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DEEP practicing at home just half an hour past midnight, and without warning our neighbor came to the house and stuck a huge knife in my face and said he was gonna kill us all if we didn't turn the noise down. We're like, dude, you never even warned us before! You could have asked us to turn it down before you came over with a knife. That was the first time we ever met him!


Padma: I think his exact words were: I'm gonna burn your house down if you don't stop the noise. Now we only practice in the daytime. We learned our lesson.

The Deep Sea Explorers have only been playing together for six months, but the band is already earning a reputation around Bali. Take tonight's show in Seminyak, for example. About 20 minutes into their first set, the guys bust out a hellfire version of The Doors' “Roadhouse Blues.� The walls begin to shake, and even the dudes in scarves put down their red wine and start pounding the dance floor. That's when the neighbors call the cops and the owner of the restaurant is forced to pull the plug. It's an all-too-familiar story for Palel (drums), Hendro (bass), Padma (guitar) and Arja (vocals). Now the manager is on stage trying to calm the restless crowd with promises of free shots until closing. That's our cue to grab some beers and duck out to a nearby alley.

Bali Belly: Man, I can't believe they called the cops. It's not even 11:30. Arja: Welcome to being a live band in Bali. Does this happen to you guys a lot? Padma: It's not usually as bad as tonight. Usually it happens on the next gig. The venue owner will tell

us they can't do it anymore because last time was too loud and someone complained. So we have to change the times and make the show earlier. It's bullshit. Arja: In Bali, apparently it's ok to do anything before midnight. But after midnight they're pretty strict about loud music. The other day we were

Aside from neighbors calling the cops, what do you guys think of the music scene in Bali right now? Arja: The music scene in Bali right now is growing fast. People are tired of repeating the same scene over and over. The club scene has just been on repeat, and for a long time there was no alternative to that. Now it's getting interesting again. I was actually at a battle of the bands today and I was surprised at what they were playing. It was stuff I didn't expect to hear, like Ten Years After, Cream, Guns N' Roses, and all this old blues. It was a nice surprise. Who won? Arja: I don't know if they won, but I was going for this one band from Ubud

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Bali Belly is an independent youth culture magazine based in Bali, Indonesia.

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