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Where are you guys from? Jakarta, Indonesia. How old? Old enough to get into the club. How many people are in your crew? Four, plus The Gang. What are your names? SendSeva, Yk7, Add17, BartOne. What does MBC mean? Mighty Brilliant Cowboys. How did you come up with that? We don't know, man. Sometimes we called ourselves “Mabok Bae Coy,” “Millionaire Boys Club,” and other names, whatever. Say I want to join MBC Gang, what do I have to do? Is there a secret handshake? (laughing) No secret handshake, just a special drink. Everybody can be part of the gang. Tags, throw-up's, and pieces.What's the difference? It's like sex: a tag is a kiss, a throw-up is a makeout session, and pieces are the main course. Each part is important. You gotta have foreplay. Is graffiti illegal in Indonesia? What's the penalty if you get caught? Graffiti is always illegal, everywhere. We aren’t sure about the penalty here in Indonesia because we’re cowboys and we don’t get caught (laughing). Does street art make Jakarta more beautiful? Beautiful? No. In our city, as long as people can still do their business, they don't care about it. We do graffiti simply to distract them. What tools do you use? Spray cans, markers, stickers, paint, fire extinguisher. Which one is your preferred method and why? We prefer them all! Do you steal your paint? Sometimes we pay for it and sometimes we rack for (steal) it. Where's the best place to rack for it? Like, Mitra10 or Ace Hardware? Anytime, anywhere (laughing). When did you first get into bombing? We creepin’ while you sleepin’.

Bali Belly Issue 003  

Bali Belly magazine from Bali, Indonesia.

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