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No. 65  September 11 - 24, 2013

Potential of Balinese Woven Cloth MARKET share of Balinese ikat woven clothes remains huge. Those having an interest in these clothes are not only the Balinese themselves, but many travelers also hunt the Balinese ikat clothes, especially when they are traveling in Bali as stated in the Tuesday’s Tourism discussion (Aug 20) in Denpasar. Ni Wayan Kusumawathi, a Balinese woven cloth maker, admi ed the enthusiasts and cra smen of Balinese woven cloth has diminished. Actually, some of them had been successful, while others had worked directly with French designers. “So, the poten al of this business is huge,” she said at the office of the Bali Tourism Board (BTB). She feared that these Balinese clothes would become ex nct because few people were ge ng interested in this business. For instance, woven cloth from Pegringsingan like Cepuk is increasingly rare. Therefore, she proposed to the Bali Industry and Trade Agency to issue a regional bylaw (Perda) regula ng and protec ng the Balinese ikat woven clothes. “The regula on will set the values of protec on to the development of the Balinese ikat woven product,” she said. Such a measure was expected to boost the poten al of small and medium industries (SMEs) in Bali. In Bali, the SME sector had reached 74,938 units of business, where the specializa on in the ikat woven cloth is 983 units. Meanwhile, the total workforce absorbed is 138, 630 people and the investment in this sector reached IDR 4.47 trillion. According to records, the export of tex les and texle products from Bali was USD 188.77 million in 2012. While the poten al is the use of the ikat woven fabric for office, cor porate and hotel uniforms. In addi on, it could also be used for home decora on such as the elements of drapery, tablecloth and modern fashion, bags, shoes, hats and fans. Less op mal in the produc on of Balinese ikat woven clothe s is several constraints, mainly the raw materials. B ali Island has no source of raw materials such as Java. For instance, the cra smen at Seraya village, Karangasem, take a shortage of co on plants to produce yarn that normally grew around the village. Most raw materials for this sector were brought in from China and India. Meanwhile, A nak Agung Ngurah Mahendra, the former Chairman of the Indonesian Tex le Associa on (API) of Bali admi ed that no members are involved in the field of weaving. Of the 50 exis ng members, they en rely focused their business on tex le exports (garments). Therefore, he suggested that the campaign to make the ikat woven clothes should be boosted, so that









the woven clothes would be admired by consumers of all ages. To promote the value of the Indonesian tradi onal fabrics, the designers were

compe ng to make it the main material in their fashion design. Aside from ba k, tradi onal clothes such as Balinese endek were also suitable for making a rac ve

fashion. I t was shown by the designers coalesced into the members of the Dekranasda Bali in the event en tled the Jakarta Food and Fashion FesƟval 2013. Balinese endek cloth was one of the characteris c s of Balinese handmade clothes. In harmony with the passage of me, the Balinese endek cloth began to be favored by people from outside Bali. It was expected to maintain the existence of the ikat woven cloth and promote the image of Balinese endek cloth across the country. In ancient mes, the weaving skill was one of the criteria of Balinese girls, other than the tradi onal skills such as dancing, presen ng obla ons and so on. “I’m not sure this skill is mastered by most Balinese women today, despite the fact that tradi onal clothes remains to dominate the use of tradi onal clothes among the Balinese women. The use of kebaya clothes is very high in Bali. Let us be proud of the endek cloth before being claimed by others. Otherwise, we’ll regret later,” said Ida Ayu Ngurah Puniari.  BTNewspaper/Rudi


Chief Editor : Wisnu Wardana; Publicist: Jan Hendrik Peters, KG. Dharma Putra, Journalists/contributors: Torsten Thierbach, Gung Man, Krisna; MarkeƟng : Made Yudha ; Secretariate : Dewi ; Address : Jl. Mela 43 Denpasar, Bali-Indonesia ; Phone/fax: (0361) 227610 Email : info@www-balitravelnews. com ; Jakarta : Bambang Hermawan, Villa Pamulang Mas, Blok C9/4, Pamulang, Tangerang Selatan ; Yogyakarta : Titah Pratyaksa (083 1190 19410); Bank : BPD Bali KCP. Kamboja No. 0370115000510 A/N Biro Promosi & Pengembangan Pariwisata Budaya. K12-I.13-13

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No. 65 ď Ź September 11 - 24, 2013


Miss World 2013 in Bali Continues, Though Opposed by Islamic Fundamentalist AFTER implemen ng the General Assembly, the Islamic Defender Front (FPI), an Islamic fundamentalist group in Indonesia, decided that the organiza on rejected the Miss World event 2013. “FPI rejects the implementa on of the Miss World beauty pageant in all regions of Indonesia,� said Secretary of the Shura Council of the FPI Central Execu ve, Misbahul Anam, in Jakarta, Sunday (Aug 25). Misbahul asked the Bali government as the host to respect the outcome of the FPI Na onal General Assembly. “The government must understand that Bali is part of Indonesia, we will approach Bali to reject the Miss World,� he said. The main event of the Miss World 2013 will take place in the Sentul Interna onal Conven on Center in West Java on September 28. On that occasion, Indonesia will be represented by Miss Indonesia 2013, Vania Larissa, 17, a mul talented girl born in Pon anak, West Kalimantan. At its peak Miss World will be broadcast live to 130 countries. Nana Puspa Dewi and M Budi Putra Rustanto from the Media Nusantara Citra (MNC) Group becoming the organizing committee of the ac vity in collabora on with the Miss World Organiza on explained that this me the Miss World organiza on would be adapted to the cultural values and customs in Indonesia. Compe on with bikini costumes, for ex-

