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is pretty good for Bali. And I’d like to say that I contributed to helping that as well. We built Motion skatepark in 2009. And the number of kids has definitely grown since then. There’s some shredders out there who skate at the park.


What about beginner skateboarders? With surfing, it’s pretty easy to tell who just started. Sometimes they are referred to as “kooks.” Are there kooks in skateboarding? Are they easy to spot? Like, do they put their trucks on backwards? Yeah, of course there’s beginners. There’s a lot of kids who have all the new stuff, they have the best board, but they don’t know how to really skate. But you gotta start somewhere. You know, whatever.


Bali Belly: Where did you learn to skate? Afandy: I learned to skate in Bali. I grew up here. We skated at Double Six street. That’s where we started. At that intersection, where you have to pay. On the really bad floor. Just little rails and boxes.

there guys back then from Indonesia that you looked up to? For sure, in Jakarta. We’d see them in videos and magazines. Adymas and Bima Girindra. For international, it was Andrew Reynolds and Jamie Thomas.

Yeah, there’s not too much concrete around No, nothing. We’d be stoked to find some nice flat ground back then.

Give me an idea of what the skate scene was like back then. Were there skateparks and shit? Nooo. There were no skateparks. Just the things we built ourselves. Little boxes and rails. But back in the day we did get some help from Rip Curl and a few of the other

Growing up skating, who did you look up to? You mean internationally or locally? Both. I mean, were

surf brands to build little wooden boxes and ramps. I wouldn’t call it a skatepark though. Steve Palmer also helped us with that. So growing up in Bali, do you surf as well? I don’t surf, no. I never did surf, because I was always just skating. Bali has always been known for surfing, but the skating scene has been growing rapidly over the past few years. How many people skate at your park each day? Well, on a busy day there’s 50 kids. On average there’s 20 to 30 kids, which

If a beginner surfer paddles out to Padang or Keramas, they will probably be told to leave. Does the same go for skating? If I went to the park in some running shoes with a Sector 9 under my arm, would people tell me to beat it? It’s kinda like that, but it’s never really verbally abusive. You can see the good kids are definitely whizzing around the park and the beginners are usually more timid and just kinda wait their turn. But skating is not as aggressive as surfing. If someone

Bali Belly Issue 002  

Bali Belly is an independent youth culture magazine based in Bali, Indonesia.

Bali Belly Issue 002  

Bali Belly is an independent youth culture magazine based in Bali, Indonesia.