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OrunIzed In accordance wlth the Svoninl Code of Hm Federation Aeronautlaue lntcrnatlonale and with of the me svortinl Relulatlons National Aeronautic Association





I\'i‘si»mrs um {ixlll-xgfln. ,m \\'1_Idllfv and MM ?1;:.:\~\ “.5 Africa HI Rmfl \ ,3,” 1 Tampa, A Cruixc {an _ 1 3-1 mrmiisr and * V v.1} . 1904 St IJ -.' fig \ zit Bux‘h (3, Lax f\IlL’L‘1k* And dim. x , buckling v' k ‘ England In (’x‘crmam Buxch (IX-«2‘ \VilhfimJ‘X. High pm if} t: Fidw. \hffv‘ _ malx. Ditto. ‘ 1g; flwr cu‘n g: ' ‘ tnmlx'. All ‘ aNr a: 1v*\\ AAAKl\\.

____________—______g____ps_Welcome to the 1975 World Hot Air Balloon Chamionshi!




to take

this opportunity to

welcome all of the international, national, and local participants to the 1975 World

Hot Air Balloon

Championships. The citizens of Albuquerque, World Hot Air Balloon Capitol of the World, have been eagerly awaiting your return. There






balloonists and your stunningly beautiful ships. When we look up at you as you float quietly overhead something romantic seems to happen to most of us. Perhaps



merely the

beauty and

color and

irrelevance of the balloon that makes us feel happy and content, but I think it is more. It is the spirit of the people inside the gondola that I think we appreciate the most. You seem to be free spirits. You seem to be carefree. And because we all strive for

that you are very special to us. We want you all to have the best time of your life while you are in Albuquerque. There is much to see and do in our City and the surrounding areas. I would suggest you take time to visit the numerous Indian Pueblos in the State. Also don't miss Albuquerque's Oldtown section. It has been in existence since 1706. You might like to take a ride up the Sandia Tramway for a breath taking view of the surrounding countryside. And, of course, there is Santa Fe and its historical areas.

Once again, welcome to Albuquerque and good luck to you all in the competition. Sincerely,

4mto. W/ Harry E. Key ‘ Mayor of Albuquerque


Results of the 1973 World Hot Air Balloon Championships

Standl'ngs Dennis Floden ....................................... U.S.A. Bill Cutter .......................................... U.S.A.

g ‘\

Terry Adams ................................... Great Britain Peter Vizzard ...................................... Australia Gerard Delforge ..................................... Belgium Peter Langford ................................. Great Britain



Don Cameron .................................. Great Britain

bus” yyyyy

GHAr.'~J‘-P|0NSH|PS JUDGES JURURri" .......................................

i.-' JAN BOESMAN .-' 3 The Hague. Holland 3

3' -'

BRUCE cow Michigan,



.3 Augsburg, C

sex 5. A

3' ~'

D‘LD . :nany f


ERNST HL>.»3ER Zurich, Switzerland

.5 SEVE UNGERMARK 3 Huddinge, Sweden

;' E

ANDRE s: “.SAUVEUR ' France ‘


6H O T




Josef Starkbaum


Mr Starkbaum. an alrhne pulot, In ms 250 hours 01 llymg hot aIr balloons was the first to Cross the Alps by hot aIr He holds National records for duration (10 hrs. 47 mm) and dustance(196 km) He has developed a high altitude. high power burner. He enjoye skung and mountain climbing.

Peter D. \fimrd


Philip R Kavanavt Ulmga

Kavanagh 65

Ross G Smith PL.“ My

Mr Kavanagh. a boat builder. has been active In balloonlng for seven years and has logged 79 hours ol lree llnght and 23 hours tethering balloons. He spent his txrst 45 hours flying a taped mylar balloon he designed and built hrmsell He has turned hlS spare tlme Into manufac turlng balloons,

Srmfr b5 93' Pg ” gas :a‘ acme a* the D Easu'ek :‘ '" c‘cse‘y 23' Australar reev: Group

Larry J. Hornet

Dannel’ Kostur Labatt's Blue Ballocn

C-GGDX Raven RX-6




_ Barnes Danoomst and pnmograpnAxe-r6 r Vlzzard. a professlonal Hot All’ Balloon Championleaced 6th m the first World Balloomng the Australian ships In 1973 He has formed presrdent. He flew the Federatlon ol Wthh he IS acting In 1.973 He presently In New Zealand lnrst hot arr balloon the ad‘vertlsmg )s (nvolved Il'l researching and developing He emoys hlS wsrts to the and PR potential ol mum-bumps With US communicate vrslts to US and extends hIS

West Ryde, Auxtraln’ AXV7


Mr Horack Is an lndlan Jewelry Trader and has found enough time to fly hot arr balloons a total 01450hours. He has collected thus experience In all categories between AX~4 and AX-7

Mr Kostw a s'dce'u balloons w. Men: commercial work 2 opportunity v:


Toronto Canada .‘x 6 3"." 2'5"?

calm. Gouda Barnes FireFly 7 AX«7

Mr Lang Is a commercral balloomst with 144 hours. He dropped the first parachutrst from a balloon In Alberta and trained Canada's hrst woman aeronaut this Sprung He has particupated In the Second Annual Forrest Park Rally '74l'Expo '74 Grand opemng 1n Spokane. U,S. Natlonals 75 (non-competltwe). and the Western Canar dlan Balloon Champlonshlps where he finished second.

