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BB: Didn't anyone ever tell you that pro skaters covered in tattoos don't start up church groups? Indra Kubon: No, actually (laughing). After I recovered from my drug addiction, I decided to do something better with my life. I got involved with my local church and got inspired to do something to serve the community. So I started Sunday Skate Bible. What exactly is Sunday Skate Bible? It's a worship group I started a couple of years ago to give young people something fun to do and to help keep kids off drugs. We skate to inspire others. It's my way of showing kids that there’s more in life than just skateboarding. If anyone is going through a hard time, they can come and talk about it with the group. We worship together, play music, and, of course, skate. It's basically just about building friendships and sharing our love of God. We meet every Sunday at 8:30 AM at Donkey Skate Park. What makes skateboarding a good way to connect with kids? Skateboarding offers so much more than just the physical activity itself. It’s a form of art and self-expression. When we do our tricks, our personality shows through in our takes on the maneuvers. Skating allows your individuality to show through. Suddenly, after you grab your board, you get that special feeling. Talk about some of the young talent that is coming up in Indonesia right now.

We've got some crazy young skaters coming up in Indonesia now. Youngsters like Keanu Campora. Tenma. Sanggu Dharma. Ruby. Those kids will all take over soon. As more skateparks open up here, more young skaters are gonna rip harder. It's going to keep getting better here, for sure. Who are the local skaters who get you fired up the most? It's always sick to watch Putu Yogi skate. Also Mario Palandeng and Absar Lebeh. What would you be doing if you weren't a professional skater? I really can't see myself doing anything outside of skateboarding as a career. It was a natural thing for me to pursue a career in skateboarding. When did you start getting paid to skate? It's been Volcom Indonesia supporting me since the beginning. Back in 1999, Suri, the godfather of Indonesia skateboarding – he worked for Volcom Indo at the time – and he spotted me at a Volcom comp at Kelapa Gading. I started entering contests and was winning most of them (Indra won his first Indonesian Skateboarding Association National Championship Series in '99/2000). At the time, they had a couple competitions every month (City Surf Series, Volcom Skateboarding Series, etc.), and I was so blessed through those contests. I was earning money from winning, and I knew I could make skateboarding my career.

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