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Green Corner


Chopsticks Return as Trees TWO hundred volunteers from various Beijing universi es answered Greenpeace’s call and set out to gather 80,000 used wooden chops cks, from restaurants around the Chinese capital. Page II




Why do People Come to Bali I WAS asked recently why people come to Bali. Of course there are business purposes and the people who come just for a cheap holiday, but why do most people come back me and again? Page II

FEATURE ATTRACTION ‘House of Gala’ Cave THIS excep onal house is located in Nusa Lembongan, one of the bijou islands nestling in the cluster of three islands comprising the Nusa Penida, Nusa Ceningan and Nusa Lembongan. It is in the southeast of Mainland Bali.

Undersea Beauty of Nusa Penida SO FAR, the Nusa Penida Island remains a heaven for tourists having a hobby of snorkeling and diving. The undersea nature of Nusa Penida retains magnificent scenery along with a variety of beau ful and nicelooking fish and the colorful coral reef.

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OUR GUESTS J.J. Basset: Regular Visitor to Candidasa FATIGUE a er taking a long haul flight from England (UK) seems to disappear as soon as se ng foot on the tranquil beach area of Candidasa, Karangasem.

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Nusa Penida can be reached through Nusa Dua, Sanur and Padang Bay with an average travel me of 45 minutes. Here are a few a rac ve places recommended for snorkeling and diving.

Crystal Bay (Penida Bay) It is the most sustainable coral in Bali becoming the home habitat to various species of fish. The loca on is very suitable for dri diving, and excellent place to see Manta and Mola-mola during the season. It offers a drama c surface sea level. The


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interior compartment of the bay is well protected from the currents and embellished with the rows of various kinds of so coral. Simply move out of the bay and experience the flow beginning to increase the drag. Some mes it a empts to pull you down to the slope of sand and coral. On this account, always stay near your guide and charred rocks. These currents are likely to lead you to see hordes of big fish and Mola-mola in season. By and large, the visibility is very good and the water is very cold.

lea On leaving the tranquil water in this bay, the current will take you along the canal wall between Nusa Penida and Nusa Ceningan. Here the current can change very quickly, therefore, establish a good contact within the group, and con nue to be near the wall. Every now and then, simply have a look at the canal for pursuing sharks and big fish. If you are interested in the strong current come to visit Nusa Penida!  (BTNewspapers/Sudipa)

See Page II : Undersea Beauty of Candidasa

Gamat Bay and Toyapakeh Wall Gamat Bay is very beau ful. Right under the crystal-clear water follows a carpet like sea-bed consis ng of colorful hard and so corals. It is the home to a variety of Nudibranchia and other macro creatures as well as to some large Groupers.



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Green Corner Chopsticks Return as Trees

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TWO hundred volunteers from various Beijing universi es answered Greenpeace’s call and set out to gather 80,000 used wooden chops cks, from restaurants around the Chinese capital. They cleaned them all up and then assisted ar st Xu Yinhai in assembling them into four life like trees. It was no easy task, but Greenpeace hopes this effort will inspire Chinese people to be more conscienous about their use of resources.

Blue Lagoon: Less than 30 minutes away by the new 8-metre fiberglass dive boat are the twin sites of Blue Lagoon and Jepun (Frangipani). Noted as diving loca ons with their many nudi fish, anemone fish (nemos) and cu lefish, both are suited to beginners right through to advanced, important for increasing tourist numbers. Tepekong Island: (the large almost whaleshaped island directly offshore from Shangril-la Beach Club Hotel) it is home to reef sharks, turtles and even the prized ocean sunfish of Mola-Mola and has canyons and varied topography. For advanced and medium experience divers, this site can be counted on for everything from large corals, through to interes ng canyons and dri s. Mimpang Island: Also known as Shark Point, for obvious reasons (plenty of white- pped reef sharks, from mature two-meter specimens, through to babies of all sizes). Manta Point: No prizes for guessing what

Now all we need is a similar project to recycle the millions of plas c bags pollu ng many corners of Bali. Interested in joining similar project? Send your comments to : 

According to China’s Forest Ministry, the country produces 57 billion pairs of disposable chops cks, which require over 1.18 mil-

Diving the Coral Coast Here are the sites and the wonders awai ng divers who choose Bali’s Coral Coast for their holiday explora ons:

lion square meters of forest. Since China’s wood resources are very limited people have to ask themselves if it’s worth sacrificing 3.8 million trees a year, for something they just throw away a er a meal. The chops ck trees were planted in one of the most popular malls in Beijing.

