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Ubud has many kinds of accommodations which made you even closer to the villagers such as home stay or private villas in more luxury and have more facilities.


Ubud Travel Guide

Ubud village is one of the tourist destination in Bali which promote the culture tradition and also arts of Bali. It is located on the center of the island with beautiful rice fields and also winding river which runs around the paddy fields. Apart from being one of the tourist destination in Bali, the village of Ubud since long time ago famous for its arts and crafts. This area is famous for its painting with many artists who have world acknowledgements.

Many painters from around the world also visiting this area and some of the even reside in Ubud. The Ubud village has the population around 100 thousand which most of its people speaks English moderately. This area got his wealth from tourism and also from its arts and crafts exports.

Featured Ubud Villa Villa Awang Awang Ubud is 4 bedrooms villa. Awang-Awang can be translated as “floating in the space between heaven and earth” – perfect description for this beautiful villa perched on the edge of a gorge with breathtaking views of the sacred Petanu River and lush tropical forest.

Ubud Travel Guide The Ubud village is also the source of fine private villas and fine resorts which most of them located on the top of the hill facing the big river below and wonderful view of paddy fields. A visit to one of the villages in Ubud then you will see that there will be a private villa tucked away from the villager’s houses. This will be the most sought after accommodation in Ubud today though since long time ago the village of Ubud has been known for its backpacker’s accommodation.

You can find many details information's about Ubud village from books and also from tourism websites. The information's will cover from the city itself to various facts and spots to visit around Ubud village and also not to mention the accommodation choices available there. This has been the pool of information for the Ubud village which makes many tourists keep on coming every year. Have you plan your vacation yet? If not then you are encourage to check out the Ubud village on the island of Bali. Learn as much information from various travel websites about the village, just for your information if coming to Ubud with family then try to check out the private villas in Ubud as your choice of accommodation. Have fun and enjoy your vacation in Bali.

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Ubud Travel Guide  
Ubud Travel Guide  

This area famous for its painting with many artists who have world acknowledgement. Many painter from around the world also visiting this ar...