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Please enjoy and your feed back is always welcome and will be published. Email: Special Thanks to the following: Editor: Karl “Monny or Trel” Wiley Writer and Contributors: Thea Goines (Writer) Antmo Jones (Writer) Nisha Nicholson-Kebe (Contributor)



I am so happy to officially release the first issue of Baltimore Exposed Magazine. This has been all the adjectives in the dictionary to describe and complete but it is finally done until the next. I hope everyone enjoys and can relate to some of the experiences of this issue and that we have contributed in some way to the betterment of Baltimore’s urban society. If I sat back and thought about the journey that lead up to this release it wouldn’t compare to anything else that I have been through in life. Agitated, Fun, heartwarming, courageous, amazed, thirsty, scared, nervous, and overwhelmed; none of that can describe the head space that I am in right now having completed a dream of mine that has brought so many new experiences in my life and hopefully more to come…

Photograhers: Niecy Jackson (Photos and Recruitment) Monny (Photos and Talk Lately Show)

November 14, 2010, see page 8 for more information...

BFW DAY 1 2010 Baltimore’s Fashion Week August 19

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Kendra Wright Remembered


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Contributions By: Karl “Monny” Wiley (Photos) and Thea Goines (Article)

Fashion 4

By: Thea Goines On August 27th I had the exciting opportunity to attend I Love 2B Fly - The First All Male Fashion Show held at The Sub Basement Artist Studio at The Atrium. The event premiered designs by Paco Rogiene. From the moment I walked in the door I knew this would be a night to remember and not necessarily for all of the best reasons. Here’s why: The Venue: Though The Atrium is a very beautiful and historic building located in downtown Baltimore, it is right on Howard Street which isn’t the safest of places to be after 6 pm. This is evident by the lack of open businesses in the area and total disregard for street lighting. It was also apparent that the Sub Basement was the basement of the building. It was hot, steamy, and there was only one elevator available to get in or out. Can we say safety hazard? The Artist Studio itself was perfect for the collection. A simple transport to a safer building with ventilation and more than one exit would have suit most of the attendees just fine. The Ambiance: A simple backdrop for the runway was appropriate. What was not? The absence of any type of refreshments for the paying guests. With ticket prices ranging from $15.00-$25.00 a sista’ could have gotten a sip of something. At least some water to quench my thirst after sweating from standing in line at a show that was already starting more than an hour late. Severe no…no. And who could miss all of the fliest individuals I have ever seen. This may have been a fashion show but the true fashion was amongst the guests where you could find everything from lime green, booty, hugging, corduroy shorts to poorly stretched white tank tops that left nothing to the imagination. One thing I will give kudos for; there wasn’t a bushy eyebrow in the place. You better work!! Continued on pg. 17


Joshua Greenwood

BFW 2010

DAY 1 August 19

Baltimore’s Fashion Week

Regina Smith 6



This photograph was taken the day Kendra Wright was laid to rest. In our hearts and memories she shall live in prosperity , At this moment over the trees at her final resting place the angels bless her friends and family‌



BFW 2010

August 21



Are You A


By: Antmo Jones

Have you ever had to put a Fake Dad in his place?

Then I go to my son to help him out of his equipment. The imposter stood right in between that, so I knew I had a choice to make. I simply walked over to my son, who’s stand-

I for one have had the pleasure of doing so and I must admit it was like eating a chocolate bunny on Easter morning. He had it coming!

Instead this piece of sh*t looks at me and says, “Naw, I GOT THIS”...