Peter Giles Hall Arles:


Northamptomhlrc. Endand Gazebo AX-G

Mr Hall has been a balloomstsmce1968,Durmgth|st|me he has logged over 660 hours He flies a parachuterrlp balloon that he burlt It :5 one of the two such rigged balloons m England He placed 3rd «1 the Engllsh Qualltylng meet

Andre "Dick" erth

Thunder 56A

London. End-rid AX-G

Mr wlrth bullds bellows lor Thunder He came In second m the ENghsh quahfymg meet He has flown over 200 hours srnce becormng lnterested In balloonmg m 1971

Del Mlduud RIVEF Rat's Dream

Edmomon. Canada CVGWNQ

Barnes FlreFIy-7

AX- 7

Mr Muchaudl a buslnessman‘ has achieved 7Bhours In hot alr balloons He came In first In the Western Canadian Balloon Champlonshlp In August of this year

Bernard F Heckley Rocrnante G-BBOX

London. England Thunder‘77K AXV7

Mr Hockley Is manager of the field Engineering DIVIsuon 01 a business machrne company He experlenced the lreedom of ballooning first In 1973 and has smce helped lound the Quixote Balloon group He hmshed llrst In the English qualifylng meet He IS new chairman ol the BBAC salety panel

Volklw Kmva Con cord Ia


Flnland AX-é

Mr Kaseva patrcipated in the 1973World Championships

Kal anand Denmard

Denmark Ax 7


Mr Paamand, an Army Mayor has How hot alr balloons He pamcvpated Championships

Martin J. Moroney Prometheus




J3 , hand

Low Carver nr 5:

Mr Moroney l5 Chlel hex ye M a London He has been lV‘JL‘ let n r and was a towdlng men‘bpv l or In atendm; most mallow " he has accumulated ' «fl




Count Jean Costa do Beam “gird BabyCuerm


Etrepilly. Frlna N‘wrclerc AXJ

Count Costa de Beauregard has logged over 300 hours m hot arr balloons and 28 hours In gas balloons He holds an Instructors rating In hot arr balloons He IS vtce presrdent ol the Club Aerostatrque de France He placed second m the French qualifymg meet.

., Joan Lolalor Courte PaIlle


Ml Moderne


Mr L0I5Ier, dIrecteur de socuete, has been balloonIng since October 1974 Slnce then he has logged over 60hours and was fourth In the French qualifying meet.

Arnaud ae V'Illarr Vol Au Vent


at}. ‘ajr‘yyz 4—11.“


St Cloud, France Western AXV 7

Mr de VIIIars has logged over 230 hours sInce Decomlng interested In hot aIr balloons,

Robert A. Noirclerc F BUQY Danae

M Moderne

Paris. France AX 6

Mr Nonrlerc manulatturer of La MontgollIere Mv-rlerne balloons has been balloonmr, SInre an unexpected llIght In a gas balloon In 1971 He now holds a lICensmg examlners mum: and has parlmpated In numerous European comoetmons He was one ol the members ol the 1973 French World Competmg team

Will Woollen Dew


Cali-May. Ireland Thunder~56 AX-G

Mr Woollelt. a veterInary surgeon, hours In not an balloons


Anneko Sandal Setting Free

has flown over 90

Sahara ldrlyoshl Ascension |l



Tokyo. Jepan AX~7

Mr. lchI'yoshI. a stallmember 01 a buslness firm. has had balloon lever since 1969. He recewed hIs pIIot ratIng In West Germany In 1972‘ He has devoted hIs spare mm; to organizing the Japan Balloon League He advises and instructs for Japanese home-bunt balloons.

Q?" Ix


TIuNothorlands Thunder AX-G

Mrs. Sande! Is a commerual balloonist who has been balloomng all over the US. She was born in the Netherlands but has been in the US. studying tor a number of years. She was the only woman in the 1973 World ChampIonshIps and agaIn in 1975 she holds the same dIstInctIon

James Graig BernIna lll


Cart-non. New Inland Cameron 077 AXV7

Mr GreIg, an artIst, gets hIs Inspiration thle lloatmg In hIs balloon He has logged over 87 hours lIyIng over the New Zealand countrysIde.

Dr Simon Faithlull ErIc ol TItchlIeld


The Netherlands Ax 6 Thunder 56A

DI FaIthtuIl a Consultant anaesthesrwogIst and tea at the Umverslty ol Rotterdam starred Dalloonmg In A and has logged over 320 hours He Is chlel DIl" Instruuor ol the Netherlands Hwyt Au Balloo

.1. .‘f-x. Donald Alexander MarLooo Manu RangI

2K >81

Auckland, New Zealand Pm am‘ AX 6

Mr MacLeoo a manor-u swamp hours as mm In Cummdnd


«m in


= '*


s xv

:R...‘ .' -,\ 2‘, it .m-



watched paper ashes miste' up a fireplace clnmm-j.. \' conceiuthle that the pln 'w' v prolmbl) olN-rtt-d ll) t‘.t"l 1' \_lontuo|flers of l’arts ;ll‘t' .14 the practical application «It l w ensuint: llt*\l'ltl[tnll‘lll ot it. Actually. Joseph and lint-um ‘ reasoned that smolw has sw lifting power and so the 1‘..' were fueled \A'lth tlamp struts and ltt'dtltl} soakt d rams.


