecting sheroes was based upon their courage to announce their gender identity or sexual orientation. As one respondent said so beautifully: “All trans women who are out and active are my sheroes. A hero to me stands up for the downtrodden, even in the face of their own hardship. In this misogynistic world, it takes a lot of fortitude to be a trans woman, and to be proud of it and endure the hatred that some people show us.”


Youth of the Rainbow Co-Founder African American Lesbian “I believe others see me as a ‘shero’ because I’m a natural born leader. I am strong-willed, confident and self-assured. I’m giving and health conscious. I believe in the Bible. There is no one I have patterned myself after. My philosophy is to do it the best that I can the first time, so I don’t have to do it a second time. There are two driving forces for me: The first and foremost is my relationship with God; the second is Melissa, my partner. I want to be a microbiologist, M.D., PHD and work in a laboratory. I am not a people person. I like to work in the background; am interested in fighting germs, viruses, and improving the environment for people. Now we are preparing young people to become responsible, preparing them for jobs when they come along. We work with other companies to set the Youth of the Rainbow up with job training, resume building, and flea market workshops.”

FAMOUS SHEROES Rachel Maddow, a lesbian, and Lady Gaga, an intersex woman, were examples of women who told the public who they are. Rachel Maddow is a high profile news commentator and author who never has hidden her sexuality or tried to act less intelligent than she is. Lady GaGa was identified as a singer and performer who publically expresses who she is and what she does. She doesn’t care what people think of her


Maryland Delegate District 43 since 1992 Caucasian Lesbian “It pleases me that I am considered a role model. I am deeply touched that people have suggested that I am a shero. Both as a teacher in public schools and a legislator I have tried to be someone who will listen and be honest. I have tried to have integrity and be a person who doesn’t compromise my principles. I patterned myself after my two mothers. My biological mother, passed away from cancer, was one of the few women who was a professional when others did not work outside the home. She taught me to respect diversity, race, culture; she never cheated anyone, and was a very kind person. From my adopted mother, I inherited my desire to be a social justice activist; I think from both mothers I developed an interest in government and politics. I am going to have a significant birthday this year. It has made me reflect upon the journey my life has taken, personally, professionally, and spiritually. Today I am at peace with myself and am looking forward to new beginnings with the woman I love. What could be better than to pass Marriage Equality in the legislature and begin my life with Diane Stollenwerk? The answer is ‘nothing.’”

because she knows what she wants to be and what she wants in life. LOCAL SHEROES We interviewed seven women and their words of wisdom and insight into their lives are presented. Detailed biographies can be found online. ■


GLCCB’s First President African American Lesbian “I suppose I’ve been identified as a role model and leader because of my having leadership qualities to lead the GLBT community in the early days of the movement during the 1970s. I wanted the gay community to have a strong foundation and that was letting the community at large know that we were there and that we demanded rights as everyone else. There were three women in my life who were my role models: my mother, grandmother, and maternal aunt. These three African-American women taught me that I could accomplish anything I tried. They commanded respect and were intelligent and hardworking women. My philosophy is basically to harm no one and I am driven by a desire to right wrongs and to ensure that those who are disenfranchised have their say. I’m currently retired after 40-plus years of work. Now I’m writing the book about the movement which I have wanted to do for a very long time. I would like to tell these girls and women to keep fighting, keep at it, no matter what happens, no matter what they come up against. Never take ‘no’ for an answer.”

page e h t Turn a events e for ar g women in honor VOLUME 34, NUMBER 4 • PAGE 17



This year’s Women’s History Month theme, established by the National Women’s History Project (NWHP), is “Women’s Education—Women’s Empowerment.” Learn more at Throughout Women’s History Month, there are ample opportunities to meet and learn about women being honored for their achievements and contributions to our society.

MARYLAND WOMEN’S HALL OF FAME INDUCTION CEREMONY WEDNESDAY, MARCH 7  5:30PM  FREE Since 1985, the Maryland Commission for Women and the Women Legislators of Maryland annually honor Maryland women by inducting them into the Maryland Women’s Hall of Fame, housed at the Maryland Women’s Heritage Center. The Women’s Heritage Center is the first comprehensive state-based center and museum of its kind in the nation. Its mission is to preserve the past, understand the present, and shape the future by recognizing, respecting, and transmitting the experiences and contributions of Maryland women and girls of diverse backgrounds and regions. Six women will be inducted into the 2012 Maryland Hall of Fame:  Dr. Maureen Black, Ph.D. Pediatric Psychology, Anne Arundel County

 Margaret Dunkle Title IX, Athletics & Women’s Educational Equity, Calvert County


Maryland Women in Science Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM)


WOMEN’S HISTORY CONFERENCE Celebrating the Past­— Improving the Future SUNDAY, MARCH 18  1 – 5:30PM  $25 –35

Join the celebration and enjoy guest speakers, performers, and lite fare. Event features Kate Campbell-Stevenson as Rachel Carson and Dr. Bernice Sandler, the Mother of Title IX. Maryland Women’s Heritage Center 39 W. Lexington St.

