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Has the Jakarta graf scene developed much since you started out? Yes. Back then only a few people did it and they still played hide n’ seek. But now kids can buy spray cans and tag wherever they want. It’s becoming more mainstream. Shit, you can see Justin Bieber do it on the internet now. Who are the O.G. guys? Jokowi! Who's up in Jakarta? We are! Do you guys ever meet up with other crews? Yes, we get together at events like Just Writing My Name, Street Dealin, etc. Do graffiti crews ever fight with each other? Yes, of course. What happens? They paint over your piece and then it's war? Yes, we search their tags, throw-ups, pieces, and make them disappear. Describe your average night out bombing. Drinkin’, rollin’, smokin’, bombing. What's the craziest spot you have ever tagged? Freeway billboards. Has your life ever been in danger because of graffiti? Every time, man! How do you make money from graf? And what kind of day jobs do you guys have? Definitely commercial works. About our jobs, just call us cowboys. How do people react when they see you tagging walls? Usually they just sit and watch. If it’s not their property they don't care about it. What city in Indonesia has the most vibrant street art scene today? Many say it's Jogjakarta, but Jakarta is still the center of attention. Which street artists influence you, local and international? Anyone who keeps the street burnin’. If you could pick any city in the world to vandalize, where would it be and why? Jakarta, from top to bottom! From north to south, east to west!

Bali Belly Issue 003  

Bali Belly magazine from Bali, Indonesia.

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