Incredible as It inayst-eni. 'l l\\\tllltl1‘t‘ ful sport of hot air lmlloonttu 4 t'm .tlmm quite ll\_' accident. 'l‘he \.lon‘tm {.i r lyrmr' mu w. ers. hack in 17M. \lllmltlt l: v .l\ phenomenon ot rismt: hot

Photo by Rick Farr





The pioneering manned ascent by Francis Pilatre de Rosier and Marquis d‘Arlandes on \."ovember 21. 17M rm olutionanv age of ballooning which quickly phased into gas balloon flight. Gas balloons offered extended flight Illlll‘ .~.' i {t and eliminated the nuisance of carrying that smoky. on-board fire pot. For the next 190 \_'ears. gas balloons expt '3» ml' t ntures in science. war. commerce. and. of course. sport. in the early 1960's. hot air ballooning witnessed a dramatic revival. primarily due to Americanlderiw-d [(‘t‘hnnlugfi. \pv' Ill-x wlnpntent of light synthetic fabrics and an on-board propane heater. The new burners had exceptionally high thermal t». ws‘pllt‘ tlze nois) \\‘ht)()Sl’l of the flame. the burners offered a practical way to heat the air inside the n}lon t’tnt'llrtw While .s ballooning is waning in the United States. a new surge ofhydrogen balloon activity is takint: place in Enrol” this act l‘» :3 \ is dwarfed by the tremendous worldwide growth of the modern Montgolfier. An increasing number of lm vxperwwwg the carefree sensation of flight without wings ~ a sporting movement that bus swept the globe. 'l“‘» "mdern aerostat consists ofa giant canopy of nylon fabric enclosing 50 to 100 thousand cubic feet of but .ur. 'l‘ 1‘ b} wane burners capable of forcing millions of BTU's of heat per hour into the envelope, A gondola. suspeinlm' hf. w all \ space for the pilot, 2' or 3 passengers, 3 or 4 fuel tanks. and a small instrument package. The modern \.lw'.‘.'i(Hll‘tr'.’ ma w. inefficient. but a lot of fun. we are now over 1000 hot air balloons in 40 countries. with the largest concentrations beingr in the l'mt: «l ‘\'t‘.lt'\ .mxi E Till _ th in the number of fun-flying pilots is also phenomenal, with the pilot population recently (loulilrtrt: :v: m w.» ~ 111'pr2“ n the United States. 'l‘l \‘orld Championships have been a sun want force behind this internatiorm.‘ ,growth as each country develops ’comin t1ll\'(' events to choose their national representatives, The First World Ilot .\ir Balloon Championships were held in Albuquerque. U.S.A. in February 1973 \\ ith 60 international competitors from Australia. Belgium, Canada. Denmark, England. Finland. France. Ireland. Italy. the Netherlands. Norway. Sweden, Switzerland. West Germany. and the l'nited States. The Second World Hot Air Balloon (‘hampionships are favored with competitors front most of the countries. who participated in the first world event. plus aeronauts from Austria, Japan, New Zealand. and Spain. All of these aeronauts are undergoing five separate tests of their ballooning skill and from these contests. a new World Champion balloonist emerges. Denny Floden of the United States claim» ed the first world title. The competitive ments include a baro~ lndianola, Iowa 1974

Photo by Bill lr't‘l‘nt.t



nont"let The


alcrunhuui .* * \@ ‘fi


Pass You By'.'.

The Bicentennial is here! And it will never happen again' — not even in another 200 years. It began officially March 1. 1975. There is enormous momentum right now as thousands of Americans work on plans to celebrate America's birt‘hday. and despite cries of Government mismanagement, poor timing. and commercui'lism — the United StatesBicentennial is' going to be a success! The celebration is not gom'g to be a mammoth event as once envisioned. Originally planners were talkin'g about a world exposition in Philadelphia. That fell through. Then the planners called for billions of dollars to establish a series of Bicentennial Parks, one in each of the 50 states. but that fell through. too. Now that Bicentennical is where it should be -— in the hands of the people. This is' where it really counts — close to home. Local citizens are awakening to the importance of their own communities and their' own state in relation to the history of the United States. (New Mexico is unique in this" aspect. It has the position in US. history of being the oldest continuously occupied region in the nation, and many of the traditions and institutions of our original inhabitants were ancient when the United States Constitutions was signed.) The Bicentennial is arriving in the country just at the right time. People are tir'ed of the Watergate mess and all of the troubles that are plaguing the country. The Bicentennial is' emerging as a positive source of inspiration. a chance to rekindle national pride. It is making us take notice of our heritage. It is making us realize what a good thing we've got. It is‘ helping us to focus on America’s past accomplishments and to envision hopes for the future. To administer the Bicentenma'l celebration. the American Revolution Bicentennial Administ'ration. or ABBA. was estab~ lished by Congress in December 1973. This replaced the original Bicentennial Commission of 1966 which was large and fraught with disunity and indecision. John W. Warner. ex—Secretary of the Navy. became the ARBA Administrator in 1974. and federal direction began to improve. A 25-member Advrso'ry Council was appointed by the President. At the state level. each state legislature has established official Bicentennial Commissions. New Mexico's fir'st Commission was established in 1969, but along with the federal agency. it underwent several changes and the current New Mexico American Revolution Bicentenma‘l Commission emerged in 1973. At the city level, New Mexico has about 45 active Bicentennial Commissions appointed by local government bodies to facilitate and coordinate the events. activities. and projects planned by local citizens. All communities throughout the nation have been challenged to participate in the Bicentennial in some manner, and they have 'been encouraged to have a “do it yourself" approach. But some Bicentennia‘l programs are receiving considerable assistance from Congress. city and state governments, private foundations, and corporations. It is estimated that over one bill'ion dollars Will be spent on the celebration. Congress has allocated $200,000 to each state on a direct one for one match; the New Mexico Legislature has appropriated $176,000 for local projects: and additional funds are being obtained from the sale of commen— morative medallions, stamps. etc. Programs receiving Bicentenma'l funding (the last deadline was July 4. 1975) meet certain criteria' of eligibility; (1) They fall within one or more of the three basic themes set by ABBA: Heritage '76, Festival USA. or Horizo'ns ’76. (2) They are officially endorsed by the local Bicentennial Commissions. (3) They are determined by the State Bicentennial Commission as

