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drops in, people won’t start beating on each other. Yeah, surfers are pretty aggro. Yeah, but I’d be aggro if there were 50 guys hassling for one wave and I'm the only one from there. I can understand it. It’s just a different environment when you skate. So besides the parks, is there good street skating in Bali? There’s a few spots, but you gotta know where they are. You gotta really go out of your way to find them. There are a few gems, but I wouldn’t say it’s Barcelona or anything like that. What about in other parts of Indonesia? Oh yeah. In some of the newer parts of the cities the infrastructure has gotten better. They’ve widened the sidewalks and started to put marble in. Places like Jakarta and Bandung. Jogjakarta and Semarang have some good spots. What city is the best? Probably Jakarta. But there’s a lot more security there too. And they kick you guys out of places? Yeah. But there’s a few cities like Kalimantan and Sulawesi where the government has a lot of money and they build things really nice. And they don’t have as many security guards as Jakarta, which is cool.

So these security guards are pretty strict? Do they give out tickets like in America? No, they just tell you to go. If you have money you just pay them off and you can skate a little longer. They let you do that. That’d be pretty funny in America to try and pay the cops off to skate a little longer. Like, here’s 20 bucks, beat it. You’d give them 20 bucks, then get 5 to 10 years in jail for bribery. So who’s the best skater in Indonesia right now? There’s a few. There’s definitely a few out there. I’d like to say this kid Absar. And Yogi. He rides for Motion. Those guys are definitely up there. Top 5, for sure. Well, how about you give me your Top 5. I’d say Yogi. Absar. Um, this kid Norman Genta. Dewa Oka. Mario. But then there’s this little kid who rides for me, his name is Sanggu. He’s been shredding. He broke his hand the other day and three or four days later he goes to Medan and comes in first place. He’s only 11. And he’s competing against 16 and 17-yearolds. He’s a beast. And what about legends. Is there a godfather of Indonesian skateboarding? Yes there is. He works for Happen Magazine. His

name is Suri, and he’s the godfather of Indonesian skateboarding. He’s helped a lot with exposure and helping the younger generation. So what about this younger generation. Right now in surfing, there’s one or two Indonesian surfers who can compete with the best surfers in the world. What about Indonesian skateboarders? Can any of them compete with David Gonzalez or Jim Greco? Well I’d like to say yeah, but realistically, no. Just because of how young skateboarding is in Indonesia. With Indonesian surfing, you have the best waves in the world here. But for skateboarding it’s not like that. We’ve only just had skateparks for, what, like five years. But the level that it’s grown in just those five years... If we had the facilities like in the west, we would be up there for sure. So maybe in another five years? Hopefully. Maybe that 11 year old, Sanggu. He’ll be 16. Yeah, if he doesn’t stray. So what about outside influences? Mostly videos or Thrasher Magazine? Any big names ever skate in Indonesia? Mostly videos. There’s

never really been a big team to come through Indonesia doing demos or anything. But there is this American kid who grew up in Jakarta who is now a top pro, Jackson Curtin. There’s some inspiration there, for sure. I used to see Greyson Fletcher skate at the park a bunch. Yeah, I skated with him a few times here. He’s done really good for himself. But mostly it’s just the drive the kids have on their own. They’ll have nothing to skate, but they’ll go skating every day. No matter if the ground is shitty or what. They just wanna skate. And that’s what’s important, really. If you could pinpoint one thing that would help skaters from Indonesia get to that next level, what would it be? A big, free outdoor skatepark. Paid for by the government. They give us the land and we build the park. Let the kids ride for free. That would help a lot. Even though my park is really cheap – Rp.10,000 for all day – some kids still can’t afford that. They can’t pay that every day. So some help from the government would be good. If you could skate your park with anyone in the world, who would it be? Andrew Reynolds. He'd be awesome to see live.

Bali Belly Issue 002  

Bali Belly is an independent youth culture magazine based in Bali, Indonesia.

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