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Weekly Review: 11th May to 17th May Sunday 11th Mastung: President of Baloch Students Action Committee Jhanzeb Baloch was target killed by security forces on 10th may. Mashkay: search operation by forces in Kalar, Kandadi and Nali village, looted houses and set crops of wheat on the fire. Quetta: Saifullah nechari abducted on 8th may from Shahbaz town Quetta. VBMP

Monday 12th Oslo. Protest held in front of the Norwegian Parliament, Oslo against the enforced disappearances and showed solidarity with Lateef johar Karachi: Protest by Baloch human right organization (BHRO) at press club Karachi, raise the slogans “Where are you UNO, Break your Silence UNO, save latif Johar save humanity.

Tuesday 13th Punjgoor: Unknown armed man attack vehicle of Hassan Baloch and set his car on fire. Hassan Baloch is principal of The Oasis School, one of the leading institute of Punjgoor district.

Wednesday 14th

Thursday 15th

Lahore: 12 hours token hunger camp observed by Baloch Students , National Studet Federation, Awami Workers Party and many others joined the camp to show solidarity.

Usta Mohmmad: 3 to 4 days old dead body found. According to doctors 22 years old man killed after tortured. Dead body could not be identified by Police and it was buried by the police.

Kech: Protest in Kolwah against the abduction of Chairman Zahid Baloch and in solidarity with Sangat Lateef Johar's hunger strike.

All private schools got warning by a new born puppet religious extremist organization last week to shut down coeducation and even shut down the education of girls.

Various: Campaign by BSO-A 12 hours token hunger camp in different places world wide, token camps and protests held in Karachi, Quetta, Kharan, and Lahore.

Lahore: A protest held by Awami Workers Party against the illegal abduction of BSO Azaad leader Zahid Baloch and solidarity with Lateef Johar hunger strike

HUB: Firing at Sakoran Road 1 killed 5 injured Kalat/Kharan/Noshki: Operation and bombardment through jet and gunship helicopters in Kalat, Kharan and Nokshi areas, some reports of deaths of woman and children and heavy financial losses were reported. U


Quetta: Early morning today Pakistani secret agencies shot dead Mobarik Marri in New Kahan Quetta. According to sources Mobarik was heading to work when the Pakistani forces surrounded him but he tried to run away in fear of being arrested, disappeared and kill like thousands of other.

Balochistan Review is an independent review designed to keep people aware of the situtation in Balochistan. Given the ban on journalists and attacks it is important to present the world with independent news from Balochistan.


Naked Punch B Issue 12

Thursday 15th Quetta: Early morning today Pakistani secret agencies shot dead Mobarik Marri in New Kahan Quetta. According to sources Mobarik was heading to work when the Pakistani forces surrounded him but he tried to run away in fear of being arrested, disappeared and kill like thousands of other. At this point the forces opened firing at him and shot him dead on the spot. Hyderabad: Token hunger strike camp held by Sindhis against the illegal abduction of BSOAzad leader Zahid Baloch and in solidarity with Lateef Johar hunger Strike. Many sindhi activist visit the camp and showed solidarity and demand for release of Zahid Baloch. Karachi: Baloch Human Rights Organisation held a Seminar on 'why Lateef Johar hunger strike till death for Zahid Baloch and silence for Media and Human Rights Organization" speeches by BHRO's Chairperson Bibi Gull Baloch, Lateef Johar, Hajiz Jamali ARY news senior journalist , Nasir Karim social activist , Asad Butt HRCP vice Chairman , Saeed Sarbazi senior vice president of Karachi press club , Amtiyaz Farhan president of Karachi

Friday 16th

NOtes on The attack on Baloch Educational institutions

Saturday 17th

Quetta: Once again search operation in New Kahan. Arrest and losses not reported.

(Panjgoor: The Islam ul Quran, a Pakistani state sponsored group had sent pamphlets to private schools a few weeks ago, asking them to stop co-education and Priviate Education in Makuran.

