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Meet: alex sollman

Year: junior major: fashion merchandising and apparel design Outfit details

Denim vest, Flannel Shirt and Dress: Goodwill, Boots:, Necklace: thrift store in Alabama

my style in three words Unusual, weird and fun

who or what influences your style?

If I think something is cool or unique, I just have to buy it. I try to find things that not everyone would own.

What is your favorite store?

It’s a tie between Urban Outfitters and other thrift stores. I can always find something “out there,” and they are good mediums to fix old and new pieces together.

what is one piece that you would never throw away?

I found a knee-length dress from a Goodwill store in Boston. It has lion and tiger heads print with black fur running down the sleeves. It was made in France for $780, and I found it for a couple of bucks.

What piece do you always find yourself wearing?

I never leave the house without a gold necklace. They finish off my outfit, which I’m all about being over the top.

fall must-have accessory

Beanies help out a bad hair day and make an outfit look better.

dream clothing item I want an over-the-top couture piece. I might not ever wear it out, but I would definitely rock it.

why do you dress the way you do?

I love to just have fun with fashion. Without the fun, there’s no point. I don’t like to look like everyone else and I love to stand out. Mixing and matching prints and styles creates interest. Everyday I can start over and be a new person with my clothes.

Volume 5 // Issue 1  
Volume 5 // Issue 1  

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