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make it work More employers are ditching the newspaper ads, help wanted signs and Craigslist posts. Moser, supervisor of the Marketing Internship Program, said LinkedIn is fundamental in the job search. 41 percent of 2012 college graduates in the market for a job are using social media to help find one. 3.5 percent of job postings make it to the job boards like CareerBuilder and Monster.

IMAGE issues Keep the keg stand for Saturday night, not your Facebook profile. Moser suggests the allpurpose rule, “Don’t put anything on the internet you wouldn’t want your grandmother to see.” These are some reasons employers have turned way candidates:

The good news

• 11 percent had inappropriate photos.

You work hard on having a polished portfolio, so why not do the same for your profile? These employers were so impressed enough with these candidates’ social media presences that they hired them. Here are the reasons:

• 11 percent had negative comments.

39 percent gave a positive impression of personality and organizational fit.

• 11 percent demonstrated poor communication skills.

36 percent had a profile that supported professional qualifications.

• 13 percent lied about qualifications.

36 percent had a profile that showed creativity. 34 percent of the candidates had good references from others. 33 percent demonstrated good communication skills. 33 percent had a profile that showed candidate as being well-rounded.


• 9 percent had comments about personal drinking. • 10 percent had comments about taking drugs. • 11 percent had negative comments about former employers.

• 10 percent made derogatory comments.

• 7 percent shared confidential information from previous employer

why you need a linkedin

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One out of 20 LinkedIn profiles belong to a recruiter, HR, or sourcing professional. Employers are checking references online before inviting job seekers to interviews. LinkedIn is the preferred place by employers to find professional information about you.

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Volume 5 // Issue 1  

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