being in furtherance of the overall Bicentennial program of the state. Official endorsement or recognition also authorizes the use of the Bicentennial symbol. The Bicentennial celebration will provide an impressive showcase for New Mexico's heritage. There are over 500 programs throughout the state and some of these include the following: 0 Albuquerque will host the first project of international scope in October. 1975. with the World Hot Air Balloon Championships. 0 Gallup and Albuquerque plan to erect statues depicting the cultural heritage of the area. 0 Museum displays. restorations of old buildings, and preservation of historic sites are underway in communities across the State. 0 Beautification programs. tree planting programs. botanical gardens and new parks are being developed. 0 Dramatizations of historical events are planned for Tome. Los Alamos. and Albuquerque. 0 Logan is establising 3 Civic Center. I Clovis is sponsoring a statewide Black History Week. a The largest singlc Bicentennial project in the State will be the construction of the Indian Cultural Center in Albuquerque. 0 Over 200 organizations will participate in a week long Festival '76 in Albuquerque's Convention Center starting March 28. 1976. 0 Numerous parades. festivals. fiestas and fairs are planned throughout the State. 0 Books on Southwestern and New Mexico history are being donated to libraries. 0 Historic markers are being placed; historic trails are being constructed. 0 Musical pageants, operas. symphony concerts and singalongs are being planned in several communities. 0 Programs are being designed to improve the quality of life for youth, ethnic groups. and senior citizens. 0 Projects are being developed which will bring into focus the many cultures that make up New Mexico and will emphasize our ethnic traditions. 0 Military and veterans organizations are presenting pro grams and open houses to reawaken our patriotic spirit. 0 Museums. colleges and newspapers are sponsoring educa tional programs to heighten an awareness of our past. an appreciation of our present. and a hope for our future. Several National progr‘ams will be coming to New Mexico during 1976. These will include: o The Freedom Train with its historical. cultural and industrial exhibits in Albuquerque in February 1976. o The Wagon Train Pilgrimage passing through New Mexico during February and March 1976. a The US. Armed Forces Caravan with 16 vans of military history visiting our State in April. 1976. All in all. New Mexico can be proud of the quality of its Bicentennial programs. the absence of commercialism. and the involvement of every community. In the National Bicentennial Communities program. which is designed to involve every community in the national celebration. it is estimated that 90 percent of the communities in New Mexico will be official Bicentennial Communities by 1976'. The Bicentennial has come alive and the “do it yoursell“ spirit is taking over. Despite its rough beginnings. the outlook for America's 200th birthday is' bright. It‘s turning out to be a success. Don’t let events slip past you unattended. Don‘t let it happen without you. Don't let the Bicentennial pass you by! — Carolyn Sudberry Albuquerque Bicentennial Coordinator




'l‘hursday, October 2 12:00—5:00 PM

Registration -— Press and Pilots Albuquerque Convention Center

Friday. October 3 9:00-9:00 PM 12:00-6:00 PM

Saturday, October 4 7:00 AM

Registration — Press and Pilots Albuquerque Convention Center

Welcome to Albuquerque and Commencement Ceremonies Simms Launch Site International Salute Ascension

8:00 AM

1st Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta Event

12:00-6:00 PM

International Balloon Parade. Central Avenue (US. 66)

Balloon Trade Show and Displays Albuquerque Convention Center

1:30 PM

Balloon Federation of America Board of Directors Open Meeting Albuquerque Convention Center

2:00 PM

(Children's Theatre Production “Jack and the Beanstalk" Rodey Theatre. UNM)‘

7:30 PM 8:00 PM 8:15 PM

All Day

Sunday, October 5 6:00 AM

No—Host Bar and John Q “Blew-it" Awards Party Four Seasons Inn

(Multi'~Media Performance by Albuquerque Dance Theatre dance. chotr', instrumental, music University of New Mexico — Teller Hall)‘ (Arts Fair‘ -— Performing Arts Group, Arts & Crafts Booths Albuquerque Civic Center Plaza)‘

“Albuquerque Journal Day" (events and trophies sponsored) Sunrise Prayer Service Simms Launch Site lst World Championship Balloon Event

8:00 AM

Fiesta Balloon Events

2:00 PM


No llml liar and limlvwm Inn 7 0

Mm I’M

damn l‘v Svmpn Santa Fe, New M


«Uri-or Canon in (irccr (warm The

Monday. October 6

"(v'uwrnor‘s Dav"

7:00 AM

2nd World Champ

8:00 AM

Fimta Balloon Ex


Trade Show and 1 Albuquerque Cont l

1:30 4:3!) PM

Ballooning Seminal Albuquerque Com. .

l t

Tuesday. October 7 6:30 10:00 AM


Ballooning Seminal Simms Launch Sif'

7:00 AM

3rd World Champ,

8:00 AM

Fieqa Balloon Ev.’