 Honorable Diana Gribbon Motz United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit, Baltimore City

 Dr. Alice Manicur Higher Education Administration, Allegany County

 Treasurer Nancy Kopp Government and Finance, Montgomery County

 Gwendolyn Rooks Educator/Community Advocate for Children & Families, Baltimore City

President’s Conference Room East I and II Miller Senate Office Building 11 Bladen St. • Annapolis Reception to follow at the Government House, $35

WOMEN: BACK TO THE FUTURE MONDAY, MARCH 12  5:45–8:15PM  $25 Girl Scouts of Central Maryland, Maryland Women’s Heritage Center, Junior League of Baltimore, and Hadassah of Greater Baltimore celebrate 100 years of Women’s Leadership in Baltimore through an amazing one-woman show by performer Kate Campbell-Stevenson. Girl Scouts Urban Program & STEM Center 4806 Seton Dr. • RSVP: Youth admission is two non-perishable food items

Find many more events at Attend these events and begin or continue to make a difference in the future of women of all races, religions, sexual orientation, age, and abilities. Help create a better world. PAGE 18 • MARCH 2 – MARCH 15, 2012


firstperson OP ED

Artwork by Jacki Randall

In Germany They First Came for the Communists BY THINKING DYKE As gay marriage looms over Maryland and we’re all enjoying a fool’s paradise of imagined assimilation and social equality, a disastrous bill that destroyed our rights has already been signed INTO LAW the LAST day of 2011. The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) is a law—abhorred by humanitarian groups such as Human Rights Watch and civil liberty organizations such as the ACLU—that strips Americans of the most basic Constitutional rights in the name of national defense. In 1789, the 1st United States Congress drafted the oath to fulfill the constitutional requirement: “I [name] do solemnly swear that I will execute the office of the President of the United States faithfully, and will to the best of my ability PRESERVE, PROTECT, and DEFEND the CONSTITUTION of the United States.” This


is the FIRST THING a president says to be sworn in. Yet President Barak Obama signed the NDAA into law on December 31, 2012. Two four star generals, Charles C. Krulak and Joseph P. Hoar, had Op-Ed pieces appear in the New York Times on December 12, showcasing the law’s treasonous provisions: “One provision would authorize the military to INDEFINITELY DETAIN WITHOUT CHARGE people SUSPECTED of involvement with terrorism, including United States citizens apprehended on American soil. Due process would be a thing of the past.” Excerpts from TenthAmendmentCenter. com also highlight a few of the most radical provisions:


PAGE 20 • MARCH 2 – MARCH 15, 2012



Saturday, March 3 Baltimore Frontrunners: Running/walking club for LGBT individuals and friends. Assemble 8:45am, run 9am. Reassemble for brunch 10am. Panera Bread, 3600 Boston St., Shadows, and Homo Will Not Inherit: This show explores essences of masculinity/manhood through shadows of yesterday, today, and tomorrow and a viewing of dance theater work, “Homo Will Not Inherit.” $10-20. 8pm. Thru 3/4. Theatre Project, 45 W. Preston St., Mardi Gras Dinner & Dancing with Junkyard Saints: Who says you need to be in New Orleans for the Mardi Gras experience? Proceeds benefit blind individuals and glaucoma screenings. $125. 7-11pm. Sheraton, 903 Dulaney Valley Rd., Tim Meadows: The SNL alum performs live. $20-27. 7 & 9:15pm. Thru 3/4. Baltimore Comedy Factory at Power Plant Live!, 6 Market Pl.,

Mary Chapin Carpenter


Rain Pryor


Women of the World For at least one weekend, Women of the World (WOW) aims to do something about the underrepresentation of women. WOW-Baltimore is part of a global movement of WOW. Festivals, launched last year in London, and features talks, debates, music, film, comedy, and conversations celebrating the talents of women and girls from all walks of life. The first-ever event of its kind in Baltimore is dedicated specifically to the needs and interests of local women and girls with speakers, panels, mentoring, and performances from Mary Chapin Carpenter, Rain Pryor, NPR’s The Kitchen Sisters, Lea Gilmore, and many more. Check the full schedule online. While WOW is only one weekend, Baltimore celebrates women everyday: the BSO’s Marin Alsop is one of the country’s few female symphony conductors; Rain Pryor—actress, comedian, and the daughter of Richard Pryor—is the new artistic director of the women-focused Strand Theater on Charles Street; and dozens of local women-focused events can be found on


March 2-4 • Beginning at 10am • Prices vary The Meyerhoff • 1212 Cathedral St.

