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Throughout the 1990s the CD-ROM, the predecessor to the DVD, was a popular medium for interactive content such as games, encyclopaedias, business presentations, educational software and art. That decade saw a blossoming of a remarkable and largely uncelebrated niche in digital art

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3 production: CD-ROM art – interactive artworks produced nl/oss. specifically for the CD-ROM medium. 4  In the Netherlands, Mediamatic was an important nl/blindrom. 5 Contact Zones. The Art of CD-ROM by Timothy Murray was a travelling exhibition from 1999 to 2001 in which several of these pioneering works were presented together. The exhibition website still exists and is an excellent record and source of several projects:

producer and driving force behind this kind of work. Art CD-ROMs often appeared as supplements to Mediamatic Magazine. Participating artists included Yariv Alter Fin,1 Mari Soppela,2 JODI3 and Gerald van der Kaap.4 There was also significant production of artistic CD-ROMs during the 1990s in other countries, particularly in the US, Canada and the UK. Big names such as Antoni Muntadas, Laurie Anderson, Valie Export, Michael Snow, Chris Marker and

Speculative Scenarios — Edited by Annet Dekker  

There is a growing understanding of the use of technological tools for dissemination or mediation in the museum, but artistic experiences th...

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