Remain to insist Former Chairman of the FPI, Habib Rizieq, asked the government to decisively cancel the Miss World event in Indonesia. His party would take any eort in the cons tu onal corridor to cancel the beauty pageant. “Star ng today, we undertake a variety of eorts in the corridor of the cons tu on to thwart the Miss World in Indonesia,â€? he said in Petamburan, Central Jakarta, Sunday (Aug 25). He said the interna onal beauty pageant was not en rely in line with the eastern culture and local wisdom. “If it is s ll held, we will ask the government’s accountability. The government cannot give permission to this kind of beauty contest. It’s conflict with local knowledge and contrary to the culture, especially the Muslims, the Sharia,â€? he said. Meanwhile, in Bali, at least 1,000 Bali Police personnel were deployed to secure the organiza on of the Miss World 2013 beauty pageant on September 2 to 14. “Par cipants of the Miss

Jl. Padma 2, Legian,Kuta,Bali,Indonesia P.O.Box 1003 TBB 80362 Ph: 62 361 751381 – Fax : 62 361 752377 e-mail:

Jl. Raya Kuta, No. 62A Badung, Bali - 80361 Tel: +62 361 761 007, Fax: +62 361 761 006 E-mail:


ample, would be changed into a beach fashion show where all par cipants put on the Balinese sarong. “By that way, at the same me we can promote the Indonesian fabric. To that end, we also team up with t he Indonesian designers,� said Nana, Wednesday (Aug 21), to Kompas.


World are from 130 countries plus the crews, so they are in total about a thousand personnel,â€? said the Bali Police Chief Arif Wachyunadi a er a ending the socializa on of the Miss World in Denpasar, Monday (Aug 26). According to him, the security would start from the escort, security at the venue of ac vi es to accommoda on of the beau ful and talented women from all over the world during the period of quaran ne on the island. Arif explained the personnel included special female police oďŹƒcers and army woman that would escort the contestants during the assigned bus trips. Policewomen and army woman dressed in tradi onal Balinese clothes were intended to show the indigenous characteris c of the Island of the Gods. “Then, we’ll see at least there are the nuances of Bali prepared for the policewomen and the army woman,â€? said Arif. Similar eort was also carried out by Commander of the IX Udayana Military Regional

Command, Wisnu Bawa Tenaya. His party was ready to support the police in securing the world’s beauty pageant event. “We are all out including involving the Babinsa (noncommissioned soldiers at village), military district command (county level), military area command (subdistrict level), including the Military Regional Command (TNI headquarters). For interna onal ac vi es, we keep together and all the people must par cipate to maintain the security as a primary thing,â€? he said. Agenda of the Miss World 2013 started on September 2 to 4 with the presence of all parcipants in Bali. Then, all par cipants stayed at one of the hotels in the area of Tanah Lot, Tabanan. The opening ceremony of the annual beauty pageant event was conducted in the area of Nusa Dua on September 8 and quaranne on September 8 to 14. All the contestants flew to Jakarta on September 14 to a end the final in Sentul, Bogor, West Java, on September 28. ď ś BTNewspaper/net/*




Jl. Pantai Kuta, 80361 Bali - Indonesia Tel : (62-361) 752208, Fax : (62-361) 754 852 Email : S12-I.43-13

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No. 65  September 11 - 24, 2013

Re-Branding Premier Hospitality Management Bali Launch as Premier Hospitality Asia PREMIE R HOSPITALITY MANAGE M ENT is specialising in bou que villas and resort management. Launched in 2010, Premier provides full professional hospitality management, offering unriva lled standards of service and quality. Premie r embraces each of the unique stories behind each of its bou que resorts and empower it wit h comprehensive operating, g lobal marke ng strategic manage ment system. From its establishment in 2010, Premier’s extens ive por olio focuses on

and Premier Hospitality (Malaysia), with the new global brand PREMIER HOSPITALITY ASIA will be officially launch in September 2013. Numerous outstanding villa por olios spread out within Bali which are in Seminyak area; NUNIA BOUTIQUE VILLAS, K VILLAS, THE JINENG VILLAS, TIS VILLAS, KEI VILLAS SEMINYAK, VILLA UMAH KUPU, ARTISANE VILLAS, DURA VILLAS KEROBOKAN, BALI NYUH GADING VILLAS, UMALAS, BALI PRIME VILLAS, UMALAS and KENCANA VILLA.

numero us luxury villa estates and bou que resorts across Bali, Indonesia. With s uccess comes expansion in South--east Asia maximizing lo cal and global sales and marke ng networks. Joining Premier’s main office in Bali, regional offices are now being established in Singapore and Malaysia, with Premier Hospitality (Singapore)

