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gamers have a difficulty pulling themselves away from their consoles story // Holly demaree PHOTOS // rick purtha illustrations // ashlee hayes

rand Theft Auto V was released on Sept. 17, 2013. Forty-eight hours later Josh Law, a freshman, architecture major at Ball State, beat the game. Standing in line for the midnight release, his excitement overshadowed the thought of an 8:00 a.m. class, and he played until 6:00 a.m. After classes he continued playing and the next day, Law repeated the process late into the night. Grand Theft Auto V’s release beat several Guinness World Records. It made $800 million dollars within 24 hours. It was expected to make $1 billion in the first month, but it surpassed that in the first three days making more than $3 billion. Due to the games popularity, crimes were committed in attempts to get the game for free or before other players.


Volume 5 // Issue 1  
Volume 5 // Issue 1  

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