Last Spring I was at my son’s arena football game on a Saturday morning, this was his 3rd game of the season. The Lafayette Pipe Pistons were up against some very good competition that morning from Middle River. In attendance was my sons mother, her boyfriend, and their daughter; my son’s sister; they were watching the game from the bleachers. My son plays running back and at this particular time in the game he dropped the ball, a fumble as they say, and that’s when I hear “Fake Dad” yell, “C’mon Robert, I taught you better than that son”. From my perspective it was heard as if a sharp knife was stabbed in my eardrum, I mean, I heard it like a man begging for attention and my attention he had indeed achieved. Once the game ended the coaches gave all the kids and parents’ a pep talk about the game they had just lost. After the huddle broke the parents went to their kids and congratulated them on their performance. Let’s just say this was a momentous occasion for my child, this was the first time he’s played arena. My routine as usual was still the same, when the game is over I go straight to my son and say, “Good Job on the field”, I smack him on the bottom and slap his shoulder pads for encouragement. Noticing that dude was stepping out of his character, I had a decision to make I could walk straight up to this buffoon of a man and put him in his place or I could talk to my son’s mother for her have a say. I chose the latter since she was physically closer at the moment. So to my sons mother I say, “Deborah, you should put your man in his place and let him know his position when I am around”. She gave the dumbest look of confusion. She confessed she had no idea what I was talking about and why would I explain what was blatantly obvious. I was not going to explain to her what disrespect is, it was pointless. Her ignorance was the opportunity needed to handle this my own way; I smiled inside, for she gave me the precedence for my next action which was to kick his ass up and down the field.

ing facing me as I came closer and his Mother’s boyfriend, the fake-dad was knelt down trying to undue some snaps in an awk-

ward way. While holding back my utmost rawest tone I say, "It’s cool yo, I got it". The asshole does not stop nor stand up, no, instead this P.O.S. looks at me and says "Naw, I GOT IT". So I kneed him in his chest (remember he was knelt down to my son) and then looked down at him as he gathered back his balance off his hands and I very meaningfully said, "Didn't I f**king tell you I got it!”, he stood up and as he chose to walk behind me I turned around to him and said, "You need to learn your place before I have to put your ass in it". Let me be quite clear here when I say that there was no fist fighting going on this day but things did unravel, but there wasn’t a need for more physicality up to this point however the energy of it loomed around my posture and stance that I'm sure of.

pads over his head, and his equipment was off his sweaty little chest, when the Fake-Dad had gathered his thoughts and came back over to me but this time he was with my child's mother and her female friend and in an effort to be slick he says, "I know my place", I grind my teeth, and say, "oh yeah, where is that?", like a little bitch he says, "in his heart". It took me an entire 2 seconds of time to respond to this annoying nuisance and in those seconds I thought to myself, "I don't care if my son loves you, I don’t care if you are his favorite f**king pal, if anything it is nice to know my son has patience enough to not be disrespectful towards you being an adult who, to me, seems not to care a whole lot for or about him." So with that all being thought in my head, I was left simply to believe that the reason for him saying he has a place in my son's heart was simply to piss me off into a sort of fit of rage, it didn’t though. I chose a higher road and looked directly into his face and made sure he heard me clearly enough, I got into spitting range and said, "YOU ARE A F**KING BITCH, EVERYTIME I SEE YOU, YOU ACT MORE AND MORE LIKE A BITCH! Now get your bitch ass out of here before sh*t get complicated." Instinctively I turned my back to him as a show of blatant disrespect and basically dared him to follow up behind that. He never did.

Fake Dad


When the biological father is there, step aside and mind your pride like most substitute teachers do when the teacher returns to the class. You are a stand-in, remember that. Be happy you got the woman but you’re just looking after the child. As the “Fake Dad” you are great for mommy and sometimes even handy to have around for the children but don’t fool yourself into believing that the children reflect any of your being, they do not. QUESTIONS/COMMENTS/REBUTTALS are welcomed at:

After the confrontation, I continued to help my son remove his equipment, I unclasped his straps, pulled his jersey with the shoulder