Punjgoor: Tortured dead boy of Roshan s/o Mulla Bakhsh found Wadh: Dead boy found, who was shot many time. Dead body recognize as Ali Bakhsh who was missing.

Local people said FC is backing Islam ul Quran. All private schools in Turbat and Panjgoor suspended their activities after receiving threats from the extremist group Islam Ul Quran.

Jafferabad: Badly tortured dead body found, could not be identified by any one, police buried the dead body. Islamabad/Rawalpindi: Protest held by National Student Federation against the illegal abduction of BSO-A leader Zahid Baloch and in solidarity with Lateef Johar. In which activist of Awami Workers Party, Jammu Kashmir National Student Federation participate and they demand for release of Zahid Baloch.

Pakistani Security forces had previously raided and sealed two private schools in Turbat. FC sealed numerous book shops in Gwadar, Turbat, Panjgoor.

Karachi: BSO-Azaad’s hunger strike unto death by Lateef johar entered in 25th day, his glucose level have badly dropped, he has lost 22 kg since he began his hunger strike.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world “

A doctor has warned that he may suffer a heart failure if he does not eat soon.

Last week saw state sponsored extremist groups threaten privately run co-education schools in Balochistan get threats. They were told to stop co-education and the education of girls. Some of these schools are currently closed due to the threats. The Baloch have systematically been denied their right to education since its annexation by Pakistan. Further, attempts by civil society to make up for the lack of state educational institutions have now come under military attack. As has been widely reported that two private educational institutions have been raided and bookshops and bookfairs raided., and this week, as noted, saw threats made to further schools.

Quetta: 1596th day of Voice for Baloch Missing Persons camp for safe recovery of more than 19000 Missing Balochs. VBMP vice Chairman Mama Qadeer Baloch appeals to UN, and international community to take notice of illegal abduction and killing of Balochs by Pakistani security forces.

Thousands of people marched on the roads, chanting slogans against the extremist organization. Students also staged a sit-in in front of the deputy commissioner’s office in Panjgoor. Dera Bugti: 150 huts caught fire, due to fire 7 including woman and children injured. Naseer abad: A truck driver kidnapped, Mohmmad Salim s/o Nazar mohmmad

Punjgoor: 1 killed and 5 injured by Iranian forces in village of Paroom.

Image above: Jhanzeb Baloch, President of Baloch Students Action Committe was killed on 10th May by Pakistani security forces.

Gawaddar: Protest rallies against threats to private schools continued in Panjgur on Thursday. Karachi: “Last night was the most painful. Couldn't sleep. Kept reading books to ditch the pain” – Sangat Lateef Johar on 23rd night of the hunger strike.

Image above: Protest rally against threats to school in Panjgoor.



Nelson Mandela

The attack on educational insitutions is not isolated but part of the continued stragegy of colonization. The aim is to erase the Baloch mind of independent thought and reprogram it towards jihad . That is, the aim is to make Baloch forget the real contradiction of colonization and instead focus on international jihad. The listing of Baloch Student Organisation - Azad and the abduction and murder of Baloch intellectuals has to be seen as part of this stragegy. BS0-A, has historically, played the role of creating Baloch intellectuals and activists. Their studey circles are famous of the depth of discussion and free expression they allow. Let us look at education more broadly in Balochistan under Pakistani colonial rule. As for as Balochistan is concerned the results are very disappointing. Balochistan covers 44% of

total area of is The province rich in terms of natural resource where most of the population is poor, hardly hand to mouth .The major reason behind this is that government doesn't bother to pay attention in this regard. Since long, Baluchistan is being ignored in terms of education advancement .One side of the picture depicts the fact that education system in that component is being vanished by state conspiracies .The history is witness of Pakistan’s conspiracies and attempts in this regard. After the 22 years of occupation, the first university was establishment. Whole area was dependent on that single available educational institute then after that in 72 a Medical college and in 87 Engineering university came into being. After 70’s baloch showed a great progress in terms of education.They become enough smart to analyse the realities and conspiracies of the state, which made the state insecure. The new survey explains that before 2000 the literacy rate was just 10% and now it is 40%,and this is creating issues for the state and making it insecure and uncomfortable. The state , since its inception has been trying hard to keep away from quality education through different means and ways.Baloch nation is facing the injustice from very first day of occupation. Reading of Literature, History, Secularism Books is considered as CRIME for Baloch Students.We can rarely find such examples in the world history where a nation can’t read the stuff related to the success stories of international heroes, history of its civilization and culture. If reading books is a crime then almost every literate Baloch is a criminal because its known fact that Baloch youth is comparatively more inclined toward reading books and newspapers.

