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Fashion jewellery is projected to have


financial crisis in 2008 had a negative impact on volume

upby a compound annual growth rate

sales of fine jewellery. The price of gold increased from

OF 3%

SEK5.719 per troy ounce (31g) in 2008 to SEK11.224 in 2012, an increase of almost 141%. In 2013 the price of gold began to drop, although it remained far over the


price of gold in 2008. The higher price contributed to a strong increase

The demand for both branded jewellery and unbrand-

in the unit price of gold jewellery, which in turn had a

ed fashion jewellery will continue to drive sales between

strongly negative impact on volume sales.

2013 and 2018. Fashion jewellery is projected to have the

Gold, followed by silver, remains the most popular

faster growth during the forecast period, up by a CAGR of

metal in fine jewellery. Gold jewellery increased its value

3%. Fashion jewellery will continue to be driven by fash-

share during last five years, mainly because of the strong

ion trends and a strong connection to apparel fashion.

increase in the price of gold since 2008. Other metals

The mass targeting of consumers with affordable fashion-

mainly include titanium and palladium. Metal combina-

able pieces might be the key to success in Swedish fashion

tions are mainly ‘white gold’, a combination of gold, pal-

jewellery. Fine jewellery will also increase in value sales,

ladium and silver, copper or zinc.

although more slowly compared with fashion jewellery.

Diamonds are clearly the most popular gemstones

Fine jewellery will benefit from a slow improvement in the

and represent an air of true luxury. Diamonds are popular

Swedish economy and the falling price of gold.

in rings, on brooches and in earrings. Other gemstones

Rings and neckwear will remain the two most popu­lar

include rubies, opals and sapphires. Less common are

types of jewellery. However, one growing trend among

jewellery with topaz, beryl and onyx stones. However,

men is to use a single gemstone as an earring, mostly

less common gemstones are increasingly used as a way to

a diamond or a rhinestone. However, all in all the split

make jewellery more individual and exclusive.

between product types is projected to be largely the

Rings and neckwear are the two most common prod-


uct types in terms of value sales. Earrings are the third most popular type of fine jewellery. Wristwear is the least


common product type. Fine jewellery sales are about the same throughout

mn EUR

the year, with one important exception – the Christmas


period. Fine jewellery is a popular Christmas gift, especially for women. Fashion jewellery sales are also steady


for most of the year, although they peak when spring/ summer and autumn/winter fashion ranges are released.


Traditional jewellery & watch specialist retailers such as Guldfynd, Hallbergs Guld and Smycka are the most important outlets for jewellery in Sweden in terms of val-


ue sales. This channel accounted for 75% of value sales in 2013. However, the growing adoption of fashion jewellery


by department stores and other channels has provided






mn EUR

alternative avenues for fashion jewellery sales. Another noticeable trend in distribution is the growing value share


for internet retailing, which in 2013 accounted for a 7%

mn EUR

share of value sales of fashion jewellery and for 9% in fine jewellery. The relative success of internet retailing is attracting retailers to tap into online sales and therefore refocus their sales strategy.




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TRENDS The extreme increase in the price of gold after the

Baltic Jewellery News (September 2014) No. 27  

Baltic Jewelllery News – 100 page magazine published in English, since 2005 and distributed in the whole Baltic Sea Region countries: Lithua...

Baltic Jewellery News (September 2014) No. 27  

Baltic Jewelllery News – 100 page magazine published in English, since 2005 and distributed in the whole Baltic Sea Region countries: Lithua...