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Gaming addiction can disrupt a gamer’s acedemic and social life

Law was one of those dedicated fans excited about its release. “The first time you get a game you just want to get it into your console so you can play it and feel the adrenaline rush,” Law says. “You don’t know what’s going to happen. It’s like watching a movie you’ve never seen before. You’re playing and there is a plot twist like a gun battle you didn’t see or a car chase, so there are definitely emotions that come with gaming.” No matter how fun and entertaining video games are, there is still the chance of addiction. According to The American Medical Association 90 percent of young Americans play video games and approximately 15 percent may be addicted. Video games such as World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy XI have put warning labels or reminders to not over use games and to not forget about friends, families, academics and work. These warnings are to be taken seriously by its users to balance both gaming reality and actual reality. Law tries to be consciously aware of how much time he is gaming. Law wasn’t always as responsible with his gaming. A few summers ago he struggled with gaming addiction. “I got Modern Warfare 2, my first addictive game that I had ever played and that summer I did absolutely nothing but play video games,” Law says. “I didn’t have a job at the time…so I played that game from the time I got up to the time I went to bed and nothing else. There is definitely an addicting part to a game and if you don’t have responsibilities you can fall into it.” Shumaila Yousafzai, Zaheer Hussain and Mark D. Griffiths state in their academic article, “Social responsibility in online videogaming: What should

desperate for games In London, a man was stabbed and robbed for his copy of Grand Theft Auto V. In the U.S., three gamers impersonated police to cut in line. A mentally challenged man was attacked and robbed of the game on his way home. the videogame industry do?” that it can be difficult to determine whether someone is addicted to gaming and describes some of the symptoms. They say addiction disrupts the gamer’s social and academic life and their health. For example, the gamer may have trouble with friends, family or romantic relationship as well as feeling a craving or need to play the game. “I try not to get overwhelmed…video games are meant to be fast-paced and keep you engaged. So you have to have willpower to stop and go do the other things,” Law says. It’s important to Law to take breaks and enjoy other parts of life. “As much gaming as I do, I also try to be active by going out and playing wallyball, volleyball or football with friends and spend time away from it,” Law says. He plays club volleyball and has learned that there is a need for balance and control in life. He sometimes finds himself in situations where he has 30 minutes to play before heading to volleyball practice. He finishes one game and notices he still has 15 minutes until he needs to leave. So why not play one more…


Volume 5 // Issue 1  
Volume 5 // Issue 1  

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