Image above: Pakistani military proudly displaying books they have 'arrested' in Balochistan

Secondly, as for as the biographies of international leaders including Gandhi and Nehru is concerned, they are also prohibited in Pakistan. If we look at the other side of picture we can clinched either Pakistan wants to restrict the thinking pattern of youth or it is insecure regarding the inspiration of students gained from the fruitful strategies of those leaders. Besides, from the very first stage at school we are taught to praise the handmade achievements of its founders and rulers and to speak lie perfectly. History is full of this type of unethical acts done by state . thousands of baloch students and dozens of journalists and intellectuals targeted by state. This makes Baloch feel that its now intolerable to live in domination of Pakistan any more. As Pakistan executing not only political workers, educated youth and Professors. This policy of the Pakistani state may be brutal but it is not going to succeed. Contradictions are contradictions and when they are glaring the oppressed do U


not need a degree from abroad to understand them. As long as contradictions of occupation remain the Baloch will educated their children - boys and girls. They will education them silently, with a glare of a mothers eyes to her child, with a smile of a father, a poem Gul Khan Nasir, with stories of heros of rebels like Nouroz Khan Baloch. The Baloch will learn from even the soil and the desert. Though the Baloch will remain defiant, humanists and antiimperialists are asked to take note of the Pakistani states policy in Balochistan in relation to education and protest. For even if the state succeeds in creating one jihadi, it will be one jihadi too many. Instead, of this grim possibility, support the Baloch in secular progressive co-education.

Reports from the Ground Naked Punch B Issue 12

INterview with Lateef Johar by Collateral Damage Why is the Pakistan Army continuing its “Kill and Dump” policy in Baluchistan despite the many agreements that the Nawaz Sharif government has concluded with Baloch nationalists? Nobody knows with which nationalists Nawaz Sharif has concluded agreements. Maybe you know more about the nationalism of those Baloch, including Dr. Malik, who are sitting in the parliament. If you ask about them in the Baloch society, you will know whether they are nationalists or are selling the nation. The fact of the matter is that the state, with the help of its secret agencies, has brought them into the parliament to counter the Baloch freedom movement and justify its occupation and plunder of Balochistan, as well as to deceive the world opinion. The purpose of the show which was staged in Gawadar recently was to present Dr. Malik as the representative of Balochistan for selling its coast and resources to China. But the world knows how the Baloch people boycotted the last parliamentary elections. The best example of this is in my region Awaran whose population is about 200,000. There, Qudoos Bizenjo won the elections by getting cast only 400 votes through his hired gun-totting men. Now, he is the Deputy Speaker of the so-called Pakistan Assembly. Can we call such people nationalists? All the agreements that Nawaz Sharif is making are for enslaving Balochistan further. Meanwhile, the Pakistan Army is kidnapping political activists and dumping their mutilated corpses. The true nationalists talk of their rights, freedom and humanity. For the army, the greatest danger comes from the struggle of the Baloch Students Organization Azad (BSOAzad). That is why accusations are being levelled against it. It is subjected to ferocious

repression so that there may be no one in Balochistan to raise voice against despotism and oppression. It is this policy of the army which is behind the kidnapping of Zahid Baloch. It is an attempt to silence a voice against the barbarism of the Pakistani state. Zakir Majeed has been kept in solitary confinement since the last 5 years. Books are being confiscated in Balochistan and libraries raided. All this is aimed at muzzling the voices against the occupation of Balochistan and the inhuman acts committed against its people.