Canggu area; BERAWA BEACH RESIDENCE, ALLU VILLA and FARE TI’I VILLAS. Jimbaran – Uluwatu area; KEI VILLA JIMBARAN, KARANG SELATAN VILLA, THE KHAYANGAN ESTATE and D&G Villas Tanjung Benoa, Nusa Dua. Ubud area; UBUD PADI VILLAS. With current total number of over hundred running inventories on board.  BTNewspaper/PR

Minds behind the Design of Taman Air Spa & Self Pampering A day spa des na on created with an explora on of though ul design, harmonizing Chinese philosophy and water as the symbol of life WHEN classic design meets sublime style, a chic spa sanctuary is unveiled offering every mind and soul a haven of tranquility. Flawlessly created as a res ul getaway with ideas a uned to the island’s lifestyle, Taman Air Spa provides an elegant serene oasis within the vibrant enclave of Kuta. Designed by Diana Andriani and Lily Santoso of Avilla Hospitality, Taman Air Spa’s design is based from their ideas of harmonizing Chinese philosophy, water element as the symbol of life, Balinese Royal touches and unique local materials. The natural knowledge of Chinese Taois c philosophy, Yin and Yang, radiates in the design represen ng balance, tranquility and wisdom, allowing guests to be part of the peaceful ambience within, to emerge in a calm state of mind. “Achieving the presence of peace and contentment in our guest’s mind became the foundaon of ideas in designing Taman Air Spa,” expresses the duo female designers from Avilla Hospitality. “Each space has its own journey of design. Through these chic comforts, we hope to engage with the guest in explora on of a different and new level of spa sanctuary”. In crea ng this oasis, Avilla Hos-

pitality commi ed to add a dis nct value while delivering a unique and resona ng wellness experience. Water as a symbol of life became the major expression in the spa’s design. This begins at the welcome path, revealing a playful show of sta c illusion on the surface of the 40 sqm reflecting pond, gree ng guests, which leads them into the welcome area. As the guest enters, the outside breeze whistles through a chandelier made from seashells that ‘sings’ the nature. Taman Air Spa’s interpreta on of water and Chinese philosophy is also seen in the crea on of the lagoon – the spa’s centerpiece - with its unique wooden bridge path that resembles the shape of Yin and Yang. Balinese royalty will approve the unique approach of the designers by u lizing Balinese style clay brick walls to surround the lagoon area, infusing local material to the design and achieving a dis nc ve look. As the sun filters the horizon and candles lit by ar sans, the lagoon area glows lively, delivering a mys cal ambiance during twilight. The designers symbolize the spirituality of the space by taking the outside, inside. All twelve deluxe treatment rooms and two spa suites are designed with a minimum yet harmonious touch of décor that exudes peace and elegance with greenery surroundings. This style is also echoed in the design of the semiprivate Jacuzzi and Sauna area, taking the nature as an inspira on for a chic se ng. Other innova ve

style that allows a communion with nature is the use of Balinese bamboo throughout the front exterior as well as the Bamboo Café. “The so colors, element of water as the symbol of life and aspects of the Chinese philosophy are evident throughout the spa which we believe harmoniously echoes the ambience of nature, peace, and calmness,” said Made Suarta Jaya, Opera on Manager of Taman Air Spa.  BTNewspaper/PR

SUPPLIER ADDRESS : Jl. Danau Tamblingan No. 216, Sanur Denpasar 80228, Bali - Indonesia Phone. +62 (361) 281745 Fax. +62 (361)289549 E-mail : B12-I.25-12


BALI DISTRIBUTOR: PT. DELTA SATRIA DEWATA Jl. Imam Bonjol 226 A - Denpasar Email : K12-III.41-13

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Jl. Imam Bonjol 226 A - Denpasar Email :


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No. 65  September 11 - 24, 2013


Hospitality Asia Platinum Awards (HAPA) for HARRIS Riverview Kuta HARRIS Hotel & Residences Riverview Kuta happily brought home the award of HAPA Best Front Office (Department Awards) in the announcement ceremony on August 16th, 2013 at The Grand Nikko Hotel Nusa Dua Bali. Hospitality Asia Pla num Awards (HAPA) is organized by World Asia Publishing, a magazine on the hospitality industry based in Malaysia that recently held their very first Hospitality Asia Pla num Awards

Celebration of Communal Harmony by organizing Painting Competition

INDIAN Cultural Centre, Bali, organized a pain ng compe on on Communal Harmony in connec on with the birth anniversary of late Shri Rajiv Gandhi, former Prime Minister of India. The theme of the pain ng compe on was to promote communal Harmony among the people beyond the feeling of caste, color and creed. Communal harmony is peace and love between different communi es that unites them to live together in unity with mutual reciprocity. ICC invited Mr. I Nyoman Gunarsa, a renowned painter from Indonesia as a chief

