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Hamish “Hamas” Humphreys // 22 // Sanur

Albert “Betet” Judiyanto // 26 // Jakarta

Being a photographer isn’t easy. Expensive gear. Long hours in the sun. Overweight baggage charges on every flight. So why does Hamish do it? “Because it’s the only thing I’ve ever loved,” he tells us. And if there’s a picture in this magazine that you love, chances are Hamish shot it. He’s been living in Bali since he was 16, shooting and partying with the best of them. Before that, he was a boogie boarder in Perth, Western Australia. And before that, he was crawling around the islands of the Seychelles with fish curry breath. So where’s this guy moving to next? “I love traveling the world,” says Hamish. “This year I went to California, Hawaii, Canada, Australia and South Africa. But I don’t think I’ll ever move from Bali. This is home.”

Remember at the end of The Hangover 2 when the guys find their camera and go through all the photos from the previous night’s rampage? That’s what Betet’s photography reminds us of – except his photos have hung on the walls of fancy art galleries. Born and raised in Jakarta, Betet started taking photographs in high school, documenting the lives of his friends and other characters around town. He later graduated from Pelita Harapan University with a degree in Visual Communication Design. Like Jakarta, Betet’s photography (“Big City Problem,” p.38) is equal parts shiny and dirty; loud and sophisticated; beautiful and grotesque; and just plain bizarre. We asked Betet to describe himself for this bio, but he was out all night taking photos in the city and never got back to us. We can’t wait to go through his camera.

Bali Belly Issue 001  

Bali Belly is an independent youth culture magazine based in Bali, Indonesia.

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