missing since January. The usual accusations of training terrorists were levelled against him. The present Chief Minister of Balochistan, Dr. Malik, got Rasool Jan kidnapped after accusing Jan of attacking him. Women are being kept away from education and they are being threatened. BSO-Azad is the only organization which considers women equals. Our present chairperson, Karima Baloch, is a woman – she is our leader. We are proud of her. It is the first time in the history of Balochistan that a revolutionary organization is being led by a woman. BSOAzad is against the segregation and separate wings for women. We are creating awareness in this regard. Karima Baloch has brought a big change in the Baloch society. The aim of the Pakistani state and its army is to keep the Baloch people backward and uneducated. The state is doing the same in Balochistan as it did in Bangladesh, as France in Algeria, Japan in China, and the British in India.

What are the objectives of the Pakistan Army in Balochistan? Their objectives are those of any occupying and expansionist force. The general practice of all the occupiers is to appropriate the land and resources of others for fulfilling their own needs. The objective of the Pakistani state is also the same. That is why it is resorting to military action. They are killing the ordinary people of Balochistan as well as its intellectuals and students. They are carrying out genocide in Balochistan. They are strengthening the extremist religious forces in Balochistan for countering the secular forces who are behind the freedom struggle. They want to make the young generation into extremists by depriving them of the study of science, philosophy and creative research. For this purpose, madrassas are being set up in Balochistan. Heavy finances are being provided to these madrassas. The Baloch people are being pushed into destitution. Then, their povertystricken children are being enrolled into madrassas. The secular schools set up by the Baloch youth are being forcibly closed and their teachers are being kidnapped. This was the case of the Delta Center in Turbat and its teacher Rasool Jan who has gone

What is the future of Balochistan in the present conditions? Is there still possibility of a peaceful solution? The Baloch nation is waging a struggle and is making sacrifices. If it goes on like this then one day the sun of freedom will rise. Regarding your question about a peaceful solution, let me tell you that since the very beginning we are waging a peaceful struggle and we still believe in it. My hunger strike here is also peaceful. BSO-Azad is a democratic organization. It creates awareness among the Baloch youth about their culture, world history, history of the colonization, history of oppressed people, and the life of great men. It trains Baloch youth and politicizes them. When a human being is politically conscious and he has U


leaned the lesson of humanity and equality then nobody can bend him. I say that this peaceful struggle will always be successful. With a peaceful organization like BSO-Azad, everything is possible. How useful was the long march of Mama Qadeer in creating awareness outside Balochistan? I have great respect for Mama Qadeer and Farzana Majeed. I salute them for this historical achievement. Their long march has created great awareness in Sindh and in Balochistan. Due to this march, lots of people are coming to our camp for expressing solidarity with us. We want to inform all nationalities about what the Pakistani state is doing in Balochistan. They should also know what is being done to the oppressed people of Sindh and Punjab and to our Pashtun brothers. We want to tell them how dangerous is the present situation and how necessary it is to defeat the forces of exploitation. If every nation gets its rights then it will better understand others and we will come closer to each other.

As far as the government of Pakistan is concerned, it fully shares the responsibility for the forced disappearances and the mutilation and dumping of corpses. They do not have any humanity. I appeal to my Sindhi, Punjabi, Pashtun and Urdu-speaking brothers to side with the truth and not to participate in the oppression of poor people. They should tell their children not to participate in the exploitation of the Baloch people. Everyone should get their rights. We respect everyone and others should also respect us and not support our oppressors. Those whose sons are in the Pakistani armed forces and are taking part in oppressing the Baloch people, they should tell them not to kill our people for earning their livelihood. They should teach humanity to their children. I appeal to students not to study how to plunder others but to make this world a better place to live. If there is oppression in the world today it is due to those who are selfish.

Did the inspiration for your hunger-strike come from the long march of Mama Qadeer? I may not be able to do what Mama has done. People like him provide courage to everybody. As far as the hunger-strike is concerned, it is a decision of our organization and it was according to my desire. The long march of Mama Qadeer was a historical march. The token hunger-strike of Mama was also historical. Our decision for this hunger-strike till death has been taken on the basis of Mama Qadeer’s long march and all other protests staged previously. What message do you want to convey to people and the government of Pakistan?

