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Notes on Weather Reports

clouds should be shown by conventional outline only

Plaatselijk Verschijnsel


Local Phenomenon Project commissioned by the ‘Vrede van Utrecht’, 2011 Photo: Jeroen Wandemaker



Blind Date Project generously supported by the FBKVB

Photo : T. Lenden

Photo : T. Lenden

Photo : T. Lenden

I once fell in love with you just because the sky turned from gray into blue cocorosie

Not an unpleasant day

clouds going two different ways

to be gloomy and sad, as the sky before a storm, or the mind when distressed with the prospect of danger, or something disagreeable

black clouds rising in the horizon like columns, formerly looked upon as sign of war


Š Balta 2011

Balta Anne-Marie Durand +31(0)6 51 29 24 98

Notes on Weather Reports  

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