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Balinese Wedding with American Girl :) Hi Everyone,

Today i wanna share my experience before we go to bali for our wedding next year. Starting with Planning, the cost of this and thats, Booking Hotel and vacation entertainment like cruising to lembongan island with Bali Hai cruise, Rafting, Trackings, and Spas, Foods & drinks, night club, and more important Our wedding.

Okay now lets start from Planning: we are planning our wedding about 1 year in advance, the first thing that you need to know is the rules for a Wedding Date. In Bali (balinese) Culture we have a rule about Good or Bad days according to their Balinese calendar which depends on the rotation of the moon. After we got the wedding date than we can decide what,when and where to go while we in Bali starting from the first day we land until the last day we are there





Hotels in Bali It seems that most flights that arrive in Bali via Korean air arrive around midnight. Due to the fact of traveling for 24 hours in the air from Atlanta, GA to Bali we will stay in a hotel in Denpasar our first night. Once we awake we will begin our journey to Negara where we will be staying for the first 10 days of our trip. I will stay with Putu and his family in thier home in Negara, while our guests who are coming along will stay in a villa. The villa they will be staying at is called Candikusuma Beach Villa located in Jembrana which is close to Negara. This villa has both staged wooden villas on the upper level and natural stone villas on the lower level. Candikusuma is located along the beach which I'm sure will make for beautiful views during the stay.

During the second part of our trip we will be staying for 6 nights in Ubud, which is located in the cental/southern touristy part of Bali. While here we will be staying at Kebun Indah which is a small guesthouse with six accomodations that are more home like. We will be using the Big House for our stay which has the Padi Room upstairs along with Kodok-1 and possibly Kodok 2. I am excited to stay here oppossed to a large overcrowded hotel with tourists running everywhere. Kebun Indah is located along side the monkey forest which is well known in Bali with wonderful views of the rice fields. The next part of our trip we will be staying in Lovina located in the northern part of Bali for 5 nights. We will be staying at the Aditya Beach Resort located right on Lovina Beach in a deluxe seaside cottage. We are most looking forward to our time to relax and escape everything and enjoy our second honeymoon without having set plans. After our stay in Lovina, we will return back to Negara to visit with his family for a couple more days before our flight back to the United States.





The Trip is On...YEAH!!! So we finally bought our tickets for our trip to Bali. We ended up purchasing them on priceline and were able to find the best price for the four different itineraries we were buying tickets for that routed through Atlanta and Seoul on the same flight. Now our trip is just five months away and we can't wait!! During our stay in Bali we will be staying in several different locations on the island. The first part of our stay will be in Negara which is located in the western part of the island because this is where Putu is from and where his family lives. This is also where we will be married on July 2nd followed by the reception on July 3rd. Unlike here in the United States our ceremony in Bali will be an entire day which will include around 500 people or so. Our reception will also be another full day in itself and will include much closer to 2500 people or so. I am both excited and nervous since this will be the first time I meet his family although we have talked over the phone and webcam.

We will also be staying in Ubud for a week which is located in the southern part of the island and where more of the tourist activities are located. Ubud is known for being the cultural and art hub of Bali and is more relaxing than Denpasar or Kuta. Our final stay and honeymoon will be in Lovina located in the northern part of the island. Lovina is known for dolphin watching which is what I really hope to see. Keep in mind that we are also traveling during Bali's high season due to being in school. Due to that costs for tickets will be more expensive than if we were traveling during the low season. Hotel costs and such won't vary much but we will keep you informed. Good reading and we will let you know the costs as they occur. The total costs of four tickets was $6,892 which included flights based out of Atlanta, Raleigh, and Ft. Myers. We were estimating around $1800-2000 per ticket. We ended up find the tickets for an average cost of less than what we predicted so we were happy about that. That is all the time I have today. Stay tuned for more information in regards to the hotels we plan on staying at and some of the activities we have planned.





This Is the Most Beautiful Invitation Card in the World This is the good idea if you want to look more elegant in your wedding and not spend extra money for souvenir, and this is considering save the environment or being GREEN. I will use about 1000 of this invitation card, each card cost $ 1.50 so it’s going to be $ 1500 all together, the invitation we have its not just for 1000 people but its 100 family, imagine if 1 family have 4 person each ITS GONNA BE 4000 People come to my wedding that roughly cost me $7500 for all that I need such as Foods, Wedding Ceremony Equipment, Offering, Entertainment, Transport, Misc money, etc I’m not sure what else going to come. This is how my wedding invitation looks like, Its made from Bamboo and its carve by hand, So if you interesting about it, just email me to I’m sure you will not disappoint with the result of this invitation card.

I’m also find a good price for car rent while we stay in Bali, which only $20 dollar a day for Nissan Grand Livina, that have CD for audio point 10 out of 10, Air condition very good, Exterior elite, interior sweet, this is the car that I rent,

Well that’s it for now, I will tell you more about my plan again when I have something new to say. Thanks for reading, To be continued…..

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This is the Story about Balinese that married with a girl from united states of Amerika, we have this plan to do our wedding ceremony in bal...

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