guest. Mr. Gunarsa is one of Indonesia’s most ac ve promoters of Balinese art and a guiding voice for greater a en on to the na on’s museums. His pain ngs are a beau ful showcase of Balinese art and culture. Mr. Gunarsa and the Secretary of Board of Educa on Denpasar expressed their sincere gra tude to the Director ICC, Bali for organizing such event with tremendous response. The event was a ended by various young ar sts, officials from Board of educa on as well as print media and electronic media. A huge number of the students have par cipated from various schools such as Taman Rama Internaonal School, Gandhi Memorial Interna onal School, SMP Negeri 1 Denpasar, SMP Negeri 3 Denpasar, SMP 8 Denpasar, SMA Negeri 2 Denpasar, SMA 5 Negeri Denpasar and SMA 6 Negeri Denpasar. The prizes were given to the winners as per their respec ve categories. All the students have shown crea vity and innova on in their colourful pain ngs which were deeply appreciated the members of the jury, officials of Board of Educa on and teachers.  BTNewspaper/PR


balitravel_65.indd V

2012-2014, Indonesia Series. A total of 24 judges reviewed the 48 nominees which included proper es from Jakarta, Bandung, Bali, Surabaya and Jogjakarta. “We really thank you for this award that surely will keep us doing our best at HARRIS Riverview Kuta not only in Front Office Department but in all aspect to develop services for our guests” Said Richard Sembiring , the Front Office Manager.  BTNewspaper/PR

Maya Ubud Resort & Spa:

Wins “Best HAPA SIGNATURE SPA EXPERIENCE” M AYA Ubud Resort & Spa is pleased to announce that its riverside Spa at Maya has been recognized by Hospitality Asia Pla num Awards 2012-2014 Indonesia Series and awarded as “Best HAPA Signature Spa Experience”. The Maya Ubud Resort & Spa competed against a number of premier hotels in Indonesia to receive this recogni on. All nominees were invited to a end a high-profile gala and presenta on dinner at the Grand Nikko Bali in Nusa Dua, Bali on August 16th, 2013 where the official announcements of the winners were made. Hospitality Asia Pla num Awards rec-

ognizes excep onal service that sets benchmarks in the industry. The independent judging process was based on the review undertaken by mystery guests, who experienced directly the treatments and services. Commen ng on the award, Paul Blake, General Manager of Maya Ubud Resort & Spa said he was delighted to receive this recognion for the Spa at Maya. “To receive the Best HAPA Signature Spa Experience award is a well-deserved reward for the dedicated spa team who have worked relessly in their commitment to create memorable spa experiences for all our guests.” BTNewspaper/PR


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No. 65  September 11 - 24, 2013


I Gede Putu Hendra Mahena Executive Chef di Grand Istana Rama Hotel

Tamu VVIP di Patra Jasa Bali Resort & Villas PATRA Jasa Bali Resort and Villas hingga saat ini menjadi tempat favorit untuk acaraacara penƟng, baik yang bertaraf Internasional, Regional maupun local, dan juga menjadi tujuan favorite bagi kepala negara, keluarga kerajaan, tokoh masyarakat, pasangan yang berbulan madu serta wisatawan pribadi, seperƟ yang dilakukan H.E.Xanana Gusmao - Perdana Menteri Timor Leste yang secara ru n menginap di Patra Jasa Bali Resort & Villas. Terlihat dalam gambar HE Xanana Gusmao dengan Staff Patra Jasa Bali Resort & Villas selama kunjungannya, awal Augustus.

Consul General of Timor Leste PATRA Jasa Bali Resort & Villas terpilih sebagai tempat terselenggaranya “Consular Luncheon” hosted by Consul General of Timor Leste in Bali. Event tersebut dihadiri oleh Consul General dari berbagai negara yang ada di Bali dan beberapa pejabat terkait lainnya.


balitravel_65.indd VI

CHEF Hendra, begitu panggilannya. Nama lengkapnya I Gede Putu Hendra Mahena. Kini, lelaki kelahiran Denpasar, 5 Juli 1970 ini dipercaya sebagai Execu ve Chef di Grand Istana Rama Hotel, hotel kategori bintang 4 di kawasan pantai Kuta. Jabatannya sebagai Execu ve Chef, galaman diraihnya setelah memiliki pengalaman sebagai juru masak kurang lebih 21 tahun sian Chef dan selalu ak f di organisasi Indonesian Associa on (ICA). n diawali Karirnya di dunia perhotelan knas (Unidengan pendidikan formal di Undiknas versitas Pendidikan Nasional) padaa Jurusan n kembali Akuntansi Manajemen, kemudian P Dhyana sekolah di Sekolah Perhotelan PPLP ma 2. Pura, Jurusan F&B Division Diploma ahi untuk Beberapa hotel sempat disinggahi man di dumengabdi sambil mencari pengalaman nia masak. Tahun 1992, Chef Hendraa sebagai el, kemuAppren ce Cook di Nusa Indah Hotel, dian 1994 di Sheraton, di The Wes n Resort 2008) dan n (2001), di Uma Ubud Villa & Spa (2008) sejak 2009 hingga saat ini menjadi Execuel. ve Chef di Grand Istana Rama Hotel. Sebagai Chef, pria 43 tahun ini telah agai menghasilkan dan membuat berbagai uh macam masakan yang sungguh menggugah selera. Beberapa keahl-ian Chef Hendra yaitu memasak masakan mancanegara, mulai dari Western, Asia, Italian, Indonesian dan Mexico. an yang Dengan segudang pengalaman ef Hendra dimilikinya, daklah heran jika Chef cita Chef memiliki cita-cita luar biasa. Cita-cita alah meHendra yang ingin diwujudkan adalah nsep yang miliki restaurant sendiri dengan konsep

unik, friendly dan gampang untuk diingat oleh customer. Tentu saja dengan harga yang terjangkau pula. “Untuk mencapai posisi sebagai kepala koki atau Execu ve Chef dibutuhkan loyalitas dan disiplin nggi disamping faktor pendidikan dasar sebagai koki yang didapat saat kuliah,” kata Chef Hendra.  BTNewspaper/AriekPW


