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Matt burns and jessica wilburn


ith menu items like shredded duck confit, curried lamb, herb quinoa, rutabaga, Gouda grits and crostini, you might expect the Barn Brasserie restaurant to be in a city like Lyon or Paris, France. But less than two miles from campus is where you’ll find this new establishment, housed in the old White River Landing building off of Charles St. in downtown. Walking into the restaurant, cozy brick walls lined with artwork from Yorktown’s “The Art Murmurs” club greet customers under the warm Ball Jar lights. These glass fixtures, surrounded by rustic farm wheels, are only one expression of the restaurant’s sense of community. “A lot of our staff grew up together here. It’s our connectedness and passion that make working here a joy,” says hostess and Ball State freshman, Katie Wilburn. “We will do anything for our customers and each other because we believe in this place and want it to succeed.” The master chefs behind the Barn’s red door, owners Matt Burns and Jessica Wilburn, are


pursued their passion by opening the Barn brasserie in june 2013.

the reason for this welcoming and relaxed, upscale experience. The couple met several years ago, a few blocks down the road at The Fickle Peach. After working long shifts cooking for Vera Mae’s and Taste of Texas in Muncie, Jessica and Matt enjoyed a beer and talked about one day owning their own place. Plans for this dream weren’t realized until they worked together at Oakwood Retreat Center in Selma, Ind. The kitchen’s philosophy for honest cooking taught them the benefits of sustainability. And when the opportunity came around, they didn’t hesitate to bring that wholesome, seasonal style to Delaware County on June 24, 2013. Of course, there are plenty of restaurants on McGalliard to eat an affordable meal with friends, but none quite like the Barn Brasserie—Muncie’s first of its kind. “There’s no other restaurant in Muncie that uses as much local and organic produce as we do. And we don’t serve something if it’s not top

Volume 5 // Issue 1  
Volume 5 // Issue 1  

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