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Junior School

“What impresses me most is the happy confidence of the girls.� Parent

NHEHS girls are proud of their school and value kindness and laughter, fun and friendship

Outstanding facilities include library, hall, IT suite, fully equipped science lab, art and DT room, generous outside space for play and sport, a 25 metre indoor pool and a fabulous dining room.

Life at NHEHS is filled with interesting things to do and see, to discover and learn about When you walk through the doors of the school you can feel the buzz of lively, happy girls, all engaged in learning. Life at NHEHS is filled with interesting things to do and see, to discover and learn about. Our aim is that our girls achieve the highest academic standards at age 11, but this is only one aspect of our school. Visits, trips, speakers and special events are built into our curriculum and your daughter will have outstanding opportunities to develop her interests in a wide range of areas including music, drama, sport and art.

Words and pictures can only tell you so much about a school. We would love you to come and visit us, meet some of our girls and see for yourself what Notting Hill and Ealing Junior School can offer your daughter. I look forward to meeting you. Mrs Gabrielle Solti BA (Oxford), PGCE (London) Head, Junior School

Everyone can enjoy being part of a vibrant community and express their passion for learning and for life

An environment in which your daughter will feel happy and secure, and be herself

Girls know they can talk to all adults within the school, and they do. We listen to them and get to know them well. Everyone is encouraged to see themselves as part of the school, supporting and encouraging each other. We aim to teach a philosophy by which to live, based around the importance of treating each other with kindness and respect, listening to the opinions and feelings of others and valuing everyone’s contribution. Our links with a wide range of charitable and other organisations ensure we are always in touch with life beyond the school.

Our ‘open door’ policy means particularly close relationships with parents. You will find a warm welcome at school and plenty of opportunities to meet staff and share in your daughter’s progress. At NHEHS you will find yourself part of a community where everyone works together to provide an environment in which your daughter will feel happy and secure, and be herself.

“NHEHS has been a joyful addition to our family life; hearing about our daughter’s day is a highlight, as we see her confidence grow and her understanding of the world develop.” PARENT

You will find a lively love of learning and an exceptionally warm and supportive environment

As well as the fun and excitement of learning there is always so much going on here. You will see your daughter’s confidence grow as she discovers the rich menu of opportunity offered by music, drama, art and PE. There are choirs, orchestras, ensembles and groups: everything from percussion to flutes, from recorders to strings. End of year productions by every class combine drama, music and dance and everyone has the chance to perform. Examples of girls’ artwork are displayed on almost every wall and the artroom is full of their projects. The girls love PE and games, the chance to swim in the indoor pool or join a team and represent their school. Whatever they choose to do, the emphasis is always on taking part, enjoying yourself and doing your best.

“I love school, everyday.”

This prospectus should be read in conjunction with the accompanying information. This prospectus is for information only and does not form part of any contract between the parents and the GDST. This is because the prospectus has necessarily been prepared well in advance of entry of a pupil to the school, and inevitably, there may be subsequent alterations.

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Notting Hill and Ealing High School Prospectus  
Notting Hill and Ealing High School Prospectus  

The Junior School Prospectus for Notting Hill and Ealing Girls' School.