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OPPORTUNITY KNOCKS Made “Bol” Adi Putra receives a mysterious phone call one morning. A developer is interested in buying his family’s land in the heart of Kuta. Could this be Bol’s big pay day? Let’s listen in...

Hello, can I please speak to Mr. Adi Putra? Yeah, who is this? Hi, this is Bob Slydell from Best Western Hotels. I’m calling because I heard that you own some land in Kuta along Jalan Benesari.

cars passing by, and the road is very small. So many times I can’t get my car out of my driveway because your guests park in the road. Everyone has been complaining. It’s such a mess. I don’t understand how you can make such a big hotel and not make a parking lot on the bottom. In the future you need parking if you don’t want to have a problem.

Yes? I’m just curious, how long have you owned this land? A long time. You want to rent some land or something? What are you doing with the land right now, Mr. Adi Putra? Any plans to develop it? I’m running a business on my land already. I’m running a homestay. I live on that land too. Who am I talking to? Who is this?

How much would you be willing to sell your land for, Mr. Adi Putra? We don’t sell any land here. Me and my family we rent our land, but we don’t sell our land. It’s not for sale. I like you Mr. Adi Putra. You seem like a straight shooter, so I won’t beat around the bush. We are interested in building a Best Western fitness center on your land in front of our Kuta Beach hotel. Let me ask you a question, Mr. Adi Putra. What would you do with one billion rupiah?

How big is your property? I only have a small area right now, but... How did you get my number? One of my staff gave me your phone number. Are you familiar with the Best Western Hotel in Kuta Beach, Mr. Adi Putra?

What would I do with one billion rupiah? I would invest it. Well, we are prepared to offer you 500 million rupiah per are and a lifetime membership to our Kuta Beach fitness center. Are you joking?

Yes. My family owns that land, but we rent it to Best Western. That hotel’s been open for one year almost. But it’s kind of messed up what they’ve done there, making a big hotel without any parking. It’s getting fucked up around here because of your hotel. You build this big hotel and don’t make any parking area, so all the guests use the road for parking, and it’s making traffic all the time in front of my house. Your land is directly across the street from our Kuta Beach hotel. Is that right? Yes, and the traffic has gotten out of control here. There’s a lot of motorbikes and a lot of

I thought you might say that, so how about a little something to sweeten the deal. I’ve been told you are a professional surfer. Is that right? Yeah, sure. What would you say if we were to offer you a position as head surf instructor at our fitness center? Man, I have a lot of stuff going on right now. I don’t want to be too busy. I’m talking big billboards all over town with

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your face on them! I think instead you should be doing something about the parking problem at your hotel. You need to talk to the man who owns the land next door to the Best Western hotel. It’s still just coconut trees, everything is still empty there. It would be perfect if you make a parking lot there next to the hotel. Well I hate to break it to you, but we plan on ramping up business at the hotel with the addition of our new fitness center, and we expect a lot more traffic in the near future. Well there’s gonna be more people complaining. It’s gonna happen. One day, I don’t know, people here are gonna get fed up and they’re gonna do something about it. Is that a threat? Look, your hotel has been packed. I never go inside, but I see a lot of guests. You have a lot of small rooms and those ugly rainbow color windows in front, but it’s working for you. That’s fine. The hotel design is ‘Modern Minimalist.’ Ok, whatever. But my place is different. My bungalows are more green, more gardens. I have a lot of guests too. I don’t have 100 rooms like you, but my guests love what my place is. I just think the parking at your hotel is a mess. You seem like a sensible man, Mr. Adi Putra. Why don’t you come by for one of our worldfamous All American breakfasts – on the house of course – and we’ll talk about it. At the Best Western? I don’t know, maybe. I will let you know if I have the time. You won’t regret it, Mr. Adi Putra. Our steak and eggs is the best on the island. We’ll be in touch.

Bali Belly Issue 001  

Bali Belly is an independent youth culture magazine based in Bali, Indonesia.

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