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performing opportunities at muncie civic theatre join ball state students and muncie residents s Muncie Civic Theatre’s executive director, Todd Sandman strolls through the historic building’s upstairs hallway; he pauses in front of the main rehearsal room, where Ball State students and Muncie community members bring scripts to life. The space is decorated wall-to-wall with mirrors and racks of stage clothing. Piles of “Annie” script books are stacked in neat rows and chairs are scattered across the dark wooden floors. You can almost picture the production in the making. People of all backgrounds, ages, shapes and sizes put in countless hours preparing for shows, which sometimes include pulling 12-hour workdays. For Linda Sherfick, a junior theatre directing major at

Ball State, it’s time well spent. Acting at Muncie Civic has shown her that getting to know the world around you is a valuable experience. “Community theatre is such an interesting place because there is a balance between creating art and building a community,” Sherfick says. “We are not doing it for the money but to create community. Some of the closest people in my life came from Civic.” Sherfick, who has been in the theatre for 11 years, recently directed her first show at “The Cave” theatre on Ball State’s campus. She was also offered to direct an upcoming show titled “The Eight: Reindeer Monologues,” which will run at Muncie Civic in December. Not all who perform at Muncie Civic are as experienced as Sherfick, but all experience levels are welcome to participate. Zach Tabor, who is now a junior acting major, began his freshman year of college as an advertising major and ex-football player. “One of my friends on the football team, his mother dragged me to audition for ‘The Odd Couple.’ They put me on stage and said ‘read this script,’” Tabor says. “I had always been the funny guy but I never thought acting could be a career for me.” Shortly after his initial reading, Tabor auditioned for entrance into the theatre department at Ball State. And in the spring of 2012, he performed in Muncie Civic’s “Chicago.” After switching majors he is now preparing for his role as Daddy Warbucks in “Annie.” He appreciates the freedom and diversity that comes

Alexandra Kocoshis, the pianist for Muncie Civic Theatre’s production of Annie, leads the Oct. 14 rehearsal in downtown Muncie, Ind.


Volume 5 // Issue 1  
Volume 5 // Issue 1  

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