1:30-4:30 PM

. 9. Ballooning Semini Albuquerque Can

(Greer Garson in “Madwoman of Chaillot" Greer Garson Theatre. College of Santa Fe, New Mexico)"

7:00 AM

12:00—6:00 PM

Trad» 3mm .\ llruq :lrrqm. Gilt (M

Balloon Trade Show and Displays — Entertainment Albuquerque Convention Center


10:30 AM

6:00 7:00 PM


Wednesday, October 8 6:30-10:00 AM

Ballooning Semint‘,I Simms Launch Sit;

7:00 AM

4th World (1181111

8:00 AM

Bicentennial Ball All Red, Whitet'

1:30-1:30 PM

8:00-12:00 PM

Ballooning Semi": Albuquerque Con International Bi Bicentennial and Albuquerque Co

Trade Show and Displays Albuquerque Convention Center (Children's Theatre Produetion “Jack and the Beanstalk" Rodey Theatre, UNM)‘

*NOTE: Non Balloon Fie'stl EM“ Press available at Pilots and


PRESENTS rawings « Balloonists and Displayers Only ntion Center

Thursday, October 9 7:00 AM

,hntq "Blew—it" Awards Party Town

y Orchestra n'co)‘ dadwoman of Chaillot" Lre, College of Santa Fe. New Mexico)’

8:00 AM

Celebrity Race — Including Air Force Thunderbirds

5:00 PM

Air Force Thunderbirds Appearance Albuquerque International Airport

7:30 PM

No-Host Bar and John Q “Blewyit” Awards Party Sheraton Old Town Inn

Fn'dny. October 10

Jnship Balloon Event nts

isplays mtion Center

5th World Championship Balloon Event

"Budweiser Fiesta Day"

7:00 AM

Standby Weather Day for World Championship Event

8:00 AM

Fiesta Balloon Events

7:30 PM.

Noeflost Bar Sheraton Old Town Inn

All Day

(Arabian Horse Show — U.S. National Championships New Mexico State Fairgrounds)‘I

.‘ntion Center

Saturday, October 1] 7:00 AM 8:00 AM )nship Balloon Event

8:00—12:00 PM

Standby Weather Day for World Championship Event Fiesta Balloon Events 1975 World Hot Air Balloon Championships Awards Banque Albuquerque Convention Center


All Day

(Arabian Horse Show New Mexico State Fairgrounds)‘

antion Center Sand-y. October 12 6:00 AM 7:30 AM nship Balloon Event l Ascension llue Balloons Ascend Together

12:00 Noon All Day

Sunrise Prayer Service Simms Launch Site Mass Ascension and Bicentennial Celebration Farewell to Albuquerque (Arabian Horse Show New Mexico State Fairgrounds)‘

ntion Center

ennial Balloon Ball (1776 Theme) lloonists Costumes Encouraged


ntion Center

Inter-en Are Shown in' Parenthen‘l. Information on scenic tours and other attractions is

gistratio'n Headquarters. Albuquerque Convention Center.

$3: §W$ §W 34%?W‘A§£$fi imfikWK‘Qw Wfi’i‘

£5) a E: E'El E! El GD El G 4% i? 232 fi éfimflfi éwfiM fiM fi flfi m‘fi

§ K§W§Wfi€§



mmzssmmasaasmxsasmmxsmmemzm MQMQ

graph flight profile test. a ("oyote Roadrunner race. a convergent navigational train-tile I(‘\t"T) raCe. a Great Big Bender contest. and a Jack-intherBox contest. By far. the most challenging task is the burograph run. The pilot flies a prescribed flight pattern which is recorded by the harograph. a special on—board flight recorder which traces the balloons altitude profile with time. The CoyoteRoadrunner Race, more commonly known as the “Hare and Hound" race. tests the pilot’s ability to il‘ltl'lx' a lead balloon and land as close as possible to the lead balloon's final landing spot. murh the same as a pack of Coyotes ll’dt'l'i down an elusive Roadrunner. The lx‘o idrunner, with an early start, tries to 11 wit the cunning Coyotes as they : cuver at various altitudes in search of ds: to carry them to the target balloon. fhe CNT event is a precision naviga» .‘l flight requiring excellent judgment wind patterns to converge on a fixed wt on .t.he ground' Thls conteSt Lakes he exctting atmosphere of the old-time