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No. 65 ď Ź September 11 - 24, 2013


HARRIS Riverview Kuta:

Celebrating Indonesian 68th Independence Day

Bali Dynasty Poverty Project IN THE early morning of August 17th 2013, representa ves from the Bali Dynasty Resort a ended the East Bali Poverty Project’s flag raising ceremony in the remote mountain hamlet of Desa Ban in North Eastern Bali where EBPP’s 6 schools and local villagers converged in the dry river bed to celebrate Indonesia’s 68th Independence Day, which is organized yearly by the East Bali Poverty Project. The Bali Dynasty Resort, as in previous years, sponsored the Hygiene kits for each of all students and tutors of the 6 schools which consisted of towels, soap, toothbrush and toothpaste as well as fresh fruit to remind the villagers of the importance of good personal hygiene and healthy nutrion. The children of EBPP’s schools prepared great performances from Balinese dances to drama and music. There were fun games organized for the kids such as krupuk ea ng contests and sack races making it a joyous occasion for all! The General Manager, Robert Kelsall together with the Director of Sales & Marke ng and PR Coordina-

tor were accompanied by the project director to observe the school at Pengalusan which Bali Dynasty Resort has been suppor ng since 2000. The villagers are quite isolated and remote from the rest of Bali and extremely poor. The Bali Dynasty Resort, through the Bali Dynasty Charity eort established in 2000 has supported the integrated educa on projects of the East Bali Poverty Project ini ally suppor ng two schools and now fully suppor ng Pengalusan with over 55 children. Since 2000, the Dynasty has raised over 2 billion Rupiah in aid making the Bali Dynasty Resort one of the leading sponsors of the East Bali Poverty Project. The dona ons mainly come from guests as well as special events such as the twice weekly quiz nights conducted in Gracie Kelly’s each Tuesday and Thursday evening as a well as a major annual fundraiser in Perth; the Back to Bali Dynasty Party, which is held in February each year and is supported by all the resort’s major Australian travel partners and past guests. ď ś BTNewspaper/PR

THERE is something dierent at HARRIS Riverview Kuta on August 17th. Players were wearing various costumes of Indonesia in 1945 were seen all around the hotel. They were celebra ng the Indonesian 68 th Independence Day. At 8 AM, a flag ceremony that was held in the exit gate was joined by stas and management. Then con nued to an internal party by conduc ng “Potong Tumpengâ€? (the tradi onal yellow rice that shaped like a mountain with various condiments, usually made for a special occasion). At 3 PM, some of the Players were performing HARRIS Move that created special for Independence Day at Beach Walk Shopping Mall Kuta. Kids and the visitors enjoyed taking pictures with HARRIS Players that wore unique costumes such as: nurse, Indonesian army, Indonesian 1945 freedom fighter and others.

In the evening, HARRIS Riverview Kuta held an event for the public called “Kampoeng ‘45â€?. The event was delighted by a Keroncong live performance, Fire dance, HARRIS Move, all you can eat “Indonesian tradi onal foodâ€? and costumes party. Around 200 people par cipated in that occasion. “This year we have a full day of ac vi es to celebrate the Indonesian 68th Independence Day, all the Players were enthusias c as we also have the best costumes compe on between the Players. It was also a very good moment to let our foreign guests experience our culture; they were excited to try the tradi onal games such as ea ng crackers and other games that a usually played during August 17th.â€? Said Emma Larantukan the Marke ng Communica on Manager of HARRIS Riverview Kuta. ď ś BTNewspaper/PR

Spirit of Independence Day at MELIĂƒ BALI MELIĂ Bali celebrated Indonesia’s 68th Independence Day on 17 August 2013 with a flag-raising ceremony at the main entrance in front of the lobby area. The flag-raising ceremony par cipated by the management and sta of the resort. In conjunc on with this celebra on, the Resort organized fun games on Friday, 16 August and a Blood Dona on on Tuesday, 13 August. This ac vity highlights the resort’s commitment to commemorate the independence of Republic Indonesia, 68 years ago. As a leading resort MeliĂĄ Bali is proud to lead by example commi ed to suppor ng their country. ď ś BTNewspaper/PR


 20-/ +-33 3 3,/  - 4-    /-02 , ..- .--  5 +  .-067  + .  0-/-0- , -- -   .-0  0-/+  -0- 2-. . / , .-2 -0  +   - 82.. 06 6 -/ + 0-/-/,


             !  "#$%&$'())&&&'*"#$%&$'())&&&( +++, -,.-/0-1 -,.-/ K12-IX.62-2013

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No. 65  September 11 - 24, 2013

