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Ubud has many kinds of accommodations which made you even closer to the villagers such as home stay or private villas in more luxury and have more facilities.

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Must Try Restaurants in Ubud Ubud is one of the island of Bali tourism spot. One of the places in Bali which offer beautiful setting, cooler climates and also lovely evening surrounding which will make your vacation like never before. Located in central part of Bali which suitable for having a family vacation or your honeymoon. If you love to see the Balinese culture and being close to the villagers then Ubud is the best place to stay.

Ubud has many kinds of accommodations which made you even closer to the villagers such as homestay or private villas in more luxury and have more facilities. Though some others accommodation also available, these kind of accommodation is mostly recommended when staying in Ubud for your vacation. You will be able to have your privacy but at the same time getting to know the villagers better.

Featured Ubud Villa Villa Awang Awang Ubud is 4 bedrooms villa. Awang-Awang can be translated as “floating in the space between heaven and earth” – perfect description for this beautiful villa perched on the edge of a gorge with breathtaking views of the sacred Petanu River and lush tropical forest.

Must Try Restaurants in Ubud If you have decided to stay in Ubud then you might wonder what kind of restaurants you will find there. If you are first time to come to the island then you don’t have to worry about food in Ubud. Ubud offer various kind of food to sample from traditional Balinese to European delicacies. But for the sake of this article, here are some of the must try restaurants in Ubud Bali. 1. Babi Guling Ibu Oka (Oka Suckling Pigs) This is the traditional Balinese food that you should try. Located in front of Ubud palace. It has several locations, one in front of the palace, the other one is north from this spot and the last one located near from the Rudana art museum. (See the map of Ibu Oka suckling pigs here)

2. Kedewatan Nasi Campur (Mixed rice in Kedewatan) This is another Balinese food that you should try. Located around 15 minutes from central Ubud to the west in the village of Kedewatan, you will find this restaurant on the right hand side from Ubud. It’s a mixed rice with vegetables, chicken in various way of cooking and satay. (See map of Kedewatan Nasi Campur here)

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3. Bebek Bengil (Dirty Duck) Well known restaurant in Ubud with unique Balinese culinary. It’s mainly a restaurant serving a steam duck with myriad of spices and then being deep fried until very crispy. Try to get seat at the back of the restaurant with nice view of paddy fields. (See map of Dirty Duck here)

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Must Try Restaurants in Ubud