Image above: Lateef Johar at his hunger strike camp outside Karachi Press Club.



Views on Balochistan

Naked Punch B Issue 12

ISI and Baluchistan by Ryszard Czarnecki Member of European Parliament Baluchistan, land blessed by nature but ravaged by inhumane practices. With its natural resources worth hundreds of billions of dollars it ranks amongst the world’s potentially richest regions, but its inhabitants live in abject poverty and are targeted victims of Pakistan forces. The country has waged veiled war over its own people in the province of Baluchistan. The ‘kill and dump’ policy has claimed hundreds of thousands lives in the province. The implicit war that the forces have stared in the province over years has kept the province distracted from achieving basic goals. Inter-State-Intelligence (ISI) has been targeting Baluch people. People of Baluchistan have been facing problems ever since forceful alignment with Pakistan. The government has been obsessed with keeping tight control over Baluchistan as abundant natural resources are available. The government has taken least interest in the development of the province. The intelligent population in the province which deciphered the government’s plan for control over resources without letting the local man profit led to agitations against the government in the past. Protestors are targeted and executed or dumped in prisons under no legal penalties. The government of Pakistan has turned a deaf ear towards the atrocities committed by the authoritarians. The military and the ISI gained immense power under the rule of President Musharraf. In a 2012 briefing, Amnesty International noted, “According to our own research at least 249 Baluch activists, teachers, journalists and lawyers have disappeared or been murdered between 24 October 2010 and 10 September 2011 alone, many in so-called ‘kill and dump’

the true situation in Baluchistan that the local press was devoid of. ISI has led cyber war against the Baloch freedom struggle has tormented the struggle.

operations.” The advocacy group, Voice for Missing Baluch, has estimated that 8,000 people have been kidnapped over the past nine years, with 1,500 individual bodies having been recovered. The ‘Kill and Dump’ policy began under the rule of Musharraf, but has continued under the current government. The policy focuses on the detainment of Baluch activists, holding them incommunicado for days or even weeks during which they are subjected to torture, interrogation and execution.

Baluchistan not only faces state violence and discrimination, but it also faces deepseated economic inequality. Baluchistan is Pakistan’s largest province, and given its natural resources and strategic position, arguably most important. Baluchistan wants to be an independent nation but Pakistan government knows the importance of the resources the province has and thus wants to keep it under sovereign power. ISI, Military Intelligence and Frontier Corps have been given the task of keeping the upsurge in the province within control.

The province has been suffering impede for decades now in achieving common goals like others in the country. There are no facilities for education of children beyond secondary schooling as the government does not focus in making the region self reliant. The killing of intellectual cleansing carried on by the ISI in the province is to keep the people under the tyranny of the organization. The media in the province is under the control of ISI which keeps the reality of killings limited within its boundaries. International news agencies are not allowed, international humanitarian workers cannot enter Baluchistan, international human rights groups cannot enter Baluchistan and even the diplomatic staff from other countries is not allowed to visit Baluchistan. The ISI controlled media does not mention the human rights violation by the forces in Baluchistan.

LInks and Contact www.sangarpublication. com

The veiled warfare that the ISI is busy carrying on the innocent people of Baluchistan needs to end. Killing men in custody, authorities dump the bodies of their victims, sending a brutal message to the Baluch community. The extrajudicial detainment and execution allows for authorities to escape all forms of oversight, legal standards, or accountability. The role of ISI and Pakistan government is accountable to international authorities in the case of Human Right violations that are carried on in the province.

The Clashes by the ISI and the Pakistan army (a pro baluch group) has claimed many lives in the province. The ISI has not limited its atrocities to kill and dump of innocents from the province but has also started ‘Cyber war’ to spread deceiving information about the conflicts in the region. The Baluch National Liberation Movement was initiated to show the world

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