First World Hot Air Balloon Championships

Photo b.‘ DlCl‘ “Hm”






uni-m iurrbombing airplane races since the balloonist will likely score higher if he is also a good homliimlier. The {till/is in n iiloons outside a specified radial distance from the target and select. by their own judgment. llu v. lll<l\ that u il;I I“ -, ‘VA 1 Itll‘," out near enough to the target to drop their streamered markers for a good Score. One of the more difficult competitive events is the Great Big Bender, designed to test 1hr inloi's uhiliti~ to m: no .o: ariv'uv hange ofdirections — not an easy task since the balloon is completely at the mercy of ilu» \\ ind 'l‘h¢ .urrondut inflow ~ his h. m: . he launch field and flies a pre-determined distance before his first landing where he leai I‘\ a rinirn‘wr on the month The s to 'illkt’ the greatest angle possible between the first line of flight and a second line of flight vi hich ;\ irrminutml xx ith u. wmnu i Elthough a perfect score would be an angle of 180 degrees, it is seldom that a balloon :n magi-x in rt-turn to 1's ltuw The Jack-in-the—Box is a test of the pilot‘s speed in inflating his balloon and flying across is I no :u some pm» (lett-rtniitm. o. lisually a mile or so downwind. This event. takes on the flavor of a LeMans start with S'IOpWN'Etlt'li precision. It‘s :1 I‘t‘.tl «rot \ r, Not all sport ballooning is characterized by high-pressured competition, in fact, it l\lht'l‘\1't‘}illnn I‘thherthzm thr :- .o " :':~ encompasses non-serious fun rallies or just wind-drifting for the sheer pleasure of it (ill. When you fly in a balloon, you are suspended in time and space. The world. with all of its trials. troubles. and 71‘ ,n n w \ 12- * vw away from you. You drift with the wind — you become part of the wind 7 destination unknoxxn. Ballooning is good times with good friends, New ballooning enthusiasts are most welcome and cncoumged to 'n‘ '1 (l... activities which take place every weekend around the world. Wherever you are, all you nt‘l'f‘l to do is mmr out littlllnllilllfl l\ll~vili‘ll1‘_l «ls»

is .l ll.’ill\" ,: hm- it in


ii» rt


,"H-illii to "* \"H


you lie llllt‘l‘t‘\lt d it; 'hi \f‘tfl‘i . xx litllltum hcdi-mlluu o'. ,\it‘<".‘i\'tt o'lll. “Milo—tit Sll‘t‘t'l \f‘W. “fix I)_(‘. glitltli. 'l‘ht


ptili.x\lio-\ . m

t1tl.‘ll‘lt'l‘l\_ tuned/int «'itllt‘ll liitlltiw "c itillooning offers a t1"'.r;-llt* r‘ili'xv.‘


genuine t'omrzidoslirp Mill .:i."'it:mm'i:r \[)iI‘ll that is \i-r\_ much it, (“Iii‘vtifi'i' with the Spirit of ~To the ‘ "u {1' Bicentennial Your. .lotu us It's . :vi'.:\‘ Just one long blast of the burn ~ you are free detached from all Mirth]. things. An m'cusionnl spurt of lit-.ii lumps the air hot and the balloon buoyant. .\v.:d there you flout 7 literally float in air. H} controlled cooling, either naturally or lay opening a small side \vm. \‘uu m." descend, touch the top of trees. splitsh 2r: lazy rivers. or drift slowly ll levy inches off the face of this. «"dl'lll. Apply more hmz. and you run ascend owr Iiii‘tlltldiih. valleys. and the selllvmt’nts‘ of our plant-t. Ballooning is the Ullliiidlt‘ (\pri'ience in flight » it is flight \Mllti‘ltl \\lliL’~' it w) limit u. l‘htiirmun liF.\ l'L-.v muons('omtuittm'


Photo courtesy of Far East Balloon Club


Miwxiinmr. Cameron 0-84

Norway AX-B '



Mr. Klingberg _ a civnl engineer became int balloons In 1969. He received his pilol license incrested in 1973 and has Since logged over 105 hours. He is chairman of the Oslo Balloon Club. which he srarted.

Jesus Gonzalo: Green Tormenta

Janne Balkedal Gabriella

Mldl‘ld.$Plln AX-6


Mr. Green. a TV reporter. has logged over 59 hours in hot air balloons.


Geiiersgatan 3 Cameron 0-84

Mr Balkedal started ballooning In 1970 ll" Engla. then, he has logged over 200 hours He emoys flyv’. midnight sun across the Arctic Circle He came :l the World Hot Air Balloon Championships "

SP0LA"‘ WK?"

Mr. Grossman—Madsen, a Kapman. is a board member of the Swedish Balloon Federation. He was the first to drop a parachutist in Sweden and holds altitude (23.13510 and speed (97 km in 1 hr. 50min.) records in Sweden. He has logged over 89 hours of pilot in command lime.

Thoma 00mm! N1261F '

lowl. USA Barnes FireFly

over 350 Mr German. a corporation presudenl. has flown hours In hm air balloons smce recewmg has pilot rating. He IS a lull time balloonlst who enjoys his work

KarlGusun Silverslolpe

Danderyd. Men

Mr. Silverslolpe, a student. received his license in 1973. He has logged over 85 hours.

. .../._':/ David E. Modem: Spirit of Michigan


Ull Shbi Ruth


Sweden AX S

Cameron 0784

Mr. Slabl. a sea captain has been ballooning since 1973 and enjoys the sport He also ‘lles a seaplane and as a teenager enjoyed three years 5? «ea before bP(n’Vl|fig a sea captain He had “"5 bro rm: im 3n those competing for the Sn f in '64'

R Mldilun. USA Piocard AX-5

Mr. Medema. a commercial balloonist, has over 270 hours offlying time. He became interesled in ballooning in 1968 and received his pilot rating in 1970. He is one at the two pilots to cross Lake Michigan by hot air balloon.


