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CONTRIBUTORS JASON REPOSAR, PHOTOGRAPHER Repo is a native of Liverpool, England, speaks with a California bro accent, and calls Bali home. He tours with Metallica and flies to Europe for weekends to photograph supermodels in lingerie. He also shoots surf. We're his biggest fans. You may have noticed Repo's Indonesian twist on American Gothic featured on our cover, with Lee Wilson and Joanne McKay modeling. But Repo didn't stop there. He got Lee and Jo out of the rice field and into the studio. He lit some candles, turned on Marvin Gaye, fed them oysters and read some poetry out loud. Then he started shooting. The result (“Get Up, Let's Go, Let's Get Out Of This Loneliness Here”) will have you cranking up the A/C. Repo is calling it some of his best work. When Lee and Jo are old and wrinkled, they'll show the photos to their grandkids and say, “Look, we were hotter than sin.” And they'll have Repo to thank.




Betet is better known for his surfing act than for his skills behind the typewriter, but we think Five Rupiah could be Bali's answer to Hunter S. Thompson. When Bruce Irons came through town recently, we knew Betet was the man to get the story. “I don't do puff pieces,” he said. “I'm going to ask the tough questions.” Betet's reporting style is still a bit rough, but he's got the expense report part down. Before he even submitted his story, Betet hit us with a 10-page bill that included a two-night stay at the Four Seasons, a parking ticket (yeah, we didn't know they had those in Bali either) and an invoice from the Bali Safari Park for “one white Bengal tiger.” But his interview with Bruce turned out amazing. So we didn't ask any questions.

Our designer was strolling along a deserted beach beneath the southern cliffs of Bali one afternoon when he came upon an old pirate chest washed up on the rocks. After breaking it open with a coconut, he discovered a seaweed-bound sketchbook belonging to a “Mr. Pineapple Head.” The soggy pages were alive with doodles and haunting illustrations. Tucked within the fold was a polaroid self-portrait with the cryptic words “I've left the plantation forever” scribbled on the back. Who was Mr. Pineapple Head? And what did his drawings mean? We still don't know. But his sketchbook pages are on display in this issue. Get lost in them.

After his top-shelf surf photography was featured in the first issue of Bali Belly, Hamish reports that his luck with ladies is finally starting to improve, abuse from his elders in the surf community is letting up, and John John is always calling him. “This is a whole new chapter for me,” says Hamish. “Things are looking up.” Working in the surf industry over the past six years, Hamish has taken more than his fair share of grom abuse, including several unwanted nicknames like “The Hamster,” “H. Hump,” and “Hamas” (Hamish has no relation to well-known photographer D. Hump or the Palestinian terrorist organization Hamas). But not even his harshest critics can dispute that Hamish is a stud behind the lens, which is why he's Bali Belly's one and only staff photographer.

Bali Belly Issue 002  

Bali Belly is an independent youth culture magazine based in Bali, Indonesia.

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