Sunday, March 4 Antique Bottle Show: The 32nd Annual Baltimore Antique Bottle Show is the largest one-day bottle show in the world with over 300 tables, educational displays and appraisals. $3. 8am-3pm. CCBC-Essex, 7201 Rossville Blvd.,

der, and human rights. 9:30am. Morgan State University, 1700 E. Cold Spring Ln., National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day: Recognize the impact of the HIV epidemic on women and girls by encouraging women to get tested, know their status and protect themselves, and honor women living with HIV. U.S. Positive Women’s Network (PWN), Filming Baltimore’s LGBT History: As the GLCCB celebrates 35 years, we are embarking on a history project to document and archive Baltimore’s LGBT stories. If you’d like to become a part of videotaping these stories come to the GLCCB to participate in our camera training session. If you have camera and/or interview experience you also are welcome to come and learn about the project. FREE. 1pm. GLCCB, 241 W. Chase St. Contact Marlene to RSVP: Team DC Fashion Show and Model Search: The search is on for this year’s hottest model! Vote online for your favorites, then watch them strut their stuff. Clothes worn by the models will be auctioned to help support the work of Team DC. $10. 7pm. Town Danceboutique, 2009 8th Street NW, Washington, DC, The Chick Files: Local playwright Sharon Goldner reads her play, discussion to follow. FREE. Reading 7pm. The Strand Theater, 1823 N. Charles St., 443.874.4917,

Tuesday, March 13

Expressions–Family Edition: Celebrate all things creative while supporting the Baltimore School for the Arts. Enjoy family-friendly performances. $10-15. 2 & 5:30pm. Second day of performances on 3/11. Baltimore School for the Arts, 712 Cathedral St.,

Night OUT: Into the Woods: The last Tuesday before opening night, Centerstage hosts an evening of theater an cocktails, specifically designed for the LGBTQA community. Tonight’s event features a preview of Steven Sondheim’s retelling of Grimm’s classics. $10-45. 6:30pm. Centerstage, 700 N. Calvert St.,

Tuesday, March 6

Howard County PFLAG Monthly Meeting: Support group and Q&A for parents of LGBT children. FREE. 7:30pm. Owen Brown Interfaith Center, 7246 Cradlerock Way, Columbia,

Rebels With A Cause: Religious Leadership & Gender: Reverend Jane Saphr and Imam Daayiee Abdullah address issues of gender, gender exclusivity, and equal marriage within Protestant and Muslim religious traditions. FREE. 3:30-5pm. Towson University, University Union, Chesapeake 1,

Wednesday, March 7 BINGO! Come for happy hour, stay for Bingo. Cash prizes and progressive jackpot. Enjoy drink specials, appetizers, and raffles all night. Hosted by Roger Dimick. Proceeds benefit GLCCB. 8:30pm. Club Hippo, 1 W. Eager St., 410.547.0069, Transgender Issues Working Group: Meets every other Wednesday. Registration required. FREE. 7pm. Equality Maryland, 1201 S. Sharp St., Owen@

Thursday, March 8 The Australian BEE GEES Show: Capturing the look, sound, and personality that defines one of the most adored and successful acts in musical history. $35. 8pm. Rams Head On Stage, 33 West St., Annapolis,

Rainbow Youth Alliance of Howard County: A support group for LGBTQ teens and allies. RYA is a safe place to ask questions, find mutual support, and learn information pertinent to their lives. Owen Brown Interfaith Center, 7246 Cradlerock Way, Columbia, 410.280.9047,, Rainbow Youth Alliance of Baltimore County: A support group for LGBTQ teens and allies. RYA is a safe place to ask questions, find mutual support, and learn information pertinent to their lives. FREE. 7:30-9:30pm. Towson Unitarian Universalist Church, 1710 Dulaney Valley Rd. Lutherville,,

Wednesday, March 14 BINGO! Come for happy hour, stay for Bingo. Cash prizes and progressive jackpot. Enjoy drink specials, appetizers, and raffles all night. Hosted by Roger Dimick. Proceeds benefit GLCCB. 8:30pm. Club Hippo, 1 W. Eager St., 410.547.0069,