David H. Sumner 5170‘...“ Eu Mr Scheme: the U.S He logged ovev Championsl:

13 "r: mm. ‘ .' . ,

Granna. Sweden Cameron 084 AX-7


Axel Grossman—Madun Omen ll SE-ZZV


A medal for Johnny. l!



Whvn \'Hll giw hiiii lhi> nmlzil. xx lllL‘ll it loll hiiii of lhv heritage 11 ‘1' stands. For i)£l11l Rm l're. llll’ limliin Sll\'(’ll\‘llllll1,\Vlllllllllllt‘llll’llllll April 18.177.)".nizidvhislvgvimlzir; ride to lxxxiiig'lun U > \\ zirn lhr L‘il17zt‘nry,“/'71v[fir/('rirI/xrm ‘ priming." it 11 And i1 ir the .\limileiiil)ii. in those men \\ hm fell ('11 i,<*\_'1i“g‘ii Oiniiiiiin [ll] lhc niurniiigu‘i April 19, 17751119 first Ami-:1: (11>unlikxwffilieshot hmrl; round Ihc \wrld." 1‘1 >r all the 11121ng 1111‘} All illl.‘,l(ll11111'\\f (111(1 \.21lllZV1ii‘l\ and Johhcrliéilis \\l1H."H<(’ 1‘ o qrier oniwf the niighiii-xl " " . ii uru‘s logflin the l'rwrir held so dear for 211ml is: 13‘ “-



Mr 1', hour 197? lurk par; ' _ Sl’HC



Cllflornll. USA. AX~6

way a prolessional balloomsl has logged over 685 hot air balloons since receivmg his pilot rating in 2 has flown mosr brands ol balloons manufacv I also flies planes, gliders and has made aboul 50 e lumps. He came in 3rd in the US. Champion2975 and 12th in 1974.

. drnoSieger ’ '5

Cameron A-105

West Germany AX-8

‘ Sieger, a consulting engineer, has logged over 1000 ' Jrs in balloons. 500 of which are in hot air balloons. He ‘7 :ewed his tree balloon license in 1961 and participated the First World Hot Air Balloon Championships.

Hoinx Mondt Westfalen


West Germany AXV7 Brightonos

Mr, Mondt, an LPG specualisi. has made over 17 gas balloon ascensions and 96 hot all’ balloon ascenSIons


Pam's F. Serenfl [my

Eugen Wothe Pilskrone

Cameron 077

West Germany AX-7

Mr. Woihe. a journalist and director of TV and movres, has been a gas balloonist since 1964 and logged over 156 hours. Since 1970, he has logged over 500 hours in hot alr balloons. He holds the German altitude record and also made the first hot air night (light over Germany. He came in 3rd in the German National Championships in 1975.

IH Izmzw'off/1w? 1m )2 and mi 1'; dads. HIV Cling/"(xx riff/1i (7211‘ch 5mm, I‘IIH'IHg/I 111i Ame/7(a): melzrfzmz [iii‘i‘n/i Imz'a/ Admmzsh'atiwz. [ms {SWIM/111's mmmc'mw‘am'4’ HIM/(1].


Mr McCormack. a compuier systems engineer. has logged over 60 hours In hot air balloons.

Send check or money order to ABBA, 130. Box 1976 M San Francisco. Calif. 94101 $15.00 [or out-h sil\ or modal ’ (limit: 3 per order) ,_ $3.50 for each banv nwrlul Q .- l". (limit: 4 per nrtlt‘rl -

Beecralt, Australla AX-6




Terence P. McCormack Janus Cook


Abruzzo, Ben Ahern, James Albers, George Anderson, Maxie Ashworth, John Baldo, James Baltzell, Kent Barz, Donald Ba rz, Pat Benson, Bob Bledsoe. Hap Bohmbach, Larry Bradley, Dennis Brown, Dick Bruso, Jim Busse, William Cameron, Don Claffey, Frank

Mariah Tambien Jolly Roger Orion Mariah Tambien Harvey Wallbanger Moody Blue Viking lll Black Magic Black Magic Ziggy Stardust Resthoven Sod Buster Natural High Blue Dragon Keep Smiling Lucky 7 Golly Oso-Negra Sabina Kaleidoscope

Cleland, Curtis Clifford, Ron Comstock, Bruce Corlew, Michael Crawford, Harden Dawson, Robert Deafenbaugh, Chuck Dunn, Chauncey Edman, Mike Eisenberg, Leo Farnham, Mick Fleck, Dennis Forbes. Malcolm Flynt, Bill Gabel, Thomas Gallagher, Ray Gottlieb. Kurt Gunter, Darryl Hardin, Bill

Harrison, L.D. Hebrlee, Bud Hoover, Frank Hyde, William Jenkinson, Alec John, Robert Kennedy, Joseph Kerley, Eddie

GNumber N54708 N 118AS N 54708 N86US N8513L N13KB N546 59 N 54659 N48344 N7295L N8565L N616DB N2078 N5217 N51520 N919MF N1253F N48084 N8616L N38AC N51550

Dust Devil Tulip Bluebonnet Sundance Deax Cheveaux Montana Mining Co. Gum Ball Machine Nuee Ardent Sabina Sabina Turquoise Bandit The Magic Twanger

