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Ballymun bull jan 2012 b



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20,000 jobs to be lost as a result of cuts to capital budget, public spending & VAT hike Families to lose up to €1000 per year from House Hold Charge, Child Benefit Cut & Motor, Petrol, Carbon and VAT tax hikes Children and young people hit with education cuts to; DEIS schools, back to school allowance, SNAs, second language teachers & guidance councillors & college fees hike Cuts to Community Employment scheme funding jeopardising 22,500 places The most vulnerable hit with 15 separate cuts to social welfare including fuel allowance, household benefit package & one parent payment 26% cut in funding for local authority housing & increased charges for rent supplement & mortgage interest supplement claimants €20.7 billion of your money paid to banks including €3.1 billion to toxic Anglo Irish Bank

Contact Sinn Féin: Dessie Ellis TD Telephone: 086 854 1941 Email: Local Representative: Noeleen Reilly Telephone : 087 633 6233 Office details : 01 834 7674 Unit 1, 50 Main Street, Finglas Advice Clinic: 6-7pm – Poppintree Sports Centre

Invest €7 billion over three years to create 60,000 jobs and save 96,000 more Real tax reform raising an additional €3.2 billion while reducing the tax burden on all those earning less than €75,000 Invest in education including extra teachers & SNAs, free schoolbooks for all school children & free school meals for every primary school child Increase the number of Community Employment places & reverse 2011 cuts to community sector No cuts to social welfare, reverse 2011 cuts to fuel allowance, household benefits package & introduce refundable tax credits Invest €1 billion to build 9,000 social houses in 2012 & 2013 & renovate additional houses owned by NAMA. No more taxpayers money to be wasted in bailing out toxic banking debt


Property Tax an attack on low and middle income families DESSIE ELLIS TD has described the government’s decision to bring forward its plans to introduce a flat rate property tax as another attack on low and middle income earners. Deputy Ellis said the government should have considered his party’s proposed wealth tax which would bring in €800million while

ensuring that only those who can afford to pay are made to pay. Deputy Ellis said: “A property tax based solely on the value of the property without taking account of the owner’s ability to pay is unfair. “The government is planning to introduce this charge at a time when thousands

of homeowners are struggling to make ends meet and face the prospect of losing their homes. “This is the type of policy that ultimately ends with people living on the streets. It is immoral and irresponsible to introduce it in the current climate and in the format proposed.

Ballymun bull jan 2012 b



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BALLYMUN BULLETIN Savage Community Employment Cuts will kill off Schemes in Ballymun WINTER EDITION – JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2012

SINN FÉIN Local Representative Noeleen Reilly, has condemned the government for their unwarranted attack on CE Schemes. She said: “The savage cut of 66% to the Material and Training Allowance will make many CE Schemes unviable. They depend on this money to pay for training, insurance, rent, equipment and tools, ESB and telephone bills. “Training money is vital to enable participants to make the transition

from unemployment to employment. The cut will remove this opportunity.” The facts are that the CE Schemes are providing vital services in local communities such as Meals on Wheels, Child Care and After School Projects. Speaking at CE Cuts public meeting on 5th January in Ballymun Noeleen said: “These cuts will devastate Ballymun and the simple fact is that these schemes will cease to exist because of the cut backs.”


Community Activist Aine Rooney, Ballymun Representative Noeleen Reilly and Community Activist Joan Byrne at Community Employment Cuts Public meeting on 5th January in AXIS Centre Ballymun


THE WRITING was on the wall as we previously reported in our Newsletter in August 2011, when Dublin City Council decided to make a commodity from a Council Service. When any service is made into a commodity it opens the gates for private investors to enter as competition and this is exactly what has happened with the handing over of waste collection to a private company Greyhound. Sinn Féin is opposed to privatisation of services and believe that it is a double taxation. Waste collection is no longer a service or function of the City Council, it will be collected purely for profit and the money collected will go into the pockets of private individuals. The Annual payment of €100 for the large bin and €80 for the smaller bin must now be paid in advance the first €50 within 30 days from the 16th of January and the remaining €50 in July. Even if you re-cycle all your waste into the Green bin you still have to pay in advance, only when it is paid do you receive a bar-coded label for your

Green bin. Green re-cycling is already a huge source of revenue, so in fact Greyhound are going to charge people for their re-cycled goods and then sell it on for further profit. This is a win-win situation for any private company. If your City Council account is in arrears you may still register with Greyhound and pay the €100, and if your account is in Credit you must contact the City Council Revenue for a refund. If you use a Black bin and a Brown bin your account must be in topped up to a minimum of €14. The charge for each Black bin is €6 euro per lift and €2 euro per lift for the Brown bin. Greyhound said these charges will remain for six months and then be assured they will go up. Payment can be made at the Post Office, or the local shop using Payzone or online. Those on a Waiver from the City Council will not have to pay the €100 for this year, next year everyone will have to pay regardless of their circumstances. Dublin City

Council have given their list of those on Waivers over to Greyhound. The charge on the bag label system will remain the same for the next six months after that it is expected to go up. You are not obliged to avail of Greyhound waste collection. Dublin City Council’s Recycling Centres will continue to operate as normal and you can bring your recycled waste to the nearest centre, the cost is €4 per 80 litre bag. Sinn Féin have campaigned for decades against double taxation, the power to stop privatisation was taken away from City Councillors and given to the City Manager some years ago by a Fianna Fáil led government. Although we now have a Fine Gael/Labour government, they have not repealed the legislation and in doing so ignored some of their own city councillors. Government has a responsibility to its citizens to provide services but once again their decisions show up their disregard for the people who voted them in.

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