Massanutten Review Harrison, VA If not for the ride, I would go to Massanutten Resort every weekend but with the ride having a 3 hour commute. I don’t think so. But for what its worth the place was magnificent, which is why they got me to buy in. As you can see from the pictures displayed there is nothing but beauty and the accommodations was nothing more than amazing. I don’t think I’ve ever experienced nor felt cleaner air. So now you will follow me as I describe my experience,,, Spectacular, not even that can explain what was seen, there were man made lakes filled with fish for your fishing eny joyment because it’s not for me. Also l l a Visu there is golf, again not for me. That is not my thing. But those who like to fish would love that part, this was for them. I got the official tour that was mandatory for my visit and it was only supposed to last 90 minutes which turned into 3 hours that was because my attendant gave such an exuberating tour, which is why they sold me on the property. In the winter, there is skiing and tubing that I very much looking forward to trying one day, that is the tubing part not skiing. Although it would take someone else driving back to the resort other than me I can’t wait to go back for the winter experience.


e r Pa r

Wat T h e best part of the trip to me was the Water Park which was absolutely wonderful and relaxing. The lazy river was very inspiring; especially before the long ride that was awaiting me in just a few hours. But I literally soaked it all in. Although it was cooler outside the temperature inside the building was just perfect for the water experience that I was about to undertake. There were game, eating and drinking establishments inside the humungous indoor park, so everything you need is a few steps away. You never have to leave the park for anything, and there are great operating hours too.


FUTURE: There are plans for property expansion that is already underway including another Water Park for adults only, a new shopping plaza so you will not have to interrupt your vacation for outside need. Also in the plans is to add more residential time-share property. All in all, I can’t wait to go back and utilize all the things that have yet been explored and they option that come with being an owner. I stayed in a 1 bedroom townhouse on the mountain side that sleeps 4 people. The room was excellent and very well maintained with a fireplace in the living room. Other amenities include semi full kitchen with countertop portable burners, microwave, and mini fridge and well stocked cabinets with all you need for dining. All you would have to do is stop by the local market and pick up your desired food and bring and store and cook it. Moving on, the view from the balcony was exquisite with a propane grill for my personal use. The bathroom was standard with double sink, shower, tub, and regular toilet with double entrances one from bedroom and the other from the living room.

I never got to experience any of the cuisine on the property but I did visit some of the Food local establishments, although not too different from our eating from home. I was very taken with one establishment in particular “The Waffle House” which I visited 2 times in the 2.5 day trip. The food was delicious and was consumed as if I never had a breakfast before

in my life. I love the grits the best. Other than there we ate at the Golden Corral. I know what you are thinking but out of any of the other restaurants this was the one of choice for the variety. All I was thinking was steak, steak, steak and all you can eat; you know I was stuffed after leaving there.



modat Accom

But I can’t forget the candy, during my tour with the sales person we stopped at the Water Park for my first visit there until Sunday, that part to come next. Inside the multi-million dollar indoor park there was a candy store that made chocolate treats and candy apples; the candy was to die for. I purchased some and took it back to the room and finish it that night. That would be another reason to go back, but again that drive, yeah I don’t know. Overall this experience is rated at 9 out of 10 BXM points.


e fi


In a relationship with Sheena, has 3 kids with 3 different babym mothers and 1 on the way and his current girlfriend doesn‟t know (yet).

Here‟s how the drama filled lives of 8 friends starts, with a birthday celebration at Pistols Bar & Lounge in Baltimore. A club you wouldn‟t know about unless you had or have a relationship with one of the friends. I will be your narrator for this part of the story, my name is “T”. So let‟s start with introductions:

Main Characters

Sheena - 27: Bank Manager, recovering sex addict, in a fresh relationship with Reef that has lasted 3 months thus far. Personality - head strong and very opinionated. Mark - 29: Former drug dealer and co-owner of Pistols, single. Ex-boyfriend of Sheena. He is the guy that everyone wants to be with but his only mission is to get Sheena back. Jake - 36: Closeted Bi-sexual and co-owner of Pistols, single (so we think). He is very much in the thug mentality. Kori - 33: Party girl and currently involved with a women. She is known as the King/ Queen of Pistols on any particular night, it depends on what she is wearing (but always fashionable). Quiana - 29: Hairstylist, single. She is ready to settle down but typically gets in her own way mentally, but she is desperate for it. Attitude problem, very stand offish, and gossips a lot. Reef - 30: Entrepreneur (yeah right loan shark).


