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Resolutions You Can Keep This Year


It’s a New Year, which means it’s once again time for New Year’s resolutions. If you’re anything like me, you’ll start in good faith and then just be overwhelmed by the whole thing. That’s why Downtown Crowd offers you six, easy-to-accomplish resolutions that will help you ring in 2018 the right way!

Work Out Once

Spend Less Money By Making Less Money

Getting healthy is hard. Between counting calories, the gym and having to be ‘dedicated’ to something, it kind of just falls apart. Instead of trying to lose a certain number of pounds, make it your goal to work out only one time. Maybe lift a heavy brick or run a treadmill but complain about it the whole time. Then the rest of the year you can say you’re “working on it,” and no one would be able to call you out – because that would be rude of them.

We live in uncertain times, and we wonder if our paychecks will be enough to get us through the next month. In order to help keep your wallet a little heavier, spend less money by actually making less money. If you get a paycut or your taxes go up, it’ll incentivize you to save because if you don’t, you might literally go homeless and hungry. There is nothing like the looming threat of disenfranchisement to really help make you balance your pocketbook.

If you do want help becoming healthier this New Year, join the YMCA and look into one of their countless health and wellness classes. For more information, visit

If you do want help saving some money this New Year, visit Navy Federal Credit Union or Members First Credit Union of Florida for financial advice and guidance.

If you want to travel more this New Year, Pensacola International Airport is offering direct flights to major locations like Chicago and Denver. For more information, visit

Organize Work You Won’t Do

Get Frustrated At Your Lack of Creativity

Buy A Book You Won’t Read

A messy desk supposedly tells of a creative mind, but you haven’t created anything since you did fingerpaints in preschool. You have trouble procrastinating and getting things done, so why not organize your life a bit. Lay out a schedule or organize your work in such a manner that you will miss every deadline and get just as little work done, but you’ll look like you know what you are doing. Life is all about keeping up appearances, so you can stay a stressed out mess as long as you don’t look like one.

Looking back on your art career (formerly mentioned fingerpaints included), you may feel like a creative hole needs to be filled. What better way then to fix that than going out, buying hundreds of dollars in art supplies, and then badly drawing a stick figure before giving up. Art requires years of practice and study, but what’s that worth if you can’t just slam out a Rembrandt in a few hours? At least that $150 easel can make a nice hipster-chic coat rack.

Life can be hectic and confining, but sometimes it can be good to curl up with a good book to expand your worldview. This year, pick up a book like David Foster Wallace’s Infinite Jest or Mark Danielewski’s House of Leaves — and just put that book right back down on your bedside table. Let’s face it: no one has time to read anymore, but if you are able to take an Instagram picture of the book so people know you have it, that’s just as good.

If you do want to be more creative this New Year, visit First City Art Center or the Pensacola Museum of Art. For more information, visit or

If you do want to read more this New Year, try visiting the Pensacola Library, Open Books, Hawsey’s Book Index or one of the Little Free Libraries scattered around town.

If you do want help becoming more organized and collaborating this New Year, visit the Cowork Annex to find a great place to work. For more information, visit

Never Stop Bragging About The One Time You Traveled The world is a big and beautiful place, and even just traveling across our own country is quite a feat. Why not take a trip this year, and then proceed to keep talking about that trip for the rest of your life? Whether it is over to Europe or just over to Alabama, your friends will never grow tired of you continually bringing up the ‘really enlightening and humbling trip’ at literally every social interaction you will have in the future.


Downtown Crowd Jan. 2018  
Downtown Crowd Jan. 2018  

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