Thursday, March 15


Free Training for Attorneys, Paralegals and Law Students: (See article p. 6) FREE. 5:30-8pm. GLCCB, 241 W. Chase St., 410.625.5428, lhopkins@

Mark Brennan Rosenberg: Gay author and comedian embarks on book tour to discuss “Eating My Feelings” and other writings on the LGBT community and alcohol and substance abuse. 5pm. The Book Escape, 805 Light St. 410.504.1902,

Friday, March 2

Friday, March 9

Friday, March 16

Jason Kissel: A program of classical music, along with selections of a lighter mood that is sure to delight the senses, both aurally and visually. Reception to follow. $5-15. 8pm. First & Franklin Street Presbyterian Church, 210 W. Madison St.,

Erin Markey, Rahne Alexander, Kristen Anchor & The Degenerettes: Stand-out star of the Charm City Kitty Club, Erin Markey brings her signature mix of musical theater, performance art, and wacky sense of humor to the stage with special guest Mink Stole. $10-15. 8pm. Creative Alliance at the Patterson, 3134 Eastern Ave.,

School 33 Art Center’s Juried Exhibition: Opening reception for an exhibition curated by Michelle Wilkinson, curator at the Reginald F. Lewis Museum of Maryland African American History and Culture. FREE. Exhibit runs Thru 5/26. School 33 Art Center, Main Gallery, 1427 Light St.,

Paparazzi: Eye In the Dark: Hollywood meets Nollywood in this award-winning romantic suspense-filled film by Nigerian director Bayo Akinfemi. $7-12. 7:30pm. Creative Alliance at the Patterson, 3134 Eastern Ave., Boyz II Men: The most commercially successful R&B group of all time is down on bended knee, making love to your auditory system for last 22 years. Rams Head Live, 20 Market Pl., Stoop Storytelling at the WOW Festival: Every person has a story, and the famed troupe will help you tell yours in this two-day workshop. FREE. 2-4pm. Thru 3/3. Meyerhoff Symphony Hall, 1212 Cathedral St., Textury, Beeswaxy Lovelies: Using a combination of melted beeswax, damar tree resin, color pigments and oil paints, and transferred photographic images artist Carol Aaron creates durable, dense, layered, and intriguing pieces of art. FREE. 5-9pm. Thru 3/25. Art Gallery of Fells Point, 1716 Thames St., WWW.BALTIMOREGAYLIFE.COM

Bare Bard Series: Maryland Shakespeare Festival presents four of the bard’s most famous shows. The Merchant of Venice, All’s Well That Ends Well, Much Ado About Nothing, and Julius Caesar rotate of the course of each weekend $1822. 8pm. Thru 4/1. All Saints Episcopal Church, 21 North Court St., Frederick, Adapting Cinderella: Cultural retellings of the famous tale include a young man struggling with his cultural identity. 8pm. Thru 3/25. $8-12. LOF/t, 120 W. North Ave.,

4th Annual EcoBall: The most ambitious culinary students showcase their emerging talents in a Top Chef -style competition using locally grown and produced ingredients. $32-75. 7pm. Frederick Douglass Isaac-Myers Maritime Park and Museum, 1417 Thames St., Gay Men’s Chorus: The Rocky Horror Show: (See article p. 11) Lisner Auditorium, 730 21st Street NW, Washington, DC,

Saturday, March 10

Wine Tasting: Get your weekend started off right with complimentary tastings of wines from around the world. Discounts on bottles included in tastings. FREE. 5-8pm. Fridays. Spirits of Mt Vernon, 900 N. Charles St., 410.727.7270,

Academic Symposium: Sexuality, Gender & Human Rights: The Women’s and Gender Studies Program at MSU, in conjunction with BMore Proud, invites scholars and students to an academic symposium exploring intersections of sexuality, gen-

Eclipse! at Club Orpheus: Dance to a mesmerizing light show with video projectors, lasers and strobes. 9pm every Friday. 18+. Club Orpheus, 1003 E. Pratt St., VOLUME 34, NUMBER 4 • PAGE 21


afterhours BSCENE




I still find that religion matters, but social contact matters as well. Young people are still most likely to support it. You see more and more stories in the news that the personal nature of the issues is influencing support.


I think there will be a few more states. There are some states in the south that we’re not going to see a ton of movement on the issue. It’s going to come


down to which side is better able to mobilize people to get to the polls and vote.


