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Russians drink vodka. Russians win Chess tournaments. Russians endure long, cold winters; and wrestle bears; and engineer super fighters to take on Rocky Balboa. But Russians don’t surf. At least they never used to. Blame the global financial crisis. Blame global warming. Somehow the natural order of things has been disrupted and Bali has become inundated with Russians hell-bent on conquering the waves.

Russian surf schools are multiplying on the island faster than you can say “Vladivostok.” On any given day at Halfway you will find legions of their students slapping the water, while their instructors struggle to stay afloat. We captured one of the generals leading Russia’s surfing invasion of Bali – a 29-year-old instructor from Russia living in Seminyak – and demanded answers. When he refused, we waterboarded him until we got some.

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Bali Belly Issue 001  

Bali Belly is an independent youth culture magazine based in Bali, Indonesia.

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