the main a rac on is at this site, which is only suited to advanced divers because of the strong currents that lure the schools of amazing mantas. Manta Point is located on the neighboring Nusa Penida Island, viewed in the distance from Candi Dasa. This site requires a minimum of four divers because of the longer boat trip needed to reach the island. Check with dive instructor as to the right me of year to plan a dive at Manta Point. Tulamben: This is the loca on for the world-renowned shipwreck dive on the USAT Liberty, torpedoed off Lombok in the 1940s and beached at Tulamben (about 70 minutes north of Candi Dasa by road). The 120-metre ship was beached in the 1940s but the erup on of Mt. Agung in 1963 moved the shoreline and now the vessel is

just off shore, where it is now a haven for hard and so corals and, at last count, more than 400 marine species. Also Butterfly and angel fish, plenty of anemones and a resident school of small fish somemes numbering in their thousands. There is also a resident barracuda, very old and very big, which doesn’t seem to mind posing for pictures. Diving the wreck involves gearing up in a comfortable restaurant on the beach and then entering the water from the shore, which is lined with small stones. This is one of Bali’s most popular dives, so be prepared to rub shoulder with plenty of companions. The wreck sits at an extreme angle, meaning that snorkelers can explore the stern, while the bow is located at 30 meters. Biaha, Amed and Tulamben are home to a mul tude of other dive loca ons and it’s simply a ma er of consul ng your dive instructor for many other alterna ves. The underwater world is your oyster during a visit Candi Dasa.  (BTNewspapers/CCC)

@1993 smithsonian Institution


Why do People Come to Bali I WAS asked recently why people come to Bali. Of course there are business purposes and the people who come just for a cheap holiday, but why do most people come back me and again? I thought for a while, what it is I come for some many mes each year. Of course a relaxing holiday springs to mind. But it is more than that. Is it the people, the culture, the

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tropical plants and environment? Is it the spiritual or calming? It is all of these and more. It was then I had a sudden realiza on it is really what I have been reading about in “Bali travel Newspaper”. Is it Tri Hita Karana or the 3 pillars. Is the spiritual, the Balinese culture and ceremonies and sociality and their interac on to each other. Is it their and our rela onship to the environment?

It is what a racts me and others to your island paradise but sadly it not perfect. We only have to look at the weather this year and the disasters around the world to see the climate is changing. What can Bali do or in fact any single des na on? Well I suggest we can improve first and demonstrate to the wider world what is achievable. Programs like Bali Green are good so is the recent direc on raised by the Governor himself and the

“Bali Travel Newspaper” I agree NGO’s will and should lead the way but it needs broad support of all the community. It needs Government direc on and legisla on not just on new developments but also for exis ng prac ces and procedures. The Government needs to legislate on recycling rubbish disposal and li ering needs to be made an offence. The residents need to push for these reforms and implement them. It would be great to be rubbish free on this island of the gods.

Should this be our goal for the next 10 years? It is important to keep Balinese culture, spiritualism, friendliness alive. Balinese food is yet another. Please do not let it die, this is what many come for not the big hotels. The Balinese and Indonesian people and their ways, the beauty of the island and mys c or spiritualism that is Bali. Australian Tourist name and address supplied. Jeff Anderton Perth, Australia

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Feature Attraction

III Goa Lawah (Bat Cave) GOA Lawah Temple is considered as one of the most sacred temples in Bali. It is situated at Pesinggahan Village, Dawan Subdistrict, Klungkung Regency, or approximately 49 kilometers east of Denpasar. The temple is on the le side of the road to Padang Bai, or several miles before entering the fron er of Karangasem.

Goa Gajah (Elephant Cave) GOA Gajah Temple is located in the west of Bedulu Village and approximately 6 km from Ubud. There lies a temple, cave and holy water. Meanwhile, inside the cave follows a Ganesha statue as a symbol of science. Then, on the wall of the cave there is a place for monks to perform solemn medita on. Etymologically, the phrase Goa Gajah is taken from the word Lwa Gajah, a name that was wri en by Mpu Prapanca in the palm-leaf manuscript Negara Kertagama in 1365

AD. By referring to the inscrip on on the wall of the eastern mouth of the cave, the word Kumon and Sahyangsa it is predicted that the cave was founded in the eleventh century. In terms of composi on of the artefacts encountered in the Goa Gajah Temple, it can be concluded that it is a Hindu temple. Then, the existence of phallus, flowing water, angel statue and Buddha statute reflects that the Goa Gajah poses as a relic of Shiva-Buddha. 

It is named Goa Lawah Temple because it has a large natural cave inhabited by thousands of bats. In Balinese language, the word lawah means bat. But, in terms of religion, existence of the bats has nothing to do with the Hindu teaching prac ced by the community in Bali. The temple was founded at the ins ga on of Mpu Kuturan around the eleventh century. It is one of the six temples under the category of Sad Kahyangan Temple as men oned in the palm-leaf manuscript Kusuma Dewa. The sad kahyangan temple consists of the Besakih, Lempuyang, Goa Lawah, Uluwatu, Pusering Jagat and Batukaru.

