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DE GARVE The first micro-brewery to open in Vanderbijlpark, De Garve’s beers even have a tasting room so you can find your favourite. After your beer tasting experience, you can order your choice of beer to take with you as you enjoy a tour of the brewery. A great experience.

MAD GIANT Co-owner Eben Uys is a chemical engineer whose thorough understanding of beer and its make-up has been published in numerous scientific journals. The craft brewery in the 1 Fox Precinct is an industrial edifice adorned with playful, colourful light fittings and beer garden tables that resemble oversized Meccano sets. The concrete bar at the centre resembles a bottle top, and then, behind it is a vast steel cut-out of the Mad Giant. Enjoy a beertasting to educate yourself in the different styles of beer and then choose your tipple from the four beers on tap (a pilsner, Weiss beer, pale and amber ales). There are also seasonal and limited edition beers.


Linden’s answer to great craft beers is this unique setting, a beer boutique that offers creative brews to wash down some good food. Of course, the choice of beers is excellent and customers enjoy savouring different brews, fresh from the keg or the fridge. The menu includes tasty snacks and hearty mains such as ‘pap and vleis’ and Prego rolls. But it’s the craft beer that takes centre stage, and for good reason.

Art isanal brews


If at first you don’t succeed, try a bottle opener – it probably isn’t a twist top This Fourways pub offers a wide selection of craft beers, 99 in all, as well as 20 taps. Originally opened in Cape Town, it spread to our big city in 2014 and has been a popular choice ever since. Beerhouse not only boasts excellent beers, it also offers a wide range of events, from food and beer pairing to Quiz Night, live music and more. There’s even Beer School – we’re serious!


This is the sort of place where you’ll want to drink copious amounts of craft beer or tequila. Or wine if you prefer. Of course, it got its name because of its wide selection of beers, such as Sby or Stanley Lager, TSB Happy Swan Belgian Witbier, TSB Moose Oatmeal Stout, CBC Mandarina Bavaria, Striped Horse Pilsner and others with evocative names. Pair with delicious German food and you’re all set.

COPPERLAKE BREWPUB This mini brewery offers beer on tap plus featured guest brews and citrus coolers. As its name suggests, the Brewpub is both brewery and pub, offering an exceptional craft beer experience. The fun doesn’t stop there… patrons also enjoy the Adult’s Playground, which includes Beer Pong, Battle Shots, Ringing the Bull, Flippy Cup and Giant Jenga. | 95

Joburg Style Issue 38  

The September – November 2017 Issue

Joburg Style Issue 38  

The September – November 2017 Issue