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INTRO Fucking rainy season. He slumped down on the couch. Outside it was pouring and the street was flooded – again. The ocean was a brownish lake. The clubs on Legian were all dead, but he couldn’t party anyway. He’d been hit with the same knockout flu he always got when the first big rains came. Hopefully it wasn’t dengue. Fucking rainy season. He popped a few more NyQuil and turned on the PlayStation. As he brought the Guitar Hero controller to his hip, he noticed an option he’d never seen before: “Metallica: Live In Jakarta.” He pressed select and sneezed, sending green mucus flying across his living room. When he looked up, he saw 60,000 screaming fans staring back at him. He looked to his left and saw Metallica lead guitarist Kirk Hammett. To his right was bassist Robert Trujillo. In his hands was a black Flying V guitar. He was on stage with Metallica! Damn, he thought, this is some good cold medicine. “We love you Jakarta!” Kirk howled over the microphone to deafening cheers. “It feels so good to be back after 20 years. Are you ready?” His hands sprang into action, out of his control, as he launched into the opening riff of “Hit The Lights.” Beams of colored light fired from all corners of the stadium and the crowd began to boil like thousands of piranhas in a feeding frenzy. He was on fire. Doing the Windmill. Leaning back-to-back with Rob and playing with his teeth. Power-sliding onto his knees at the edge of the stage. He took a running start and hurled himself into the crowd, surfing a raging sea of metalheads chanting his name. A wave of people began to rise. Fans surged by him, carried to the peak as the mountain of humans grew higher and steeper. As he dropped down the face, the lip threw out 100 feet into the crowd. It was the most intense barrel he’d ever pulled into, and the only one he’d ever ridden while playing a guitar solo. When the wave spit, it breathed smoke and fire. He’d post an Instagram of his ride after the show. He’d tag Metallica. He’d tag Bali Belly. He’d tag the whole world. And he’d tell everyone: “I fucking love the rainy season!”

Bali Belly Issue 003  

Bali Belly magazine from Bali, Indonesia.

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