Bunut Bolong (road through tree)

This temple has a special attrac on for tourists due to the existence of a bat cave, temple building and the ac vi es of the prayers. Though there are a lot of bats inside the cave, visitor and the local community are not allowed to

Biggest Cave of Cult in Bali IN BALI, there are many caves func on that as a place of worship. One of them is the cave in Nusa Penida named Giri Putri Cave. Where a kind of uniqueness can be explored from this existence of temple situated in the hamlet of Karangsari, Suana customary village, Nusa Penida subdistrict, Klungkung Regency.

BUNUT Bolong is a tree growing in the middle of an asphalted road. Bunut or Ficus glabella is a kind of plant having a large enough diameter, so a big bus can also pass through underneath. Uniqueness of this tree causes the surrounding community to have a belief if the tree has a magical value. For that end, at the south-front side of the Bunut Bolong is built a shrine named Pujangga Sak . It is unknown when and who first built the temple.

Probably, in the Neolithic age when human beings lived without norms, it was enforced the normave pa ern known as homo-homini lupus—man is a wolf to his fellow man and then applied the law of the jungle or survival of the strongest.

Bunut Bolong is located in a mountainous area belonging to the territory of Manggisari Village, Pekutatan Subdistrict, Jembrana Regency. To reach the loca on of Bunut Bolong from Denpasar visitors should go a distance of approximately 86 km and it can be achieved by four-wheel vehicle and motorcycle. 

‘House of Gala’ Cave THIS excep onal house is located in Nusa Lembongan, one of the bijou islands nestling in the cluster of three islands comprising the Nusa Penida, Nusa Ceningan and Nusa Lembongan. It is in the southeast of Mainland Bali.

disturb them because it will result in bad luck. Every day the temple is visited by Hindus who would like to say prayers as well as domes c and foreign tourists.  (BTNewspapers/Rosida Rahmawati/

Every single person a empted to defend life from the ferocity of nature, like the raging of beast, heavy rain, brunt of wind, and the heat of the sun. Then they required a cave as a sanctuary for the reproduc on of offspring and for survival. Besides this, the cave was also used as a place of penance to invoke a direct gi from the gods.

In the cave, there are usually a river, bats, snakes, and stalagmites and stalac tes. In its development, human beings took advantage of the caves as places of worship. It was a quiet and appropriate locality to have medita on, as we can see in the Giri Putri Cave. The word giri in Balinese means mountain, mountains or hills, while putri means daughter or woman. In the concept of Hindu teachings, daughter poses a symbolic name for the power of God, having the nature of motherhood or womanhood. Therefore, Giri Putri Cave is a space or cavity of a certain size as the abode of God’s power in the manifesta ons of women (called Hyang Giri Putri). She is the mythological consort of God in his manifesta on as Shiva. In this temple, the Hindus who believe in the greatness of Shiva say prayers at all mes, and it is the biggest cave temple in Bali.  (BTNewspapers/Sudipa)

The Gala Cave itself poses as an ar ficial and adequately unique cave on the island. Dis nc vely, this cave is the home to a famous puppeteer named Made Byasa worked on for 15 years with simple tools. From 1961 to 1976, Made Byasa made the cave in a limestone hole under his home yard. The cave house built by Made Byasa has been a living room, two bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen and two wells. Because it lies in limestone, the en re room has a limestone wall. Size of the underground house is about 500 square meters. To enter the cave, there are seven entrances to choose from. The cave has also been equipped with three ven la on holes for be er air circula on inside the ar ficial cave. 

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Food & Beverage



Aerowisata Sanur Beach Hotel Bali has three restaurants (Tirta Restaurant & Seafood Grill; Basilico Italian Pavilion & Bar; and Pepper’s La no Grill & Bar) for your every day dinner. Seen in the pictures are some of their food displays.

“Candi Dasa” Dining (As published on “Coral Coast Courier”, edition 3, 1 Feb’11) Le 48 is a very classy French restaurant overlooking the lagoon at Candi Dasa. Uber-slick décor and service, with an innova ve approach to a range of dishes, including some authen c Balinese fare. Make a booking if you want to take in the cool leather lounges perched lagoon side. Phone: (0363) 41177. Vincent’s with its trademark pastel apricot interiors set a new standard in Candi Dasa dining about four years ago. They’ve been raising the bar in the interim with an amazingly varied interna onal menu, again including some Balinese gems. Big variety of wine, Make a booking if you would like to take in the relaxing garden se ngs at the rear. Phone: 0363 41368 Burger Heaven. For a good dose of Aussie character with all the other na onali es also weighing-in and not a nasi goreng within coo-ee, check out the range of burgers and hotdog’s at Aris’s Home stay, right next to the Candi Dasa police staon at the southern entrance to town. Phone 08179707339

