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SHANGRI-LA The Whispers. The Rumors. The Rumblings. The Rumblings are around us everywhere. If you just stop and listen, you can hear them even now. A vague explanation? Admittedly, yes. Shangri-La? We are trying to find it. We don't quite know where or exactly what it is, but we have heard rumblings of its existence and now I feel like we have to go and discover it. The Perfect Wave. The Ultimate Ride. The best left wedge in the world. Hot babes (of course). Strong drink. Palm trees. Air wind. Surfing's own Holy Grail. Our research indicates that these are the things that await us when we find Shangri-La. I don't know if we'll find it, or if it even actually exists, but I can assure you that we plan to have the time of our lives looking for it.

VOYAGE You caught us on a good one. Getting over to this zone took us almost 50 hours of travel time. LA to Tokyo / Tokyo to Singapore / 12 hours of walking around eating ramen and trying to find a good foot massage / Singapore to Lombok / a bus ride / a boat ride / another bus ride, and voila! In fact, every trip we've done so far for the new movie has been crazy, but that's because we are trying to go on these grand adventures. Our trip to Iceland with Dion, Nate and Brendon Gibbens was one of the wildest nonstop travel missions I've ever been on. Fighting the cold, both from a surfing and filming standpoint, was really tough for the crew. My Super 16mm cameras actually started to freeze up one day when we were filming surfing at the base of a glacier.

Joe G

HEAVY EQUIPMENT Damn. I am a maniac and for some reason force myself to shoot on the old Arri SR Super 16mm film cameras. They are crazy heavy and all the equipment that goes along with them (film too) is really bulky and heavy. Also, it's pretty sketchy when there is a language barrier and you're telling the officials of some foreign country that you can't put all of your weird metal film cans through the X-ray or it'll ruin the film. They quickly become convinced that you're up to no good. Hence, I spend a lot of time in Secondary Inspection. It ain't fun.

SUNBURNS Yes, my pasty and often wetsuit-covered California legs got so sunburned on this trip that parts of them turned purple. The ultimate tourist. Come to think of it, I should have had my hair braided too...

MOSQUITOS Goddam mosquitos, trying to give us all malaria. Hate them.

Nate Tyler

Bali Belly Issue 002  

Bali Belly is an independent youth culture magazine based in Bali, Indonesia.

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