Jersey - 28: Real Estate agent, Single, and Gay. He is a practicing sex addict but not promiscuous, he just likes a lot of sex and is a bottom. You like? And the story hasn't even started yet…


The End of the Beginning

We are starting from the end, but I will get to the beginning soon enough but I want to tell how I got involved in the drama. I was sitting at the bar in Pistols being distracted by the commotion that was coming for the VIP section and also being annoyed by someone sitting next to me. The commotion was to great so I moved never even letting the person that was talking to me know. I know I‟m rude, anyway the commotion is more important and from where I was sitting I couldn‟t hear. So what was I to do? Get closer of course, what‟s funny is that I pulled a chair from a neighboring table right up to the window of the VIP section right out of eye site. It was like watching a boxing match all I needed was some popcorn already had the drink. I know you want to know what happen so let‟s start from the beginning. 08/19:

You Woke The Beast

Sheena woke up to a mysteriously early phone call. It was mysterious because anybody that knows her knows she is not up at 7am. Sheena: Hello (in her irritated sleep voice) I know your kidding right? Mystery Person: Is this Sheena? S: First of all, Don‟t try me, you called my phone who the hell do you think it is, what do you want? M: You f**king smartass bitch.

S: M: S:


What? Anyway, I just wanted to give you some information about the dude you f**kin‟. Oh yeah? What you pregnant, bitch I gotta go… I am…

Sheena sat up and thought a little to herself before she made her next response: S:


When and how far along are you supposedly? 3 months or so…

Sheena realizing that this baby had to have been conceived while she was dealing with dude continued the conversation for another 15 minutes. It got quite boring with the details, but the mystery person never revealed her identify for some reason, that was weird. Let‟s continue though, next… 08/21:

Quiana Finds Out

At The Schmooze Salon where Quiana works and she is getting all the gossips she can take right now from non other than “Jersey”. Here we go and this comes out at the right location ironically speaking: Quiana: Give me what I want, Jersey? Jersey: Girl, you will never guess what I found out about your boy, Reef! I‟ve seen him outside of Pistols a couple times now with some girl other than your home girl “getting it in” in the car behind the bar. Q: I don't believe that, he wouldn‟t do that to her. J: Why the hell not, he did it to you. Oh! This has been going on since before he and Sheena got together. She been coming to the bar gettin‟ money and everything. Q: And you ain‟t say nothin‟?? J: Bitch, that‟s your friend, I don‟t f**k with her like that...I‟m telling you, you can tell her. Q: Oh I ain‟t gettin‟ in that sh*t either. J: Well alright then shut the hell up and let me finish…


The Tables Turned and Turned Again...

Meanwhile at Pistols, Mark and Jake are getting ready for a typical busy night at the club, but someone has something on their mind… Jake: Mark: J: M: J:

Mark…Mark…MARK!!! What? What the hell man? Where are you? Oh, I don‟t know, just thinking. More like daydreaming…

Then Reef comes running and stumbling in, he‟s bleeding from his foot and head, knocking over tables and chairs – HA HA HA, his foot wait to you read how this happened. M & J: J: Reef: M: J: R: J:

HEY! HEY! HEY! What the hell is wrong with you man? Man I got jumped… By who? (Sarcastically) A rake? Man, tell the truth – Sheena did this to you didn‟t she? How you know? Ask this guy... (as he points his thumb at Mark)

Pointing at Mark, who put his head down and chuckles, but also remembers those kind of intense fights he and Sheena shared… *Mark Daydreaming again* The way they used to fight, the rough and intense sex they would have… If you were on the outside looking in… You‟d think she should be calling out RA**… J: M:

Mark! (Jake interrupts his dream) What‟s up with you man? Here N****! (He gives Reef a towel from the bar) Get your bloody ass off my bar and go in the back and bleed…

Obviously there‟s clearly some animosity, it all stems from Mark though. Reef is kind of slow in that regard and doesn‟t realize that people can see right through him, so he just keeps lying. *in the kitchen* Reef is telling Mark and Jake how he came about his injuries. Reef:

