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New Brews to Try This Month Drew Baker, Polonza Bistro “Hot Brewed Iced Coffee” We’re rolling out a new style of iced coffee that replicates the flavor and nuance of hot filter coffee without any of the negative effects from cold brewing.

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King Crimson Sparkling Tea We brew a delicious herbal tea and top with sparkling water for a super refreshing summer tea. Denise Berry, The Leisure Club Finca Takesi Typica Organic Bolivia: (Direct Trade) This spectacular coffee is directly sourced from an organic farm in the Sud Yungas region. It is considered  an  Intelligentsia “in season” offering  for its remarkable  freshness,  harvested in October. At altitudes reaching 2,500 m.a.s.l., Finca Takesi is the highest coffee farm in the world. Extreme temperature shifts between day and night slow cherry maturation, resulting in sweet, intense flavors of kiwi, green grape and candied ginger. Calle Copey- Costa Rica Limited Release (Direct Trade) Sourced from three producers in the District of Copey in Costa Rica, this is a new micro-lot offering from the Flecha Roja project in the Tarrazu region. The coffee has bright flavors of pineapple and white grape  perfectly balanced with a honey finish. Direct trade and an in season offering, harvested just five months ago.   Featured Espresso: Sugar Glider (Direct Trade) Sugar Glider is an Intelligentsia seasonal espresso that emphasizes the sweetness and softness of  Southern Hemisphere coffees from the Americas and Africa.  The current offering is a symphony of coffees from Rwanda, Colombia, El Salvador.  Jellied fruits and caramelized sugars characterize this balanced, syrupy blend. Philip Switzer, Constant Coffee & Tea Drinks From the “Fancy Glass” Menu Launching in June Espresso Tonic The Espresso Tonic is artisan tonic with our house espresso and a flamed orange. It’s herbal and sweet and complex. Cafe Chantilly The Cafe Chantilly is our take on a Espresso Con Panna. We use a house made white chocolate chantilly cream and top it with our house espresso.

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