Discovery Kartika Plaza Hotel Welcomes New PR Manager L UXURY five star beachfront resort, Discovery Kar ka Plaza Hotel welcomes the newest addi on to its Sales and Marke ng Department, Ms Mirah Marhaendra as Public Rela ons Manager. A na ve Balinese, Mirah spent

her college years and developed her career as a hotelier in the United States. Upon returning to Bali, she took home her interna onal experience to gain exci ng posts at luxury hotels in Legian and Nusa Dua areas. Her appointment signifies a dynamic shi for Public Rela ons at Discovery Kar ka Plaza Hotel, as it looks to reposi on itself as a leading des na on resort. With a strong focus and experience in marke ng and public rela ons, Mirah will strengthen the coverage and engage local and interna onal rela ons from strategic source market. “We believe with her interna onal exposure and extensive knowledge on Bali’s hospitality industry will bring a significant contribuon to the brand awareness and e n ga g e m e n t s of the internaonal market,” said Alice Matulessy, Director of Sales & Marke ng Discovery Kar ka Plaza Hotel.  BTNewspaper/PR

All candidate and President of Sommelier participate in the competition

South East Asia Best Sommelier Competition 2013 THE Indonesian Sommelier Associa on Bali Chapter is proud to announce that Indonesia, represented by Mr. Togu Sahat Nainggolan from Cork and Screw Restaurant, Jakarta, achieved the second posi on or 1st runner up of the 4th South East Asia Best Sommelier Compeon of 2013. The winner of the 4th South East Asia Best Sommelier Compe on 2013 is Mr. Han Yew Kong from Malaysia, followed by Mr Togu from Indonesia and Mr Erwin Tang from Singapore on the third place. The winner was announced by the Head Judge Mr. Frank Kammer M.S. a er a long debate. A very difficult decision among the master judges with Mr. Yohan Jousselin M.S and the panel Judges, awarded the honours. The result is based on the result of a wri en theory test and blind tas ngs, prac cal test in mul plex sta ons and a final test performance on stage in front of the public. “Congratula ons for Mr. Togu for this achievement, by witnessing the process of the compe on


balitravel_65.indd VIII

The winners, 2 Master of Wine and President of Singapore Sommelier Association

how difficult the wri en test exam and how challenging compe ng with the other candidates from 6 countries, I am really proud of him for this achievement. We now know there is a lot of homework to be done by Mr. Koriawan and ISA Bali chapter, in order to be able to compete in Interna onal level compe ons” said Ms. Kertawidyawa the President of Indonesia Sommelier Bali Chapter. The next South East Asia Best Sommelier Compeon will be held in Thailand for 2014, as it was confirmed by Mr. Joe Sriwarin, the President of Thailand Sommelier Associa on.  BTNewspaper/PR


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No. 65  September 11 - 24, 2013


Tumpek Landep Ceremony at Grand Istana Rama SATURDAY (24/8) is the day for Hinduism in Bali to celebrate a Tumpek Landep ceremony. And also, Grand Istana Rama Hotel celebrated this ceremony which started at 10.30 AM. Tumpek Landep is a celebra on for all transporta on and all things that it must blessed. Ceremonies successfully carried out were led by Mr. Nur H as coordinator and staff in hotel. This ceremony intended to be grateful and ask for safety to God. All the sharp things that made from iron and be able to kill is neutralized. The things are knife, Keris, motorcycle, car, and all transporta on. Tumpek Landep ceremony is to pray to Sang Hyang Pasupa (God) who stayed inside the sharp things, pray to Him for the safety and seen by Sang Hyang Suryo Candara (sun and moon). The offerings for the ceremony are PeujaƟ, Canang Sari, Segahan, and also decora on leaf; Sampyan gantung, Lampak, and Tamiang. Tumpak Landep ceremony is conducted regularly every Saturday for 6 months.

Grand Istana Rama Hotel, Kuta, Bali as a four star hotel has an excellent loca on right across Kuta beach, offers convenience, relaxa on and one of the best beach surfing in the world. Legian street, Kuta Square is quite close with Grand Istana Rama Hotel and can be reach by walking. Beachwalk, one of the biggest and newest Shopping Mall in Bali is right beside the Grand Istana Rama Hotel. Grand Istana Rama Hotel has 150 rooms in land area 1.7 hectares, with tradi onal Balinese architecture with lush tropical garden atmosphere making guests feel comfortable and feels like home. All the rooms and exterior design reflect the charm and appeal of Bali, with four type of rooms, Superior Upper, Superior Ground, Deluxe, and Garden Suite. Grand Istana Rama Hotel have three mee ng rooms for a capacity 50-250 persons. When staying with us, we will guarantee our guests have a las ng impression during their vaca on in Bali. The guests not only have the pictures in hotel, beach, or/


