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Made with love Kempinski Magazine Print & App


Brand communication can be this gorgeous. Brand, editorial concept, design. Over two decades experience providing communication expertise means we know how important it is that a magazine reflect brand values. As a corporate publishing agency, we utilise this discipline like a Trojan horse to intelligently and subtly transport brand values to readers.

REPORTS WITH EXTRAORDINARY INSIGHTS. Telling a good tale is one of our passions: exclusive, authentic and always tailored to meet reader interests.


High journalistic standards and creative design competence, intuitive understanding of client requirements and a passion for the extraordinary form the foundations of our work.


A worldwide network of journalists, authors and translators ensure the originality and the quality of the texts.


From planning the subject matter the final edition, every article is created in accordance with the highest standards.

ENTHRALLING INTERVIEWS OFF THE BEATEN PATH. We tell the stories behind the brands, behind the products and behind the people.

NO BEATING AROUND THE BUSH Straight-to-the-point interviews with strong characters provide target groups with the kind of entertainment they can relate to.


Readability, font weight, space requirements and visual impression – skilled typography both emphasises and enhances the content.


Appealing product pages – as an editorial feature or as a discreet product placement.


The right visual language, intelligent image orchestration and creative layouts make each article an eye-catcher.

PERFECTLY STAGED. Tailor made photo productions lend the magazine individuality and character.

INSPIRATION AND CREATION Extraordinary sets, exceptional photos and attention to detail.

PROFESSIONAL PHOTO SHOOTINGS Captured in the studio for perfect, individual editorials.

ART, CULTURE AND THE WORLD OF BEAUTIFUL THINGS. Stories about newcomers and trendsetters from the worlds of art, fashion, gastronomy and architecture provide an harmonious balance to reports covering the latest from traditional and renowned luxury brands.


Passion and inspiration for unusual subjects and rare impressions.


Simply letting the images do the talking.

THE RIGHT FIRST IMPRESSIONS The courage to include unconventional themes that surprise and stimulate.

AWARD-WINNING BRAND COMMUNICATION. We’re proud of the fact that of the many publications out there, ours is one of the best. How it’s done? By investing heart and soul into every single issue.


From the idea to the presses then the servers. Editing, layout, production and distribution – we take care of it all: print and app, paper and digital, staff publications and client magazines. App and online measures represent the perfect extension of printed media. They exist in a team of modern, integrated media technologies.

INCREASED CONTENT. INCREASED INTERACTION. INCREASED VALUE. The new Kempinski Magazine’s iPad app invites readers to embark on a digital journey of discovery through a world of beautiful things.

In addition to providing all of the content to be found in the printed magazine, the numerous functions built into the digital version afford readers extra images, improved colour contrast, more themes, expanded article-relevant information and complementary audio/video contributions. To complement and expand content marketing measures accessible through the iPads Kempinski is increasingly making available in its rooms and suites, the Kempinski Magazine’s new app was especially developed for Apple’s iOS and download from the iTunes Store. An Android version is also due to be released soon.


A fingertip placed on the lower edge of the iPad’s display opens a menu with a compact overview of all content, making it possible to quickly and easily jump to the selected article.


The magazine’s layout has been additionally developed and adapted for the app without diminishing the design relationship with the printed version. Reading is possible without having to continually rescale the text.


The digital nature of the Kempinski Magazine app makes it possible to perfectly blend text, image galleries, music, videos and links into a sensuous and tangible magazine experience.


Once the app has been downloaded, it can be read anywhere and at any time the users chooses, offline as well.


Bookmarks can be applied to individual pages so the reader can jump straight back into an article they haven’t finished reading, or mark anything of particular interest.

Simple and intuitive to use All of the app’s functions are intuitive and satisfyingly simple: swiping, tapping and dragging make all of the digital magazine’s content available. Multiple entertaining multimedia extras add to the reader experience.


The interactive nature and increased fun factor are designed to result in intensified reader usage.

DISCOVER MORE. Article content is complemented by interactive features that enrich the magazine experience by affording genuine additional benefits.


Out of the magazine onto the touchscreen – with more content, especially as it pertains to images.


Accurately navigating to the next/ previous section of an article requires nothing more than a short up or down swipe of the finger.


Image galleries that have been included as slideshows can be viewed with a swipe of the finger.

EXPERIENCE MORE. A single image can transform into a whole story.



Images and information are located on different layers, enticing the user to discover in their own way what the app has in store.

A simple touch returns the user to the primary image.

MORE MOVEMENT. While image size and functionality are restricted in printed materials, the app is the ideal platform to implement lots of large format photos and digital add-ons.

The information can be simply returned to the background once it has been read.


In addition to fitting sounds, the reader is provided with further information within a slideshow including designer and photographer backgrounds.


Fascinating images in captivating resolution.


Music and sounds enhance the multimedia experience.


From partial to complete financing. Ads, advertorials, sponsoring, product placements. As a full service provider with strong sales partners, we’re happy to take on the challenge of marketing your publication. The revenues can cover the production costs, or part thereof.

REACH FURTHER. An appropriate marketing concept – backed by an organised network that stretches across Europe – plays a crucial role in revenue generation.


Every issue is designed to inspire its readers with the perfect combination of interesting topics and enticing images.


Product portraiture can appear as a bonus to an ad, or booked as a paid placement.


Advertorials, competitions, promotions and theme specials are valuable measures that can subtly catch the attention of potential buyers.


Image, customer loyalty and sales promotion. Every year, companies located within German-speaking countries invest around 4.7 billion Euro in corporate publishing and branded storytelling. Driving this increasing trend is the proven positive effect they have on image, sales and customer loyalty. No other communication discipline brings so many KPIs to the table.

MORE IMPACT. The unfolding momentum of corporate publishing accompanies customers throughout their journey.

CP enables consistent brand presence with our clients.

83.3 %

CP has been successful in improving our corporate image.

We acquire new clients through CP.

CP increases demand and increases our revenues.

CP aids us in our customer loyalty endeavours.

Source: EICP basis study 2013 conducted on behalf of the Forum Corporate Publishing Association.

79,7 % 60,5 % 50,4 % 78,5 %

MORE COVERAGE. 85% of the companies within German-speaking countries engage in corporate publishing. 69% of these rely upon cross-media content marketing (print and digital).

69 %

Print media and digital media

6 %

Print media only

Source: EICP basis study 2013 conducted on behalf of the Forum Corporate Publishing Association.

9 %

Digital media only

15 % No CP

MORE PERFORMANCE. Specialists in classical brand communication and corporate publishing, balleywasl* provides the development and execution of corporate publishing measures as an integrated component in the communication mix. We trust this case study has proven useful and we look forward to answering in more detail just what our agency can do for you. balleywasl* stands for competent consulting and efficient performance: Tel. +49 89 38 19 20 or

THE KEMPINSKI MAGAZINE The Kempinski Magazine can be found at



The Kempinski Magazine app is available free of charge from Apple’s App Store.

The app video can be seen at

Thank you for your attention. The corporate publishing team at balleywasl*

Kempinski Magazine & App by balleywasl* (E)  

Specialists in classical brand communication and corporate publishing, balleywasl* provides the development and execution of corporate publi...

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