I had just got to her house from out of town; I knew something was weird cause of the short answers she was giving me on the phone just an hour before. *He arrived at Sheena’s house.* R: Sheen! What it do? *Standing in Sheena’s kitchen* Sheena: Holdup here I come. *She came running out of the bedroom* R: Alright. S: Do you have something that you need to tell me? R: Huh? S: MFer you heard me (she starts to speak louder) Reef grabs her by the shoulders, then by the neck, penning her against the refrigerator. R: S:

What the f**k you talkin‟ „bout? Why are you touching me? *Mark and Jeff interject.* M & J: OOOOOOOH! M: Wrong move – please continue (while laughing) *Reef continued with what happened next.* S: OK, I will ask you again? Sheena lifted her red bottoms from the floor that seemed to have the sharpest heel ever and stab it in Reefs foot. Just thinking about it makes you want to turn your head and look away. It immediately started bleeding and Reef in so much pain let her neck go and she pushes him, he falls and hits his head on the island in the middle of the kitchen. S:

I repeat! Why the f**k are you touching me, bastard! *On the floor bleeding, she kicks Reef in the stomach…* S: You got some bitch pregnant, huh! R: Oh sh*t, you‟re gonna kill me… S: Get your ass out my house… Reef stumbles to his feet and limped out the house it was a miracle he didn‟t get into an accident or hurt someone the way he drove away. Medically he should have went to the hospital, but he ended at a bar. So now you know how Reef came to be a bloody fool… *That same night at Pistols* Jake was heading to the entrance to greet his special guest and so called “just” friend. Dude came in very confident and kissed Jake on the lips. Right after, Jake looked around to see if anyone saw, he sighed in relief thinking he was safe, but I saw… and I will tell you more soon… J:

*Anyway on the other side of the bar* Reef just finished telling Kori the story of his day… R: K:

Who are looking for? My girl she supposed to be meeting me here, we had a few words earlier too. But Sheena came in first and immediately to that table where Reef is sitting she goes. K: R: K:

Oh sh*t. What? Here comes Sheena.

Reef hops out his chair, still in pain, and limps away not being prepared for another encounter with Sheena or fight. K:

Damn, about time!

Kori‟s girlfriend arrives as she sits down next to Kori and gives her a kiss. Kori introduced Sheena to her girl until it got awkward. why, Sheena noticed her slight stomach bulge. K:

Sheena this is Monica, Monica this is Sheena. S & M: Hi! S: So how far along are you? Monica: Just turned 4 months. They all talked for a while, getting to know each other, then Jersey shows up. Jersey:

Hey y‟all?

Looking around the table at his friends he then notices the new person. Jersey: K: J:

Oh hell naw! What‟s up with you? Oh nothing.

Knowing that drama was getting ready to ensue he kept quiet all the while knowing this wasn‟t going to end pretty. *Quiana then enters* Q: Hey girls! ALL: HEY! Q: Who‟s this? K: This is my friend Monica. Q &M: Hi! *Whispering in Quiana’s ear says* Jersey: That‟s her. Q: Sh*t, you lyin‟ *They both giggled.* Q: Where‟s your man, Sheena? S: I don‟t know when I came in he got up and left. Jersey: I‟ll go find him.

Life - Baltimore based Written Drama Series

He continued by giving dates that he was suspiciously keeping track of already, I thought that was weird and creepy. They held there stomachs and laughed at Sheena‟s expense… I have to say I am laughing too just think about it now, cause Sheena‟s no innocent not by a long shot. *Same Day* So after the Mystery girl hangs up with Sheena and she feels a sense of accomplishment, she still has something to do, she has to tell her “friend” of the situation and this could get messy… *introducing Mystery Person 2* M: Bye Bitch! (as she hangs up with Sheena) *Phone rings* M: Hello, Hey babe. M: Ok, I will open it now! *Mystery girl unlocks the door* M2: Why are you not dressed yet? I still have to find something to wear tonight, how long you going to be? *Mystery person 2 is trying to find something to wear at the mall.* M: Calm down, I need to talk to you first. I‟m just going to come out and tell you this – I‟m pregnant! M2: What!!! I can‟t deal with this sh*t right now, I‟m out! *Mystery person 2 walks out and Myster girlis destroyed by it.*

Jersey leaves out of the VIP and goes to the bar. Reef, Mark, and Jake are at the bar when Jersey arrives. Reef is holding his head in his hands, wondering how he is going to get through this night. Continued on page 19.

