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INDONESIA Indonesia to me is a place where anything that you can dream about can become a reality. The natural beauty of the place is unsurpassed anywhere else in the world, but the thing that makes Indonesia the land of unlimited opportunity is its people. I've never been to a place where I was greeted with as much warmth and openness as I have been privileged to enjoy in Indonesia. Whether in the middle of Bali or perched on the very edge of the jungle in Sumbawa, the incredible energy of the people of Indonesia is palpable and all-consuming. Whenever I leave wherever I've been in Indonesia, I feel like I'm leaving an extension of my own family, as there are always amazing people there who go above and beyond to take care of us and make us feel like a welcomed part of their beautiful world.

FILM I guess it's pretty funny that we shoot web videos on super 16mm film. I suppose you could shoot them on lesser cameras, but for me the web is a place where more people have the potential to see what you make than on any other platform. Matt Hill and Gary Valentine who run Globe here in the US have always believed in me and my passion for shooting things in film. They have supported these projects, and it's pretty wild because things that don't seem to make sense on paper sometimes can make a lot of sense in real life. Globe understands that, and because we've invested in shooting film and in working with talented people like cinematographers Rick Jakovich and Beren Hall, we've become known as being one of the best in the world at what we do. That, in turn, has led to great things, both financial and otherwise, that we never could have anticipated when we were making the decision to invest in film as opposed to digital. Also, from an emotional standpoint, while it's a real pain to travel with the film gear, once you get the footage back it's the most exciting thing in the world. Everything now in the digital world is so automatic and safe. Anyone can pick up a digital camera and make an evenly exposed image and it looks great. But for me it doesn't look "alive". Life isn't perfect and I love the thrill of not knowing exactly what's going to happen with my film. It's always this challenge to try to control something that is to some degree wild and beyond your control. For me it's a metaphor for life itself. If everything was perfect and easy and laid out in front of you, life would be pretty boring and no one would care about your achievements (including you). Satisfaction comes from trusting yourself and challenging yourself to figure things out on your own, and not being afraid to be wild and risk complete failure (or soft focus). So yeah, we like shooting film. And so far it seems like other people like us shooting film too.

Bali Belly Issue 002  

Bali Belly is an independent youth culture magazine based in Bali, Indonesia.

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