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and souvenirs to show that they’ve been in Bali before. Because it looks that there’s no impression and emo on inside. So, as a four star hotel we created a free cultural ac vity for our guests. The ac vi es that we have are; Bahasa Indonesia Lesson, Canang Decora on, Photo Session, Massage Bali, and Cooking Class. We share the lesson of Indonesia language. The simple Indonesia language lesson given affec onately by our professional staff. The guests will be confident to deal or nego ate directly with art market vendor if they want to purchase souvenirs. Introduce Balinese Culture with Canang Decora on, learn how to make Canang and a Photo Session with Balinese Tradi onal Clothes. Cooking class, we invite our guests to be emo onally involved, star ng from visi ng the very tradi onal market to purchase the ingredients, and go back to the hotel to cook together with our professional chef. Through these cultural ac vi es, a holiday with us will be memorable.  BTNewspaper/PR


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No. 65  September 11 - 24, 2013

The Unique Ritual of a Bali Hindu Temple Ceremony MELIÁ Bali is deeply commi ed to helping preserve the Balinese culture. On 6 August, 2013 the anniversary of the resort temple’s consecra on was held. The event began with Melas Ceremony, performed with a parade procession followed by all Hindu staff by bringing all the

equipment for ceremonies and the symbol of Gods to the sea that are believed by Hindus as a place to purify all the elements of this universe. Then the procession to the temple began, with our guests taking their places along with the Balinese Hindu hotel staff. Once

inside the temple compound, they shared in the ancient rituals of prayer and blessing with incense and flowers. Finally the Balinese priest (Mangku) blessed them with holy water and rice to complete the ceremony. The guests were delighted to have the chance of taking part in Bali’s dis nc ve culture and religion for a few hours. M e l i á Bali’s commitment to preserve Balinese cultural ini aves stems from the Balinese spiritual philosophy of ‘Tri Hita Karana’ as included in the resort’s sustainability policy. This philosophy emphasizes the importance of the balance and harmonious rela onship between humans and God, humans and humans, and humans and nature.  BTNewspaper/PR

a tropical retreat... Bali Tropic Resort & Spa, an exclusive beach hotel in Bali is built in a subtle blend of Balinese's and modern architecture and offers a marvelous ambiance for a truly wonderful and relaxing beach vacation. A beautiful setting among frangipani and Bougainville with the most breath taking views of the warm and wonderful Indian Ocean. Very centrally on the world famous Tanjung Benoa Beach on the south coast of Bali Island.

Tempe - the New Food for the 21st Century Tempe has been a popular food in Indonesia for over 800 years. It is made from fermented soybeans and is a highly nutri ous food and an excellent source of protein. It is also a highly versa le basic ingredient being used in many different ways and in a mul tude of recipes. ‘DOCTOR TEMPEH’ is the trading brand for ICS Ltd food products founded by Dr Jonathan Agranoff MD. “We have set up the first export of genuine soybean tempe made in Indonesia. So authen c are these products that every stage of the process has been personally supervised to meet the highest standards of quality and hygiene. Our soybeans are sourced

from cer fied local Javanese farmers accep ng only non-GM soybeans from the Central Java region.” Fermented into pure white tempe (tempe is the Indonesian spelling) in the highland towns of Java, an area famous for its superior cool climate and for the purity of the air, this tempe is the only one of its kind and quality both inside and outside of Indonesia. 

Serving suggestion of our Tempeh Curry, ready to serve, just heat and add rice and salad.

Jl. Pratama 34A, PO Box 41, Nusa Dua, Tanjung Benoa, Bali 80363, Indonesia Ph. +62 361 772130 | Fax. +62 361 772131 E-mail : | Website : K12-II.5-13


email: info@wapadiume osroom@wapadiume K12-V.35-12

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No. 65  September 11 - 24, 2013


Promoting Culinary Travel Pays Off THE World Food Travel Associa on (WFTA) has announced its new study of traveler behavior reveals that the way

sored by the World Food Travel Associa on and other tourism organiza ons, the study shows that almost a third (30%) deliberately choose des na ons based on the availability of ac vi es related to local food and drink, whether it’s a beer or wine fes val, a farmers market, or a farm to table experience. “For ‘deliberate’ culinary travelers, the availability of culinary ac vi es is a primary reason for taking a trip,” said Laura Mandala, managing director of Mandala Research. “In

to tourists’ wallets may be through their stomachs. Conducted by the travel market research firm Mandala Research and spon-

fact, authen city and local flavors are the greatest drivers of des na on choice for these travelers.”

Almost a third of tourists choose des na ons based on authen city and ea ng opportuni es

Over half (51%) of all respondents said they travel to learn about or enjoy unique and memorable ea ng and drinking experiences, and nearly two-thirds (61%) are interested in taking a trip to a des na on within the U.S. to engage in culinary ac vies within the next year. Asked what U.S. des na ons come to mind when thinking of food tourism, the top five responses included New York City (46%), New Orleans (38%), San Francisco (21%), Chicago (21%) and Napa Valley (12%). “While the results are not unexpected as classic foodie des na ons, there is a tremendous opportunity for secondary and ter ary des na ons to invest more effort in luring the foodie traveler,” advises Erik Wolf, execu ve director of the World Food Travel Associa on. Added Mandala, “This study goes beyond just eating and drinking, and iden fies travelers who are seeking out unique and memorable experiences that are authen c to the des na on they are visi ng.”

