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Film Type: Animation Genres: Comedy Runtime: 4 minutes 16 seconds Completion Date: July 1, 2015 Country of Filming: Slovenia 4 chickens living on a farm with a lazy roster and a grumpy old dog. The chickens become sad because they don’t lay enough eggs which disappoints their owner. But they soon find the solution in music and exercise.

Matarranz Eva Director Guenaut Florence Director Gomizelj Tom Producer Film Type: Documentary Runtime: 8 minutes 35 seconds Country of Origin: Slovenia Country of Filming: Slovenia


Žiga Stupica Director Žiga Stupica Animation Žiga Stupica Post production Sharma Yervelton Music

Half half

One working day. Macedonian, Bosnian and Albanian workers build the new slovenian railway.A mechanical working process in a greyish landscape, where orange safety suits distinguish their human figures. Serial of silent portrait,carried by the voices of those immigrant workers, absent of their lives.

We Have All Been Here Since Forever Peter Cerovšek, Neža Grum, Matevž Jerman Director Peter Cerovšek, Neža Grum, Matevž Jerman Writer Tom Gomizelj Producer Peter Cerovšek, Neža Grum, Juca Bonaca, Marko Manzini, Tomaž Pavkovic Key Cast Film Type: Documentary, Experimental Runtime: 12 minutes 29 seconds Completion Date: October 30, 2015



Film shares stories about experiences of coming into contact with inexplicable phenomena, with inserts of radio reports about refugees on EU borders.

Katalogu b3f 2016  

Balkan Film Food Festival 2016

Katalogu b3f 2016  

Balkan Film Food Festival 2016