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After the Bali event, I actually wasn’t thinking about the ratings lead or Kelly at all. Bali was such a good contest, but as it turned out I was on the bottom side of the draw for most of the comp, which meant that I didn’t really get the opportunity to surf in pumping waves. The mornings and mid-morning were always so good, and by the time my heat would rock around it would be a little blown out and funky. So after the event I was itching to get into some quality waves. I was ready to hit the road. // I hadn’t really got the opportunity to surf with John at all away from the comps, so I was psyched on that. He’s one of my favorite surfers. I love watching his clips. So to have him take time out and join me on an adventure was really cool. Climbing into a chopper and buzzing over Indo gave us a whole new perspective on the place. // The waves were fun, but John made ‘em look even better. He was just attacking every section that came his way. He’d only just come back from an ankle injury and I was blown away by how psyched he was to put away some big turns for the movie. //

Bali Belly Issue 003  

Bali Belly magazine from Bali, Indonesia.

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