I am glad you made it, but be cool, no one knows about me here… (so he thinks)





D.H. AKA DaHitWryter AKA Dionne Halsey

o R



Trel: Where did the name D.H. or DaHitWryter? D.H.: I took my initials from my government name, Dionne, my last name is Hallz. I spelled it on my Facebook but it is actually Spelled Halsey, but um I just kept it simple and decided to go with my initials, D.H. is my stage name and the DaHitWryter just describes me as a artist.

Trel: Who are your Role models? D.H.: I have 3 role models Tupac Shukur, Michael Jackson and Lauryn Hill and hopefully my career will be similar to theirs. Michael Jackson over all for what he did away from music and giving back. Tupac for his intelligence, Lauryn Hill for keeping it classy as a woman and staying true to herself and her beliefs, and making it all relate to real life. You know we don’t all live in the club everyday, we don’t drink and get high everyday; there are real issues out here that I plan on addressing. Trel: Do you feel like your on your way to completing all your goals or half way there? D.H.: I feel like the ball is finally starting to rolling and gaining more momentum and the snowball is getting bigger and bigger.

Trel: Do you think that it’s been slow or moving at the pace that you expected? D.H.: Its has been slow only because when I first started I wasn’t sure wha wanted to do, and the direction changed, but now at this points its su prising me cause I can do both, performing and the writing. Especia as quick as the love and attention I’m getting from finally doing the a ist thing, that surprised me.

Trel: Where do you see yourself in 2013, 2 years away? D.H.: Wow, 2 years away, I know more people are going to know about m I actually see myself venturing into more community work and startin to develop my other personal goals which are starting a foundation, g around speaking to people. Trel: What kind of speaking? D.H.: I actually want to start a foundation for the youth, specifically for people that suffer from depression and people that have committed suicide the people that they left like the families more outreach.

k c o

at I urally art-

me. ng go




Trel: So how long have you been writing and performing, you know some people say they have Been doing it all there lives but some people just come on the stage and they realize that their good at it? D.H.: It’s always been in me, I started off in the church choir. The first song I ever wrote was in church. Trel: How long ago was that? D.H.: I might have been, I was about 9 years old. Trel: That was pretty young. D.H.: That was, it was. I actually started rapping earlier than that about 7 years old. Trel: Where was the first place you performed? D.H.: Let’s see, the first place I ever performed music was at the Lincoln Theater in Washington DC for 500 people. Trel: D.H.:

That’s a nice crowd. Yes I know.

Trel: D.H.:

What was the first song you wrote? It would be a gospel song, I don’t remember the name but it was a gospel song.

Continued on page 19.


Paco Rogiene

Continued from pg. 5 The Collection: Now here’s where all the excitement and drama of the night tended to fizzle. The beginning of the show spotlighted some very comfortable and feminine hooded tops. I loved them!! They were well made, seemed to fit all of the male models very well, and looked quite comfy. I would have loved to wear one myself to go hang out with the girls or dress up with some pumps and nice jewelry. Notice how I said I. For an all male fashion show the line looked more for women than for men. I can’t even comment on the bottoms because I hated them. Whoever said parachute pants were back wasn’t referring to this crowd. The end of the show made me feel happy and shockingly uncomfortable all at once. I’m not sure if what I saw was swimwear or underwear. Either way, it looked like it would fit in a lot better at an S&M club than a runway show. This was a huge strikeout for me. Though the clothes didn’t really do it totally for me, the male models did. Regardless of their sexual preferences they were gorgeous. African American men of all shapes, sizes, and builds. Yummy!! They had short hair, long hair, locked hair, and straight hair. The eye candy was in the place. All I can is, Black Men Rock!!