Among the implica ons of the study’s findings are: Tourists are most interested in local and authen c foods and culinary experiences that are different from those they can get at home. Most travelers combine culinary ac vies with other ac vi es, also par cipa ng in culture, heritage and nature-based ac vi es. Increasing reliance on reviews and recommenda ons of friends makes ge ng the word out through social media and other user content sources cri cal for des na ons. Fes vals mo vate culinary travelers, so des na on marke ng organiza ons should consider hos ng a beer, wine or culinary fes val to feature local fare, products and unique food ac vi es like chef demonstraons and samplings. Foodies want to be educated when traveling. Eighty-three percent enjoy learning about the local culture and cuisine of the des na ons they visit. And the same percentage say they will spend more money on food and drinks while traveling. Addi onal sponsors of the study included the California Travel & Tourism Commission, Virginia Tourism Corpora on, Delaware Tourism, U.S. Cultural and Heritage Tourism Marke ng Council and the Shop America Alliance.  BTNewspaper/TravelMole/Valere Tjolle

Greener and Cleaner with THAI Airways ITS’ a whole new world of environmental concerned air travel, every part of the A380 aircra is designed to reduce the carbon emissions and fuel consump on. Greener and cleaner, THAI’s A380 carries 40% more passengers than its nearest compe tor while using 17% less fuel per seat. Fly THAI A380 and help reduce the impact of global warming for our beau ful world.  BTNewspaper/PR

Sea Turtles BALI Hya is taking an ac ve role in the conserva on of the sea turtles’ habitat. In August, an Olive Ridley green sea turtle laid its eggs on Bali Hya ’s beach. The hotel’s management took the newly hatched baby sea turtles to the turtle hatchery at Serangan for nursing. On Friday (August 30), together with Bali Hya ’s in-house guests, 175 young sea turtles were being released back to their home, the Ocean.  BTNewspaper/PR



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No. 65  September 11 - 24, 2013

Yogyakarta Tourism Ofϐice Holds Tour de Jogja Bike Fest ARE you a bike aficionado? If you are, you can follow the event en tled Bike Fes val (Bike Fest) to be held on October 5-6, 2013 in Yogyakarta. The cycling ac vity organized by the Yogyakarta Tourism Office, the Ministry of Youth and Sports and the Na onal Sport Commi ee of Yogyakarta will cover a distance of 170 km on the first day and 130 km on the second day.

The Head of the Yogyakarta Tourism Office, Tazbir Abdullah, said the event would become an annual event as well as a tourism promoon event of the Special Region of Yogyakarta. “Par cipants will pass through several a racons in Yogyakarta such as the Parangtri s Beach, Krakal Beach, Kaliurang and so forth. In addi on, they will also be entertained with some tradi onal dances in some loca ons

Before the Concert, Metallica First Surfs in Bali BEFORE a concert in Jakarta on August 25, the Metallica band group in fact had dropped into Bali. On this Paradise Island, they were ge ng in touch with the waves of beaches in Bali and dancing on the surf board. It can be seen from the Instagram account of an Indonesian professional surfer, Wayan Merta, namely at @betetmerta. The Balinese surfer appeared with Robert Trujillo (bass) and Kirk Hamme (guitar). They were in a boat and respec vely holding a sur oard. In its cap on, Wayan wrote his excitement that could surf with

the heavy metal legends. Seeing the schedule of the Metallica, Kirk and Robert seemed to have spent their vaca on in Bali because their arrival was just a er their concert in China, before con nuing to South Korea.  BTNewspaper/net/kpl/rea

where they drop in,” said Tazbir to reporters in a press conference at the Royal Ambarukmo Yogyakarta, Thursday (Aug 29). For the number of par cipants, CEO of Gentari Citra Indonesia (CGI), Dayang Komala Sari, targeted 300 na onal and interna onal par cipants. “Un l now, 100 par cipants have registered and confirmed their par cipa on. They come from Yogyakarta, Padang, Lampung and Italy,” said Dayang. On the first day, they would cover a distance of 170 km with the start at the Royal Ambarukmo Yogyakarta (RAY) to Parangtri s, Krakal Beach, Patuk, Piyungan and finish at the RAY. More interes ngly, later at the point of 50 km would include a race along 25 km. This race would be compete for the Nurhaya Cup with two categories, namely the Individual Road Race (IRR) and Team Time Trial (TTT). Meanwhile, on the second day the par ci-

pants would cover 130 km with the start at the RAY, and then would be resumed to Yogyakarta Monument, Jalan Bantul, Jalan Yogyakarta - Wates, Jalan Magelang, Turi, Telogo Putri, Maguwoharjo and finish at the RAY. Dayang added the par cipants would be divided into three categories according to the classifica on of speed, namely the fast, medium and normal category. Each category would consist of Road Captain, Marshall, logis cs team, medical team, and car. The Bike Fest was scheduled to be opened by Roy Suryo, Mrs. Ismarindayani Priyan as Brand Ambassador of the Tour de Yogyakarta 2013 accompanied by Chairman of KONI of Yogyakarta, Gus Bendoro Pangeran Haryo Prabukusumo and the Head of the Yogyakarta Tourism Office. For those wishing to par cipate in the event, registra on can be made through the website hƩp:// 


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