Bali Palm is the latest addi on to the growing tourist infrastructure in Candi Cada and located right on the southern entry to town. Palm features probably the largest beach front restaurant in the area, an interes ng menu and a range of entertainment many nights of the week. It is the new stable mate to Shangrila Beach Resort, itself boasting a beach from Rathbone’s Restaurant on the northern end of town along Puri Bagus Road. Phone 0363 41003 or 06363 41003 Toke is the brash younger brother to Vincent’s. Located at the southern end of town it features a luxuriously rich ambiance

balitravel_3.indd IV

Magician from Aussie “COCKTAIL CRAVINGS” is the theme at Tequila Bar, Grand Istana Rama Hotel, Kuta – Bali, on Friday (Feb.25, 2011), from 7 pm to 12 pm. During the party in front of Kuta beach, where the bar is located at Jalan Pantai Kuta, you will be entertained by local ar sts and the ‘Trio Wild Dancer’ group. “During that night, you will be surprised by the appearance of an Australian magician,” said Darma Yasa, Food and Beverage Manager of Grand Istana Rama Hotel to Bali Travel Newspapers. 

with a menu taking more than a fancy to some lip-smacking Indian delights, wandering south of the border to Mexico and just about every other place on the globe. Phone 0363 419 91 Aquaria is beachfront just 50-meters down a lane at the entrance to the road called Jalan Puri Bagus. Look for the glass-etched sign at the entrance to their lane. No huge menu hire, a welcome approach with a handful of entrée, main course and dessert op ons and each and every one prepared freshly and presented with flair. Bookings are a good idea as many guests at Aquaria tend to eat in. phone 0363 411 27 The Rendezvous Restaurant at Alam Asmara Resort is beachfront on a pinnacle of land which is a prime example of “narrow needn’t be confining”. A restaurant guaranteed to bring out the roman c in all of us. About 200m from Shangrila on the le in the main street, look for sign and go down lane before turning le into a walled area. Phone 0363 419 29

Welcome to Nusa Dua Spa THE first Spa in Bali, it retains rich Balinese tradi ons blended in its interior design, gardens and spa treatments. (BTNewspapers/*)

Watergarden: Situated near the middle of town, this venue adds of the same name, renowned for its over-water rooms and ponds. A huge menu variety to choose from at the restaurant and the popular gathering point for many of the town’s expats (Friday night). Phone: 0363 415 40 

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The Winning of the THK awards

An Eco-Friendly Water Recreation Park IF YOU are on holiday in Bali and do not go to visit the water park located on Jalan Kar ka Plaza, you will definitely be sorry. Various water a rac ons range from kiddies a rac on up to adrenaline raising ones, such as Climax. Claimed as the only one in Indonesia and the third in the world it can be enjoyed here. All a rac ons are presented fascina ngly and integrated with nature. Shade trees will greet you coolly when entering the gates as well as staff

with visitors or customers. The management had also always been a driving force in the environment to maintain and preserve the nature. It is evidenced by the system of water management commi ed in the Waterbom, where the water was not treated as waste water, but processed by means of filters. “The water in ponds and in places of a rac on is always checked before star ng the operaon, and it is ready-to-drink quality, even be er than the bo led drinking water,” s Mr. Nyoman. said He added that a rumor sta ng the W Waterbom always discarded the waste w water directly into the sea was not correct, b because the water was always processed a used again through the implemenand t on of a Bio-system. No less than 2.8 ta m million liters of water are con nuely to be p processed and filtered. Circula on of the w water is around the clock.

with friendly smiles, ready to provide the best services for you to enjoy the a racons. “Our service is number one, and the comfort of visitors is our priority. We have maintained this for nearly 18 years,” said Nyoman Suteja, CFO (Corporate Financial Officier) of Waterbom when hos ng the visit of Bali Travel Newspapers (Feb 9). It is this friendly service that helpedWaterbom to win a gold award in the Tri Hita Karana (THK) Tourism Awards 2010 for the category of Tourist Des na on. In the field of Pawongan (social aspect), it always considered the employees as a big family that should give support to each other. Similarly, they con nuously build a good and harmonious rela onship

Then, the field of Parahyangan (spirit tual aspect) became the main concent on of the management. Before the tra e establishment of Waterbom, the loca on w a swamp area, so to change the funcwas on from ‘swamp’ to water a rac on they p party had to ask for direc ons spiritually. “ consequence, a temple was built at “As l loca on and it is truly well maintained. T There are also 7 guardian shrines on loc on. The temple located in the rear of ca t 3.8-hectare land has been expanded the b the management. Addi onally, there by i freedom to pray. Nothing is forbidden. is T Hindus, Muslims, Chris ans and BudThe dhists are side by side in harmony,” he said, while adding that they were harmonious and mutually suppor ve. As a result, they have maintained a good communica on atmosphere. In the field of Palemahan (environmental aspect), they were very careful because the owner of Waterbom, Mr. Santo Gulino was remarkably enthusias c about the preserva on of nature. Beau ful nature and the trees lining up neatly gives the impression that the environment was the thing given high priority in Waterbom. “Cu ng or moving a tree should go through a very long process because the trees and nature make visitors feel like going back to nature,” said the man with the mustache.  (BTNewspapers/Krisna)

