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Milaap Knowing you is knowing BALIC Innovative newsletter about the happenings in BALIC Mumbai region Edition 1

Quarterly memories rejuvenated

This is a new initiative taken forward by the HR Team Mumbai to develop more of interaction between the employees. It’s a quarterly flashback of reasons to celebrate and congratulate the employees through this medium. We are sure this journey of e magazine would be delightful and you would keep asking for more next time‌ So Enjoy Reading!

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The theme of this magazine is to understand the insurance industry better and also provide some useful articles for individual self development. This edition being the first for the quarter talk more about the creative aspect of our BALIC employees. Each edition of the magazine aims to touch at the topics that drive us at present and have potential impacting our future in some way or the other. For sharing any kind of articles or suggestions, please feel free to write back to us. -Jayashree Joshi

Two Senior’s from both Sales & Non- Sales background state a gist of their journey in BALIC so far… Name-

Mr. Ranjit Mishra.

Designation – Additional Regional Manager (Mumbai Region) Growth in BALIC- He joined BALIC as a Sales Manager in Aug 2001 and was promoted as a Satellite Manager in 2003-04. He had to start from scratch. Last FY closed Prabhadevi Branch as 2nd in the country and making Mumbai Region no 1 in the country. Success Strategy- He believes in building trust in all the team members. He follows the theory of relationship building & developing one’s among team to get the desired results.

Name- Ms. Vimla Pillay Designation – Performance Coach (Training) Growth in BALIC- She considers her growth in BALIC as a mirage, but she believes that the growth of all the SMs & Ics whom she has trained and who have reached the levels of RMs, DMs, BMs & MDRTs to be her actual growth. Success Strategy- She believes that “Truth and nothing but the Truth”…she thinks it is the moral integrity to the company.

Your Mentor & why- 1) Mr Suman Swarup – The reason being for rigorous follow-ups.

Your Mentor & why- 1) Mr. V Philip- For his extraordinary drive & zeal at work.

2) Mr Niraj Kumar- as a guide he is always by his side.

2)Mr Suman Swarup- The reason being for his passion for work and never say die attitude.

A breakdown of the pros and cons of whole life insurance… A Quick Breakdown of How Whole Life Insurance Works Higher Premium – You will notice that whole life insurance quotes tend to be higher than term life insurance and other variable types as well. The reason whole policies tend to be more expensive is that the money you pay into the policy is put into a “savings” program. The longer you pay into the policy, the larger the tax-deferred earnings are that you earn from the money saved up inside the whole life policy. These interest and dividends should be discussed with your insurance agent when you receive you whole life insurance quotes. Also, while you do have the ability to get a loan against your policy, again that is a major financial decision that should be discussed with an agent as well. Fixed Policy – Whole life insurance policies are fixed in a couple different ways. The first of which is that your payments are fixed at a certain set amount for the entire duration of the policy. Regardless of economic troubles, increases in mortality, etc… your premium always stays exactly the same. So whatever you receive in whole life insurance quotes that will be the rate you pay forever. The second aspect of the policy being fixed is that the death benefit always stays exactly the same. The death benefit is agreed upon from day one and even 50 years later it will be the same amount, so plan carefully when you are deciding on how large a death benefit to request in your whole life insurance quotes. Financial Benefits – Aside from the death benefit, whole life insurance policies allow you to earn taxdeferred earnings from the money you have invested into the policy over the years. However, it takes many years, sometimes decades, to see the full benefit of that, which means whole life insurance policies are a poor vehicle for short-term investment.

10 Ways to improve your communication skills 1.

Know what you know: It is important to be clear about what you know and what you don’t .. Speak about topics you generally know and don’t talk about topics you are not aware about…BE Honest when you speak. 2. Listen : Listen to what the other person speaks it helps to create a healthy conversation. Ask questions incase if you have any queries in the conversation. 3. Humility: If you have said something wrong out of place or out of line ….BE humble enough and apologize and move on. 4.Eye contact : Learn to have effective eye contact with the person with whom your talking- but don’t STARE. Staring would make the other person uncomfortable 5. Joking Around: Add humor to your talks. It wakes people up and laughing would make you feel happier. However avoid “Flat Jokes”. Practice your jokes with close audience like your family and try not to offend anyone by sounding funny. 6. Me, Myself I: Don’t always keep bragging about yourself when having a talk. 7. Be interested: Sound interested while talking to anyone. Don’t show signs of you not being interested. 8. Smile: A smile, like an eye contact can make instant connection with another person. It makes them feel good and establish friendly relations. 9. Role Model : There may be people in your life who would be inspiring you to talk like them. Try and watch how do they talk and behave and work towards your success. 10.Prepare: Whether you are preparing a speech, or just planning to have a plain conver prepare yourself about how you would go about. Hope it would be of great help to you all…. Happy TalkingJJJJJ

Here are certain amazing facts, which we all as BALIC family need to know…

The Profit made by BALIC in the last FY has been close to 1057 crores. HR Verification made Easier: The employee verification process is now APL Generated…less stressful all documents need to be provided and uploaded at the time of APL generation itself. BRAVO awards finalization is currently under process and more on this shortly… Competitors News!! Competitors News!! Competitors News!!

1. Aviva Life insurance has registered a profit of Rs29 crore in 2010-11 , the first year since launch of operations in May. 2.PNB finalise biz partner likely by July 3.Tata AIG launched Gyan kosh Policy. A non participating Ulip

Boisar,Fort, Vashi, Thane & Andheri Branch BALIC Staff showcasing their kids Talents!!!

Anthem of Bajaj given by Siddhesh L (Sales Admin- Dombivli Branch)

Jiyo Befikir hai nara hamara, Surksha aapki ye wada hamara. Haath aapka saath hamara, Jindagi aapki Sahara hamara.

Winner of Drawing Contest !!!

Jaisi Jarurat Aapki Waisa Insurance Hamara.

Best Term Insurance stated by ET Wealth as on June 20, 2011

Thank You JJJ


Inhouse Newsletter created for Balic employees in mumbai


Inhouse Newsletter created for Balic employees in mumbai