The first one looks at the influence of marital status and your views on the purpose of marriage, like attitudes towards LGBT families, gay marriage, defending marriage as the unity of one man and one woman. I find that it’s important to look at religious factors. It’s interesting to consider the different views of marital status. Is it all about bearing and raising children? The second study focuses on the differences in support of same sex marriage across different generations. ■

Visit to download “New Voters, New Outlook? Predispositions, Social Networks, and the Changing Politics of Gay Civil Rights” and “Moral politicking: Public attitudes toward gay marriage in an election context.”

MUSIC Tim in my portrayal, but overall I think you will see a slightly softer, more feminine version from me.” Bennett, whose background includes performing in few national Broadway tours as well as a modern dance company in New York city, has been a member of the GMCW for the last two years. He’s very excited about the vivid stage productions the Chorus is preparing. “I am looking forward to audience reactions to ‘Sweet Transvestite’ and ‘Time Warp.’ We know that many in our audience will be familiar with all of the songs, so we hope that they will dance and sing along.” “I’m anxious to see the crowd react to the ‘Time Warp’,” echoed Cipolloni. “It’s a song and dance that everyone knows and the whole number is a lot of fun. So while we’ve tweaked the choreography a little, I can’t wait to see the audience get up and dance in the aisles with us.” Cipolloni, a seasoned choreographer from Baltimore, draws upon many artists for inspiration. “As a choreographer, I usually draw inspiration from Broadway choreographers like Bob Fosse or Michael Bennet or Jerome Robbins. Bob Fosse has been a huge inspiration for me. For this show [however] I began looking at a lot of contemporary music videos like Lady Gaga or even just dance music

PAGE 22 • MARCH 2 – MARCH 15, 2012

CONTINUED FROM PAGE 11 videos. I wanted the show to feel fresh. The show is a rock concert—Broadway dance moves just didn’t feel right.” Cipollini continues on to describe that this production will have all the staples of the original Rocky Horror Show, but acknowledges that this production takes things into a different direction. “I envisioned a different version of Rocky Horror—one that is slick and metallic, with rock concert lighting and video, filled with very sexy but dark and dangerous people—like the underground club scene of the late 1980s perhaps. I also wanted the show to feel fresh, in some way. The show was originally written back in 1973 so what was once shocking and dangerous is now old news. The idea of bisexuality or homosexuality—even drag or cross dressing—is no longer shocking. So I wanted to try and push the envelope on that level as well.” This is the third performance of the GMCW’s 31st concert season. The Chorus, which champions for gay equality, always delights audiences with their charisma, charm, and warmth. “In the end,” Cippolini explained, “the main message from the show that we want to celebrate is: ‘Don’t dream it—Be it.’ That’s what we want people to take away from the show.” ■


firstperson OP ED


WHEREAS, United States Senator Lindsey Graham declared in colloquy on the floor of the United States Senate that the United States homeland is now part of “the battlefield;” WHEREAS, Policing the United States of America by the Armed Forces of the United States, as purportedly authorized by the 2012 NDAA, overturns the Posse Comitatus doctrine [intended to limit governments’ and law enforcement agencies’ use of federal military] and is repugnant to a free society; WHEREAS, Sections 1021 and 1022 of the 2012 NDAA as they purport to authorize, 1) detainment of persons captured within the United States of America without charge or trial, 2) military tribunals for persons captured within the United States of America, and 3) the transfer of persons captured within the United States of America to foreign jurisdictions, are violative of the following rights enshrined in the Constitution of the United States of America: • Article I Section 9, Clause 2’s right to seek Writ of Habeas Corpus; • The First Amendment’s right to petition the Government for a redress of grievances;

• The Fourth Amendment’s right to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures; • The Fifth Amendment’s right to be free from deprivation of life, liberty, or property, without Due Process of law; • The Sixth Amendment’s right in criminal prosecutions to enjoy a speedy trial by an impartial jury in the State and District where the crime shall have been committed; • The Sixth Amendment’s right to be informed of the nature and cause of the accusation; • The Eighth Amendment’s right to be free from excessive bail and fines, and cruel and unusual punishment; Like him or not, the only presidential candidate opposing the NDAA, and running to restore our Constitution is Ron Paul. While you may not agree with his politics, he’ll leave personal choices as matters to be decided by INDIVIDUAL STATES, NOT the Federal Government. The ugly truth IS: Until we restore the Constitution, we don’t HAVE the rights OR a country to argue the rest of these matters! ■

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In honor of Women's History Month, Baltimoreans name seven local lesbian and transgender "Sheroes." Also included are area events in March h...