Nyoman Suteja:

Safety, Number One in Waterbom THIS mustachioed man joined the Waterbom a year a er the water a rac on was opened on December 7, 1993. Mr. Nyoman, he was familiarly addressed, has once occupied the posi on of General Manager (GM) in the Waterbom since his employment with the company. This man with three children stated that safety and comfort of visitors should be number one in the Waterbom. “Before opening the opera on every 09:00 a.m. Local Time, his staff made an inspec on to all types of a rac ons because if there was only one grain of sand, it can scratch the skin,” he said.


Regular Visitor to Candidasa FATIGUE a er taking a long haul ha flight from England (UK) seems fo on the tranquil beach area of to disappear as soon as se ng foot enjo the paradise of the world on the Candidasa, Karangasem. “As if I enjoy wea Candidasa beach because the weather is hot, and the hotel service Cl is truly friendly,” Jeffery J. Basset extended in Bali Shangri-la Beach Club told reporters of Bali Travel Newspapers on Feb.8. condi on was much different from that The weather con in England during duri period of December to February. It was very cold and even extremely cold lately. “That’s why I always stay between 2 to “Tha 3 weeks here,” said Mr. J.J., his nickname around Candidasa. The tourist having home address in Baggator Farm, Peter Tavy, TTavistock, Devon, England, felt that Candidasa area was like his own C home village. “I have become a part h of large family of the residents here,” he added.  (BTNewspapers/Krisna)

balitravel_3.indd V

In addi on, the pool is always cleaned up by vacuum cleaner and its pH level or acidity of the water along with the content of chlorine is regularly examined with care. Besides this, the management has always trained the staff to enable them to provide first aid when there is an accident. For this training, his party brings in instructors from Bali Lifeguard (Balawista) and Australia each year. Two nurses and a physician on call everyday to provide help. Similarly, an ambulance is ready to transport visitors in case of accident. “We are always ready to cope with any undesirable things that happen,” he added.  (BTNewspapers/Krisna)

S.R. Barends-Mesman

Enjoy the Worldly Heaven in Sanur Beach WHEN she first came to Bali, this tourist from the Netherlands was spending almost three months on the Island of a Thousand Temples. SR-Mesman Berends is very happy with her hotel choice in Bali, namely Sanur Beach Hotel. Every me when coming to Bali she stays in Sanur Beach Hotel. In addi on, she constantly chooses the same seat on the edge of a ‘rice field’ miniature created by the hotel gardener. “The view I see from here is just like worldly heaven,” said the woman who has had 3 children and 3 grandchildren.

She added, from where she sat down since 7:00 a.m. Local Time un l 4:00 p.m. every day she could see beau ful sunrise. Then the pounding sound of the waves on Sanur Beach was not only heard but also seen in person. And, the most enjoyable experience for her was to feed the wild animals living peacefully around the hotel such as the lively squirrels and birds of diverse species. “The ac vi es I do here is really fun,” said the regular tourist who has come and always stayed in Sanur Beach Hotel since first coming 19 years ago.  (BTNewspapers/Krisna)

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The Winning of the THK awards

 Bali Shangri-la Beach Club & Bali Palms Resort:

Black Pearl in the Easternmost End of Bali Island  Boutique Hotels 5 Star Standard THE BEAUTY of the Bali Island does not only lie in the area of Kuta, Nusa Dua or Sanur. The easternmost p of this island, exactly the area of Candi Dasa (Karangasem Regency) also retains a very charming pearl. Just have a look at the Bali Shangri-la. Though it is a bou que hotel, it has excep onal charm and service like five-star hotel.

stayed more than 2 weeks, Bali Shangri-la made the concept of ‘extended family’ between guests and employees. In other words, it was intended to create an atmosphere in order guests could feel homey. Guests staying in hotels were o en invited to the house of employees. On the contrary, employees were also o en invited to eat with the guests; it built a sense of kinship among them.

