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Repo outdid himself when he pulled off the cover for this issue. Not only did he get his friends from Metallica in the mix — lead guitarist Kirk Hammett and bassist Robert Trujillo — he even managed to get Betet Merta to challenge the two legends to a Guitar Hero battle (shockingly, Betet got his ass kicked). After that, Repo assembled a squad of mini boxing champs and their Russian ring girl to model for our watch product showcase ("Punch The Clock"). We figure you're probably tired of hearing us talk about Repo, so we let Repo speak for himself ("What Not To Do And How To Do It"). Enjoy. We certainly did.



Kevin is our homie from Santa Cruz, CA who just happens to be one of the most talented (and twisted) artists on the West Coast. He's designed skate decks and painted custom surfboards for some of the world's top pro surfers; not to mention the rock posters and cover art he's done for musical acts like Jack Johnson, Incubus, Slightly Stoopid and… Metallica! So it was a no-brainer to have Kevin hand-design our masthead for the cover of Issue 003, a Bali Belly tribute to the greatest metal band of all time.

Our girl Nina isn't a musician, but she knows good music — it's her job. One of her many projects, Love In Tents, brings in some of the best local and international acts you'll see on the island. For this issue, Nina rummaged through her latest playlists and put together a lineup of dope tracks for a new section we're calling "Turn That Shit Up!" Do as Nina says. Your ears will thank her for it.


Richard was born in Bali in 1956, which means he's got more cool stories than Ozzy Osbourne. Chances are, if you're reading this magazine you think the 90s were the "good ol' days," which is why we started "Old School," a new regular feature about shit that happened in Bali a long time ago — like before the mall was there. In this issue, Richard takes us back to December, 1965, when a bloody political rivalry was terrorizing the island ("The Killing Fields"). You can read more from Richard at his website:




Did you hear? Mick Fanning went missing in Bali. It’s all good, we found him. But for a second there we were afraid we might get a ransom note in the mail wrapped around Mick’s bloody pinky toe. And we definitely can’t afford no ransom! Fortunately, Mick’s threeweek disappearance was all part of the plan filming for his new movie. He sent us a bunch of cool shots of him and John John on a helicopter surf mission to some crazy wave in Indo we’d never seen before. Then he took time out from his 2013 world title hunt to tell us about it.

Ozzie Wright, Dion Agius, Thom Pringle, Creed McTaggart and Warren Smith lost their minds numerous times while filming for Nti Sheeto in Bali. They fried their brains with midday hell sessions and psychedelic revelations. They even rocked up to a Bali Belly issue release party in Seminyak and got on stage and sang with the band. Somehow Warren managed to document it all dutifully with the written word. Read his story, and if you haven't already seen Nti Sheeto, go watch it. Then tell us if the book is better than the movie.

Sorry ladies, Bali Belly staff photographer Hamish Humphreys is officially off the market. The lucky lady is a uni student from Holland who shall remain nameless. She might even intern for the mag when she returns to Bali one day. For now, they're doing the long distance thing. Naturally, given his newfound fame, our star photographer has been bombarded with gorgeous models begging him to take them back to his studio and shoot them in the nude. But, without fail, Hamish turns them away. He's found solace in a newfound fire for shooting skate and portraiture. Kudos, Hamish, for your steadfastness in the face of temptation and for showing the world that true love does exist. We should all be so strong.


We had the pleasure of hitting the road with Bol three times during a crazy two-week run of big swell this season. In addition to rushing the biggest and deepest barrels of anyone of the 100-plus surfers in the water, Bol destroyed all his boards, called us into death waves, and helped drive photographer Pete Frieden back to Bali after Pete snapped his leg on the shallow reef. To top it off, Bol conducted an insightful interview with his barrel-maestro protégé, Usman Trioko, on the subject of localism in Indo. Thanks, Bol! We promise to never prank call you again :)

Bali Belly Issue 003  

Bali Belly magazine from Bali, Indonesia.

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