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Zoe Beloff all published interactive works on CD-ROM, with multimedia publisher Voyager playing an essential role. Finally, there was a small but thriving scene of experimental productions by less well-known artists and collectives including Antirom, Morton Subotnick, Linda Dement and many others. All of these were true pioneers in this area.5 A huge diversity of work has been produced for CD-ROM. It includes virtual spaces, game-inspired experiments, interactive musical environments, literature, and hypertext presentations by artists. They are early multimedia experiments in which artists freely explored all manner of interaction and aesthetics that would only become mainstream decades later. One splendid example of this phenomenon is the 2011 iPad album Biophilia by singer-songwriter Björk, who collaborated on the project with multimedia artist Scott Snibbe, among others. Biophilia attracted a great deal of media attention using a visual language and interaction systems that had been introduced in CD-ROMs twenty years earlier. CD-ROM artworks often occupy a special place in an individual artist’s oeuvre. Sometimes they are a unique interactive excursion in an artist’s career, as was the case for Laurie Anderson and Michael Snow. They may also form part of a larger series of works in a variety of (off-line and online) media dealing with a similar theme and method (JODI and Antoni Muntadas).  Seen as a whole, projects on CD-ROM form a remarkable and exemplary case for the conservation of digital art: the projects are all fairly small-scale and manageable; they’re all based on old but nonetheless fairly standard Windows or Mac software; and there is generally a concrete physical component that make the object saleable and collectable – CD-ROM discs usually come in specially designed packaging. With minimal effort and technical knowledge it is now possible to save these projects from obscurity, conserve them and make them available in as authentic a state as possible. Fra gile: a matter o f u rge ncy

Many CD-ROM artworks are still available through living private collectors and still extant organisations, but they can also be found on online auction sites. A large proportion of

Speculative Scenarios — Edited by Annet Dekker  

There is a growing understanding of the use of technological tools for dissemination or mediation in the museum, but artistic experiences th...

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