Putu Tirta Yasa, Mana- Putu Tirta Yasa Regarding to the environging Director of Bali Shanment, according to Putu, his gri-la Beach Club (BSBC) party was very concerned about & Bali Palms Resort, gave a freedom to Bali the environment around the hotel area. If Travel Newspapers and Jalan-Jalan Nusantara there was plas c waste, it would be handled Saturday (Feb 5) to enjoy the five-star hotel as quickly as possible. This condi on was service in person. jus fied by Ketut Sariani, President Director of Bali Palms Resort, a sister company of Bali This man with a wealth of experience in Shangri-la Beach Club (BSBC). tourism industry of Bali since the 1970s told that Bali Shangri-la only had 25 rooms. It According to Sariani, the rubbish was a was different from other hotels and resorts shared responsibility between the managelocated throughout the region of Candi Dasa. ment, guests and the surrounding community. The hotel itself applied the Member System / This had to be carried out together to reach Owner System where guests could also be an the Clean and Green Bali. ‘Clean nature, culowner of the hotel based on ownership agreement. “Through this system, guests are the owner of the hotel up to 30 years,” he said while adding that owners of the hotel numbered 380 members. They sca ered and were from Australia, several European countries and even some came from Russia. Each member would receive voucher that could be exchanged for the use or could be also sold to friends or relaves. Each member was en tled to a free stay for 2 weeks. Also offered by Bali Shangri-la was to enjoying the beauty of diving in Blue Lagoon, up to Amed and Tulamben. Loca on of the diving ac vi es had a wonderful and fascinating diversity of marine life biota. So, it was o en visited by divers from around the world. “Over there lies a cave of shark discovered accidentally by our members. It becomes a very beau ful place and rarely encountered in the world,” said Mr. Putu imita ng the comments of divers staying at his hotel. The hotel with the theme “Unique, Friendly, Relaxing” put emphasis on friendliness of service extended by all employees. For convenience of guests who typically

ture and environment as well as good service by employees of Shangri-la and Bali Palms will become a focus to save the environment of Bali,” said Mrs. Ketut vivaciously. Meanwhile, in-house guests were also o en entertained by the arts presented by people around the hotel. “At least, every week the hotel organizes a Genjek Buffet where guests can cook immediately their catches obtained when diving in the waters around the hotel. Then, savor it together with the employees because we are a big family,” said Mr. Putu. It was as if the easternmost p of Bali Island had a black pearl that should be polished incessantly so that it could enrich the sparkling jewel of Bali.  (BTNewspapers/Krisna)

Sanur Beach Bali Aerowisata Hotel & Resort:

Do Not Hesitate, Enjoy Your Holiday in an Eco-friendly Hotel THE HOTEL established in 1974 gives priority to the impression of a green and shady ambience. That is why the hotel the preferred accommoda on of foreign and domes c tourists and is always concerned with all plants exis ng in the hotel environment. Sanur Beach Bali packages the arrangement of surrounding environment in harmonious surroundings. As soon as entering the courtyard and the front space of the Restaurant, shady green trees will welcome you accompanied with the melodys of birds singing to each other while celebra ng the day. The environment has been well maintained since the hotel was built. It is not something done for financial return and allows the hotel claims its property as an eco-friendly hotel. The hotel minimizes the use of chemicals, both in washing as well as in all fields. That is why the hotel deserved to be dominated for a gold trophy in the THK Awards 2010. All aspects of THK had been implemented accordingly in the Sanur Beach Hotel, namely in field of green environment (Palemahan), social aspect (Pawongan) and spiritual aspect (Parahyangan). “Every year, there must be a program to plant trees and rare plants. Lastt year, the hotel had the hon-or to welcome the arrivall of Miss Earth par cipa ngg n in the hotel,” said Ngakan Putu Ngurah. yKnowledge of employees on environmental affairs c o n n u e s to be improved, including on waste water and rubbish management. One of them is the AC treatment, where due to the spread of Legionnaire bacteria issues, the control against the air condi oning and other waterways as a habitat for bacteria-breeding con nues to be closely monitored. In the social aspect, Sanur Beach Hotel rou nely organizes the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) every three months, either to orphanage or to nursing homes. “This program con nues to be monitored in order that community benefits,” said Putu Ngurah.

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Ngakan Putu Ngurah

Another social program is the concern with the fellow employees and their families. For example, when an employee or employees has a misfortune, all employees must contrib- ute, while the company also proved their rights a in accordance with the ter terms (insurance). “On one occasion, we could co collect dona ons from em employees worth IDR 20 million or more for an employee whose fa family died,” he said. For spiritual matt ters, the hotel mana agement is also very c r i n g . I nte r fa i t h ca c communica on also runs very harmoniously and goes hand hand For instance, the Hindus in hand. always say prayers together at the temple within the hotel on full moon, black moon, or temple anniversary and the employees perform their respec ve religious obligaons all the mes. Employees who have religion other than Hinduism are also very enthusias c about carrying out their respec ve religious du es. On that account, they can establish a close and harmonious rela onship among all employees, though they follow different faith and belief. They say if you want to feel the harmony of life in Bali? Simply have a holiday in Sanur Beach Hotel.  (BTNewspapers/Krisna)

