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Editor’s Note This summer, my mother was happy to host all of her children and grandchildren for much of the season. To celebrate, she purchased an armada—no ships, mind you, but multiple kayaks and paddleboards for all of the kids to enjoy. What a blast! We’ve enjoyed spending time on the waterways and we intend to spend even more as the warm months linger on. There is something so peaceful about paddling yourself out and just enjoying the natural beauty that surrounds us. While August in Pensacola might seem a bit hot for an outdoor focused issue of Pensacola Magazine, the truth is there is still plenty of opportunity to get outside and enjoy all of the incredible landscapes our region has to offer. This year, we have focused on a variety of trail options—hiking, kayaking and birding. Each of these categories hosts multiple trails that are part of larger Florida-wide trails. Looking at all of these gorgeous outdoor options and their respective designations really makes one appreciate this specific area of the world that we live in. We also profile a few good spots for exploring what’s under the water via snorkeling and fishing—two favorite water community pastimes. It’s also turtle season along the Gulf Coast and it’s so important for locals and visitors alike to understand the way in which humans impact this fragile species and to learn the ways in which they can limit those impacts. Chances are, if you’ve seen some vibrant and detailed paintings of fish around town—on tournament brochures, t-shirts, hats or canvases—it’s likely the work of local artist Alan Woolford, whom we have profiled in this edition as well. If you’re not familiar with his work, you are in for a treat. I hope something in this issue piques your curiosity and inspires to get outside and have some fun. Here’s to enjoying our uniquely stunning and diverse Emerald Coast! Happy Trails!

Kelly Oden Executive Editor



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Pensacola Magazine, August 2019  

Pensacola Magazine, August 2019