DAY 4 August 22

Sharan Nixon Founder of BFW 2010





ryter Trel:

Trel: D.H.: Trel: D.H.:

Trel: D.H.:

OK, I know you grew up in Baltimore, but where? I am from West Baltimore, Ellamont! What inspired the song “Let’s Rock”? Let’s Rock was produced by my fellow label mate Kristin Price AKA Sugar Brown, she put on a beat and it’s like we started rocking. So then I wrote to it and then while we’re dancing around, I was like let’s RockRock-Rock- Rock, what!, in the moment just dancing off of it. What other songs do you have that inspire you to keep going, that gives you that feeling, like yeah I did this? There’s two, my single “I Get It”. You know what, there’s actually three, I going to give you three singles off my mix tape. “I Get It” which is my party song, but I am also saying that I am determined to make it, so I’m going to get it. “For You”, it’s a love song but reminds me and makes me think of my late grandmother. “Best Thing” a positive and motivating song, it talks about life and social issues that we are going through right now.

e f i L






What should do? Mark: Man, stop whining. Jake: Go ahead back, where about to come over there, stop being scared, you wuss. Jersey: Wassup guys, what’s goin’ on? Can I get a Hennessy & Cranberry? M: Can you take Reef back over there when you go? He’s a little uncomfortable. Jersey: Sure, Why you limping Reef? I


Still laughing inside and imagining why the limp, all the while knowing what was getting ready to happen as they approach the VIP room. *Here we go!!!* R: OH HELL NAW! Monica: Reef! R: What the hell are you doing here? K: You know each other? Quiana gets up from the table and joins Jersey by the door of the VIP room R: That’s my baby! K & S: WHAT??? Sheena as dramatic as ever flips the table out of the way, plates and glasses fly everywhere.

So those 3 songs I can’t wait to hear. Who do you want to write for? Who do you think would sound good performing something that you have? Beyonce, I definitely want to work with her. Usher, Missy Elliot, Jasmine Sullivan, Mary J. Blige, Mario, Trey Songz , Sisqo (Dru Hill) and Willow Smith. What type of venues do you like to perform in? All types actually. I like the venues that give you space that have huge crowd, outdoor, also smaller clubs that let you interact with the crowd where you can actually reach out and touch someone. What inspires you to write? What inspires you to take some from a Shake (dance) to you really understand through the lyrics? A lot of things inspire me to write a song, it could be a conversation between me and a best friend, about my life or theirs. I don’t put any names in my songs! It could also be from driving down the street and seeing a certain billboard that has a particular message and the news. Other artist also, with there concept of a song may inspire me.


Any, I am actually very versatile. If I had to say anything, a thought provoking beat. Like when you first hear a beat and you be like damn that sh*t makes me think, so when I write to it that’s my intention to make you think.


Thought provoking, I like that. So in the END GAME, How do you want to be remembered? Or what position would you like to be in when you’re remembered? First I will own several different businesses and be invested in many different ventures, money always coming in. I want to be remembered by my lyrics, not my image. Your image is important but I don’t want people to say “Oh, D.H. she came out looking like” No! I want people when they think of me, they think of my songs and the messages in my music.



That was great.

Thanks to D.H. for helping make this cover story HOT!!!

What beats do you feel most comfortable on? What makes you perform to your highest level.


This the bitch that called my house? Monica: Who are you talkin’ bout? Sheena looks at her and Kori puts one hand on her shoulder and made her sit down. Kori knows all too well about Sheena’s “not giving a f**k” mentality. Me, narrating from the outside looking in, all of sudden – CRASH! Reef and Sheena come flying through the glass window of the VIP room and land at my feet.

24 hours a day - 7 days a week

*PAUSE* WOW! More to come S t a y t u n e d t o for what happens next. BX Life

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