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Beyond Bali


Hotel Hyatt Regency Yogyakarta  Greenest Five-Star Hotel in Yogyakarta YOGYAKARTA is one of the favorite des na ons in Indonesia where in tourism promo on it claims itself as the ’never ending Asia.’ With the richness of cultural heritages, it is appropriate for tourists who want to spend their leisure holidays with family or friends. If you are unsure where to stay, you should choose the Hya Regency Yogyakarta as the top place to stay. The five-star hotel situated in a strategic loca on is in easy reach to the office , commercial areas and entertainment venues. Elegantly nestled in an area of 24 hectares, the Hya Regency Yogyakarta offers a range of exci ng facili es that will certainly make you more

comfortable when holidaying in the city of gudeg (young jackfruit vegetable). The facili es on offer, aside from 269 rooms with direct views to Mount Merapi, consist of swimming pool, golf course, tennis courts, fitness center, restaurant & bar, Wi-Fi, and more. According to General Manager of Hya Regency Yogyakarta, Nyoman Gede Nurcahyadi, it was considered the greenest hotel in Yogyakarta. “Here, you can enjoy cool atmosphere exuded by shady trees, verdant gardens and golf course. This will allow you to breathe fresh air every day,” said the man of Dalung-born, Kuta, smilingly.

Not only that, the hotel also gives the aura of ‘Tri Hita Karana’ where you will enjoy the balance of spiritual, social and natural environment. Simply look at the Parahyangan element (harmonious rela onship of man to God) of that hotel has been equipped with a special mosque. There is a mosque for men and another for women. In addi on, a separated mosque is also made especially for guests. “We divided the mosque in such a way so the solemnity of saying prayers can be achieved. By doing so, the comfort and tranquility can be perceived by the staff, employees or even by our guests,” said Nurcahyadi who previously had

Nyoman Gede Nurcahyadi:

Promote Spirit of Tat Tvam Asi, Do a Favor for Victims of Merapi THIS General Manager of Hya Regency Yogyakarta is known by the name of Mr. Nurcahyadi. Some people who hear his name will certainly think that he is a Javanese, no one realises he is a Balinese, and from Dalung, Kuta. Prior to serving as GM of Hya Regency Yogyakarta, he worked in Bali Hya for 10 years. He has obtained a lot of valuable experience and one of the most important was a sense of solidarity that was gives by the Hya Regency Yogyakarta. “With the spirit of Tat Tvam Asi (Thou Art That), all problems can be resolved properly,” he said while smiling. The spirit of Tat Tvam Asi had integrated with daily rou ne of himself, families, and all the staff and employees of Hya Regency Yogyakarta. In addi on, the staff and employees were also encouraged to helping the vic ms of the Mount Merapi erup on disaster a few months ago seeking refuge at the UGM. At that me, he encouraged all the staff and employees to give dona on either in the form of goods or labor. Nurcahyadi said that Hya Regency Yogyakarta took advantage of free me of the staff and employees to cook and help, while his party also donated clothing, towels, and toiletries. “Total funds spent by Hya Regency Yogyakarta averagely reached IDR 8 million per day,” he said.  (BTNewspapers/Titah Pratyaksa)

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served in the Bali Hya for 10 years. Meanwhile, for other devotees such as the Hindus and Chris ans, they can worship in the temple or church close from the hotel. In the field of Pawongan (harmonious rela onship to man and fellow men), Nurcahyadi accompanied by Marke ng Manager, Ayu Cornellia, said when Merapi erupted, Hya Regency Yogyakarta delivered assistance to Merapi refugees evacuated to Gadjah Mada University (UGM). Overall, the Hya Regency Yogyakarta spent IDR 8 million per day. “A number of our employees also had their own ini a ve and awareness to help the vic ms of Merapi. For instance, they used their spare me to help Merapi refugees in the campus of UGM, their sense of solidarity will grow and develop,” added Ayu Cornellia who is also from Dalung, Kuta, smiling. In addi on to helping the vicms of Merapi, Hya Regency Yogyakarta also established foster parents na onal movement (GNOTA). Ac vi es of the movement were caring for foster children and pro-

vided them with educa on, so they can feel the delight and companionship of school mes. Meanwhile, in the field of Palemahan (harmonious rela onship of humans to environment), the Hya Regency Yogyakarta maintained various types of plants that would make the hotel more green and lush. The existence of the lake on the edge of the golf course was able to make the guests feel fresh and relaxed. To process the waste, the hotel located on Jalan Palagan Tentara Pelajar did not dispose its waste water directly into the river. Instead, the hotel recycled and reused the waste water for irriga ng the golf course, gardens and plant so that environmental pollu on is reduced. Nurcahyadi also added, his staff con nued to introduce plant both the Hya Regency Yogyakarta and the environment outside the area around the hotel, so, people could enjoy the coolness of green trees and the effects of global warming could be overcome. (BTNewspapers/Titah Pratyaksa)

