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Speculative scenarios or what will happen to digital art in the (near) future?

c on c ept an d e d i t o r

tra ns latio n s a ndra

pu blish er

Annet Dekker

fa u co nnier’ s es s ay

Baltan Laboratories P.O. Box 4042 5604 EA Eindhoven the Netherlands

Stephen Green c on tr i b ut o r s

Christiane Berndes Sarah Cook Sandra Fauconnier Olga Goriunova Jussi Parikka Christiane Paul Richard Rinehart Edward Shanken Jill Sterrett Nina Wenhart Layna White

co py editing

Mark Poysden des ign

Eric de Haas Tessa Kwee print

tha nks t o

Eindhoven City Council Virtueel Platform / The New Institute

Lecturis, Eindhoven


This publication and the conference ‘Collecting and Presenting BornDigital Art’ were supported by Virtueel Platform, now part of The New Institute. Annet Dekker has edited three other publications on Digital Art for Virtueel Platform: Archive2020. Sustainable Archiving of Born-Digital Cultural Content (2010, with NIMk, DEN, EN), Research: Archiving the Digital (2011), and Born-Digital Art in the Netherlands (in Dutch with English summary, 2012, with SBMK, NIMk, DEN). These can be downloaded and/or read online: http://virtueel and

The interviews by Annet Dekker with Christiane Paul, Jill Sterrett, Layna White and Christiane Berndes, Jussi Parikka and Richard Rinehart were made possible with financial support from the Mondriaan Fund Mediation Grant. All the texts in this publication are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. To view a copy of this license, visit http:// by-sa/3.0/. Unless specified, all the images are copyright of the artists.

Speculative Scenarios — Edited by Annet Dekker  

There is a growing understanding of the use of technological tools for dissemination or mediation in the museum, but artistic experiences th...

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