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DAMN GOOD NIGHT MARSHELLO ARYAFARA, 32, LIFEGUARD & ENTERTAINER, LEGIAN PRE PARTY SURF Padma beach, my local spot. It’ll be glassy, 4 feet, sunset time, all the lifeguards and Padma boys will be out. I’ll be on my 5’8” fish. PARTY VENUE The Balcony for an acoustic jam session with my band (The Hydrant) and my cousin, guitarist Made J. Tai Buddha would step in on drums and RB would bring his bass. BANDS Bryan Setzer (rockabilly legend) would play and bring his entire orchestra. I’d invite Elvis but I better let him rest in peace! SECURITY We don’t need security because everyone is happy and we’ll be having a rocking old time! BARTENDER Winny, Putu, and Febri. The local boys know how to pour a strong mix. FIRST DRINK Sex on the Rocks. LAST DRINK Whatever’s left in the bottle. A DRINK FOR YOUR MATES AT BALI BELLY There’s a Circle K across the street, boys! UNDER YOUR ARM My wife and my guitar. IN THE TOILET HAVING SEX It’s empty, everyone is on the dance floor! ON THE RAIL PUKING Febri SURPRISE GUEST Heru (Vocalist of Shaggy Dog). YOU LEAVE WITH We stay! AFTER PARTY We jam til sunrise.

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Bali Belly Issue 001  

Bali Belly is an independent youth culture magazine based in Bali, Indonesia.

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