N 1995R N 54689 N2026F N60AA N919MF N919M F N54723 N8TE

Cactus Jack Sky Chariot Windfall Shrine Balloon Highjack The Lite Fantastic Harvey Wallbanger Beatrice Whiz Bang Tejas Rubaiyat

N7IOCJ N1969R N7299L N1074R Nwl89 NW5 N%US GBAGY N2012F N93DP N1259F

“Hometown Albuquerque. NM Cary, IL. W. St. Paul. MN. Albuquerque, NM Albuquerque NM Albuquerque, NM San Antonio, TX. Albuquerque, NM Albuquerque. NM Albuquerque. NM Wichita, KS. Houston, TX. Seattle, WA, Albuquerque, NM Parsons, KS. Las Vegas. NV. Bristol, England Albuquerque. NM Peapack, NJ Napa, CA. Ann Arbor. MI, Lubbock. TX. Gladstone. NJ Albuquerque. NM Richmond. VA. La kewood. CO. El Paso, TX Kansas C'ty. ,‘lv‘lC Cupertsrvo, :2 Far Hii's if: Far l‘w'i'v .,, Rosv r Urbava Newt.) Cube». ,


Albuquel .. Dallas, TX. Albuquerque, NM Garden City. KS. Wichita, KS. Albuquerque, NM London Eng-3mm Allx'iqu rHQ‘A, ‘ " Odtf v3



Kernaghan. James Kerston, Don Lamere. Edward Lewis, Mike Mann, Dudley March, Doug

The Grape Escape Merope Albatross Finamint Prairie Schooner Purple Passion Zia Zia Discovery 1 Mariah Aurora Borealis Rosy Baby Nomad Raven Free Spirit Smiley Eye Opener Kindred Spirit Kindred Spirit Cracker Jack Sunflower Serendipity Tamiment Skybird Jammy Natural High Rainbow Ryder The Grand Duke Sunflower Roadrunner Blackbird

McConnell,Thomas MD McConnell, Thomas ll Mesnard, David Miller, Bill Miller, Robert Munday. Dick Murtorff, Bill Olivier, Orv Reinhard, Dewey Rice. J.P. (Buddy) Robison, Roland Romero. Nelson Rouse. Colvin Ruppenthal, Marge Salyer, Ray Schlather, Harold Sparks, Bob Strand, Bob Tarzi. Safia Torgerson, Lorie Vale. J.M. Whitlow, Jerry Wilson, Greg Wilson, Mark Winker. Jim

First World Hot Air Balloon Championships

CNumber N51518 N88952 N7271L N81US N2M09 NSISM N1912N N1912N N73DM N5148O N1983R N5US N1992 NSSDR N1183R N2M23 NZOKS NZOKS NIOOPT N8646L N9803L N1US N20158 GBBYL N8565L N51557 N90556 N8M6L N1954R N54704

CHometown Ft. Collins. CO, Fort Dodge. IA. Tampa. FL. Ft. Worth. TX. El Paso. TX. Albuquerque. NM Albuquerque. NM Albuquerque. NM Boulder. CO. Phoenix.AZ. Atwood, KS. Olympic Valley. CA Houston. TX. Sioux Falls. SD Colorado Springs. CO Albuquerque. NM Parsons. KS. Tampa FL. Tampa. FL. Albuquerque. N'i" Garden City. KS Albuquerque, NM Gladstone. NJ Mundelein. ll. L0ndon.Eng4â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;i3."i1d Seattle. WA Cupertino. CA Albuquerque. NMAlbuquerque. NM Albuquerque. NM Sioux Fails. SD

Photos by Jerry Ruse

1975 War” Hut Ki; Banana Ghampx‘nnshig An Open Letter to All Contributors and Volunteers:

The successful staging in Albuquerque of the 7975 World Hot Air Balloon Championships and Festival was a team effort and you were a most important member of that team. An important event of this magnitude requires generous financial support and the per wa/ efforts of many people. As all of us know so well, it just doesn’t "happen. ” But all {/7057 ho chose to get involved, felt the objective — a successful program — was worth all we "d put into it. Whatever the nature of your particular contribution to this wonderful combiner.’ ' we sincerely thank you on behalf of the Mayor’s Balloon Fiesta Committee.

Many thanks,

RARE. Fm. Betty B. Perkins Chairperson Mayor’s Balloon F/e'sta Commit:



,.G,ra,p,/71€ L“ l» 1 [3 l' 1-) Dragon Ir,“ Log. by, ul<guercme Printing



l / #3

‘> y, awn (Cover) Balloon Club 'r



J r.‘




Ski mot me; the 01 rug Ho que

N; w Mexico . it’s all here the aspen and fir covered n5...backpaok to the alpine Is and glacier H open country where legends west begant..see a land of :anyons, immense caverns and mg deserts...experlence the uni— arm of three cultures.

Ne." ‘/l»e><‘s another world.

For lnlormation: Toun'st Division (Dept. B) 113 Washington Avenue Santa Fe. New Mexico 87503

welscl‘ hi -er

W9 knowo

f . ts so mu h C ) f o "o 5r wh \ch 905 few and”



Profile for Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta

Official 1975 Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta program  

The official program of the 1975 Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta

Official 1975 Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta program  

The official program of the 1975 Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta