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Pendant - white agate/amber ball/gold/steal wire (2008/09)

The last workshop he did in Beijing was about the

directly from the mind on paper that by definition already

pureness of heart. He gave instructions on how to find

is contaminated, but directly from any material that can

your own identity. It is important for every jeweler to know

support the feeling.

how to do research and to find the space between. “The

The most creative moment is when someone during

Space between” refers to time and action between the

his works will see things happen, which he never  could

mind and hands, an invisible time we can't measure, but

have imagined on paper. These moments are very impor-

it necessary for existence. Without this space we cannot

tant, this is “The Space between”. In these moments

do new creations. Hands are lead by the mind. If you do

we can be original. You can develop more of a personal

not use your free mind, all you do is labour. Because you

identity because it is less contaminated, then it would

are still restricted by memory. The mind is the ignition of

have been if you started from a first drawing.

creation, it can change only through research, otherwise

The Space between can be taken as a definition as well

we copy from memory. So it is necessary to create the

as a concept. If you see clearly, you can see space between

invisible space, which is the e(motion) we can't explain.

everywhere, only with different eyes and feelings.

In Profesor‘s Max Laurent De Cock workshops the use

Some explanation about the Space Between

of materials is free. Because when a given assignment asks to work in a material (as amber), students need to do

An unconventional way of thinking, we call this lateral

the research. The real value of material is not necessarily

thinking. Pureness of feelings without telling a story too

the market price, the manner of how respectfully students

obviously. Everyone knows what is time and you have to

work with material can give a more intrinsic value.

use it as a fourth dimension, an invisible space itself, there

Profesor Max Laurent De Cock has a very strčit opinon

where the pureness can exist.

on drawing: “What I cannot accept is when students

You can start with an idea how you feel space or cre-

start from a drawing. They can have an idea where to go

ating space. What is not written is also a part to complete

and search for the most suitable materials. Starting from

space. The space between is necessary to complete the

their favourite material(s), doing research in possibilities/

story, to find a balance what is visible and not.

combinations. In some case it is not necessary to have a

Easy and understandable example:

story, the story gets life by the process developing, not

If you want to talk about “a certain beauty” (which

necessary expressed by words. I can only accept drawings

can be very different in feelings and it depends the cul-

and sketches as note from research, directly from material

ture) and you use a flower as an example, it is too obvi-

that support the idea, what they really want.”

ous. You need to find another way to talk about what is beauty, you should try to go more indepth, to catch the poem behind.

The concept of the SPACE BETWEEN is the time between mind and hands.

The different way of thinking is a kind of research where they can become more original/personal. Not starting


Baltic Jewellery News (September 2014) No. 27  

Baltic Jewelllery News – 100 page magazine published in English, since 2005 and distributed in the whole Baltic Sea Region countries: Lithua...

Baltic Jewellery News (September 2014) No. 27  

Baltic Jewelllery News – 100 page magazine published in English, since 2005 and distributed in the whole Baltic Sea Region countries: Lithua...