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Betet Merta: When was your first trip to Bali, Bruce Irons? Bruce Irons: Many many moons ago.

Don’t forget about me. A little monkey? Yeah. Then I said, aww he’s cool, he has prison tattoos on his elbows... even though he never went. But he’s still cool. He runs this muthafucka.

When? How old were you? (Thinking) I was probably 20.

Ummm... pretty much, huh? Yeah, pretty much.

That’s not that time when Chris Coté here with your brother and Dustin Barca, and we go to Timor? Yeah, when was that? Fuck, when was that? I think you were 20. Long time ago, like 14 years ago.

How you first meet me and what did you first think of Betet? How did I first meet you? I met you through my brother. So I instantly thought, who the fuck is this little Jawa boy?

Five Rupiah. Five Rupiah. Haley, where you going? (Bruce's friend Haley is stepping out of the villa.) Haley: I have to call my mom, there’s no reception here. Yeah, right over there you can get reception.

She never forget about you, dude.

If you were born in Bali what do you think you will be doing right now? Ummmm, if I was born in Bali? Yeah, if you born in Bali what do you think you will be doing right now? Hmmm (long pause). Surf? I’d probably be like a Buddhist Shaolin monk. Ok.

Bali Belly Issue 002  

Bali Belly is an independent youth culture magazine based in Bali, Indonesia.

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