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Speculative Scenarios or what will happen to digital art in the (near) future? — an n e t d e k k e r

Laura Mousavi, e-PERMANENT, Brighton (UK):

 I would say that ‘digital art’ suggests using digital technology to make art, ‘new media art’ suggests using any new technology not necessarily digital, ‘net art’ is specific to art created for the space of the Internet. There is also art which perhaps is created in non digital mediums which interrogates the impact of the new technological age we are living in which could be categorised new media but is not using new media. Tom Clark, Arcadia Missa, London (UK):

It feels that in the area we are working in, the distinction of art seems to problematise certain characteristics of contemporary art, so it seems counter-intuitive to try and name it or pin it down, beyond maybe introducing it as being within art. Rózsa Farkas, Arcadia Missa, London (UK):

There are so many art shows that are curated about or write press releases with, binaries about ‘on’ and ‘off’ line – this may have been the dichotomic experience in early web days and for ‘net artists’, but now there is not that distinction. The Internet is part of our IRL daily lives. Domenico Quaranta, Link, Brescia (IT)):

Contemporary art is the term I usually use to refer to the art I’m dealing with: an art that always responds to the Information Age, which is the specific form of contemporaneity I’ve been living in since I started a serious affair with art.

Speculative Scenarios — Edited by Annet Dekker  

There is a growing understanding of the use of technological tools for dissemination or mediation in the museum, but artistic experiences th...

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