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What's your favorite skate video at the moment? As far as local video parts go, I like Mario Palandeng in the Motion KL video. That has been a huge inspiration for me to keep pushing my limits. How about international guys.Who inspires you? Guy Mariano and Nyjah Huston. You're nearing 30. Is it all downhill from there? No way! I wanna see how far I can push my limit. I've started to realize I can still do more, so I'm just gonna keep pushing it. Where's your training grounds? Right now it's Donkey Skatepark. I usually go there to practice new ideas and tricks. I also go to Motion Skatepark to try out different types of obstacles. Would you rather pull a big trick or a super technical maneuver? Go big or go home, baby. How about injuries? I've had injuries and I'll probably have more. I'm not afraid to get injured again; skating is my passion. I tore the cartilage in my left knee and it kept me off skating for almost a year. Thank God it healed pretty well after my surgery. The doctor told me I need to stop skateboarding, but I never did. As long as I can still walk, I'm gonna keep skating.

Bali Belly Issue 003  

Bali Belly magazine from Bali, Indonesia.

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