Blood Donation AS THE part of Community Care Bali, Discovery Kar ka Plaza Hotel in collabora on with Korem Wirasatya and Indonesian Red Cross has proudly conducted Blood Dona on “Give Love Give Blood” on Saturday (12th February), star ng from 9 am – 2 pm. It has successfully collected 250 bags of blood from the enthusias c par cipants. According to the commi ee chairman of the event, Mr. Adjis Budijaya, the program was set to

encourage the community to share and pay more a en on for those in need. It is in line with Discovery Kar ka Plaza Hotel’s Corporate Social Responsibility Program which has similar vision “affec on to others”. (BTNewspapers/PR)

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Sport & Recreation FuramaXclusive Villas & Spa Ubud: Indulge in the Balance of Nature

Toni’s Nippers in Bali 2011:

’Surf Awareness’ Training Program MONDAY (Jan. 3), my family (the Bromley’s) met at Badung Baliwasta Lifesaving on Kuta beach to begin a new program called “Toni’s Nippers in Bali”. All equipment from Australia was handed over to Badung Lifesaving Club; these included 10 nipper boards, balls and plas c cones, hoops as well as a rescue tube. This is a children’s ‘Surf Awareness’ training program funded wholly by Toni – Lee Bromley from Sorrento Western Australia. She is 11 years old and is a year 7 student at St Stephens School in Duncraig. Toni started fundraising by using her pocket money to buy fundraising chocolates and is now fully funding the new program called “Toni’s Nippers in Bali” which starts on 3rd April un l 30th October 2011 (31 weeks). The program was started because Toni no ced lots of local kids on the beaches at Kuta Bali who could not swim. We have currently enrolled 70 children aged 8 – 12 years in age from the Kuta region to begin the program which will be on Kuta Beach on Sunday’s 8am – 10am.

Toni and her team in Bali +61417843024. This will be an annual event star ng this year. We hope to expand to another group if we get enough children next year wan ng to learn about beach games and have lots of fun. All equipment is provided by “Toni’s Nippers in Bali” all you need to do is come down on Sunday mornings star ng April. Even if you

can’t swim its ok as we will be doing lots of fun beach games. All trainers are accredited Surf lifesavers in Australia and Indonesia and are paid wholly by “Toni’s Nippers in Bali”. This program is to help kids be surf aware and to stay safe on the beach. We would also like to thank Sorrento Surf Lifesaving Club for their assistance.  (BTNewspapers/PR)

TO ENHANCE your idyllic and holis c retreat experience here in Ubud, Spa Furama at Furama Villas & Spa Ubud, Bali introduces its new exclusive program of Yoga sessions.

knowledge on how to surrender to the strong current of Bali’s energy, learn to reconnect with your innate ins ncts, be kind to yourself, prac ce non-judgment, and be thankful.

Incorpora ng Hatha and Vinyasa flow prac ces with Balinese influences led by the cer fied American Yoga Alliance (AYL-200) and renowned Yoga instructor Eka Sabeh, guests will be able to enjoy a 60minutes session every Thursday morning in our dedicated Yoga center, facing scenic and lush padi (rice) fields.

Furthermore, added benefits and special deals await guests who visit Spa Furama at Furama Villas & Spa Ubud. (BTNewspapers/PR)

Complemented by a pure natural environment and chic facility, guests are invited to enjoy the Balinese-inspired yoga session and partake of a tradi on based on respec ng, connec ng and relaxing with nature. This includes the philosophy of becoming one with nature, crea ng individual awareness pertaining to abundance, natural beauty, and island energy, and integrates one’s body into the larger universe to ac vate one’s personal consciousness. Gain

All children par cipa ng will be provided with a ‘Sun Smart’ long sleeved co on uniform in lime green, shorts, fresh water in their own water bo les and a snack when finished. Sun cream and a hat are also provided. All funded by Toni-Lee. Ac vi es will include how to swim, board paddle with children’s small boards, running, flags, Surf lifesaving hand signals and many other fun games. Sun smart will also be a topic. We also encourage all parents to par cipate with there kids. On comple on of the 6 month course the children will receive a cer ficate in beach/surf training and a medal. All provided by The Bromley Family of Sorrento.

Welcome to the North-West of Bali Welcome to Matahari Beach Resort & Spa Hidden in an almost unknown part of Bali, our hotel is a perfect place for those seeking a relaxing holiday. Magnus and Parwathi Bauch created together with their team a hotel which echoes a traditional Balinese village.

There is NO cost to the child. We have also encouraged all expat children to come down and join. Please contact Badung Surf lifesaving Club in Kuta or hand phone/SMS to Toni or Gillian on

Jl. Raya Seririt - Gilimanuk, Ds. Pemuteran, Kec. Gerokgak, Kab. Buleleng - 81155 BALI - INDONESIA, Tel (++ 62) 362 92 312 / 93 435, Fax (++ 62) 362 92 313

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Bali Travel Newspapers Vol. I, No. 3  

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